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Yes, just like Tony said.

Leave that box checked. By unchecking it you can independently resize either edge, wheras when the box is checked, both edges will stay in sync as you resize the frame.

I'm not sure what you mean by not wanting the AR to "change by itself"
The easiest way I can think of is to simply drag a color board from the media library onto the timeline and then set the opacity to something below 100%. You do that by dragging the thin green line along the top edge of the clip down like this screenshot from PD17:

Generally speaking, if you buy a newer version of PD for the discounted "upgrade" price, that will require the older version to be deleted because you are paying to upgrade your single existing license.

If you pay the full price (which is occasionally on sale but is always higher then the upgrade price), then you have purchased a new license and the older version can still be used.
Quote Thanks Optodata. Tried all 4 files from yourself and Pix. Sorry to report, same problem, PhotoDirector starts to open showing the opening logo and then crashes.

So certainly seems to be something different about your system as those pics don't cause any issues with two other computers. I sugggest that you contact CL tech support directly and include a link to this discussion so they can see everything we've shared so far. PIX may have done so already but your situation is more severe,

You can reach them from here, and please post the ticket number (it will start with CS) here to close the loop.

Also, I've found that I no longer receive any email notifications after the first ackowledgement, so you'll want to manually check the My Status > My Support Ticket page at least once a day for a response. Please post back here and keep us updated!
Thanks for the video. (BTW the "SR number" in the About screen isn't a serial number. It's the software release number and there's no need to mask it)

You seem to be more impacted by the issue and I'm wondering what will happen if you download one of my original images I shared straight from my Pixel 5 or any of the pics from PIXS's Google Drive.

None of those images have any problems on PIX's machine or mine, and it would give us new information if they don't work on your system.
Your PC is constantly doing dozens of things simultaneously even when you only have PD open, and there's nothing stopping you from doing other things while producing a video project.

PD will use as much CPU, RAM and GPU resources as it needs which can drastically slow down some other tasks, but you can do almost anything except hardcore gaming with a reasonably powerful system.

No need to worry about "disturbing" PD if you need to get something else done.
I've purchased some NewBlue FX separately and so I have an account there. It's very easy to log in and activate the licenses and reset them if there are too many machines (past installs). All of the packs are listed under my account there, including the ones bundled with PD.

However I don't think you can do that if you've never purchased anything from NewBlue, so your best bet would be to contact CL tech support/customer service directly so they can advise you. Here's the main contact page.
Yes, thanks very much for explaining this. BTW you can set up links to YT videos to start at the exact time you want, so here's PDM's link but a few seconds earlier to see the start of that relevant section:

(the ?t= ending addition tells the linked vid to start that many seconds in. 284 sec = 4m44s)
That just means they need to be registered (again).

You didn't mention if PD14 was on this same machine but one way to take care of this would be to run the PD14 installer (no need to uninstall PD14 if it's still installed, and probably no need to uninstall PD19) then make sure you update PD14 to the final version (4207) from the official updates page. The plug-ins should all be activated at that point regardless of which PD version you use.

If you no longer have the PD14 installer you'll need to contact CL customer service as mentioned in the FAQs.
I only checked with MediaInfo and haven't looked at any EXIF data but I imagine that at least some of these details are relevant.

I also noticed the 360° tag with the original and the lack thereof with the Your Phone clip, so clearly some fairly important info is missing.
Quote Am I missing something?

Unfortunately the reverb is still present, but I can hear a clear difference between your sample and the 4th pass version. It's most noticeable in the section around 17- 20 sec in and again with that same person towards the end. The reverb is somewhat softer and fades out quicker when compared to the original.

I'm using Surface Headphones (with active noise cancelling) but my hearing isn't as keen as it was when I was in my 20s.

Have you tried either of the VSTs PIX suggested? Those may be your best hope if upgrading to the AD newest version to get the AI DeReverb isn't going to work out.

If I have any luck resolving the issue with the VST I found I'll post back.
Quote On a side note, other sample photos from Pixel 5 didn't cause the same problem.

Right. I've attached the original versions of the 2 problematic JPGs. PDR/PhD work perfectly with them so the key is what's so different with the lower resolution versions from the Your Phone app.

Do you think this should be reported as a PDR or PhD issue?
Thanks for confirming.

I tried saving a few other images from the Your Phone app. One of them failed the first time I tried but then I tried another clip and it worked. When I tried that same clip again it seemed to always work so the repeatable issues are so far confined to the two clips I shared.

Apparently not all images from that app will cause problems, but some sure seem to. Looks like I lucked out(?) picking just these 2 clips. I wonder if Brian108 will see something similar and only some clips don't work.

Also, I noticed that each time an attempt is made, a new copy of the selected clip is created in the same folder so if you do a bunch of testing you'll want to clean up all the extraneous (0), (1), and (0) (0) clips that get abandonded there.
Can you make a screen recording so we can see what it looks like on your system?

Post a link to it on YouTube or upload it to OneDrive or Google Drive and paste a publicly shareable link to it here. If the recording is <100MB, you can simply use the Attachments button below the forum's text box.
Ok - I did some more testing with PD13, 14, 17 and 365 with PhD6, 7 and 365, and I found that the problem is related to the specific images I'd been testing with. I used the technique discussed here to switch which PhD version was called.

When I used any of the sample images that come with PD, every version of PhD I tested came up perfectly with every tested version of PD. I imagine that was the case with PDM and PIX as well.

However, every tested version of PhD failed with every tested version of PD if I used either of the attached clips. One is a panorama and the other is a vertical 4:3 image, and both were taken with the same Pixel 5.

However, the attached JPGs aren't the direct Pixel 5 images (which are much larger and have no problems calling PhD). These are the reduced size/quality versions that came from the Win10 Your Phone app that I originally imported them from. I wonder if it's the odd pixel sizes...

Can anyone else confirm this issue on their system with these clips? I tested Color Director and AudioDirector and didn't see any issues with them (although I obviously couldn't use the attached clips since they contain no video or audio).
Sure. Both are the most recent 365 builds:

PDR = 19.3.2724.0 SR: VDE210222-02
PhD = 12.3.2724.0 SR: PTD210104-03
I don't think I've ever tried that PD -> PhD -> PD embedded route before, but on my system with PD365, I can't get PhD 365 to open either. It works fine with PD17 as this video shows:

It would be good to have someone test this with PD19 version to see if this issue only occurs with the subscription product or if both PD products are afflicted.
Thanks for those links, PIX.

I was playing around with a highly regarded dereverb VST but ran across a serious problem in AD6 and then I stumbled upon the new AI-powered DeReverb tool in AD365!

I'm not sure if it's also in the stand-alone V11 version, but it makes a noticeable difference - especially after running the example clip through 4 passes.

I've attached the results of the 1st and 4th passes for comparison.
Quote Did you finally click on the button “Activate this computer”?

I heard back from tech support, and they said

'With reference to your query, please be advised that you can download and install your PowerDirector 365 subscription software on multiple computers. However, you can only be signed in to the PowerDirector 365 on one of those computers at a time.

Please click "Activate this Computer" to resolve the concern.'

They didn't address why the message was showing up in the first place and they didn't delete all the activated machines on my account like I requested so I could start fresh, so until and unless something changes, it looks like anyone getting this message should just click it and move on.
Ok. This has nothing to do with how powerful your PC is, but if it isn't configured correctly or doesn't have the proper codecs or other support software installed then PD may not work properly with some specific clips.

If you change your mind and would like your fellow editors to help try and figure out what's going on, please post back with the requested items. You can also contact Cyberlink directly for tech support from this page.
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