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Can you post a screenshot of the new timeline? Also you should be able to use Undo to go back to the original content, and it would help to see a screenshot of that too. Use the Attachments button below the forum's text box to upload the JPG or PNG images here.

Also if Undo doesn't work, close the project without saving it and then reopen it
I assume you're trying to download from Google Drive, and not the Cyberlink Cloud. I have the same version on my Pixel 5 and don't see the issue with google Drive, but the only project I have for downloading is pretty small.

I would try the typical steps of uninstalling, rebooting then reinstalling the PD Mobiile app to see if that helps. If not, I think you should contact CL tech support
I get the same prompt and no other messages when turning my BT headset on and off. It sounds like you have a problem with the Download folder location, and that message is triggered each time the Preferences menu is opened by clicking Yes to the hardware changes prompt.

All you should need to do is specify a different folder here:

You can do it all within PD but you have to be clear on what you're willing to sacrifice by changing to a vertical video. You can squeeze everything horizontally so it will all completely fill in the new frame, or you can shrink the clip so everything fits without distortion but you'll have large black bars at the top and bottom with no content. You can also crop the sides and use only one vertical section of your clip. here's what they each look like:

The first 2 options only require a single edit but each has visual drawbacks. Also, the second one would let you put text or other photos/videos above and below which might work for some projects.

The third is the best quality, but it will likely involve keyframes to keep the focus on the main object if there's any movement left or right as the video plays.

All of these choices are available in the PiP Designer, and for each one you'd drag one of the blue dots and drag it to resize the video as desired.

For #1, click and drag the blue dot in the center of the top or bottom frame until it reaches the edge of the visual frame and release it. This will stretch the vertical content which is the same as squeezing the horizontal.

For #2, click and drag one of the corner dots inward until the clip exactly fills the horiziontal visual frame.

For #3, click and drag one of the corners out and away until the clip fills the vertical visual frame. You may then need to slide the clip left or right to center the preferred section.
Quote Would this problem stop if I purchased an updated edition? Also, one of the files I want to work with is a 4.03 GB .mpg.

Feasibly speaking, should I have an easy go with this project with an updated program?

Thanks in advance.

I have no idea. You'll certainly be able to open the current project to continue working and you'll have many more producing options and features available to you, but I can't say for sure if that would solve the problems you're experiencing or not.

I say that mostly because it appears that you have some issues going on with Windows and also with a couple other programs you've installed, namely EZ Grabber and WinX_DVD_Ripper_Platinum. Problems with either of these programs might cause issues with PD and I suggest you uninstall both of them as the first diagnostic step. Make sure you reboot.

You may then want to reinstall PD12 (assuming you have the original installer CD). If you need a new copy, contact CL tech support as mentioned in the RMBP guide. Once that's done, make sure you update it to the final patch (build 4210) from here.

If that works, think carefully about whether you need the 2 removed apps and then make sure you have the latest versions before installing them.

If the crash still exists, try the steps in bold in this post to see if there's any damage to Windows core files that can be repaired.

Finally, I suggest you download and install what is likely the final driver for your Intel HD 4400 GPU from this page.

Let us know what you find!
PD12 is very old and you have to be careful when updating drivers as the newest versions may not be compatible. Please follow the steps to generate and attach the DxDiag file as described in the Read Me Before Posting guide.
Sure - use Rate Us & Provide Suggestions from the File menu
Try this: When you have the zoom level and view set for the timeline position you want to keep, place the playhead at the horizontal center of the screen and hit the M key to place a marker. You can't disable the tracking/scrolling, but when you want to come back to your previous view, hit the spacebar to pause playback then hold down Shift+left arrow and you'll be right back where you wanted to be.

You can move or remove that marker as needed.
Quote When I apply a blur to a picture, I can only use it once, so I can't blur several faces/objects.

You can add several FX tracks below the video/photo and use a unique blur mask on each one
There are many reasons you can end up with poor a quality video with custom settings. To be successful you'll need to match critical things like the video bitrate in the custom profile to the actual source clip.

You're also going to have tall black sections at the top and bottom of the screen because PD won't let you produce directly to such a narrow aspect ratio. You'll need to use a free third-party app as described in this post or in this one.

If you're willing to share a short source clip here, use the Attachments button below the forum's text box or you can upload it to OneDrive or Google Drive and paste a publicly shareable link to it here.

See this FAQ for more details.

This is a consistent issue for me. I've tried changing DNS servers on my cable modem and also tried using a VPN but PD cannot connect to the CL cloud
This question is a main reason why the FAQs exist.
I'm afraid you'll need to keep working with CL tech support to get this resolved.

I see the same issue, and PD is also unable to download any projects even though I can log in to the cloud using my browser and manually download any project that's already there. Unfortunately I don't see a way to manually upload projects as there's no "upload" button and dragging + dropping isn't supported.
Try the suggestion in this discussion and see if that solves your issue.
Can you post a link to the confusing statement? I've never seen anything that would lead me to believe that Win and Mac apps would share the same license. For example the subscription page clearly states it's a Mac app:

It's true that the subscription itself allows installation on two machines, but it's been very clear to me that that means two Windows or two Mac machines, not one of each.
Quote Thank you so much for your help, it saved me tearing my hair out!!!

I'm really glad you've seen a clear improvement, and thanks for posting back! Let's hope those issues were the root of your problems and you'll have a better editing experience going forwardđź‘Ť
I'm not aware of anything so specific, but I suggest you try making a very long, narrow graphic in MS Paint or any other graphics program with evenly spaced text representing the years your project will be covering.

When you place the image on the timeline, use the PiP Designer or the Keyframe tool to place the desired year in view. You can use the Ease-in/Ease-out controls to slide and accelerate the current date off screen and then slow down and arrive at the new date. You can also use the Opacity keyframes to fade the timeline in and out of visibility as needed.
By any chance do you have clips with different frame rates in your project? If so, PD may select one of the clips as the frame rate standard for the project, and it may not be the one you expect. Maybe try importing a single clip and see if that works as expected.

If it still doesn't behave correctly, you might want to submit a request to CL tech support here. They'll need to know the specific version as well as whether you have the Mac or Windows app.
I'm not sure what's going on with your system since I've always seen the project timeline's framerate change when I select that option. Here's a screen recording showing PD's normal behavior:

In short, if the Preferences setting is 60fps, that's what your timeline is set to. You can manually change it at any time, and you can also disable the frame rate mismatch warning (which I had to re-enable to make the recording)
Thanks for that PDM! Turns out I really missed the boat on this one as versions going back to at least PDR13 had a dedicated Flip setting:

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