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You didn't mention that the original format was MOV, and that's almost certainly not a PD version problem. Instead, your friend's computer is likely configured properly to work with Apple's Quicktime codec while yours likely isn't.

Please see this discussion for more details.
I'm not clear if you asking about simply saving the project (PDS file), or if you're referring to packing the actual project and saving eerything, including all media clips, to a new folder.

PDS files don't store any media, and each time you open it PD will expect to find all the clips in their original folders. PD doesn't make any changes to the media at all, regardless of the additions or deletions to the project timeline and Media Room.

If you've packed a project then made changes to the media you've used, you'll need to pack the project again to retain copies of all the current clips. I highly recommend using a different folder and then deleting the original packed project folder to free up space on your hard drive.
The simple answer is that the original format of your clips isn't supported by PD. As you've discovered, using a 3rd party app to convert existing clips and changing the recording settings for new clips are the solutions.

If you'd like ask CL to support the original clip format, you can request that from File > Rate Us & Provide Suggestions. It would help to include a link to a sample clip on Google Drive or OneDrive so they can test it directly.
As StevenG mentioned, you'll have a hard time doing that in PD as all internally generated text is placed on the inside of the visual sphere.

You'd need to create text images with transparent backgrounds in a third-party app, then import them and manually keyframe their position and distortion to apparently stay in place as you drive over/past them.
I'm afraid I don't understand your question then. You can input any resolution video into PD without limits. 8K for example, but the default produce options are limited to 4K and below.

If you're trying to import a MOV clip and get any kind of "format not supported" message, that's most likely because your computer isn't properly configured to work with Apple's QuickTime codec. See this discussion for more details.
Thre are many discussions on the forum already about producing to any resolution you want using custom profiles. Here's one as an example.

If you'd like for CL to add higher default produce resolutions, the best place to file your request is to use File | Rate Us & Provide Suggestions from your current version of PD
First thing I'd do is update your system to the final PD16 release (3424) from Nov 2018. You can download the patch from here.
You're not doing anything wrong, but for some reason the Filters control is probably set to All Vocals rather than to show all content. Click on the Filter search results button (highlighted in blue below) and select Pop to find the missing songs:

I don't know why things work as expected for tomasc and PDM while you and I seem to be stuck with a forced filter setting. One clue is that there's no filter button at all in tomasc's screenshot. But why?

I also don't see any way to select all or deselect the filter to show all genres, which means you'll have to manually enter the search term after selecting every filter option I've got 20.7.3108.0 with SR number VDE220708-03
Also remember that the content included with a CL subscription is only a tiny fraction of Shutterstock's vast catalog, and the only way to see the which clips are actually available for use is to use the browser built in to PowerDirector.

I know CL has previously changed/increased the number of clips available, but I don't know if that made any previously available content inaccessible. Providing names as PDM suggested is a good way to check.
Thanks for the attachment, but I'm still not sure what you're saying. In PD17, if I select a single timeline clip and then choose the Tools tab, these are my choices:

The options change when 2 or more clips are selected, but I don't recall ever seeing options like Ripple or Slide

Save your screenshot as a PNG or JPG then use the Attachments button under the forum's text box to share it here.

That will probably give us a better idea of what's going on.

Quote It's 2022, me using Powerdirector 360 (20.7.310 and this problem is happening. I've reduced Previous quality and it didn't help. This is a nightmare For YouTubers like me who do vioce over for videos.

As mentioned in the above posts, this is a very compute-intensive task and you're asking your computer to do more than it's capable of performing in real time. The solution is to use a better workflow

While the "Render Preview" tools was discussed, I personally prefer to produce the accelerated clips first (using the normal Produce tool, or selecting a section of the timeline and producing just that part) so that you get a smooth clip that can be previewed normally once you place it on the timeline.

Once that's done, go ahead and do the voiceover part
Try closing PD and starting over. If that doesn't work for any reason, use one of the Import Media options to pull the clip(s) into the Media Room first:

Thanks for the details. The instructions are to save the results as a text file then attach it to your post, but the forum moderator should be able to remove the huge block of text you pasted and convert it to an attachment.

Your video drivers are up to date, but two things stand out from the results when compared to the Dell support page for your desktop.

The first is that there are several BIOS updates recently posted, most marked urgent, and you should upgrade to 1.1.23 from your current 1.1.18. I also suggest running the Check for Updates tool from the Drivers & Downloads section to make sure you have the most recent drivers for your whole system.

The other issue is that the error reports at the end of the report show crashes with Explorer, iCloud and the Windows Store. Those kinds of crashes imply that there might be some damage to your Windows user account or with the OS installation itself, and I suggest you run the Run Quick Test tool on the Diagnostics page to see if it can identify and maybe even repair the problems for you.
There are paid 3rd party tools that will do what you're looking for. The legacy NewBlue Motion Effects pack has a Motion Blur which has directional and angle controls. Pixelan's CreativeEase pack has OrganiBlur and BlurPro FX, which will give you virtually unlimited control over the distortions. They also have a dedicated BlurMaster pack.
Sounds like you should report the issue directly to CL tech support. You can reach them here, and you might want to include a link to this forum discussion so they can see the details you've already shared.
It might help if you could provide the DxDiag test results so we can see the technical details of your computer. Steps are here.
If you haven't set up any custom profiles for PD20/365, simply copy the Profile.ini file that tomasc shared to that folder. If you have previously added custom profiles, open up his file and copy the settings, then open up your Profile.ini file and paste his settings to the end of your file, then save it and open PD
Generally speaking, that sounds like your system isn't able to preview the timeline smoothly in real time. LUTs can do that, and you may want to hold off on applying them until the very last step. See this FAQ for other ideas.
If you're not in a hurry, NewBlue will often put their products on sale a few times each year. I paid US$148 for TP7 Elite a couple years ago, which was 50% off the still-current retail price.

If you're looking for something more urgently, maybe other members will have some suggestions.
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