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New beta posted:

CyberLink Information release.


[Beta Patch] PowerDirector 15 v 2226

Downloader link:

Direct download link:

Release note:

- Improves program stability when using the Undo function.
- Improves program stability when using the View Designer.
- Improves program stability on platforms that don't support SSE2 instructions.
- Improves program stability when playing 60FPS video with transitions on x86 platforms
- Fixes the issue that SVRT malfunctions after splitting a video.
- Fixes the issue that templates created in old versions cannot be found in PowerDirector 15.


Post feedback below.

2219 Beta:
2212 Beta:
Quote I removed the video card and I uninstalled all drivers and applications AMD.The video card is Sapphire Radeon R9 270 OC Dual X,2GB,DDR5,256 bit.
PD14 now works "correctly"!
Cyberlink not doing their job well!


Thank you for the update.

From what I see in this thread. You posted a message attacking CyberLink when the fault lay with your computer set up/age and what you've done. You have to take responsibility for your actions and not apportion blame on others and have expectations they should sort out your debarkel. My opinion.

Hi bareszsopte,

We can not assist you here, you need to contact CyberLink's online support and give them the details (they ask for).

Quote Ok so I have raised the issue with Corsair with the technical team. The current wait is 2 days. I'll give you guys and update and fingers crossed this may solve the crashing issue.
Once again, many thanks Dafydd and Longedge for the help. Is it ok if we can keep this thread open until I have news back from Corsair?


I haven't been adding much to the thread recently but I have been monitoring/reading all the additions. "Longedge" has been giving you some great support, no more than I could give and I like reading what Longedge writes.

No worries about the thread, we're all interested in knowing how you get on.

Quote Hi, I recenlty purchased this program to work with 3D videos.. So far I've ran into nothing but problems with transitions and such..
The video format from the camera is 1900X1080 AVI half screen fill (left/right).. If I edit the program into a workable video the 3D transitions don't work correctly since the video is side by side vs 3D depth right off..
This is a true 3D camera not a software implementation..
It needes to be converted to a single side.. Left or right..
is there a way to strip off one side? or is there a way to actually have/make transitions, titles and such that are left/right 3D?

Hi jennifer012904,

Please see image guide, what have you Set 3D Source Format as?

I have used a 3D video (I have mts and mp4) I recorded sometime ago, I don't have the camera now.

I can Produce a 2D video off a single rather than the dual image by selecting Standard 2D in PowerDirector..


Please advise what type of image files you have added to the tracks, jpg, png etc. A screen shot should reveal this information for us.

Quote Placed many pictures in the timeline and selected them. When I click button on the left for wizards, I get options of Magic Fix and Magic Music only. Why others are missing? Thanks for your help.


Please provide a screenshot of the Edit workspce. Use the "Print Screen SysRq" button on your keyboard to record the Magic Tools drop down selection.

Please view the attached images of what I see when selecting Magic Tools.


Thank you for the diagnostic and version details. There is an SVRT issue/bug but it would not cause crashing as far as I'm aware.

Can you produce without SVRT?

A screenshot of your Edit workspace BEFORE it crashes and before you go to Produce is what is needed please.

The MediaInfo might have helped here - follow the guide please..

After examining your diagnostic (please check it yourself) data, scrolling down right to the end of the text file there are crash reports and PowerDirector doesn't show up. There are a number of crash reports for "CorsairLink4.Service.exe" which you need to investigate and sort out. I note your computer was specially built for you, RE: System Manufacturer: To Be Filled By O.E.M. System Model: To Be Filled By O.E.M.

I couldn't see anything from your diagnostic, other than what I have mentioned. I suggest you ask the techs who built your computer to assist you in resolving the "CorsairLink4.Service.exe" and other issues, maybe that will stop your crashes.

CyberLink support maybe able to assist you. To me the issue looks to be with a third party software. You need someone with "hands on" and who can test your compter and manually assist you. The computer is certainly a powerful unit.

Quote I have version 14. ShouldI uninstall it before installing the upgrade to version 15? I don't want to leave lots of unused software on my computer. If I should uninstall version 14, how do I do that? Nothing shows up in the program manager to install version 14.

I believe an Upgrade will overwrite the previous version and will retain the files it needs.
Quote Hello Cyberlink team,
My PC keeps crashing on PowerDirector15 every time I try and produce a video I’ve been editing on.
The PowerDirector15 version I am using is: 15.0.2026.0 Here are my PC specs:
I made sure that everything on Device Manager was all up to date. Windows 10 is also up to date as well.
I don’t know how to produce a crash log because when the PC crashes I cannot move my mouse cursor what so ever and I have to end up hard resetting the PC. I made sure that everything is up to date with Cyberlink Application Manager. Also, I’m on a contract with Cyberlink of Director suite.
I have spoken to Microsoft and they did a remote access on my PC and they confirmed to me that it has nothing to do with Windows 10. Microsoft spent a few hours doing health scans on comm and promt. Rested and re-installed Windows 10. Also, I have re-installed Cyberlink a few times as well.
I hope I have included everything on this report but if I have missed any information, please let me know.
Many thanks.

We're just video editors, like you.
Please attach all data to a post, rather than ask members to download from an unknown source - we all should be wary of viruses etc.
I read your previous post and saw you were having computer problems. Have a read through the following page: and provide the info requested.

Quote When I go to Save Project in PowerDirector15 it seems to take a long time for the Project to Save. The "Saving Chapter Thumbnails" and "Saving Title Thumbnails" blue scroll bar indicators appear and that is where the "Saving Project" seems take it time in Saving the Project. Any way to speed things up when Saving the Project. I try to Save the Project each and every time I make a change, just to be safe so that I don't lose any of my editing changes.


Welcome to the forum.

When PDr14 was launched (from my sponge of a memory), I recall a similar report was posted on the forum and later fixed. Please can you read through and provide what's been asked? Having the basic data really helps.

Quote Storyboard time PDR 14-15 different.

Go to Preferences/General.

25fps will display the time codes as ":"

30fps will display the timecodes as ";" and you have "Use drop frame timecode", Yes, selected

30fps will display the time codes as ":" and you have "Use drop frame timecode", No, selected

You should now be able to alter the display to show as in your PDR14 image and in your PDR15 image.

New beta 2219 released today:

This thread is now closed.
CyberLink Information release.


[Beta Patch] PowerDirector 15 v 2219

Downloader link:

Direct download link:

Release note:

- Improves the timeline seek performance.
- Improves the open/close speed of PiP Designer and Mask Composer.
- Fixes the memory leak issue encountered when using 360 viewer mode with AMD VGA card.
- Improves program stability when returning from AudioDirector.
- Improves ColorDirector color presets compatibility.


Post feedback below.

2212 Beta:
Quote Hi,

I am using videos from different sources (cell phone, handycam, dash cam) and found that none of the videos frame rate is matching with PD. There is always a minor difference and output video loses the quality remarkably. The effect is severe for .mov files. In fact, the same file is actually giving far better output in windows movie maker which is free! The workaround solution that I found is -

  • Open the video in windows moviemaker and generate a file from it

  • Use this file in PD and there is no issue - no message of format mismatch and video output quality is much better

Anyone has a better solution than this?


Thanks for posting what you do.

Your video probably all have variable frame rate. The notification you're getting can be ignored and you can stop the message popup in Preferences/Confirmation.

Without seeing what the mov video you have is like and running a test on it, my guess is you're editing shadow files which are low res mpeg2 video.

When editing multi-source video it is always a better option to have the video "the same". You could achieve the same, as what you did, by running the separate videos through PowerDirector or using a free video converter to create the same frame size, and same frame rate and same format for each and then start editing.

Quote Clipping the ends of MP3 sound files is fast and easy task. I tried to do the same clipping with a short video. The original video was 144 seconds long. File size: 69 MB. Resolution: 1920x1090 | Codec: H264 - MPEG-4 AVC | 30 frames per second

I used PowerDirector 15 Ultra to clip the ends of the video. The new video was 117 seconds long. All the specs were the same. I tried to "Produce" the clipped video using the "Intelligent SVRT." It failed, so I selected the specs manually, including "Fast video rendering technology - Intel Quick Sync Video." To my surprise, the "Fast video rendering technology" struggled for half a minute with this simple task. The file size of the clipped video was stunning - 223 MB. The bit rate of the clipped file was 4 times bigger than the bit rate of the original file despite the same specs.

Am I doing something wrong, or is PowerDirector 15 Ultra a very bad program?

By the way, the "Intelligent SVRT" also failed on "beach 360.mp4" demo included in the PowerDirector 15 Ultra.

Bloating umm. Ok, if you run through the page here: and fill in the "blanks", members will then be able to assist you.

We'll need to know what the MediaInfo is on the video you're editing, your PC set up, a visual/screenshot and what you're actually selecting as a template/profile to output the video as? Creating a customised template is relatively easy. Members will be able to assist you better, if you provide the extra data.

Quote I’ve been trying to simply load an MP4 (1920x1080 @ 60 FPS) file and add eventually add an audio track to the video. Bust first I’m testing the conversion quality back to its original format.

All options (I’ve spend 35+ hours) in all permutations; H.264 AVC, AVI, MPEG-2, Window Media, etc . . available file output formats (and their sometimes available custom options) result in very poor output and is never as good as the native source MP4 file.

The output results are described from various forums as “artifacts”, “jitters”, “shimmering” and so on.

I’m simply looking to get the same quality as the source. Is there a simple setting I’m missing? I’m aware of garbage in and garbage out. But so far all results for the output files have been garbage out.

(Sorry about the wrong forum name - couldn't seem the option to change it)

If you look up the guides, Part J (MediaInfo) you'll have the media properties needed to create a custom profile.

Uncheck Hardware Acceleration x2 and the artifacts in mp4 maybe corrected, as it was in previous PowerDirector's.

Please check out: <a></a>

Knowing exactly what the input video is and what you're selecting as output, would help a great deal.

Quote Is the 'Follw this thread' ... or it was worded something like that - still available?

Second blue icon from left at top left smile

p.s. I agree with Sonic67 that the font could do with 'beefing up'. I'd like the links for "Forum Index" and "The Current Forum" to be repeated at the bottom of the page. It's a pain having to scroll all the way to the top again on long pages.

Hi Longedge,

Thank you for your input, I have passed your observation and the other suggestions above, back to CyberLink. I have made a few myself and I know CyberLink Admin is looking for changes as well, to be carried out by CL techs.


All feedback is welcome.

Good to know it was dealt with
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