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Well, I'm very glad to hear that you've made some significant progress!

Hopefully you'll get everything back to the way things were, or at least, close enough to move on from here. You may want to manually backup the most recent .PHD file once you get everything settled, just in case you need an earlier version again...
Quote Over to you Pix innocent


I'll just step in here quickly to suggest that you take a look at this thread, especially towards the end when a similar situation befell tomasc after opening a new project folder. Hopefully, you'll also have a backup of the original .PHD file that you can restore from.
While you may not notice a differene in output quality, there clearly is one since the hardware-produced version must have a higher bitrate to give you that bigger file size. If you check the file properties oif each produced clip, you should see that difference. Use MediaInfo, or right-click on each clip in PD and choose View Properties to see the details.

Whenever SVRT is available, it is almost certainly the best choice for fast, high quality output, because only the parts that were changed in PD will be re-rendered by the CPU.

About the only exception is if you have some sections with significant edits, like color changes or GPU-heavy effects. Using hardware to produce the entire clip may be faster than SVRT, which can only use the CPU. If you use SVRT and then see the time remaining start to climb and climb and climb, you can cancel and switch to hardware producing and see if that will produce more quickly.
The forum has a built-in search feature, and it pulls up lots of posts with similar problems. This one should solve your problem by letting you work directly with MOV clips.

If not, please uploiad the shortest clip you have to a cloud folder and paste the link to it here so other members can check to see if they can edit it on their systems.
Quote Hi, can anyone help please?

The solution is somewhat complicated to explain.

First, make sure you've adjusted all of the slider controls to see if you can find a combination that works. You may also want to try selecting a slightly different spot with the dropper, because a small color change can have a noticeable impact on the overall effectiveness of the chroma key. Don't be afraid to try big steps - just undo if you get too far away from a usable image.

In later versions of PD, you can add multiple chroma keys, which makes it much easier to clean up small areas like that.

You can't do that in PD14, so the next best option is to copy that clip and place it directly below the original one so that they're both synced, and then use the chroma key on the orginal clip to clean up the shiny spots. Since the copied clip lets the background show through, having a synced clip behind it (visually) means that the transparent parts simply show the matching sections from the underlying, synced clip.

The only thing you should have to do is adjust the sliders on the original clip so the shiny areas are solid. You may also want to add a mask (or inverted mask) to one or both clips to keep specific areas from being affected by the chroma key.

Like I said, it's difficult to explain, but if you spend some time experimenting, you should be able to get a clean chroma-keyed image.
Interesting that I get the full login screen in Edge:

I was also able to create a new account form that screen and everything works as expected.

I then went to PhD10, and when I went to the Share.. menu I had to zoom in on the box to see the content, but it clearly requires you to use one of 4 other browser options:

Clicking on any of those links brings up the download page for each browser, but as you originally noted, you can no longer log in from PhD directly.

Sounds like a patch or simple workaround would be needed, and going with whichever default browser the user has chosen would be ideal.
As I wrote in my earlier post, all you have to do is take a PNG or BMP snapshot.

The full resolution screen capture will be taken, saved to the default folder (or the one that you specified when saving the file), and added to the media library. Simply click on the camera icon under the preview window to do that.

If for any reason that isn't high enough quality for you, please attach the image to your reply using this forum button:

Also, what is the resolution of your source clips? Right click on each one anywhere in PD and choose View Properties
Sorry you're having touble using PhotoDirector with Flickr. First, though, this is a user and volunteer forum, and none of us are the "you" your post is directed at.

I assume that the transition of Flickr from Yahoo's hardware to being part of SmugMug is at least partially responsible for the difficulities you're having. Here is a list of the various issues.

I don't have a Flickr account, and there is currently an issue preventing new account creation, but I don't get any message about Edge not being supported:

I also didn't see any Edge-related issues in the help topics I just browsed. Unfortunately, I can't do any further testing without a Flickr account, but hopefully other volunteers will be able to assist you.

Typically, Cyberlink programs will let you use your default browser rather than forcing you to use one. It would help if you would describe the problem you're having in more detail, include screenshots, if possible.
Honestly, it sounds like you might have two folders in different locations with the same name. I can't think of any reason why PD wouldn't see MP4 files.

What happens if you drag one of them from File Explorer into PD's library or even directly on the timeline? You may need to take PD out of full screen mode and manually reduce the window size to do that.
Quote Thank you so much!!!!

I have searched for updated firmware for this camera and i will proceed as suggested. If i cannot solve this i will throw away Xiaomi and replace it with another one.

PS: Is there a way to adjust the speed or length of Transcend recorded videos to match xiaomi?

I don't have any info on how to change the Transcend video settings, but I don't think changing them to 1 minute would make any difference because the Xaomi clips are always 2-3 frames too long.

If you can set up Handbrake to process a whole bunch of clips at once, then you can feed it all the Xaomi clips from your trip and have Handbrake trim each one to exactly 1798 frames/59.993sec and convert the audio.Then everything will line up and work with PD when it's finished. That might be your best option if you keep the Xaomi camera.
Quote But I can't find an "Average Bitrate" value in the settings file, and making changes to the existing value doesn't change the 60000 limit that PowerDirector displays. Will it say 60000 but actually be what I set it to?

Actually, if there's no enforced bitrate limit then why go through the trouble of adding extra code that prevents you from setting a higher value? Think about adding an "Override Bitrate Limit" option to the next patch, I shouldn't have to use confusing workarounds for something that should be in the product already.

Dude, I don't know why you're chosing to complain in every post when we've already laid out the exact step-by-step instructions for you to follow. I even created a custom profile for you in this post, and literally the only thing you have to do is copy and paste it into your existing Profile.ini file and your problem will be solved.

Also, none of the people on this thread work for Cyberlink or have any influence over what they do or don't do as far as patching or making changes. I completely agree with you that it's a pain to do this work outside of PD, but this method is currently the only way to make it happen.

If you want to let the people at Cyberlink who DO make decisions know that is is important, use Rate Us & Provide Suggestions under PD's File menu.

Finally, if you read the full sentence "... there is no enforced bitrate limit on producing clips if you edit the custom profile outside of PD." I said that because PD's interface does enforce a 60,000 maximum bitrate (which you keep running into), but it will allow you to set a higher rate by manually editing Profile.ini. As my screenshot shows, PD actually will display a higher bitrate (100Mbps in my image) if that's what's called out in the Profile.ini file.

So, I've done my best to try and help you out in this thread, but I don't think there's much else I can do if you won't follow the steps. Maybe someone else can bring in a different perspective or come up with an alternate solution for you. Good luck!
I agree, and I don't know why the page is so intentionally vague, although I imagine it has something to do with how upset people can be when YT flags fully licensed content and they wanted to present a peaceful entry to their resolution portal.
If you're referrring to this post, the options are all present for PD16. Also note the Save As option when PD asks you to name the screen shot.

There isn't any kind of resolution setting available, but PD seems to intend JPGs for low quality needs (suitable for YouTube thumbnails) with PNG and BMP meant for detailed, full screen captures.
Quote I appreciate that and your previous post but your provided link doesn't work. It goes here

Hmm, the link works perfectly over here. Do you not get this page?

Quote So I will post again once this works or doesn't work.

As I posted above, if you're getting the notice about AdRev it's very easy and much faster to use their resolution system. In every one of the dozen+ times I've used them, the flag was removed within 1 business day.
Quote Or the bug in the software could be fixed. That's why we don't bake programs into chips anymore, so flaws can be corrected. Any PD developers ever check this forum?

To see if someone is posting about bugs in years-old software? No.

If this is happening in PD16 or 17/365, then please start a new thread and follow the steps in Read Me Before Posting sticky thread at the top of the appropriate forum. You may also submit a support ticket to get help from Cyberlink directly.
It's hard to know what any one person considers "professional" or not.

You might want to look at NewBlueFX and Pixelan, as they have a wide range of compatible FX, fades, "spices," dissolves and blurs available for purchase, and all of them are highly customizable.
Quote EZGrabber is lame and produces very low-quality files; e.g., it is unable to keep up with 30 FPS on a simple VHS tape. PowerDirector is much more capable, except for the fact that it has this ridiculous bug. My suggestion is that the so-called feature of preventing copyrighted material be removed for analog sources. This no content worthy of being protected these days.

That's a perfectly reasonable suggestion, but PD14 is 4 years old and is no longer actively supported (meaning no more patches or updates will ever be made).

If you don't want to use the other options that tomasc thoughtfully suggested, you might try downloading the trial version of PD17 and see if the problem is still present.
Maliek, I would also have recommended using Handbrake or VirtualDub2 to convert the files upfront. That's a very sound idea!

OP has shared the source clips with me, and after a couple of PMs I've found what the issue is: the Xaomi camera that isn't staying in sync is creating clips that are 2-3 frames too long. Even though MediaInfo says that each clips is 1m 0s long, PD sees them as 1:00:02 or :03, so after 5 or 6 or 7 of them are played back to back, they are running noticeably behind the reference clips.

Here are my findings:

PD17 doesn't show any audio when I import the raw Xaomi clips, so I ran them through VirtualDub2 to convert the audio to be usable.

I then synced the first clip with the first Transcend clip and stacked up the next 4 Xaomi clips, and they stay in sync. I then added all of the clips from both cameras in two consecutive blocks, and by the time I got out to 15 minutes, the Xaomi clips were running behind by 16 frames, or 0.533 seconds

Now that we know it's the length of the Xaomi clips that are causing the problem, one approach would be to sync 5 clips at a time to the 5 min Transcend clip in PD and manually trim the excess Xaomi clip on the timeline. If your projects are going to show hours of driving, that's a lot of extra work, especially if you thought that all you'd have to do is sync the first clips from each camera and then add the rest behind them, but each block would always be in sync.

Another approach would be to run each Xaomi clip through Handbrake and trim each to exactly 1798 frames (59.993 seconds @ 29.97fps). Each one currently runs for 1800 or 1801 frames (60.060s or 60.093s). However, I can't quite tell if there is any frame overlap between clips, so even if the exact-length clips physically stay in sync for an hours, it's possible that the video content in them will still fall behind.

Bottom line: If you're looking for a way to "fix" the Xaomi issue, honestly, I would get rid of it and use another Transcend DP200 Pro camera, as that should entirely solve the problem!
Quote I don't know what profile it was. Movavi has very few options. You can just set max frame rate, not minimum or fixed.

No, I meant what produce profile did you use in PD? PD17 has a profile analyzer and it created a custom 4K profile with a 9.2kbps bitrate and a very odd 20.83fps:

I then produced a 30 sec clips starting @ 18:23 in your shared clip. As you can see, it doesn't show any visual artifacts.

Try making a custom produce profile in PD like mine (use 24 or 25fps) and see if that helps. If not, please follow the steps in the Read Me Before Posting sticky thread and attach the DxDiag test results along with a screenshot of PD's version screen so we can see how your system is set up.
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