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Quote I am not sure I should keep posting these in the forums, because I feel like I am the only one using this portion. Still, I figured something out that was too fun not to share.... How to make planets natively in PowerDirector!

I'm glad you're willing to post here, but please set the YT video to Public or Unlisted rather than Private (as it is now) so we can all see what you've come up with
Quote The normal support page being . . where?

The link in Maliek's post. Click on Contact Us from there.
You've created 4 discussion threads on this subject, and you still haven't shared the actual clips you're working with.

At the very least, take a screenshot of your project's timeline and let us see what your preview window looks like. Save the screenshot as a JPG or PNG and use the Attachments button below the forum's text box to upload it here.

You can even share your whole project so that other people can see the exact edits you've tried making and can probably make the necesary adjustments to help smooth everything out. To do that, use Pack Project Materials and save everything to a cloud folder on OneDrive or Google Drive, then paste a shareable link here so other people can access it.

If you don't have access to a cloud folder service, send me a private message and I'll give you a link to one of my accounts.
I use the normal support page and add the URL of the relevent forum thread so they can see everythings that's happened here and can also see YT videos or download relevent clips & projects
You can add up to 5 FX per clip, but they have to be different effects, meaning you can't add multiple Replace Color FX. Check and see if you can find NewBlue Color Swap and NewBlue Color Replace and add both of them to your title.

Be aware that the effects may interfere with each other, and you may have to use one particular effect first to get everything working correctly, but you can do things like this:

One thing to note is that the colors may flicker when you preview the project, but that's because PD is having to swap out the color each time a new frame appears. It shouldn't be present in the produced video.
There's no way to select any particular area to stabilize, although that might be a good thing to request using Rate Us & Provide Suggestions under PD's File menu.

You may have some luck by experimenting with different combinations of the motion level slider and enabling/disabling rotational shake and enhanced stabilizer, but if you have a tool that already does what you want, it seems like using that and importing the result into PD would be the quickest way to go.
I had to open up a project and start working on it to even know how I operate, and like others have mentioned, I rarely use the stop button, instead using the spacebar or pause button to stop playback. Don't forget there are many keyboard shortcuts, many of which are customizable, that will help you do things faster.

For example, Shift + M will place a timeline marker where the scrubber is located, and that works even if you do it during normal playback without stopping.

Also, no editing combination should ever cause PD to crash, so if you run across a situation where you consistently see that, it's worth posting here for others to confirm as it may indicate a problem with your system.
No, you need to use the FX called Color Replace (if you'r system's language is English). Not all versions will have the right NewBlue FX.

Hit the F4 key to go to the Effect Room, then type color into the search box and hit Enter to see the list:

I think you'll need to get the latest version, which is PhD 11 (or the subscrition version, which is PhD 365):

(Philwild answered as I was typing)

Look in the FX room, and drag the Replace Color effect directly onto the title on the timeline, then click on the Effect tool above the timeline to select the source and replacement colors.
This has nothing to do with PD. I think that somehow the file and/or folder permissions in Windows became unavailable to your user account, and you'll need to reset them or take ownership to access the project file.

Here's an article on various ways you can do that in Win10. Do a search on your own if you're running a different version of Windows.
I'm not sure how you've got everything set up, or what you're trying to capture with the webcam displayed on the screen.

Normally, you wouldn't want anything on your screen to to end up in view of the webcam, as there will be an long series of feedback images and sound that are all delayed from one step to another.

Please take a screenshot of what your monitor currently shows (use the Alt + Print Screen keys) then paste the image into Paint and save the image as a JPG or PNG.

Next, use the Attachments button (below the forum's text box) to upload it for us to see here.

Patches are intended for everyone, but since CL only releases those a few times a year, a hotfix is the quickest way to get a crippling situation addressed, and people with the issue are much more likely to look to the forum for answers than other users. They'll also find out if they contact tech support on their own.

Feature updates, like anything requested via the Rate Us feeback channel, are much more likely to wait until the next version is released, although there have been more mid-year updates recently as the one that just added access to many Shutterstock clips.

Bug fixes for things that aren't critical to program operations, which I hope is how CL sees the issue with the voice-over room, are made available via the program's update notification and on the forum, usually with a Moderator post detailing the changes.
Thanks for the quick reply! Unfortunately, you'll need to change the permission on the folder so that it's publicly accessable.

See the Share a file publicly section in this Google FAQ.
There is a limit of 99 tracks on a single timeline, but the audio and video on all tracks should be fully usable. I can do some experimenting and see what I can find, but I have two suggestions for you.

In the short term, the quickest way to make this work is to save a copy of your current project and remove all content from the top 15 tracks, then select the next 14 tracks' contents and drag it all up to the top tracks.

Place the the fully produced clip on Track 15, and then uncheck the video Enable/Disable this track box for the top 14 tracks. Produce to the same profile as your original clip, and hopefully the SVRT option will appear and PD will quickly add just the audio from the 14 new tracks to the produced video without changing the video content at all.

Do the same thing for the remaining 6 tracks, and swap out the original video on track 15 with the newly produced video, then produce using SVRT again.

If you're comfortable sharing the entire project, use Pack Project Materials under PD's File menu and save the whole thing to a cloud folder on OneDrive or Google Drive. Paste a shareable link here so others can download the project and see exactly what happens on their systems.
I have no idea why you would get a non-standard output. It's off by 8 rows of pixels because it should be 1920x1080.

Can you share a source clip and a 1920x1072 clip that was produced by PD Mobile? Upload them to a cloud folder on Google Drive or OneDrive and paste a shareable link here.
Quote Curiosity Q - does CL show any evidence of listening to this sort of report and feedback?

I've been told that they don't typically monitor all the user posts here on the forum, so to bring it to the attention of the right people, submitting an official support request is the best approach.

I've found that the more clearly and simply I can explain the issue - including the exact steps needed to reproduce it, as in my video - the more likely they'll be able to replicate the problem and refer it on to engineering. At that point, it's a matter of waiting for the next patch to come out, although in some cases a "hotfix" will be issued to address the problem right away. That happened just yesterday for this issue.
I'm glad Philwild's suggestion is working better for you!

Meanwhile, I spent several hours analyzing and painstakingly documenting the voice-over delay issue in this video. It's pretty dense because there are so many problems, and it may take several views to understand all the things I've shown that don't work correctly:

I've just reported the issue to CL tech support on ticket #CS002186903.

One thing that didn't show up in my screen recording was the issue about the fade-in always being present. The first time I looked, I had clicked the fade-in box and then unchecked it early on but maybe PD retained the "enabled" state for some reason. When I made the screen recording, I had closed PD after my first tests and hadn't checked the fade-in box, and you can hear the narration clearly start at full volume, even though the first 0.75 second was cut off.
This is a user-to-user forum, and much of what you're writing seems like the kind of thing that Rate Us & Provide Suggestions (under PD's File menu) is for, as that's a primary feedback channel to CL.

I don't think I've ever used the Voice-Over Recording Room an all the years I've used PD, mostly because my main desktop editing stations have never had mics, and also because I've used external recorders when needed and simply imported the audio.

The restriction on Item 1 on your list actually makes perfect sense if you're using the room as intended, as you can't voice-over a video if there isn't yet a video. Obviously you could place a dummy clip on the timeline to enable the recorder, but your feedback may help CL better understand that users might want more flexibility.

I agree with Item 2 that the sound doesn't start immediately once you've pressed the record button.

Even worse is that the audio fades in from that point over about a second even when the Fade-in box is deselected in the Preferences. Also, if you select the 3-second countdown, the count actually goes 3 - 2 - 1 - 1 over ~4 seconds, with the "1" staying there for ~2 seconds. The timeline clip actually starts playing when the "1" should have disappeared, but the frame counter doesn't start until 1 second afterward. It's messed up

For Item 3, again if you're using the feature as it's intended to be used, you're recording tracks that are saved explicitly with the project you're narrating over so there isn't a real need to name them for later use. You can change the alias of the clips within the project if you like, but those changes don't affect the actual filename and aren't visible outside of the specific project you changed the alias(es) in.

Overall, it looks like what you need is simply a voice recorder app rather than the narrowly specific voice-over functionality built in to PD.
Thanks for confirming.

I heard back from tech support and they couldn't replicate the issue. Here's the gist of what they said:

The root cause of your condition is unknown. However, as the video materials are provided by the 3rd-party Shutterstock database and its server, the download availability could be closely related to the network connection status and the server status of Shutterstock than the client video editor side (PowerDirector).

Our engineering team is also verifying this case now by using different network connections to sort out if there are any unknown network connection and configuration impacts.

To ensure and sort out if there were any temporary network congestion, network connection impacts, or any unknown and temporary service unavailable on Shutterstock platform side, you are advised to switch the network connection to a different source if available (e.g. 4G mobile network connection sharing by hotspot, Public free WiFi, etc.), and try the download condition again.

If the condition persists, please provide the HTTP log from that captures the network traffic before and during the video download process until the download process hangs in PowerDirector for further investigation.

I just tried downloading the same clip 4 times on 2 different machines, and I got download speeds of over 250Mbps over Wi-Fi and over 600Mbps via ethernet (compared to the only 16Mbps when the problem occurred). The clip was successfully downloaded and imported each time, so maybe something happened with Shutterstock's server.
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