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Again the best thing to do is contact CL tech support as I wrote in my response to OP
It sounds like you have multiple issues, and the best thing I can suggest is to try uninstalling PD, then reboot and reinstall it.

If the issues persist, you should contact CL tech support directly from their contact page.
I would check \Internal shared storage\Android\data\com.cyberlink.powerdirector.DRA140225_01\files\ as there are Shutterstock and StockVideo subfolders there.

I should mention that deleting them outside of the app might cause issues later on, although it's possible that the app will detect that those files are missing and might automatically remove them from the library.
This is a user to user forum, so the best way to get your message to the right people at Cyberlink is to use Rate Us & Provide Suggestions from the File menu
Drag the Fade transition from the Transition Room onto the junction of any 2 timeline clips. Make sure you have the filter set to All Content or click on General to see that transition
Quote Uh Hello, how about a link, cuz I cannot find help ANYWHERE on this.

The help system is available by pressing the F1 key. Once there, enter ai plugin into the search field.
Thanks for posting the details. I see that both the CL App Manager and RichVideo64 apps have crashed numerous times and I assume the people at CL will be able to understand why.

You might want to try the two commands in this post to see if there are any Windows system errors that might be causing some of the trouble.
Make sure you have the latest Intel driver, otherwise proceed with CPU-only producing and be sure to let CL know about the issue directly. You can reach them here.

They'll want to see the DxDiag test results as described in the Read Me Before Posting guide. You can attach them here as well if you'd like more help from the forum while you're waiting for a response from tech support.
Your approach is fine and shouldn't have much of an impact on the rendering time. Another option would be to place the timer at the right edge of the screen so the FF and preceding separator character are offscreen.

If you have any of the older NewBlue FX Essentials packs installed, the NewBlue Time Clock is much more flexible as it lets you choose which elements you want displayed. I don''t think I've ever used CL's version, and here's the lower page of the NBFX controls:

The final option is to add your voice to the others requesting that the text masking feature be reinstated and/or to modify the drop-down list for the Time Clock FX digits to include options without frames. Use Rate Us & Provide Suggestions from the File menu.
You're free to adjust the height of the video and audio sections for each track, just like in previous versions. Nothing is actually different in PD2024 in this regard other than the use of a brighter color.

One way to do adjust the track height is shown in this graphic in green. As you can see, there are 3 heights available and the screenshot is set to Medium for the video track:

The other way is to hover the mouse cursor over the lower track boundary in that same area until it changes to a shape similar to the white double arrow, then click and drag it to manually resize the video track. Do the same thing on the boundary below the music notes to adjust that audio track's height.
You have to use the Attachments button below the text box to share files on the forum. It looks like this:

That sounds like the clip is recorded in an incompatible video format. You may want to try converting the clip into a more common format using a free app like Handbrake or ClipChamp.

If you'd like more help, follow the steps in this post to share the technical details of the clip.
There's never been any option for changing the background color of any part of the app or editing window.

You can use Rate Us & Provide Suggestions from PD's File menu if you want to make that request, although I imagine the devs are getting lots of unpleasant feedback at the moment and you may want to wait until they address the biggest issues.
As far as I know that's completely legitimate. During the periods you're not subscribed, your access to PD may be reduced or blocked, but you will regain full access whenever you're subscribed. You will also have access to the latest version via the CAM app.

Also you should always use the same CL account and you shouldn't ever need to uninstall PD unless you don't want to use it again.
Quote ... I tried the anchor point thing and that helped a little, but now it's showing the black areas where the image has been rotatated! This is no good!

Any rotation is going to do that, so you'll have to zoom in slightly to move the black areas completely out of the frame
This is a user-to-user forum and the developers do not typically look at any posts here.

As for the missing transitions, I just downloaded a couple and they do not show up in the Downloaded folder for some reason, even in the previous version of PD21.

Instead, click on All Content in the Transition Room and type in the first few letters of the transition's name in the search box at the upper right to see it, like this:

Many things have changed since this discussion was first started. Which version of PD are you having trouble with?
My apologies. I've never used tht feature and I didn't see it in the older versions of PD I checked before responding. I still have the previous version installed on my laptop and I can access it from the Tools menu.

Check the online help portal by pressing F1. Here's what I see
At this point you should contact Cyberlink Tech Support. You can reach them here, and I suggest including a link to this discussion so they can see everything that's been posted so far.

Good luck!
In the past, they've only done that on a case-by-case basis, so you should also reach out to them directly.

On rare occasions, the moderator will post a link to the wider community but I have no idea if that will happen this time
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