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Actually, I think I got it. I'll use old movie and adjust the noise option at random intervals and that might work

I think the Lighting 2 effect would be easier and do exactly what you want. You just need to enable "Thunder Flash" and then set the "Core Size" and "Glow Size" to zero. Doing this gives you a similar flash.

Quote I want to cut a clip into parts. Not trimming - but into parts, eg 2 halves. In the first instance, a music clip. But I imagine the same method could be applied to all clips.

What I want to do is apply a music performance as mutable background to parts of a project that are just photos, not video with component audio. The photos are scattered in groups (min 1 but usually 3-4 at a time) throughout the project. So, import the music file, position it on the music timeline at the start of one photo section, and at the part where the photos end and the next video clip begins, cut it so that the original music file is now in 2 parts. Be able to drag the second half of the cut file to the place in the music timeline where the next photo section starts, and repeat. Doing it this way avoids clashing audio between the music and the video audio component.

But in PD18 I can't seem to do that. Selecting the music clip, sliding the time marker to the place I want the cut to be, and selecting the scissors to cut the clip, I do not get a music clip now cut into 2 parts, but a smaller screen with it's own timeline and the music track in sound amplitude terms. A bit surprised at that the first time - the other editors I've used just cut the clip where the marker is. But reviewing the panel, moved the marker in the track to where the clip should be cut and Ok's. Nothing happened - no cut music clip in any form. Very repeatable: I must be doing something wrong

So reviewed the user guide for cutting a clip: search on key 'cut' and see what there is in the whole document And it's not very informative for what I want to do.

Can anyone suggest a simple way to do what I want with a music clip as outlined above?

The word you are looking for is "split" and it is the button that's next to the trim button. Clicking split will cut the clip at the timline marker position.

Quote i have been trying to make a dvd using powerdirector everything looks fine before but when i play the burned dvd in dvd player for tv the video is cropped on all sides, 16:9 1080p ntsc tried all types of video files still the same i also tried many other dvd creator including dvd fab and has the same result pls help

It also most likely could be that you burned HD video to a DVD Video disc, which has a resolution topped out at 720×480. That would most likely explain what you are seiing:'s%20have%20an%20intrinsic%20resolution,whole%20lot%20less%20than%201080p.

You can set this in Editing preferences. Just untick the Swith to movie mode option in preferences.

I don't think you can make your own custom collage templates. You can however download more from Directorzone:

Not sure what you mean by manually resizing the video tracks, but the easiest way I've found creating any of these types of videos is using grid lines. The videos will quickly snap into place when resizing.

You can see what I mean in this article on creating these types of video in Powerdirector:

That's quite an old version now so this probably means it doesn't support the video codec of the video file, i.e. the codec was released after PowerDirector 10. You didn't tell us the file format though.

Your two options are to convert the file to a different format or upgrade PowerDirector.

Use content aware clone in Guided. See attached...I did it quickly, so not perfect. But is that what you're looking for?

It's interesting that you asked, as I just finished reading this new article posted by CyberLink about different ways to create just that kind of video:

You can also check out the video posted by a Cyberlink user in the article, which has a link to their blog about making the video.

30 videos will be very taxing on your hard drive, so I hope your computer is up for the challenge.

Let us know if you have any trouble or questions. That article does a decent job showing you three different ways you can try and also some helpful tips.

You can try using the new title reveal mask for this. Once you enable, you just resize the mask for your text to the size you need. See attached image. Sounds like what you need.

If you place a number of video clips on the video timeline on different tracks, and then select them all, the "Sync by Audio" button is available. Clicking it should sync all the clips depending on their audio quality.


Excellent. Thank you very much. I found the button. One more question if I might. I am having trouble removing empty tracks on the timeline. I right click and I see an option to "Remove Emty Tracks" but when I click on that it doesn't remove the tracks that are clearly empty. Am I doing something wrong or are there certain tracks that just can't be removed?

Only video tracks are removed when you select that if that is your question. The effects, title, voice over, background music tracks will always remain from what I've seen.

Did you have Fast video rendering technology enabled when you produced the video? If yes, try rendering it without that selected first to see if that makes a difference.

The button is still there, it just doesn't have text on it anymore. It now has a clock icon and is next to the crop button.

Yes. Just uninstall from the current PC and install on the new PC. If you need help getting the product installation file back, see that this post:

So you want to record video with your cell phone and then edit it in a video to send to the district? You can do this with Powerdirector. You just have to import your video file after you have finished shooting the video.

Maybe explain more what you mean by two capture devices...what exactly are you trying to do?

Powerdirector also includes ScreenRecorder that allows you to capture your computer desktop. If you get the stand alone version, you can also use picture in picture to do recorded presentations, and also do live streams if you ever needed that.

Quote I think I've got it going in the right direction now. There is no way to delete a message out here so I'll just reply to it. The way tracks work in PD is just enough different than Vegas Pro to throw me for some loops. It seems like I had mostly an ordering problem. Once I got them in the right order it seemed like things were coming together much better. Sorry you had to read the original topic.

FYI, you can reverse the track order of the timeline in editing preferences, if you are used to the main track being on the bottom instead of the top.

Ash Williams
It should be if you have 16 Ultimate. Select the H.264 option, which is the codec. It renders the video in the MP4 container. Check the attached screenshot I took in my PowerDirector 16.


I have a very similar problem. I upgraded from Power Director 16 to Power Diretor 18. At first, the previews seemed sharper and overall better than Power Director 16, then something happened. Now, when a picture is selected in the timeline, and the view is stationary, the image is good. At all other times when the preview is playing, or when a specific slide is not selected, the picture is very bright, and mostly unusable. I uninstalled all the extra files that came with the program, and reinstalled Power Director 18, and of course rebooted the computer. The previews are atrocious.
I have tried every change I can find in the preferences section. Nothing seems to work. Older videos are equally bad.
Any help would be very much appreciated.

You said you tried every preference, but you did not specify if all hardware accleration preferences are turn off. This issue does not happen for the majoirty of users, so it is most likely your GPU that is applying some kind of effect/enhancement. You should also check your GPU driver settings.

If none of this works, contact Cyberlink and provide all the info you can, including your DXDiag file, which you didn't do for us as requested.

Quote Hey guys,

I recently upgraded from Power Director 14 to Power Director 365. For some reason it auto brightens my clips and makes them look worse.

14 didnt do this and just imported them as they were. It's driving me nuts. Is there a way to turn this off and just import the clip as it's supposed to be?


PowerDirector doesn't auto brighten clips. I remember this was brought up before, and the person's GPU was doing this when they added clips to the timeline.

Try turning off "Enable hardware decoding" in Hardware Acceleration preferences and see if that cures it.

Maybe use Screen Recorder to show us how you are getting this message. You said it was from opening and saving, so would be curious to see.

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