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Well you've done quite a bit of diagnosing and have some unusual symptoms, especially the part about the hang happening at different points depending on where you start the partial rendering.

My guess is that somewhere you're running out of system resources due to some specific FX or edits in your project, and watching the Memory usage in Task Manager (Performance tab) or clicking on the Resource Monitor link at the bottom will probably show something.

If you're comfortable sharing the contents of your project, you can use Pack Project Materials from the File menu and upload everything to OneDrive or Google Drive then paste a publicly shareable link to it here for other members to see what happens on their systems. See this FAQ for more details.
A screenshot would be very useful.

Use Alt+PrintScreen or the Windows snipping tool (Win+Shift+S) then save the image as PNG or JPG. Click on the Attachments button below the forum's text box to upload and share it here.
Hello from a cloudy but mild California. Sorry to hear about your troubles, and you seem to have done a very thorough job of trying to get things working again. You DxDiag results show that you've got recent drivers video drivers installed and hopefully the SFC and DISM commands you ran will help with the iCloudDrive and Explorer crashes that were logged at the end of the report.

As for this one particular project, maybe the quickest way to get up and running again is to check and see if you have any autosaved versions from just before the problem started. Take a look at the Editing panel under Preferences and see if the auto save option is enabled, then look in specified folder:


This is a long standing issue that seems to affect a small number of users at various times. I don't know of any one answer to solve this, so you should probably contact Cyberlink tech support directly for assistance. You can reach them here.
I'm not sure why you're seeing that. Can you please follow the steps shown here to generate and attach the DxDiag report? We might find some clues in there.
Here's what I came up with just quickly trying this out. Instead of adjusting contrast, etc., I used the original color pic and overtlaid it with the B&W version then blended in just the color telescope:

I used the opacity control to verify I had the 2 main pics aligned, then used the eraser brush from the Add Image screen to "paint away" the B&W sections of the telescope to let the color version show through
Seems like you could do that by making a copy of the original image then making the changes to it (even though it will negatively impact the sections you want to keep as is), then go back to the original pic and add the new copy directly on top.

Once that's aligned, select the Cutout tool and use your finger to erase/keep the appropriate section so the net effect will be your original image in the background with the enhanced section overlaid on top.
The App Manager is for PD365 and isn't relevant/usable for PD15.

The FAQs are your friends here, so please read the first item to resolve your situation. You'll also want to uninstall both the free PD version and the App Manager first.
Quote ok I did this. Is there any solution to stop it looking like the gif stops for a split
second on each copy and the restarts. It is definitely noticeable unfortunately.

Yes. That simply means you have an extra, unmoving (static) frame at the beginning and/or end of your clip. All you need to do is trim at least one end so the loop is smooth and doesn't pause.

Make the trim and place 2 or 3 new copies of it end to end to make sure it's smooth, then replicate those clips for the full duration.
Quote With all due respect that seems kind of ridiculous. Isn't there a way to loop video clip or to designate its frame repetition somehow. You say it all the time on videos with an animated picture of it loops over and over again maybe in PowerDirector there is no feature to do this but I would really like to request it If it isn't there.

I understand. Media viewers and websites will automatically loop a GIF endlessly, but if you want to create a video that looks like that and plays for an hour, you'll have to use multiple copies. I know it sound tedious but it actually will only take a minute or two to set up.

PD doesn't have any kind of a "play x number of times" tool or setting, although the Action Camera tool has a feature that will loop specific sections (and slow them down, play them in reverese, zoom in, etc.), but it's limited to only a couple of repititions.

You can tell Cyberlink that you'd like to see them add a feature like that by going to File > Rate Us & Send Feedback. They don't normally monitor this user forum so that's the best way to make sure your request is seen by the right people.
Use the Adjust room then set the Saturation tool to -100 (slider all the way to the left). You may also need to tweak the Contast and/or Exposure to bring out the best details once you've got a monochrome image.
As most people on this user forum have Windows systems it's not likely that we'll be able to help with the specifics of a Mac, but there are some quick steps that may resolve your issue.

The first is to use the Profile Analyzer to find the Best Matched Format for your source clips. If you have NTSC clips (30p or 60p for the US) you won't normally want to produce to PAL (25p or 50p for most of the rest of the world) or vice-versa. Stick with the same framerate as your source clips whenever possible.

If you're still stuck at 54% when producing with the Best Matched Profile, try again with the Fast video rendering technology option on the Produce page UNchecked. You may also need to uncheck the Enable hardware decoding option under Preferences | Hardware Acceleration.

If none of those help, take a look at what happens on your project timeline starting at 2:01:00, which is where the blockage occurs and see if you can see at least what's there that might be causing PD to stall. Feel free to post a screenshot of that section if you'd like us to help.
Quote How can a play or "loop" am animated GIF file for an hour

Simply paste as many copies of the clip as you need. If the GIF runs for 10 seconds, you'll need 6 copies per minute and a total of 360 copies for an hour.

If it were me, I'd make the first minute's worth and then copy all those clips and paste them 60x.

To do it even quicker I'd paste that first minute 10x or 20x then copy that whole section and paste that 6x or 3x, respectively. If you lose track, just stop pasting when the clips reach the 1:00:00 point on the timeline counter
That's certainly a problem and the best thing to do is to contact Cyberlink tech support from this page. You may want to include a link to this forurm discussion so they can see what's been posted here.

You'll need to generate and send them the DxDiag test results, and if you'd also like to attach them here we may be able to spot and help you correct at least some issues. Please follow the steps in this post.
Ok. I just downloaded a 4k25p clip from the Mediafire link in this article and can get SVRT to work in PD17.

However, like you it's not available in PD365, even when I use the custom profile I created in PD17.
This is a user forum and not official Cyberlink support. If you'd like one of the volunteers here to assist, it would be great if you could give us more information on what happens when you double click on the desktop icon. You can also open the App manager and click on the Launch button for PD365.

You may also want to try rebooting to see if that helps.
You should report this to Cyberlink directly. Here's the page for doing that.
Also, your laptop could use some driver updates. The easiest way to do that is to use the Automatic Driver Update tool at the Lenovo support page for your 80XS. Click on the Start Scan button and see where that gets you.
Thanks for the screenshot. To my knowledge you can't use SVRT for AVI or many of those other other encoding types.

If your drone clips are HEVC or AVC encoded you MUST use a matching HEVC or AVC profile for SVRT to have a chance to work.
Which output profile are you producing to? On the Produce page, click on Profile Analyzer and try (one of) the Best Matched Format results.

For the timeline (preview) issue, if you have an older computer you'll want to enable Shadow Files and wait for the little yellow icons on the clips in the media library to turn green. Then you should be able to set the timeline preview quality to Full HD.

You may want to look at the two stickies at the top of the PD18 forum index page for FAQs on improving editing performace and to generate the DxDiag file if you'd like us to check how your computer is set up.
Did you previously create a custom profile that let you use SVRT? If so, does thyat no longer work? If not, do you get any Intelligent SVRT results when using the Profile Analyzer on the Produce page?
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