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Can PD 14 utilize the latest GPU graphics cards?
Karl3054 [Avatar]
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I am building a new computer for video and had planned to use the MSI N750TI (Support GTX 750 Ti 2 GB) graphics card. I heard from a (knowledgeable?) friend that some video editors do not support graphics cards newer than the GTX 580 (Notably Sony Vegas). Will PD14 support the GTX 750 card? (640 CUDA cores). Do I need to get another brand/model GPU?

(Using the AMD FX-8350 8-core CPU)

Thanks for any knowledge you guys can offer.

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From what I know you may go an older nvidia card.. but it would work best with an older driver (the version is listed in the cyberlink hardware requirements) ... and nvidia cards using the maxwell architechture gtx 950 or higher work as intended with recent drivers. 4790K / Asus Z97i-Plus / 16gb (2-8gb)crucial @1866 Mhz / Samsung ssd 840 pro 250gb / Samsung 850 evo 250gb M.2 / 2-4tb HGST 7200rpm raid 1 / Nvidia GTX 1070 founders) / corsair RM650 PS / LG BD-RE
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I'm using the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB. It works just fine. Don't install the Geforce Experience module. You can view my specs by clicking the links in my sig.

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welcome to the forum.

answer to your post title is yes.

i have similar set up as yours and my gpu is GTX 950 upgraded from GTX 750Ti.

if you don't plan to do a lot of 4K HEVC H.265 then GTX 750Ti is good enough.

jcardana have said, do not install GeForce Experience and or ShadowPlay...

if you like, read this thread and don't forget to click on the Click here to access the data sheet.

happy happy joy joy


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Yeah, Sony Vegas encoder is stuck in 2010.

Not the same situation here...
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I have a new laptop with 970m. How to setup PD14 to get benefit from this GPU ?

Thank you
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I finaly find a way to use my 970m GPU.

I first unistall all previous drivers with DDUv15.7.3.1

I install last nvidia 361.82-geforce-win10-64bit-international.hf driver. It is hotfix.

I select personal install and without ge force.

after install, I make righ click on the middle of my display and select nvidia panel setting.

In global parameter I select NVIDIA as prefered graphic card.

In Program setting tab then I add new software. I choose Power director 14 and use Nvidia graphic card.

Then for the first time, when I use PD14, I can see GPU load (with GPU-Z.0.8.6) on Nvidia and video engine load at number different than 0%.

Time for rendering is highly reduce for h265.
Skibbbi [Avatar]
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Unfortunately, this does not work for me. Maybe you have changed something more? I tried twice. Unfortunately I can not add PowerDirector, because it is already on the list after installing the drivers.

I found some help on Nvidia forum

But I can't use Nvidia Inspector properly
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Sorry it is in French but please confirm. PD14 was already in the list but i add it anyway and select it in program file.
[Thumb - Capture2.PNG]
180 Kbytes
111 time(s)
[Thumb - Capture1.PNG]
55 Kbytes
105 time(s)

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Using the different step upper, If you do not select NVIDIA as global prefered graphic card (Autoselect for example) and if you select a fast rendering including Intel Quick Sync Video, the PD14 will stop and bug.

If you select NVIDA as global prefered graphic card, PDA14 will replace Intel Quick Sync Video by hardware video coder in rendering tab and then it works perfectly.

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Rendering time H265 (10xkit surfing) 10min with intel (no fast intel rendering option vailable), 1,30min with nvidia 970m !! in MPEG4 4096 4K 2160/25 (37Mbits)

Rendering time H265 (10xkit surfing) 3,03min with intel (with fast intel rendering option), 1,40min with nvidia 970m !! in MPEG4 3840 4K 2160/25 (37Mbits)

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Skibbbi [Avatar]
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Thanks Theolilou for your screenshot

Just as I thought. It seems that you have changed the file name. When I installed PowerDirector 14 the file is called pdr.exe. Your file is called pdr14.exe. Have you changed only the name? Do you have followed the advice of this thread?


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Yes i have followed the advice from this post.
Skibbbi [Avatar]
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In that case, and I'll try
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