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I don't see one here:

But you can use your own photo as your wallpaper, so just download one and make it your wallpaper.

Can you share a link to the video so we can test and see if we get the same results on our devices? Best way to determine if something is wrong.

I understand what you mean, but I don't remember PowerDirector really providing new features to the Ultra version in patch updates between versions. So it is not like they changed something. They just started a new business model for people that are willing to subscribe.

I also noticed that in the latest patch for you they did add LUTs, AAC encoding, and support for a few other things. Only missing a couple things we got in the subscription update released at the same time.

Anyway...that's my take. Ultra users also can roll back updates a lot easier than subscribers currently. I know a few wish they had that right now.

It's a known issue. Check this long thread:

You need to tell us the codec for the video file. MP4 is just a container and doesn't mean too much.

For 10-bit files, PowerDirector does supports some codecs. The full list is here:

This has been covered in serveral threads already. Please remember to do a search for your issue before posting:

You need to manually upload videos to YouTube now, mainly because YouTube changed its policy:

This seems like a common occurrence, so do a search of the forum to find solutions.

From what I remember, you can try uninstalling cyberlink application manager app, and then downloading and reinstalling:

If tha doesn't work, contact Cyberlink cs:

It's not the MKV container that is causing your lack of SVRT, it is because you are selecting H.265 format. SVRT is only available for MPEG-2 and H.264 files:

From what I remember (I don't burn discs anymore), you do need a disc menu. But you have to go into playback mode settings and select the menu timeout option. You can see it on this help page:

Other users reported this last week, but found out it was something to do with their password. See this thread:

Works offline for me and others in that thread.

Quote It was last night (in the UK), so can't remember the exact details. However I wasn't attempting to upload the video through the Online portal (namely because I can't, due to the Script error). I created the video under the H.264 M4 format which was what the tutorial instructed. However when I try and go to YouTube and manually upload, I get the error message saying it doesn't support the format (.pds).

As Optodata said, you can't upload .pds files, because it is not a video file format. It is a video project file format that is exclusive to Powerdirector. You need to produce the video in the Produce window in an H.264 MP4 (or other, but this is most common) and then find where the produced file is on your computer, and then upload that file to YouTube. The MP4 video file!

Quote He pagado una suscripción trimestral de power director en un celular android, ahora me he cambiado a iPhone y he descargado la aplicación pero no me permite restaurar la compra!

Google Translate: "I have paid a quarterly power director subscription on an android phone, now I have switched to iPhone and downloaded the application but it does not allow me to restore the purchase!"

I don't think this would work, because they are two different accounts with two different companies. Your subscription is with Google Play, so it won't work for your Apple account. You will have to get a subscription for your Apple account as well.

"No creo que esto funcione, porque son dos cuentas diferentes con dos compañías diferentes. Su suscripción es con Google Play, por lo que no funcionará para su cuenta de Apple. Deberá obtener una suscripción para su cuenta de Apple también."

Nothing we can do to help, i.e. fix this. This means that YouTube changed its API mechanism again, so the direct upload won't work until a patch update or beta patch.

As in this thread, just upload video manually. That will never change and you have more options and controls.

I'm assuming you mean 3D side by side videos?

Put your files on the timeline and then Produce. Click on the 3D tab and then select the sibe by side 3D output format you want to use.

If any of your original content is not 3D, you can convert it using PowerTools > 2D to 3D.

There are some tutorials in on Cyberlink that may help. Check this one and search for more:

Quote Hello,
Recently I successfully uploaded a 1 hr 360view video on YouTube.
Now I am trying to do another one (short one, 2 minutes) and the upload to youtube terminates prematurely after 1% uploading.
I tried different accounts and different formats but still it doesn't ever exceed 1% upload process.

What is wrong?

Thank you!

The direct YouTube upload feature in any program is prone to fail because YouTube updates its API mechanism continually. Just produce your video file first in ActionDirector and then upload the file to your channel manually. It will work every time.

I believe the answers you are looking for are here:

In preferences you can set the default behavior used and also the default transition duration.

Yes. Just go into Fix/Enhance, select Video Stabilizer and then click the Advanced button. Here is the help page for your reference:

Yes, this should be fine. As long as you are not logged into both computers at the same.

You won't get an answer here since CyberLink does not monitor the forum regularly, or usually share this info in the forum. Best you can do is wait and see, or ask them directly here.

I haven't seen this, but YouTube changes its upload API continually, so would not be surprising that the direct upload from an older version is not working correctly.

Suggest that you produce your project as a file and then upload it manually in your browser.

Is the tablet an Android tablet or a Windows tablet? What version of PowerDirector did you pay for? 365 or PowerDirector 17 perpetual?

Most likely you should just contact customer service with your proof of purchase and ask for a new download link.

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