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I've been waiting for powerdirector 16 hoping that the issue with the newer nvidia gtx cards is resolved when creating blu ray discs. Apparently it has not been addressed? There seems to be many interested in this topic so maybe someone from cyberlink can clarify what is their plan. Thanks.
Quote If I recall correctly, the shortcut (hotkey) talked about in the thread should still work (even if feature grayed out when selected by right clicking). If you still have PD 13 you should give it a try and let me know.

I had no intention of hijacking this thread, so I'm sorry if I temporarily have... but I have the feeling I must be missing something here.

Sorry I missed the point about custom hotkeys. I've checked that out now & found that PDR12, 13, 14 & 15 effectively function the same with multiple linking/unlinking.

In all versions, custom hotkeys can be set & muliple unlinking works. In no version have I been able to relink multiple clips. Here's a screen capture showing the same steps in PDR12 - 15...

What is it I'm missing??? embarassed

Cheers - Tony

I'm no tech expert (I'm the kinda guy who fixes things by wiping out hard drives and clean installs) but I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that the reason the unlinking works for you across all power directors, is because you have multiple powerdirectors installed in the same computer. I'm also thinking this wasn't a feature intended by cyberlink. It was more like a bug type feature that was later corrected. I don't think you are missing anything other than the notion that this unlinking method wasn't supposed to work in the first place.... I never tried linking back clips to be honest... but I bet it didn't work just like with you. Unlinking multiple clips no longer works for me in PD14 (I did a clean install when I upgraded)... and since Dafydd confirmed it I thought that was the way it was 'supposed' to be. I had to rethink the way I edit to get around this limitation. I wish cyberlink would focus more on this type of features that are more useful than vertical video editing for example. People who are caught recording vertically should be fined and face jail time after multiple offences.
Quote I don't doubt for a moment that your observations are correct, backed up by Dafydd in that thread. My assertion was only based on what I see here, right now, in PDR13 (build 3516).

When multiple clips are selected, the Link/Unlink options are greyed out & unavailable. Attached screenshot.

Perhaps I'm going about it differently.

Cheers - Tony

If I recall correctly, the shortcut (hotkey) talked about in the thread should still work (even if feature grayed out when selected by right clicking). If you still have PD 13 you should give it a try and let me know.
@ ynotfish
Quote I've just installed the latest patch and unfortunately, even though CL have been able to reproduce the bug, it has not been fixed.



that is unfortunate... Arguably the most popular graphics card at the time and cyberlink doesn't bother to optimize their software.
As for the bulk unlink audio this was available in powerdirector 13 and for some stupid reason it was removed in 14 and I guess it hasn't been brought back in 15 eventhough I made a topic about it... so it seems cyberlink doesn't really listen/read wish lists but best of lucks!
I upgraded to the 1070 because I got one for 350 US dollars and do a little gaming. So far I have seen better playback and faster importing. I haven't produced a video yet or done any editing. I will keep you posted.
Quote: I am not burning Bluray, I am not into a commercial endeavour (PD is not licensed for that anyway). All my files are progressive videos, stored on a HDD (RAID) and streamed over my network (1Gbps=125MB/s) or viewed locally.
So yes, for me GPU is working and worth having.

Maybe instead of stating "GPU is not gonna do anything", or "powerdirector heavily relies on the cpu" (that are false as general statements), you guys can ask the OP if he plans to burn any BD's in interlaced mode and explain that in that specific case he might have issues.

PS: I thought that GeForce cards NVENC have the interlaced encoding capabilities disabled and only Quadro can do that. Or that was for old CUDA-based encoder?

He is asking for our opinon at the same time that he is stating his frustration with the program... maybe you should learn how to read instead of becoming a fanboyish defendor of graphic cards. There are programs out there that utilize graphic cards more to their full potential. The truth is that powerdirector is not one of them and this is consistent with everyone's testing and experience with the program. You were still given the benefit of the doubt and asked to provide evidence to the contrary. Instead of reacting with the same courtesy, you rant like you know some nonexitent secret and try to make a case with pointless blabber like powerdirector isn't commercially licensed and that you don't burn blurays. That's the thing when you try and help someone... it isn't just about you. You use your experience as a point of reference and try to give the best 'advice' that may be of some use to someone else's problem. With the info nwelker gave (and we need more info if we are gonna be troubleshooting... but he is not asking that) it is evident he is having stability issues that are less likely solved by a new graphics card. I think everyone else sees that except you.
"Editing can be choppy and tends to stall or hang at times which can get irritating rather quickly."

@ Sonic I don't think a video card will help his cause. I currently have hardware acceleration disabled because the blurays play better or simply 'play' in more devices. Making sure the system works as intended should be top priority

I think production or production rendering speed is not as important compared to having a more stable more pleasant editing experience... or a 'faster' more responsive editing experience... to which case a better CPU will help him 100 times more than a new GPU.
Buying hardware especially 'video cards' is exciting. These new video cards seem to offer so much for little money. That said... as far as powerdirector goes I'm afraid you will see very little benefit (if benefit at all). So unless you are a gamer or use other applications that will milk these new video cards, you money is better spent (or in your case better saved) in a better CPU... as powerdirector heavily relies on the cpu.
Make it STABLE!!! stop adding bells and whistles... it's already great as it is... *if everything worked as intended.

the hevc decoding helps with 4k and the h265 profile... relatively a new way to handle 4k video. I use the h.264 for my blurays and I don't think I'll be working with Ultra hd video for a long time... so for me... I benefit more from the other gains the 970 has to offer.


if you follow what goes on with powerdirector you know that having a relatively working system is what gives people the most heachaches... it would be ideal to have all things work as intended... but people here grow gray hairs and spend hours trying to make the software work for them (just for basic editing, production, burning and playback) ... 20mins doesn't seem like a big deal. I hope that you find a solution to your issue... in the meantime enjoy the fact that your system 'works'
I had an R9 290x card before and this wasn't an issue... I'm just hapy it works tbh. I get to turn in work on time without any issues. I've used hardware accelaration and it wasn't that much quicker for my videos anyway.
It seems that there is little diffrence between 'beta' patches and 'official' releases.
I also encountered bluray playback issues when 'hardware acceleration' is enabled (gtx 970). I fixed the issue by simply unchecking on it and blurays play fine. Compiling takes about 2 hours for a 3 hour video (1080 60i) on my rig. I hope that helps.
Enjoyed the video. Thoughtfull and well recorded. A couple of suggestions for future productions:

-play with the clip enhancements (contrast, saturation etc) to make some of the clips 'pop'. Especially the scenic shots. That said, it's important not to overdue it... aim for a natural look rathen than a fake exotic look.

-Wide shots were pretty much on point... however a once-and-a-while close up of random things would be great!

Thanks for posting and I hope to see more in the future.
I think someone already give you the answer and you are looking for something you want to hear perhaps? You want the fastest CPU possible like an I7 with the highest memory bandwith you can afford. Powerdirector is a consumer grade grade software and wont fully benefit from a fully buffered system (workstation). So, what you want it's speed. That being said, you can spend thousands on a system and still have bugs with PD. Good luck!
From what I know you may go an older nvidia card.. but it would work best with an older driver (the version is listed in the cyberlink hardware requirements) ... and nvidia cards using the maxwell architechture gtx 950 or higher work as intended with recent drivers.
I was having this problem with powerdirector 13... I tell you I tried many things to solve the issue... from trying different disc brands from buying another bluray burner etc... The ISO file / folder was always created successfully and burned successfully as well, but it was when it came to play the disc on the ps3 that went south. What seemed to solve it was doing a fresh install of windows and powerdirector (if something goes wrong during your installation, you must try all over again, go for a clean smooth install of windows all drivers and powerdirector with no hick ups whatsoever). I suggest you try the 2019 version. Best of lucks.
Would you guys recommend skipping this patch if the program is 'relatively' stable? If aint broke don't fix it kinda patch? Thanks.
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