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Quote Is anyone else having issues with preview playback in the lastest PD versions? I have some 4k60 h264 clips in my timeline, and the video very quickly lags the audio when just trying to preview part of a clip with no filters applied. I've tried changing the hardware acceleration options, using low resolution shadow files, and my preview resolution is the lowest it can go, but it doesn't work well, and there's often a little gray "Rendering..." progress bar below the preview window before it even tries to start previewing. The computer is an 11th gen i7 with 32 GB of RAM and an Nvidia T500 graphics card, but it doesn't seem to matter what acceleration values I use - it still doesn't work well. I don't recall having this issue prior to this 2024 release. Am I alone in this? It absolutely shouldn't struggle just to play back a clip, and there are no issues in other applications.

I have simliar issues. This didn't really happen too often in the previous revision, but once I "upgraded," I noticed the degradation immediately.
I reported a similar issue with Video Speed (and many other functions). I used to be able to select many clips and apply video speed to all of them at the same time. Not any more. This is the response from Cyberlink:

After further checking with our product team, the batch apply option of the features you mentioned is not supported in the new version of PowerDirector 365.
For your concern of the editing convenience, we've escalated the suggestion of supporting applying the editing on multiple clips at a time to product team as software feature changes improvement reference.

CL really screwed up and I doubt they'll be able to fix all their screw up. Why make the software harder and more time consuming to use?
Quote Since you can just add a registry entry to re-enable the playhead functionality we had in the previous version (info they should have released immediately), are there other entries to re-enable things like opacity, apply all, and the old audio mixer?!

You would hope. Maybe they were just too lazy to create actual preferences for these things.
Quote I think most of the people had this problem, first I import my Sony photo files into the library then I did my son Sony photo files into the library , both have the same DSCXXXXX files name , once inside the library the same file name overlay each others and I am unable to select the photo I wanted. Is it possible for the developer to detect this in the program to mention there is a same files name imported before

You might be able to change the prefix on your files in you Sony settings so you never overlap.
Quote I've been using PD for years, and the opacity line at the top of each frame is a MUST. What happened Cyberlink? Get this back, or the time it takes to make a professional video is huge. What's wrong with you?

Cyberlink doesn't seem to care about any of these things. I just get the standard template, "we'll take a look, thanks for your feedback." And even that feedback takes 1-3 days. I don't know who's running the show at CL, or if they even have the man power to maintain this product, but this latest version is definitely a step backwards for a LOT of users. If PD was all rewritten from scratch, why not make it better and MORE user friendly?
Quote I have the same problem with this behaviour. Changes to the GUI, fine, but the target should be to make it more user friendly, more effective and faster. This change, and many others in this version, are very contra productive and because they are not intuitive they will never work. CL should look for a new GUI designer, or listen to the free advice of its long time and very experienced users. Before a release not after that is.

Anyway, I suggest that you use the Rate Us & ..... in the file menu to tell to CL directly

I did submit the compaint. I also suggested they hire some experience UI designers because adding more buttons clicks and searching is not the sign of good UI. CL tried, but really failed.
I don't know if you've experienced this, but it's driving me nuts. When I use the mouse wheel to scroll down the section on the right, it moves to the next heading/section on the left, unless I stop it exactly at the bottom of the items on the right. I guess this is where the "ALL Item" would be handy, because it seems like it's trying to emulate that feature that no longer exists. This approach is a very poor implementation of All. Maybe I'll get used to it, but it's driving me nuts. If PD is trying to become Capcut, it's not going very smoothly.
Quote Hello everyone,

Another issue with PD 2024. In the library window there are music clips that I don’t want there. I just want the media that I’m using on my project and yet, I can't figure out how to get rid of them. I don't mind having them as I use them frequently, but I want then in my "Downloads" folder, not My Media. See attached image for details.


Click one of the files. Then Right Mouse Button click. Depending on where you are, you might have to "open file location" or "properties" to find the path. To delete the files, or move them, you will probably have to close PD, then delete/move. Then start PD again.
Quote Yes

Yes. I have yet to see any benefit for me with the new "upgrade."
Is there any task that takes less clicks now? Just curious if anyone has found one.

What latest update? The problem is in the update from September 19th. Are you getting a new update since then?

I just installed a new update since then, but the head still doesn't go to the beginning of an added clip. Not sure what he's talking about, unless I missed something. Still not user friendly to say the least.
Quote Just curious, if CL doesn't restore the functionality we used to have, are any of you thinking of switching video editing platforms, and if so which would you turn to?

I just tried Clipchamp and it didn't have some of the features I like. CapCut is pretty good, but the desktop version doesn't offer all of the benefits of the mobile version. Capcut is very simple to use without all the extra clicks, plus, mobile has some good audio selection. In my opinion, PD has a terrible audio selection (outdated) to choose from and the management of the audio is non-existent. Of course, the decision making process depends on the types of video you produce.

I'll definitely be investigating options.

Thanks for the reply, but my topic was posted about 8 hours ago. Just posted another topic asking if possible to revert to previous version, as this new one is awful!!

Will see if my topics appear tomorrow.

So this is what we get for buying into the subscription service? I would expect inprovements, not a bunch of rearranging and extra buttons clicks. What a waste of my time.
This "feature" is so annoying now. Why change such a major piece of functionality and make it more difficult to use? If anything, this should have been a configurable parameter to either move the head or not. Simple. Now everyone has to disrupt their workflow and click more buttons or use the mouse. Awful implementation.
If I'm going to have to relearn software, it might be time to look at something different. I did like PD, but now I'm disliking all the extra button clicks and clunky usage. This is really disappointing and one of the BIG reasons I don't like subscription based products in the first place. I was a little leary about PD, but it WAS fun to use. Now I just find myself getting upset because it's not as easy to use as it was before. Who makes a UI more difficult to use and adds more buttons clicks and calls it steamlined? I'm a little concerned what the next revision of PD might include (or not include).
Quote I downloaded this new version a few days to work on some videos, still haven't finished them. Normally it would take me a couple of hours at the most. I don't like how the user interface or whatever you call it has all changed.

I also posted a topic about crop/rotate - but the topic does not show, so how will I ever get a reply?

My topic didn't show for a while so I posted another. The first one showed up 10 minutes later or so.
Are these changes for the sake of changing?

1. Playhead doesn't go to the beginning of clips anymore. Really? This should be an option because now I have to make extra clicks or use a keystoke to get there. Waste of my time.
2. Meta Music not sortable by duration? Waste of my time.
3. 5 AI generated images/sitckers. Why?
4. Moved things like Video stabilizer/Denoise to better looking "all in one" window, but it's worse now. I have to Click "Video Stabilizer" then click the check box. That's an extra step. Waste of my time.
5. "Video Speed" pops up a completely separate window overlay instead of displaying like Video stabilizer/Denoise do. Extra clicks to close the popup. More button clicks. Waste of my time.

Why is CL wasting my time instead of saving me time and effort? Why are things being changed just to change them, with no real user benefit (or configuration parameter to keep it the way it was)? This is getting really frustrating with every release. I've spent a bit of time learning PD, but I think I'm going to start looking at other options.
The new "combined" edit button is actually less convenient now.
I have to click edit first.
Now everything is in a different order and I cann't rearrange anything. Hunting for things I want is now more difficult.
I now have to scroll around to change video speed and video preferences Everything used to be visible with the 2 separate buttons.

Is there a way to revert this change? Some sort of "preference" I can tweak to put it back the way it was. This is not a change for the better for me.

If you move things, or take things away, you should create a "preference" items as an option to leave it alone.
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