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Power Director 20:

Can I put a video on top of a video like you see on YouTube reaction videos? With a mouse they have the ability to move a video around or make it bigger or smaller.
I do HD videos with a boiler plate opening and closing.

I have PD 14 and purchased, PD 16.

Passed on 15 and looks like I should have waited for the reviews to come in on 16, as I don't see what I gained by upgrading, as I don't see a new must have feature. I don't do 360.

The included Boom audio library dosen't add value.

16 is stable and runs without a hitch on my laptop, but so does 14.

What am I not seeing?
Quote Has anybody with Powerdirector done a Google earth zoom tutorial or download?

I use the record feature in Goggle Earth. Then I import and edit in PD. Only used it a handful of times, but suited my purposes.

You could also use the CyberLink Screen Recorder.

But if your asking if a turotial is avialable, have no idea. Was pretty simple after I sat down one day and took a look at it.
RE: YouTube "flagging"

I find even with purchased audio it will be flagged.

Not a big deal if your legal. In one period every time I posted I was flagged. Some odd company trying to milk the system. I challenged each one and shortly after I was free to use. After that period of flagging, not a peep.

Free or Purchased just make sure your ducks are lined up (have a copy of permissions or sale receipt) and your good to go when it comes time to fight the flagging.
Using Edge and can view the YouTube 360 vieo. A bit of camera shake but understand a test.
I was just this AM looking on how to do this and came to conclusion to use a fade at the end of each. I went back and put in the Wipe Clock as suggested by Jeff and looking good.
RE: Just copy all downloaded files to blank dvd/cd?

I was at Geek Squad a few weeks ago and they called my recovery CD's" old techoledgy"

I keep all my downloads of PD on USB (2 different ones) as well as other programs I've downloaded.
I gather it depends on what level of editing your into and the end purpose. For me it's YouTube videos, not burning disk.

Cost more dollars then a tower, but meets my needs.

17 inch screen, dedicated video card, top of the line Intel processor, and the best hard drive offered at the time of purchase.

Do my best work sitting on the coach, computer sitting on my lap, with the boob tube on : )
Had the same problem when I upgraded.

I played around and ended up changing the 3D setting in the preview window (if I remember correctly).

RE: Anyway, it seems that h265 is a damned format

I tried 264 and the output can be read with Windows Media Player and no problem with YouTube upload.

Well, YouTube failed to process!

Recording in MP4 (Panasonic HC V750) and never an issue for the past year in either 13 or 12.

I looked and my last upload to YouTube was on Sep 21, 2014 using PD 13. The original MP4 from that date opens with Windows Player on my computer....

Messing around time..... I'll be back : )

I just updated (had not used the program for several weeks).

Same issue with Windows Player. Never a problem in the past (Windows 8.1). Tried a few other video programs on my computer and they didn't like H265 Default either. Getting ready to upload to YouTube and will see how it goes.
Just throwing a few things out. I use photos from time to time in my videos without issues.

Did you actually produce the video or just pre-viewing it? If previewing, change the preview quality.

Did you check the folder your photos are in? Are they in fact the original photos and not reduced by your cameral or computer software when placing in the folder your using?

What is the camera set at? Did you verify quality?

Did you have your camera set to 16:9. Doesn't reduce quality if set to 4:3, but fills in the frame nicely when shooting at 16:9.

I've read all the posted topics. Can't seem to pin point a reason to upgrade to 13. Looks like glorified fixes for those having problems with 12 (and not addressing everyone's pet peeves). I don't do Blu-Ray or 4K.

I purchase new versions of software on all products I use, but finding it hard to pull the trigger for this product.

Am I missing something?
I just last month purchased a Panasonic Model HC V750. My third video camera purchase.

So far not finding any issues, but you will need a minimum of two batteries for a full days outing (I carry two spares). If you use the camera a lot, spend the money and purchase a stand a lone battery wall charger.

So far have been able to see the LED in all conditions. The touch screen is something that most should not have a problem with.

AVCHD is the default, but you can change to MP4. I shoot in MP4 as I upload to YouTube.

Excellent video and a bit wider picture then past cameras.

Zoom function is a touch better then in what I'm use to. Every once in a while I like to do that slow steady zoom. Hard to do with cameras in this price range.

Excellent level shot function. I normally just use a tripod, but has me thinking of taking more shots by hand. Was pretty amazed the first time I tested it, much better then seen in my past cameras.

The wind is always a factor, but seems to be less with this camera. I've ordered a directional microphone with wind sock, but most may not need to go this route, but almost all of my shooting is done outdoors in open areas and it was time to spend the money, as always have to be thinking of wind when I set up for a shot on a windy day.

A slow motion option that I'm growing to like, but you do have to press a button on the LED when using this function.
This is what I've done, as I use the same setup almost weekly (but may not be for everyone, but works for me).

Make a master video (without videos, except for a few short video place holders where you would normally insert video) to include opening and closing setup. When all said and done I have a set 30 - 45 seconds at the start and a set ending, to include credits. Music on both ends.

Save it (make a back up).

I open the master when I have a project, and do a save as. Add video/images and change wording as needed within the newly named video, but not changing the templates. For me that would mean name of video, place, and a few other bits of information in the opening.

Make sure you get rid of the video place holders from the video before producing. Highly recommend the use of the place holders.

At times I will use a static logo in a video for several seconds and at times will add a sentence above and/or below. As suggested above I could use Word or what you to make arch text with the logo and import, but if the ability was built into PD it would just make life a bit easier.
Is there a way to arch text, say around a logo?

I could make something and import it into PD, but would make life easier if its a built in function and I'm just not seeing it.
From within your program, Click on what looks like a white sheet of paper located to the right of ALL PIP OBJECTS.

Create a PIP object from an image.
Title Room


The custom area is getting rather full. Is there a way to create a sub-directory or add a Custom 2 field and save to it?

I looked around the program, but did not see the folders for the title room : (

Also, I see you can import "title files".

As a work around, can Custom titles be placed in a folder that can be imported as needed. What would be the process?

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