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Quote Does anyone have any suggestions for playing 4K HDR movies on a non-4K HDR monitor using PowerDVD 20? I expected the image to be darker than usual when playing a 4K HDR movie, but there doesn't seem to be a way to brighten the image. The video controls are disabled on the Settings>Video Enhancements dialog and using the graphics adapter settings distorts the image while making it brighter. The odd thing is I can play the same movie on VLC Media Player and it has no problem playing the movie with normal brightness. It is not HDR but it looks equivalent to a non-HDR blu-ray image in quality and is very watchable.
Is there some setting on PowerDVD that I am not aware of that will allow me to adjust the image's brightness? I'm also puzzled why a free video player like VLC Media Player can play a 4K HDR movie so well while PowerDVD 20 cannot.
I'm running PowerDVD20 on Windows 10 V.2004. My processor is an Intel Core i5-8500 with integrated graphics adapter UHD 630, and I have set the Intel SGX setting 'ON' in the motherboard BIOS.
Just to reiterate, I have no problem playing a 4K HDR movie, I just have no way to brighten the image.

playing 4K on less than 4k (e.g. 1080p) works fine, I usually run the player in a window (non-full screen) and it looks good.
playing HDR in an SDR color mapping make the color look too pale for me.

playing UHD blu-ray disk does not works at all unless you have all the component working and talking to each other:

  • intel cpu the newer one with gpu on board.

  • a motherboard with hdmi that can do hdcp 2.0 at least or a display port with and hdmi adapter that does hdcp 2.0

  • a monitor that does HDR with hdcp 2.0.

  • a correct bios

  • a correct intel video driver that support sgx

If you don't have all of it then you get only a blank screen and it is simpler to just by a standalong uhd blu-ray play and connect to your tv.
Let me preface it first that I know that Cyberlink does not officially support on the beta OS.
So I am just checking if other user that have similar configuration has the same problem.

I am trying to use PDVD17 on a BD movie (not-UHD) and I am getting a grey screen (no-picture) but the sound work when using it on my Nvidia graphic card (GTX 1080 Ti).

But everything work fine if I use:

  • BD movie on I7 on board graphic.

  • Mkv with Nvidia graphic.

Just check if it Micosoft that broke something, or Nvidia that broke something.

Using PDVD17 Ultra 17.0.2316.62
Quote Hi David,

The folder C:\users\%username%\Documents\CyberLink is where the video's bookmarks are saved.
It's per default stored under Documents and it is not adjustable.



If you are running one of the later version of windows you can create a soft link using mklink:

cd C:\users\%username%\Documents\
ren Cyberlink Cyberlink.old
mklink /d Cyberlink "C:\new_location\new_cyberlink"

The mklink /d requires that you run in an admin shell.
Quote System:
Intel i7 6700k
Nvidia GTX 1080 (supports HDCP 2.2, HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.2)
Drive: LG WH14NS40 (supports UHD 4k blu ray discs)
Monitor: BenQ BL2711U (supports HDCP 2.2, HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.2)

I bought this software (powerdvd 17 ultra) only to play a 4k blu ray movie on my system and it says error 01003 when I click on the 4k blu ray drive with the movie in it (and it recognizes it correctly) and also says I don't have the necessary GPU to play. Now how can one of the most expensive GPUs on the market not support 4k blu ray?

The nvidia gpu does not support sgx hdcp2.2 so you will not be able to play protected content from uhd 4k disk.
You have to use the onboard intel gpu through the onboard display-port (most of onboard hdmii are not hdmi2.0).
I have also found that I had to boot with the intel graphic as primary to make it work.
Quote That file a non-protected 4k-HDR and it work fine for me with the following configuration:

Nvidia 1080ti - use default color settings
Windows display - HDR on
Monitor LG 32UD99 (4k HDR monitor)
PowerDVD 17

If you do not turn Window display HDR on in advance you get sound and no picture. I think that PDVD cannot toggle HDR on/off on the Nvidia card like it can do on onboard graphic.

Are you sure you're getting HDR in PDVD?

Try playing that very same file in the "Movies & TV" app and compare the results.

"Movie & TV" app crashed on me when trying to play that mkv file. I am on insider preview build 17035 so they may have broken something.

And I forgot to say when the monitor is in HDR mode there is marker that flash briefly at the top right. But it looks the same between running on Nvidia or the Intel gpu, and about the same as same as my UHD BD movie disc when using the Intel gpu (those do not work with the Nvidia).
Quote HDR files in what format? What container? Be more specific or provide a link to a sample.

This is a nice example.

That file is mind blowing when player properly.

From my PC I've only been able to play it properly in Windows 10's Movies & TV app, selecting YCbCr 422 12bpc in Nvidia's control panel, and keeping "HDR and Advanced Color" disabled in Windows.

Either that or straight from the TV's USB port.

That file a non-protected 4k-HDR and it work fine for me with the following configuration:

Nvidia 1080ti - use default color settings
Windows display - HDR on
Monitor LG 32UD99 (4k HDR monitor)
PowerDVD 17

If you do not turn Window display HDR on in advance you get sound and no picture. I think that PDVD cannot toggle HDR on/off on the Nvidia card like it can do on onboard graphic.

So playing non-protected HDR is not a problem. If you want to play on of UHD disc movies that is protected HDCP2.2 you need to use the onboard graphic with the correct cpu (kaby lake or later), a correct graphic out displayport 1.2 or hdmi2.0 and a monitor or tv that can do hdmi2.0.

They want the whole path to protected:

BD Player - cpu - gpu - graphic out chip - monitor

Otherwise the handshake fail and you do not get any picture.
Currently the monitor that I am using is the LG 32UD99 which is supposed to be able to do HDR4K.
I have already tried reinstalling the Intel Display driver both from the Intel site and the Asus Site but it did not work.

On your suggestion that it could be the HDMI port that cannot do HDR, I switched to using the Display and that worked.
So I have 1 configuration that work using the display port.

But at this point I don't know which piece could not handle HDR because it could be:

1- the HDMI port on the motheboard
2- the HDMI port on the monitor
3- some driver in between that does not work.

I have also a Nvidia 1080ti on that same box and the display port can do HDR but the HDMI cannot but the Nvidia cannot UHD HDR because it does not have SGX.

Thanks for your help.
Quote What is the name of your motherboard?

Try to reinstall Intel VGA driver.

The motherboard is the: ROG Maximus IX Code.

I will try to reinstall the VGA driver.
I have an Intel Kaby Lake (I7-7700K) cpu on an Asus Z270 motherboard, when I run the Cyberlink Ultra HD Advisor, I have almost everything pass except the last one:

HDR - High Dynamic Range (GPU/Display): Not Available

I am running Window10 preview, what am I missing ?

Any chance that once the fix is found it will back ported to PDVD15 ?

Because my PDVD15 seem to have the same problem with the Allegiant movie.
Ideally everybody want PowerDVD to be able to do what a Trinnov Altitude:
If you point PowerDVD to your toplevel directory in you case the one named 'LET_ME_IN_BD_BLUEBIRD' it should play with all the menu if you have all the required subdirectories. Sometime PowerDVD does not like it when it does not see some of the subdirectories.

So somebody last year posted this script to create the empty required subdirectories:

rem --------------
mkdir BDMV
mkdir BACKUP
mkdir BDJO
mkdir JAR
mkdir META
mkdir STREAM
mkdir BDJO
mkdir JAR
rem --------------
[quote=Bellon]For some reason my PowerDVD won't play the bluray disc for Spectre.

When will Cyberlink release an update?[/quote]

I have just tried my copy of the version UPC:883904346753 Target version and it is working fine.
If you are using Window10, I had asked that question a few months ago on the Microsoft Insider forum and they hide it under:

[On/Off] show recently opened items in jump lists on start or the taskbar.

Just toggle that to 'off' and then back to 'on' it will clear all the history for all applications.
I have a JRiver setup with DLNA server but my PowerDVD15 always says: 'No media available'

My Oppo player can see all the files and software Arcsoft TMT6 see some of the files (not the mkv). Does anybody know what sort of media does PowerDVD15 can handle through a DLNA server ?


I am trying to use PowerDVD 15 with audio option WASAPI exclusive.

When I play a movie from a disk folder the volume inside powerdvd is set to 100% and the volume at the windows system level is also set to 100% and I have to scramble and turn off the speakers volume.

This does not happen if you are playing music or mkv file.

Does it happen for anybody else ? WARNING if you are not already using WASAPI exclusive, power off your speakers before test.

I am currently using W10 so not requesting Cyberlink to fix it before it get released but just trying to figure out if it is working fine for other people under W7 or W8.

Quote: No I never see files just the movie title. Click on the title and way it goes with bluray menus and all.

I had put it in the wrong media library under 'video', I have now moved it under 'Movies/TV' and it works.
Under Video it will show you all the files and no menus.

Quote: I've played many movies from bluray folders but I've always added them to the media library first. I don't know if this is required but it's worked for me.

I currently have that disc under H:\movies\disc\AVCHD-2d

And I have tried to add to my media either H:\movies\disc\AVCHD-2d or its parent H:\movies\disc and I get a list of mt2s files and not the disc menus. Is this what you get also ?
Hi newbie question here.

I just got PowerDVD 15 and I have on my disk the folder AVCHD-2d with a BDMV folder in it. Is there a way to tell powerdvd to play directly from the disk folder. This is just the calibration disk so the content does not have any protection attached it is just in blu-ray folder format with all the menus.

I did a search and found only response dated from powerdvd9.

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