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Quote Dear Sirs,
After de last uograde Power Director 365 I can't convert the movies in 5.1 Dolby Digital to the same quality of sound.
In personalize the video only find DTS sound but the Dolby Digital is only in Stereo.
Thanks for your coments.
Best regards Luis

Check out this FAQ for the answer:

Nope, Powerdirector doesn't have this for 360 and probably won't ever add it because it goes against the point of the freedom of 360 video. Especailly for users who would be viewing the video with a VR headset. Spinning the video direction automatically mid video would be very disorienting.

Your work around is the only way to do what you want.


The problem I'm having is that the program will not select the color I want. If I have an all black background and I want to change it to green it chooses white all the time

It does seem to happen when something is pure black (0, 0, 0) in a video. You don't even need to first adjust any adjustment sliders first.

Mouhamad, what did CyberLink tech support say about the issue when you contacted them?

Quote There should be an FX link option in Step 3. But since the pane/colum is too narrow, it won't display the FX option, which lets you censor out things in your videos. This feature IS available in PD16.

Link to my video visual explaining problem:

Link to how to censor out stuff: (skip to 3:10)

Without the FX option, I can't censor out things like personal info on a receipt or number plates.

Is there a way to expand this colum back to normal? Please read or my posts in this threa before answering. Thanks heaps.

First of all, the links you shared above are to the same video.

Second, I have PDR 16 still installed and I don't have the same issue. I get all three options and the text is readable.

I noticed when you click on the Tools button, that the text in the drop down is larger than normal. This leads me to believe that you have enabled enlarged font or high DPI enabled. Is that correct? I enabled both on my PC, saw similar text in the tools menu, but I still get the normal motion tracker UI, i.e. no truncation and all three buttons.

I'd suggest updating you GPU drivers first. And if that doesn't work share you DXDiag file here and maybe one of us users will spot something.

Powerdirector remembers your timeline layout in a saved project, but resets to the default when you start a new project.

If you want there to be a default timeline layout, you need to make a new feature request for the next version, as it is not currently available. Best way is through the Rate Us & Provide Suggetions dialog in the File menu.

No, this OEM software was mainly created to stitch the video and produce it as 360. You need the "360 Start View Setting in PowerDirector to do this.

What is the audio format of the AVCHD video? Barry asked for a sample to check, and I suspect it could be related to this:

Are you running Windows 7? You need to share more information if you want to get some help here.

Quote Although it's not the only bug, this is perhaps the most frustrating aspect I run up against in this program.

I currently have a project with about 60 odd clips in which the audio content is being used. To have to adjust each of these by creating a key at the beginning of the clip and the end of the clip is just ridiculous.

I've remained loyal to PD for a number of years but will be moving elsewhere soon as the number of bugs that have been constantly in the forums for years just never get attended to in new versions.

PD, it's time to do better, much better.

You are using PowerDirector 13? Time for you to upgrade. This has been fixed in PowerDirector since version 16. You no longer have to do this.

Quote Hi, I have PowerDirector 8 Ultra and loaded it onto my new laptop, Dell running Windows 10, but although i can view the video clips when i add them to the library i cannot see or hear the video once they are on the timeline (the timeline 'line' moves along the clip).

Has anyone else come across this and how do i cure it?

Adding you what PepsiMan said, you never mentioned what type of video file you are trying to edit. PowerDirector 8 came out a decade ago, so it won't support all the latest video file formats and codecs.

The answer is right there in the FAQ:

I don't think so. You can view the full supported list here:

You'll need to use Handbrake to convert to MP4 or something.

I would suggest using timeline markers, which you can find by right clicking on the timeline. You can precisely place the marker at the exact frame you need it. Once added, your clip will then snap to the timeline marker.

It is great for syncing to audio. They are also easily edited by using the arrows to adjust it's position on the timeline.

There is a trial. You can download it here:

The trial version is called "PowerDirector 18 Essential"

Yes. See this thread:

If customer service ever responded then I wouldn't have to ask on a forum. Sometimes you have to try other avenues, but your snarky remark makes me wish I went with another software choice. Thanks.

Saying "please" is considered snarky these days? That's a new one.

Through customer service is the only way to get your software back.

Answer is right there in the FAQ. Please do a search before posting:

Will the price of 18 versions be similar to this 17?

Probably not, as prices are usually reduced on current version just before new version is released. New version usually starts at full price when released from what I remember.

This means you have a rogue clip on the timeline at the end of your video production. To find it, ensure that "Movie" mode is selected in the preview window and then press the End keyboard key. This will jump to the last clip at the end of your video, which should be an hour after your main video ends.

If that doesn't work, take a screenshot of your timeline and share here.

It's there.

You just need to click the "See all plans & pricing" link.

Like any subscription, once it ends, you no longer have access to the content/product, which in this case is PowerDirector. If you want to keep using PowerDirector, you need to renew your subscription.

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