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For example: Can I create a 10X7 evenly spaced grid and drop each individual video tracks into a unique box in that grid?

Or if there's another way I should be doing this....I'm all ears

Thanks! Ed

You can enable grid lines in the preview window. Just click the icon to the right of the camera icon, and then select Grid Lines. You can't create a custom grid, so you will have to get creative using 8x8 or 9x9.

Yeah, unfortunately you will have to upgrade if you want to use the iPhone clips. PowerDirector 11 came out in 2012 maybe, years before the newer phone video formats.

Your other option is to use Handbrake or some other conversion program to convert the video file.

Quote I have PD365 v19. When creating photos from high quality videos using snapshot, the resulting photo is very low quality. I understand there is a checkbox for using the original video size as a snapshot image, but I can't find it - please could somone tell me where to find the checkbox on v19? many thanks

Hi Chrissy, if you click the button next to the camera icon under the player window, you can then select the preview quality option to up the resolution.

See the attached image I just took for you. I just took a screenshot from a 4K video, which is also attached.

Quote I've searched and searched and searched in the manual, but can't figure out how to copy a portion of a video clip and paste it into another track. How is this done?

You actually can do this using range selection, but the pasting will be on the same track, which you can then just move down to another track. Just move the timeline scrubber to the right of the project and paste. See attached clips. Hope that helps.


When cutting clips, are you using the split function to make two cuts and then selecting the clip to delete? Instead why not try using range selection to select the part that you want to cut out. Once you select it, it is one click to copy, cut or delete. So maybe faster than your previous way.

For the scrubber going back to the beginning of the video, you can just click the pause button instead of the stop button. (Or just press the spacebar if get that keyboard out).

Just some alternatives that may help you in the long run hopefully.

Try going into the discplayback settings and change value in the "Duration" box. I believe that controls the menu background music.

Hi Travis,

Split your video so that the segment with the 5 second audio is a separate clip. Then right click on the separate clip and select Unlink Video and Audio. Next select the audio portion and then you can remove it from the timeline.

Now you can insert your rerecorded audio right where the original audio was.

There is real color grading in the Director Suite software:

I doubt it would be added in PowerDirector as well, since ColorDirector has most of what I need so far.

NTSC and PAL is only relevent if you are burning your video to a disc, which is mentioned in the help.

"Timeline frame rate: select the TV format (NTSC or PAL) and frame rate for your video production. The format should correspond to the region in which you plan to play your video (if you burn it to disc). The frame rate should correspond to the source video footage being used in your production."

If your video is strictly digital, then it doesn't matter that much. Except they should be consistent.

Yes, most you have to download and install using the Cyberlink Application Manager. Just go to the Effect Packs section.

There is a list of all the packs, what effects are in them, and where they are installed here:

They are installed by default in Powerdirector 365 I believe. Just go to the transitions room and click on the Distortion, Glitch, and Geometic tags

Just select the settings/preferences button and then "Audio Mixing". In that window there are volume controls beside each track you drag to left to lower the corresponding track volume. Was quite straight forward.

If you mean that you only want the audio to be lower when the people speak, then you might need to trom or split the clip and do it separately. When you adjust the volume, it is for the entire clip, as there are no keyframes.

Quote Thank you, Ash, for your helpful article.

In the video sample you provided the players remain in the same place on the screen the entire time.

How do you add simultaneous motion to groups or rows of singers, like they do at the 1:33 point of this video:

Do you have to apply motion to each individual clip or can you create groups of clips that all move with synchronicity?

Wow, that's some cool editing they did. I think JSC is on the right track, but you'd need to use masks as well on the clips. Both the combined clips and the mask would need to move in sync somehow.

When I have time I will try some test editing to see if I can do something similar.

Quote Sometimes the simplest things in Power Director are the most complicated to figure out.

In most applications, one would simply select all of the objects (shift-click or ctrl-click), then drag the selected objects together to the new location. Or one would group the objects (Ctrl-G) then select the group and drag the group as one object.

Aparently NOT THE CASE in Cyberlink Power Director 18.

Yes you can do this in powerdirector 18. Just select all of your videos (hold down Ctrl and select or click and drag in timeline to select them all), and then right click and select "Group/Ungroup Objects".

I also don't have trouble selecting two or more clips and dragging them to a new position together.


Actually, I think I got it. I'll use old movie and adjust the noise option at random intervals and that might work

I think the Lighting 2 effect would be easier and do exactly what you want. You just need to enable "Thunder Flash" and then set the "Core Size" and "Glow Size" to zero. Doing this gives you a similar flash.

Quote I want to cut a clip into parts. Not trimming - but into parts, eg 2 halves. In the first instance, a music clip. But I imagine the same method could be applied to all clips.

What I want to do is apply a music performance as mutable background to parts of a project that are just photos, not video with component audio. The photos are scattered in groups (min 1 but usually 3-4 at a time) throughout the project. So, import the music file, position it on the music timeline at the start of one photo section, and at the part where the photos end and the next video clip begins, cut it so that the original music file is now in 2 parts. Be able to drag the second half of the cut file to the place in the music timeline where the next photo section starts, and repeat. Doing it this way avoids clashing audio between the music and the video audio component.

But in PD18 I can't seem to do that. Selecting the music clip, sliding the time marker to the place I want the cut to be, and selecting the scissors to cut the clip, I do not get a music clip now cut into 2 parts, but a smaller screen with it's own timeline and the music track in sound amplitude terms. A bit surprised at that the first time - the other editors I've used just cut the clip where the marker is. But reviewing the panel, moved the marker in the track to where the clip should be cut and Ok's. Nothing happened - no cut music clip in any form. Very repeatable: I must be doing something wrong

So reviewed the user guide for cutting a clip: search on key 'cut' and see what there is in the whole document And it's not very informative for what I want to do.

Can anyone suggest a simple way to do what I want with a music clip as outlined above?

The word you are looking for is "split" and it is the button that's next to the trim button. Clicking split will cut the clip at the timline marker position.

Quote i have been trying to make a dvd using powerdirector everything looks fine before but when i play the burned dvd in dvd player for tv the video is cropped on all sides, 16:9 1080p ntsc tried all types of video files still the same i also tried many other dvd creator including dvd fab and has the same result pls help

It also most likely could be that you burned HD video to a DVD Video disc, which has a resolution topped out at 720×480. That would most likely explain what you are seiing:'s%20have%20an%20intrinsic%20resolution,whole%20lot%20less%20than%201080p.

You can set this in Editing preferences. Just untick the Swith to movie mode option in preferences.

I don't think you can make your own custom collage templates. You can however download more from Directorzone:

Not sure what you mean by manually resizing the video tracks, but the easiest way I've found creating any of these types of videos is using grid lines. The videos will quickly snap into place when resizing.

You can see what I mean in this article on creating these types of video in Powerdirector:

That's quite an old version now so this probably means it doesn't support the video codec of the video file, i.e. the codec was released after PowerDirector 10. You didn't tell us the file format though.

Your two options are to convert the file to a different format or upgrade PowerDirector.

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