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I'll take a stab at your second question:

2) 4k and 5.7k resolution. The Insta360 One X can do 4K and even 5.7K video. If I purchase now PowerDirector 17 (not 365!), will it be able to handle the 4K right away?


Quote Without work arounds & plug-ins?

Also Yes (other than the required step of exporting the clip from the Insta app)

Quote My PD17 Esssential (=Free version for trials) tells me I need an update for this. Can the Ultra Version do this? Or do I need Ultimate?

All versions of PD17 allow 4k editing, the only difference between them is content.

Quote Secondly will there be an update for the non subscription version so that it can handle 5.7k or more in the future?

None of us users knows the answer to that, but there are already several threads on 5.7k clips and the insta360 specifically, so you should search and read those and then post back with any other questions. Definitely start with this one.

All within PD 17 (or the future 18 ) and without workarounds or extra plugins?

Yes (other than the required step of exporting the clip from the Insta app)
Quote Before I troubleshoot I just want to confirm that when you clicked on Position it did not crash for you? Because I can mess with the sliders but when I click on position it crashes.

Thanks for clarifying what you're seeing. Many transitions do not have a Position button in their control panel, but whenever I use a transition that has one, clicking on it will always cause PD to crash. This also occurs if there are Start and End Position boxes ansd I click on either one.

Cyberlink now has 4 crash reports from my testing, so be sure to post tthe CS number back here if you want to report this to CL tech support.
Quote A person at NewBlue confirmed that it works yesterday. I have the trial and the transitions do show up in PD but the software crashes if I try to adjust the position.

I've downloaded and installed the trial version and the new content shows up in PD17's transition room. I placed several different transitions onto some timeline clips, then I dragged the endpoints, changed them from overlap to cross and back, and adjusted all the controls. did have one crash about a minute after I started playing with the controls, but I've spent another 5 since then and haven't had another one.

One thing I noticed is that the right edges of the transition's number boxes in the right column are cut off, but I can't tell whose responsibility that is, Cyberlink or NBFX. Since it's not "officially" listed as working with PD on the NBFX web page, it may be hard to get them to help you solve the issue, although I think the price is significant enough that they would want to try.

There are some really interesting transition FX in there, so if you want to keep trying it out I'd suggest checking your video driver and maybe changing the hardware acceleration settings in PD to see if that lets you run without crashing. You could also try uninstalling and reinstalling NBFX, and even PD.
Quote For future refernce for anyone else, the auto-saves are

C:/Users/(your username)/AppData/Roaming/Cyberlink/Powerdirector/17.0/Cache/AutoSave

I'm glad you were able to recover most of your previous work. You can change the auto save folder to someplace that's easier to find, maybe even on another drive so the projects won't be lost if you ever have a C: drive crash of have to reinstall Windows.
I've generally had very good response times from NewBlue, but to my knowledge the only packs that work with PD are these legacy FX. Stand-alone apps like Titler Pro should work, but I don't think the integrated packs will work if PD isn't specifically listed.

You may want to look at Pixelan if you're looking for other transition options for PD. I have the last 4 packs shown here, and they are excellent.
This is a user forum, and all of your questions are addreessed on Cyberlink's main site. For example, this comparison page shows what's included in each version of PowerDirector. For your other presale questions, please review the FAQs or contact customer service here.

If you have other questions regarding using PD, please post them here and we'll be happy to help.
If you need to use the Replace method, that does need to be done individually. However, once you've copied the keyframe attributes from a single clip, you can select any number of other clips and apply the attributes to all of them in one shot.
Please see this post which I wrote just a couple of hours before your question.
Quote Typically the file starts to process but the progress bar stops part way through and there is no error message (or file in the folder). My results are the inverse of yours - if I change a .wav extension to .mp3 it imports, but changing it to anything else produces a failure.
I have just lgged a ticket with Cyberlink as you suggested.

That behavior is very, very strange. It seems like renaming the clip is a partial workaround that would let you edit .wav clips in WE, but you still can't use it from inside PD. With all of the steps you've taken so far, I hope tech support can get this working for you!

When you see this, please post the CS number you received and be sure to update your ticket with the URL of this thread so that the technician can see everything that's happened so far and can also access your shared pictures and clips.
Quote Curiously, WE will only import .mp3, and will only export as .wav - I will put an example in the drive folder as suggested. It cannot then import it's own .wav because it's .wav! AD9 does not have similar problems..See also my response to tomasc. Many thanks for your continuing interest!

What error message (if any) do you get when you try to select an output other than .wav?

Also, what happens if you change the extension on a .wav clip to .wma before importing it into WE? I can open the .wav clip that way and also if I rename it as a .m4a, but .mp3 does NOT work. Let us know what happens when you try.
That's a good question, and normally the easiest way to copy edits to another clip is to right-click and choose Copy Keyframe Attributes, which you can then apply to any other clip.

The problem is that masks and chroma-keying are explicitly excluded from this feature, so you'll want to use Plan B (which is still pretty easy )

All you need to do is make a copy of the "master" clip and paste it on the timeline. Now drag the next clip from the media library on top of the new clip (making sure that the leading edge is somewhere to the right of the left edge of timeline clip), and when you release the mouse button, choose Replace.

PD will then replace the original with the new clip with all existing edits in place. Please note that if the new clip is longer than the copied "original" it will be trimmed to match the same length, so you'll just need to drag the right (trailing) edge all the way to the right to extend the new clip to its full length.
Here's another idea: What happens if you open an MP3 with WE, make a simple change like Boost and then use File >Save Track As... and give it a new name like "test.wav"?

Is WE able to convert, process and produce the clip, and can it play its own output? If it's at least able to save the file, then please put that in the Google folder and we could check the details for more possible clues. If it can't produce to .wav, which formats CAN it produce to?

Also, you may want to open a support ticket with Cyberlink. It generally takes a couple of days so you could get that started today.
Quote Meanwhile I did just wonder if there could be any problem with my installs of PD16/WE2 from the CD, and if it could be worth trying an install from another source?
Also if AD9 can find the right codec why doesn't WE - does AD9 have it's own internal set where WE does not?

I'm a fellow user like you, and I don't have the answer to why WE isn't working with .wav files on your PC or why a fresh install didn't solve the issue. I don't think there's any benefit in trying another source, as a corrupted disc should either not work at all or else give you clear install error messages, but you can certainly check this page after signing in to see if you can download PD16 and try that version.

And just to confirm, you have updated to the 3424 patch after reinstalling PD, correct?
Quote So why does AD9 work when WE2 doesn't? Any ideas guys?

For info I have put an updated copy of DXDiag in the Google Drive folder.

Thanks for the update. The new DxDiag doesn't have the slew of Pinnacle codecs that were orignally installed on your system, but since you still have the problem, they weren't the cause. That's a big item to cross off, though.

I have AD9 on my system and it works with your original clip, just like PD14 and 17 and WE do. Again, it seems pretty clear that we're looking at a codec or configuration issue on your system, the missing piece is why removing Pinnacle and doing a fresh install of PD16 +WE didn't solve the problem.

The other odd thing is that if you look at your source clip with MediaInfo and compare the audio section with my processed .wav version, you'll see that both use PCM, constant bit rate and contain 2 channels, but they're otherwise very different: different codec, reversed bit setting, different bit rate, different sampling rate.

Without digging way down to try and figure everything down deep in WIndows, one thing that you can quickly try is to download and Codec Installer app (the 3rd option on this page).

Pay close attention to make sure you aren't also installing any junkware, then see which codec the app recommends for your source clip. You should also be able to choose a different one that's already installed, and that may do the trick. You can restore your latest system image if anything goes wrong.
Quote The only problem with setting the res to 4K is that most or many people don't have a fast enough internet service to watch it at that res.
Then again, I'm a beginner at this 360 stuff so I'm probably wrong.

You're not wrong, but there is more going on here.

One great thing about YT and other streaming sites is that they give the viewer a choice in resolution, so even though I don't have a 4k monitor I can choose to watch in 4k or HD or 480. If the original upload is only in HD, then there's nothing I can do to watch it in 4k no matter what kind of monitor or interent speed I have. So for online videos in general, I think you should produce at your source clip's native resolution and let the website deal with all the streaming issues.

You bring up a good point about recording in 4k or 5.7k and only focusing on a smaller area in HD, but that's really a tool for non-3D videos since you can't "crop out" 3/4 of the sphere and still have an immersable experience. Making a 2D section of just that part in HD would work nicely, though!
Thanks tomasc This was definitely a team effort, and I've filed a request with Tech Support and referenced this thread so they'll be able to see all the responses here.

The ticket number is CS001989636
Quote Here is a video of what mine is doing. I have been a loyal user for 5 years. about to ask for a refund and move on!
Support has been no support at all!

I just uninsstalled and reinstalled and it is MUCH worse. about to reinstall for the 5th time.
I have removed all cyberlink software from my couputer. A couputer that is less that 3 weeks old...

I'm sorry that you're having so many issues. I really appreciate you making the screen recording and showing all the problems you highlighted.

Based on what you've described and recorded, it's very clear that PD isn't installed correctly, but at this point I don't think that simply uninstalling and reinstalling are going to help. There may also be some underlying issue with Win10, depending on what's happened since you got your new system. I'm concerned with Windows' responses to your folder and project saving section as those are all Windows dialog boxes, they're not part of PD.

Cyberlink tech support often takes a couple days to respond, and we're on Monday eve after a big Chinese new year week. Of the 3 items you listed, the one that I see as most significant is that the folder where PD is installed doesn't exist. That could be a Windows permission issue or drive corruption or a badly mangled PD install, but it will take some time and effort to figure this out.

I don't blame you if you want to throw in the towel at this point, but if you want to try and move forward the best thing you can do is to follow the steps listed in the Read Me Before Posting thread and attach the results of the DxDiag test. That will give us some idea of the condition that Win10 reports of itself.

Another thing to try is a system file check, which can be run from an Administrator-level command prompt. This will only take a few minutes and will give you valuable info on the state of your new system's health. Steps are in the MS article.

Next steps will be based on what the dxDiag test shows and the outcomes of running the DISM and SFC commands.
Quote I've just read all the new posts from optodata, tomasc, and PIX. My head is spinning.

I'll try to read through, and understand, everything tomorrow. Please let me know if you want me to try anything from my end to test the theories.

I think the two most relevant parts are the last paragraph in my last post, and the last line from tomasc's reply.
Quote It looks like they fixed it sometime today.

Glad you're all set now
Quote Basically I'm trying to find the source file of my clips in my project, and I just don't know what I'm missing

What happens if you try this from a different angle: Right-click on one of the suspected source clips in the media library and choose Find in Timeline?
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