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Quote I have photo director 365 and have a phot where the person's clothing has a stain that makes it look different than the rest of the top she is wearing

I want to use clone to make that spot look like the rest of the top

Here is a link to a tutorial about that.
Quote In PD you can choose between 1, 2 or 4 Fill colors types Colors for Font, Backdrop and Border to achieve a color gradient.
For a background there are only the 1 fill color boards. Is there also a possibility (or workaround) to create a background with 2 or 4 color gradients in PD?

I haven't found a way do internally design that kind of background yet. You could use a graphic editor like PAINT.NET (free) or Photoshop Elements or Cyberlink's PhotoEditor. It would be a great addition to the program to include this kind of feature. If someone finds a way to do it internally I'll be very interested.
Quote Hi,

Just sharing here!

I watch these PD tutorials.

If you have a site where I can see your work, I would love to know - PM me!


PDU (PowerDirector University)

PowerDirector Tutorials

Sharper Turtle

Rich West Productions.

All have different styles and share great info, and inspiration!
Everytime I have left a comment - I get a response.

(World Girl is good for PhotoDirector_
(Pix el good for AudioDirector and ColorDirector)

Thanks for including "Sharper Turtle" in your list. --Jim
Here is a tutorial about one way to do what you are looking for.

I'm honored that you would put Sharper Turtle in your list, and at number two. It's great to be part of the learning community along with you and the other YouTube tutorial creators, Maliek!

Here is clickable list of tutorials you may find useful in working through all the features of PowerDirector.
Quote They look good Tony. I beleive Jim also showed how to create a timer. After creating a few he use copy/ paste and continue until he finished. He must have taken it down.

There is some frames mismatch between 29.97 and 30 Fps.

Here is my last attempt at making this as painless and portable as possible. May not be stopwatch precise, but it's usefu. It's still on YouTube.
Quote Hi Mike -

That "rollover at 60" is the thing that makes your game timer more challenging.

Yonks ago, before there was a time stamp effect in PDR, PDtoots had requests for ways to create on-screen timers. At the time, the best thing I could come up with was using titles as Jim (Sharper Turtle) showed in his tutorials. Attached is the "how to" doc I made back then. We distributed these as produced videos but the longest one was 20 minutes, which is useless if you have a game that goes for 75!

The simplest things to do - like using the Time Stamp or NewBlue timer FX - even doing a screen recording of an on-screen stopwatch - ALL have that "rollover at 60" limitation.

So - if you want your timer to go... 59:58 - 59:59 - 60:00 - 60:01 - 60:02 etc (to avoid the rollover) you have to make it manually or find a windows stopwatch that can be customised so it counts only minutes & seconds without jumping from 59:59 to 01:00:00

The (sort of) good news is that once you've bored yourself witless copying & pasting titles, you can use it over and over (using the produced file).

Take a look at this packed project - it's only titles - & you'll see how "easy" it is to manufacture once you have the formatting sorted out.

Cheers - Tony

I agree with the "bored yourself witness" with the copy and paste of developing one of these countdown titles from scratch. If you need one really badly you can design something impressive, but the cost in time is huge. There sure is a market for more third-party products that could be designed with the flexibility you're looking for. --Jim
Here is a tutorial on one way to do that with wave editor.
Quote I have a mono audio track and want to make it stereo.


Glad to see all the useful advice here!

I just had an issue where raw video only had left channel audio and a silent channel on the right. Fixing it with Audio Director was easy. (See here.) It doesn't produce stereo, but it fills both tracks. Too bad the Audio Editor in v. 17 is so limited.
Quote PD16 Newbie --- My 5D camera puts out images at 5616 X 3744 pixels (3:2). What is the best way to make these images useful in PD16. Is there an easy way to change the aspect ratio to fill the PD16 screen without having black sections on the sides?

There are two ways to convert the 3:2 to a 16:9 image.

  1. You can put the image in the timeline and then edit it using the PiP designer. Resize it as you like. If you want to fill the screen with the image. some of it will be outside the margins and not visible.

  2. You can put the image in the timeline and then use the crop tool. It will automatically make the screen image fit the width. You will need to crop part of the top or bottom, but it's as easy as dragging a box up or down. Here is a tutorial about that. This method will create a copy of the image in 16:9 and save it to the hard drive and to the media room. The first method avoids the copy. I find the second method faster.

If you don't mind foregoing a transiton, you can do this with keyframes. Use the PIP designer on each clip and start each one off the screen. Then use keyframes to move them to meet at the middle. I can produce a short tutorial for you if that would be helpful.

Here is one way to do it using masks and keyframes.
Quote I don’t have a DX10 video card on my pc to test if the problem is fixed by now. Maybe JimIowa can tell us if the backdrop is working now with all the PD17 updates on that pc with the Quadro Fx 580.

Sorry I can't help. I now have a Quadro 600 video card which doesn't have the limitations of the FX 580. So I can't offer a real-world test of the latest updates to PowerDirector.
Quote is it true that background music gets copyright issues on youtube i have seen in forums? what is the real difference between pd 17 ultra and ultimate? is buying this good for youtube tutorial videos?

Here is a link to 1 of 2 tutorials that help walk you thorugh the difference in the versions.


I will contact Cyberlink and get the Tutorial Creation Pack, by one of the two methods you describe.
Thanks again for your great help.

It's a pleasure.
Is this a title you created yourself or one of the presets in the Title Room? Do you have a file from which you can reinstall PowerDirector?


I did not use the Tutorial Creation Pack in this tutorial. It is free if you buy PowerDirector 365 - the subscription model. It does not come with PD Ultra or PD Ultimate. You can buy it for $50. I have two tutorials about if if you want to check it out. The first is here.

I deliberately used an arrow jpg image for all those who don't have the PiP objects in that package.

Glad to help you.

Thanks! Though that is more a byproduct of your learning spirit than perhaps of the tutorials. It's fun to grow and learn with you and the other PD editors!

I just created a simple tutoriual to show you how to accomplish this task. You will find it here.
You are on the right track. I was looking throughmy tutorials and saw two about freeze frames, but I did not include techniques about adding titles. I can develop one for you and others. Do you want motion with the text that appears during the freeze or with the arrow, or do you just want the objects to appear?

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