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Yes to both questions
That's a really good question! I don't see any options to restore it with a right-click in the media library and there aren't any obvious options under preferences. Even resetting all the"Do not show again" dialogs doesn't have any effect, and neither does File > New Project or New Workspace.

What I did find is that the Hide in Library setting seems to only be valid for that editing session, so closing PD and reopening it brings it back. That also means that each time you start PD, you'll have to hide the icon again if you don't want to see it.
Sounds like you're on the right track, but you're also correct that only one mask can be applied to any clip. Two ways to do this come to mind.

The first is to produce the clip with the rectangular mask first, then import the new version and apply the custom mask to that.

The other option is to place a copy of the background clip on track 3 and use your custom mask there, so the masked "background" will be overlaid on top of the main clip on track 2.

Hopefully this montage will help explain what I mean:

Make sure you're checking/refreshing the My Status | My Support Ticket page frequently. That's the only way to know if there's been a reply to any of your open tickets.
You posted in the desktop PD forum, but Chromebooks use the mobile PD app which has its own dedicated forum.

There are some hardware limitations that can impact how well the app performs, and you may want to look at the FAQs to be sure your system meets the minimum specs. You may also want to contact CL tech support directly, as they're better equipped to handle technical issues than this user-to-user forum.
Quote I guess I need to contact Cyberlink.

They're the only people that can make any changes if something is going on.

In my experience, the best thing you can do is to try and find something 100% repeatable, like I tried to do here with the shared test video, and then send that along in your support request. You should also include a link to this discussion so they can see what's happened so far.
The only other thing I can think of is that there might be some kind of hardware issue, like a bent CPU pin. See if you can run a full hardware diagnosic utility that might help you uncover anything unusual and then run it again when you're overclocked, if possible.
Quote i have powerful system with fastest cpu on planet i9 10900k

Lol, you're not even close. Your CPU is just over half as powerful as mine, and mine is barely in the top 40.

As I've said from the beginning, your issues have nothing to do with how powerful your system is. It's got more than enough processing power to make editing smooth but something crucial is somehow wrong with Windows on your system.

I can't explain it, especially after you've taken the time to reinstall it, and that's why CL tech support needs to be involved. I can't do anything else to help you out. I'm really sorry, but I don't have any more suggestions.
That sounds like a resource issue. On an old PC, PD can be so slow during previewing with 4K clips that lowering the preview resolution will help, but it shouldn't ever crash.

On a powerful new system like yours, there shouldn't be any resource limitations at all - especially when you're doing something as basic as previewing clips.

I don't know how much time you're willing to spend on this, but if you've already done a full Win10 reinstall and the problems are still present, it seems worthwhile to me to try Win11, even if you go back to Win10 afterwards. At least you'll know if the problems are still there or not.

Also have you tried reaching out to CL tech support again? Maybe the Captcha issue will have been fixed by the Win10 reinstall and they're really the people that should be helping you with this challenging set of issues.
Maybe try a new Win11 install. I have 2 machines running it and its been stable for me.

Here's one article on how to do it.
Thanks for the new DxDiag results. I see you've got a newer Windows version and nVidia driver now, but there are still the same kinds of app faults at the end of the report, only now Edge and Windows Auto Update client have also joined the party

If this system is still under warranty I think you should contact MSI support and see what they can do.
I'm actually not seeing a ton of difference between the two clips,

The King, I actually get 1920x1080 screenshots if my preview mode is set to Full HD, and I have to change it to Ultra HD in order to capture 4K screenshots.

I just ran a test with the attached test clip which is designed to show whether scaling was used. I also attached .png and .jpg versions of what the new version of PD365 captured. The .BMP is 32MB and is virtually identical in quality to the PNG so I didn't upload that, and while the JPG version is a little lower in quality, it's nothing like 480p would be.
I'm not clear on which update you're referring to. PD17 hasn't been updated since Feb 8.

If you're talking about a SmartSound update, they've added a free "Automotive Commercial" track, and by following the steps in the PDF I linked to and using the helpful link to the latest Master.ssdb link that you posted, everything is up-to date on my end:

Since my earlier posts here, I've updated my PCs to Win11 and have also been switched from the PD19-based 365 to the PD20 version and my last SmartSound encoding update is still working properly.
PD is already upscaling the zoomed in area to fill the 1920x1080 screen. Higher quality source clips (those with video bitrates of 50+ megabits/second) will lead to higher quality upscaling, but in this situation the choices are either to not zoom in so much or use a paid third party upscaling app like Topaz Video Enhance AI.

In the latter, you can upscale your source clip to 4K or 8K which would give you plenty of detail when zoomed in at 1080p, but you'll need a powerful GPU and lots of time to process the clip.
Resetting Windows is a serious step and I don't think I've ever seen that not get PD working unless there's a fundamental incompatibility, like using Windows S which has no media support.

Could you run DxDiag again and share the results? How about making a screen recording of you trying to scroll or edit that shows PD crashing?

Any luck in submitting a support request?
Most of the functionality you're looking for can be found by right-clicking on the existing timeline clip and using this menu:

Then do the same thing on as many other timeline clips as needed by using Paste Keyframe Attributes.

Not all settings can be copied like this, however, and the other method is to place a copy of the "master" clip on the timeline then drag the desired new clip directly from the Media Library onto it and choose Replace Clip from the pop-up menu.
Try switching from JPEG to PNG or BMP
I think I understand what you're trying to do, and the answer is no.

If you change the record settings to Lock to App, SR does keep recording when the app is minimized but Windows no longer updates the content so you're left with a static image. That's true even if the audio keeps playing, unfortunately.

Assuming there's no way to simply download your online training video, you'll either need to record it when you're not using the computer for other things (like when you're asleep) or else use a second monitor and set SR to record on the one you aren't using.
Quote This just happened to me also, instead of 2 video files appearing in my media library, everything I have ever downloaded from shutterstock now appears. I remedied the situation by selecting 'remove all files not on the timeline'. However that also removed the two files I wanted. Where are all these files stored? Somewhere on my computer?

Sounds like you hadn't placed the two new clips on the timeline when you cleared the media library.

You can pick another (random) Shutterstock clip to download which will pull all your previously downloaded clips in again, or you can browse to the \Documents\Cyberlink\PowerDirector\Cache Files 01\video\ folder. At least that's where the clips are stored on my machine.
That's exactly what PD's File > Rate Us & Provide Suggestions is for
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