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This was able to resolve my issue today. Thank you very much. Nice to see people nice enough to upload these videos.
Hi ainsburyd2 . What Operating system are you using on this. It would help if you post your PC specs too.
I think the developers are aware on this issue and had this one investigated already.

It should be fixed any moment now.
I think you need to open a support ticket here so customer service could just manually activate this for you.
How is everyone's experience in this version?
You might want to try few test files here and see if it makes a difference.
You might want to check this page too.
So far, it's working fine but what version is this?
Hi Jim123 , any luck on this? What build number is this by the way?
Hi Boelle. What type of cable are you using for this?
Anyone else got their issues resolved using Moi's tip?
We might need a confirmation on this first. I haven't tried to explore DLNA.
It is possible that the file type is not supported. Can you also check what this is?
Good luck on this bud. Looking at your issue, it may need time to duplicate this issue.
Hi 8upaxeman, do you still have the panasonic? Might be a good idea to post the error message here as well.
I think it means the memory but not the disk space on this. I hope you got this issue resolved already.
Hi Aidan1, looks like you still have this issue. Have you considered reverting it back?
Hi Ron. Got any luck on this already?
There's always a free trial. You can just go to the homepage and click on the download link.
Hi. Does this happen to a single file or have you tried to test it with multiple ones already? This could be just with the file used tho.
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