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Check this specific post. Seems like you can probably fix this.
Thank you so much for posting this. I'll try this later and see how it goes. I'll also post a review after that.
Sorry but I got lost here. This is not a Cyberlink product, correct?
Where do you usually download your music? It is possible that they don't have it coded on the music yet and you need to manually input it.
16GBs, that's a lot. If you ever found a way to do this, any chance that you can share the steps?
Check this thread. That should help you out.
Hi Roger, just checking up on this. Were you able to find any updates at all?
For my system to play 3D games the setting is 720p, 1280X720 24Hz

Glad to see this kind of fixes. Thank you for sharing this too.
In addition to this, please also post a screen shot. Just to make the issue clear too.
Great! Nice to see this working already for you Pappa.
I got nothing about this error message. Can you also try to check Event Viewer for some application logs and see if you can find something useful too?
Can you check below if this is a platform issue?
PDtoots? Is this one of Cyberlink's products? Good work on the tutorials by the way. Short and straight forward.
Smart phones are already h.265 capable capable. I would say it's a 110$ probability that your PC does it too.
I believe it has issues playing that format. What version are you currently running here?
What I do is set my refresh rate in the control panel (in my case NVIDIA) to 23 which is 23.976 FPS or Hz.

Tried that as well and that did it for me too. Thanks!
I got it to work by manually delaying the audio in the settings.

Sorry, I got lost here. I thought the issue was a delay? So in my understanding, the audio gets further delayed?
It may be set up as autostart on boot up. Can you check if "Start Program When System Starts" is ticked?
When I start Power2Go at this profile - there is crash problem

Try to have this profile set as an Administrator.
If you're still getting this issue. It would help if you can explain when you get the error. Can you also post a screen shot to that?
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