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Can you make a screen recording showing the specific clips you're having trouble with? Be sure to preview the clip(s) so we can hear what it/they sound like on your system, then upload it to YouTube and paste a link here or simply use the Attachments button below the forum's text box.

It may also help to see the technical details of your computer. Follow the steps in the Read Me Before Posting guide and attach the DxDiag results.
That's what the linked description discussed. The only challenge is to transfer the backed-up content to a folder on the new device that the PD Mobile app will naturally look for so the project will appear when you open it. If I connect my My Pixel 5 running Android 12 and open up File Explorer on my desktop, the default project folder is \Internal shared storage\PowerDirector\projects
Quote Thanks but all I have left is the PDRPROJ files (the projects were deleted) - is there any way to use the PDRPROJ files?

In a word, no. Those files simply contains the list of all the edits you'd made in each project. No media clips are contained and those files can't be read by the full PDR version on Windows or Macs, so if you've deleted all the project materials there's nothing that can be done. Sorry for the bad news
See if this detailed discussion helps you out.
We'd probably need more details to help, but first make sure you've got the final AD7 release, Build 8903 from 2018. You can download and install it from here.

If you already have that installed or if updating doesn't help, please follow the steps in this post to provide details on your source clip. Also follow the steps here to generate and attach the DxDiag report so we can see the technical details of your computer.
See this discussion
I'm not sure where you've looked but there are 2 lifetime licensed (non-subscription) versions available on the main PD page.
Why did you create a custom profile? 12500kbps is a low bitrate for HD 60p content - it should be more like 40000. Use the standard profile and see if your produced video's quality goes up:

You're free to set any individual title to any length you want. Simply drag the starting/ending edge of the title on the timeline or click on the Duration tool (clock icon) and type in the desired duration.

You can also change the fixed color of any timeline item by dragging the Replace Color FX directly onto the title on the timeline. Next, click on Effect and then Select Color to choose the color you'd like to replace and then set Replace Color, like this:

You can drag and drop all your new LUT files to the following folder:
C:\Users\{your username}\AppData\Local\CyberLink\PhotoDirector\LUT\Imported

Do that with PhD closed, and when you open it up you should see all the new LUTs under the Imported filter in the CLUT Manager
That might just be a display artifact. Does the timeline preview normally if you hit the spacebar or click on the Play button under the preview window? What happens if you save the project then close & reopen PD?

A screenshot would be very useful.

Use Alt+PrintScreen or the Windows snipping tool (Win+Shift+S) if you have Win10/11, then paste it into Paint or any image editing app then save the image as PNG or JPG. Click on the Attachments button below the forum's text box to upload and share it here.

It's simply offscreen. Hit the Home key to return it to the start of the clip (or timeline, depending on your settings). You can also simply click the numbers above the timeline to instantly place it there, or zoom out on the timeline (hit the "-" key) to see where it's currently located.
EDIT: Exactly what PDM posted 👍

You wouldn't normally use the Trim tool since you're looking to cut out an unwanted section and then join the clips on either side.

To do that, simply place the scrubber at the end of the first good section then click on the Split tool (razor icon) to cut the clip there. Next place the scrubber at the start of the next good section and use the tool again, like this:

Finally select the unwanted section and hit the <Del> key (or right click and choose Remove) then choose Remove and Fill Gap to slide the second clip to join the first.

Maybe watching a basic tutorial will help. Here's a good place to start.
All you need to do is save a project with the scrolling credits on the timeline as desired.

Each time you want to produce a new video, start with that "master" project and use Save As to give it a new project name. You can then place the new content on tracks above the credits and won't need to use chroma-keying because the credits will remain transparent inside each project
I imagine the issue is with the "sowt" audio codec that's used in your clip. You'll probably have to transcode the clip using a free app like Handbrake or VirtualDub2 and choose AAC, AC3 or a more common form of PCM as the audio format.

You can also try downloading the free QTLite codec which supplants the no-longer-supported Apple QuickTime codec on Windows computers and see if that allows PD to correctly work with the existing audio track.
There may be an issue with the encoding on that specific clip and it would help to see the details. Use the MediaInfo online tool, drag your clip there then click on the Download MediaInfo Report button and attach it here

Also, what happens if you force PD to generate a waveform fo that clip? Use the right-click menu when you click on the timeline clip:

This is a user forum so nobody can help you with that support ticket. It sometimes takes a couple days to get a response, and CL no longer sends email notifications when there has been a response to a submitted ticket.

You will need to check the My Support page to see if there's a response to your request. Once there, click on the My Support Ticket button.
Your best bet would be to contact CL tech support from this page.
To add to JL_JL's responses, you'll need to think about your workflow with regard to color correcting.

If it's critical to the rest of your edits, you should probably produce the color-corrected clip(s) first (which will take a long time), and then import it/them onto the timeline then make the remaining edits. Since the corrections will be "baked in," you won't have any lag when working on the produced version(s) of those clips.

On the other hand, if you need to get everything else ready before producing, save the color corrections until the very end so they won't slow down the earlier editing.
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