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How do I make-out audio and add new audio?
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TravisJ [Avatar]
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I have a one-minute clip, and in the first 5 seconds of it, there's audio of me asking a question. But I want to re-do just the audio part of that. How do I sort of "mute-out" that first 5 seconds of the "real" audio that is a part of the video, and, essentially, insert a "new" 5-seconds of a new audio file that I'll record [where I'll ask the question better]?
AshWilliams [Avatar]
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Hi Travis,

Split your video so that the segment with the 5 second audio is a separate clip. Then right click on the separate clip and select Unlink Video and Audio. Next select the audio portion and then you can remove it from the timeline.

Now you can insert your rerecorded audio right where the original audio was.

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