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That works only if he used a blend effect from the fx room. If he used the Tools | Blending Effect, then tomasc has the answer.

I didn't think to check the lower tracks, either! In a complex project, they're well off the screen and I was initially stuck just like The Shadowman was. I actually found a way to remove the effects' placement code from the PDS file, but deleting them from the lower tracks is SOOO much easier! foot-in-mouth

Do you know that I have only today realised that when you place a blending effect into a clip it is also placed on a lower track.

So thank you all for your help.

Hi All

Here's an easy question that's got me baffled. How do you remove a blending effect once it's in place on a clip?

Thanks for your help

Quote Like Barry said, the Speed Adjustment tool will let you type in the new length and will automatically slow down the playback speed. An even quicker way is to hold down the Shift key then click and drag the right edge of the video clip until it stretches to the end of your audio clip. Just like that the clips are the same length


Is it really you, are you back?

Quote I just downloaded Powerdirector today, and for the life of me cannot figure out how to do this.

I have a clip that I did a multi-trim on which produced several segments now on the timeline. I however want to save each segment for later use in the video editing process. How do I save each segment for later editng, or put each segment in my media content window under a different name?

Click on the segment then use the right hand yellow handle on the timeline scrubber to drag and highlight to the end of clip. Now use produce range above the timeline to render the clip. When done it will go automatically to the library of your project

Hardware Acceleration was off, I do not use it.


After you have produced a project it is normal to see the original file in preview so nothing unusual there. If I have understood you correctly, you still see the image on the produce page. For that to happen I assume you are selecting "enable preview during production". Given that information it would seem the error is in the production itself.

Firstly, Have you updated your PD version to the very latest patch (build 2816)?
What is the resolution of the security camera images.
And, exactly what settings are you making on the production page?
Finally, what is the exact length of the clip you are trying to produce.
Quote AVplay, Pepsi thanks for the responses.
Pepsi, a new play or codex will not work and did not work as PD16 produce the file WITHOUT the video track. When I import the produced file it does not have a video track.

AVPlay, I tried the SVRT button but it never gives me the option to apply, that button stays grayed out.

I did try one more thing today, I added a Title track and when I did that the video produced correctly, but if I change nothing, add nothing and only cut the protions I do not want it will not produce the video track even through it is there in the preveiw.

I know I am missing something but just cannot figure out what.


Try disabling Hardware Acceleration

Thank you so much for such a quick response.

I am sorry I was unclear, and will have another go at explaining the problem.

Say, I have a 3 minute clip. From this, I only want the middle minute. So I split the clip into 3 sections, and remove the first and third sections. So I am now left with the middle minute clip.

I then click the produce button. The middle minute clip shows up on the produce page. I select the settings and start to produce. The result is a minute long clip. But on playing it, the first 10 seconds of the clip are missing. It starts say 10 seconds in from the original clip. It still lasts 1 minute, but the last 10 seconds are a single frame with no audio.

This is a new problem. I have edited clips before in this way and they worked perfectly.

Hope this is clearer.

Sorry to be dim, but I do not know what the "scrubber" is!

And again thanks for your help.


Hi Jim
I still think the above suggestion will work for you.
The scrubber is the needle-like thing that moves along the timeline when you play clip. It has an orange grab handle at the top
on both sides. There is no need to split the clip,just place the scrubber at the point you want to make the cut and then grab the right hand orange handle to the end of clip and do as explained above
Quote PD is a video editor. You will find out that still PD has great features to make slide shows, that the automatic generation is more suitable for a smaller set of pictures.
Once the generation has been done you have the option you change the result manually. That also is nice and gives you good flexibility, but depending on what you want to do and the number of images it may also be time consuming.
Then there is sorting of the pictures. PD alternative to the timeline (use the TAB-key in PD16) enables you to get the images in the right order. As a work around, maybe take the large set at once and do manual changes in the timeline. And maybe combine the sound clips separately in advance in the desired order so that you can load the single song?
Alternatively you can

  • Make smaller sets of images, generate them separately and edit them together in a second pas

  • Or load the images in/on the timeline and tread them as video-clips, and video edit them. The nice functions of a generated slide show will not be readily available and will be harder to make though.

Why not simply add your music in a second track beneath the slideshow track. And, for example, if you use the Motion slideshow you can alter the duration of some of the photos so that the whole slideshow and music track match in length.

Have a read of the Newbie Room article in issue 8 here: It will give an explanation about each PD slideshow template, it may help you
Quote I am a novice on PD12.

In edit, I have extracted a short clip from a longer one. When trying to produce the shorter clip (as an MP4) production starts a few seconds on (part way along the producing movie indicator. The produced length of the clip is shown the same as the original short clip, but the last few seconds are a single frame with no sound.
I have not had this problem before when following exactly the same steps.
Grateful for any help.

Not sure I understand completely what you are saying. However, if you want to produce an extract from a longer clip, try using the "produce range" facility.

Place the scrubber at the the place where you want the clip to begin and then using the right hand orange handle on the scrubber, drag the handle to the place where you want the new clip to finish.

Above the timeline you should see "Produce Range" click on it and you will be taken to the produce page. Then select the required settings and press start. When complete, the new clip will be placed back in the library.

Hopefully that will work for you



No nothing happens when I put it in the CD drawer. Ive tried to get it to download that way but it wont.

I also apparently can download it digitally with the key provided but that wont work either.

I am using windows 10 and have enough memory space to download according to the spec listed on the box.



If you look at your CD drive in Windows Explorer is the CD showing up there? If it's there in Explorer, click on the drive and then use the search option at the top right of the window that opens, and search for SETUP.EXE. If found, double click on the file and it should start to install.

Hope it works for you
Quote The more people tell it works for them, the more stupid I feel wink

I hope you can see my example video in this post, so you see what it is I am doing (wrong?).

Try this. Put your png on the timeline. Set the duration to one second. Double click to open pip designer. Now use the whole screen and pip timeline to pass the ball. You have been using a 10 second screen, but only using one second of it. By setting the duration first, you set the length of the pip

Here is a screen shot-


I see you are using shadow files. Try without. If that works we can discuss why.

Is it just this one clip?

Just had a thought. Have you unintentionally unticked the video track in PD?

Yes the only problem is while trying to view the preview when editing. I have played the video on other players and have produced videos from Powerdirector that work fine. It is just the preview.

Thank you

Is it just this one clip?

Okay I located the drivers for my video chipset and there is not an option for rolling back the drivers.

Does the MP4 clip play on any other player such as VLC player or similar? If you havent tried it, give it a go.

Quote Hi,

Yes, all worked exactly as expected for me. Including saving the PiP object.

For full disclosure, I'm using PD17 but I don't think that will make a difference.



What you could try is: Highlight the 10 second PIP and then "produce range". Then, with the produced version in the timeline use Power Tools to reduce the speed to one second.

I just tried something similar and it worked

Quote Hi

i have just purchased a new copy of power director 16 and cannot install it onto my laptop either via the cd provided or the digital download.
I opened an account on here as you can see but cannot find how I digitally down load it and put my product key.

I am in the UK and Im ok with computers but not very technical so please make your answer simple to follow.



The CD, is that the CD that came with a boxed version of PD16?

If so, will it not autostart when you load it?

Here's how:
Video Adapters
AMD Radeon ... (name of your video card)
2 click on the video card, Drive tab see the image

Hi Cindy

You dont make it clear if you have actually tried unchecking HA in preferences. If you haven't, try it. Unchecking HA can often cure the strangest things.

Good luck

Quote Using PD16 and would like to be able to slect the still or thumbnail that someone will see before starting the video


If you want the still to be an excerpt from your movie, you can select the scene you want.then use the camera icon under the preview screen to take a still image. Once taken the image will be transferred to the library. Once there, drag it down and place it at the begining of your project and stretch it to the length required.

I hope that I have understood you correctly.

Hey, Robert - many thanks for the quick response, the info, and the encouragement!

Don't forget to let me know how you get on
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