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A fantastic tool for PowerDirector! Phantom Disk
Advice on how to save clips after editing a clip with content aware
Advice on new computer specs? THANK YOU!
Audio on timeline
AVCHD 23FPS - Smart Fit - Why?
Basic hardware and system settings to optimize PD12?
Best format for YouTube upload see maestro's tip
Cannot produce. At all
Change the title of Album Modern in Theme designer backdoor trick
Chroma key - filling shapes with color
Customising Alpha Transitions for PDR12
Editing videos to an exact time!
Encode all clips before creating project to use SVRT SVRT defined
External hard drives for video files internal Hard Drive while editing. It does not have to be C
File MSVCR80.dll is missing
Help to optimize with PowerDirector Hd 128 gb SSD?
Hotkeys PDSpeed utility
How to apply video crop settings to multiple clips?
How to convert VHS tape from VCR to digital via PD12
How to make a split screen video? Easy ways to split screen.
How to specify output sample rate
how to write videos in dvd after rendering complete?
Ideal PC Configuration for PD 12
If I make a video/audio DVD. How can I place just the audio on the internet
Install issue CL cleaner tool
Is Edited AVI Output to AVI Re-Encoded avi is a container explained
Magic music produce
Marking highlights in video while watching clips
MiniDV Capture Solved with IEEE1394 Legacy Driver My first post.
My Imported Files never go the right file location
New Alpha transitions for DirectorZone only PD13
New user question: Stitching two JPGs into one JPG
No Analog Video PD12
Not enough memory error read later: pc build
Optimizing performance of PD12
PD12 - Media Content - Sample Clips
PD13 Produce issues, WYSIWYG? jeff
PhotoDirector 3 Workflow Organization ideas?
Possible to get Custom Transition into Transition Room? custom pip
PowerDirector 13 Troy's tip to add grain when upsizing
Production unsuccessful The software for the Video Card supplies the Codecs that are supported by the Video Card and Driver Software (HA). CPU rendering uses the Software and Codecs built into Powerdirector.
Relocate the ShadowEdit and other temporary work folders to another drive/folder
Slideshow Limitations good
Slow rendering
Smart collection using face tags
SSD versus HDD The only things that will improve system performance more are a faster CPU; a better (mid-to high end) GPU; and more RAM, in roughly that order.
Trying to Reinstall PDR13 .. PDR13 Installs Fine .. Content Packs .. Not so Much!
USB Analogue Video Capture Devices for Windows 8.1
Video hardware acceleration feature in PowerDirector is no longer available ! Checking to see if HW acceleration is there.
Where are the files in the Media Library? working files on SSD
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