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Just to finally close this topic out, I've tried a third computer, a new Dell XPS 13 laptop I use for travel, probably the most powerful computer I've ever used, laptop or desktop, and although it's slightly better the timeline still loads 'way too slow after every edit. Of course, the 13" screen is too small for this purpose for me.

Although PD 16 works better in every other respect, the slow reloading is unacceptable to me, so I've reluctantly gone back to PD 12. Thanks to all for your helpful suggestions.



If you have to convert them anyway, have you tried converting to another format which might (for whatever reason) work better in PDR16?

PowerDirector Moderator

Thanks for contributing. Already tried a couple of different formats with the same results. I'm able to use PD 16 for one thing, though--importing ripped files from a DVD that I don't have to edit except for a slight sharpness adjustment to correct for softness resulting from resaving the file to another format (that nobody would notice but me), then batch processing them. The batch producer on PD 16 works a little better than the one on PD 12. Oh, and also synchronizing the audio with the video on some of these 50+ year old videos.

BTW, wonder if Taiwan has changed much since I was there in 1959?!

Attempts to reinstall and upgrade PD16, to latest version.
In Preferences, enable, Enable Hardware Encodind, depending on the version of the video drivers it may be better to disable this.
Enable, Enable OpenCL Technology
See if shadow files are enabled.
This is good for files in HD or higher.
But in this case you should wait for the conversion process to complete, to make the timeline light for editing.

Thanks for responding. I reinstalled PD 16 and followed all your suggestions plus a few more ideas of my own, and I'm afraid there's just no way I can get this program to work properly on my system. It takes me at least twice as long to perform the same edits on the same file as it does in PD 12.

Thanks for your suggestions.
I purchased this progrom some time ago, and have tried to use it several times, being forced to go back to PD 12 every time. The problem is working with files in the timeline. For instance when I perform an edit on a file it takes forever for the timelined to reload so that I can work with it again. Sometimes I have to delete the file and reload it to be able to continue.

The files I use are .mpgs converted from wtvs from Windows Media Center, from which I'm removing commercials and lightly editing. Old, SD files, usually about 2800-3900 kbps.

My question-- Is there some setting in the program that I could change to alleviate this problem?
Quote Here iw what you do.

  1. Click on the gear at the top of the screen. This takes you to the settings screen

  2. Then click on the file section on the left.

  3. You should see an "Export Folder" option under your Default Locations section.

  4. Set this to the drive and file location you want.

  5. Then click on OK at the bottom

When you load files into your batch produce tool, they will default to export in this directory.


Here is a source of PD tutorials that were not available in the past.

Thanks very much for those clear and concise instructions, which were very easy for me to follow, which isn't always the case. Solved my problem completely and will save me numerous mouse clicks and mistakes trying to individually direct 10 or 15 files to my desired location. Thanks also for the tutorials, which I expect to come in handy in the future.


I've been away from this program and forum for more than two years because of some health issues, and I recently started back to editing some files with it. I initially upgraded to PD 16, but it was so sluggish on my ancient Windows 7 Laptop (Intel i7 4800 MQ CPU 270 GHz with 16 GB RAM) that I went back to PD 12. I never used the Batch Produce before and I'm just getting familiar with it, but one thing has me stymied. I can't seem to figure out how to set the program so that all files I'm converting are directed to the same folder. I have to set each file individually. I can speed up the process using copy & paste for each file, but there must be a way to set the app to direct them all to the same place. At least I hope so. Anyone know?

Quote: From what I have seen, PD13 behaves the same as PD12 in this audio bitrate regard.
Attached image shows the same sample MP4 being encoded at 192Kbps for audio, MP4 won't maintain bitrate, M2TS will.
Thanx, Jeff. Looks like same old, same old. Don't know why, if Handbrake can encode MP4s at the specified bitrate, that PD can't do the same. Scratch one reason for upgrading.
Quote: I did not know this. I have now made ​​a test with PD 13 and the bitrate of the file is correct. Probably it has been corrected.
Thanks for that info. Glad to know that PD 13 does this task correctly. Something to consider if/when I decide to upgrade. Don't think there's much chance of it being fixed in this version.
This is not a new problem. There is another thread about this somewhere in this forum from some months ago. Apparently it has never been corrected, at least in this version. If I remember correctly, to preserve the audio quality you need to export the edited file as an H.264 and, if you want an MP4 file with the same quality, convert it to MP4 in Handbrake. Time-consuming, but it works. There may be, and probably is, another way, but that's the only way I know about.
Quote: When I produce a dvd it plays absolutely fine on my laptop, wifes laptop, blueray player and PS3. However, if I try to play it on a different DVD player it has some difficulties? The scrolling text skips and it kind of pixelates through some of the transition effects?
If I understand correctly the DVD plays fine on four different players but has problems on the fifth. I would investigate the possibility of the one player it won't play on being defective. Maybe try a different disk on that player. So far as good quality DVDs is concerned I never use anything but Verbatim. I always burn them at 16x and they turn out fine. Like Carl, I always produce an MPEG-2 first and burn that onto the DVD. If you want chapters you will lose them when you produce the MPEG-2, so make sure you make a note of where you want them before you burn the MPEG and add them to it before burning the DVD.

Concur on the Epson printer for DVDs. Been using them since the R800 about 10 years ago, and have always been happy with the results.
I'm not familiar with the Graphics cards you mentioned, but I have an NVidia GTX 660 on my main machine, and it is more than sufficient.It looks like your PC is well up to the task.

My main PC (not the one whose specs are listed below) is an i7 950 3.07 GHz with an SSD for the OS, and it works fine. Make sure you do all the editing, producing, etc. on the SSD and then export final results to your HDD to avoid filling up the SSD.
First thing I noticed is that the capability of producing an ISO Image file has been added to Ultra and above.
Thanks, Carl, I had done that. I always try to duplicate the framerate, bitrate, etc. when I edit and convert files. BTW, I don't think this is a Cyberlink problem. Since I made this post I tried playing the file after converting it to dvr-ms and it was already out of sync before I imported it into PD12. I did this on two different machines with the same result. It looks like 720p 59.94fps .wtv files are a particular challenge to convert, and thus far the only way I have found to convert them properly is with Handbrake first. After that, they can be edited in PD and rendered at 59.94 and the result is in sync. Time-consuming, but the only alternative I've yet found. Fortunately I seldom have occasion to convert this type of file. Unfortunately, those occasions are so few and far between that I will probably have forgotten about this method by the time I do another one!

CORRECTION! I tried this again with the same file, and this time the audio/video was in sync after the dvr-ms conversion but got out of sync after rendering in PD12 using the settings above. I could have been mistaken about the dvr-ms conversion unsyncing it.
Seems like I remember some posts on this subject a while back but don't remember the resolution of the problem if any. I had occasion during the past couple of days to convert such files, and found that the video/audio was badly out of sync. Tried various work-arounds, including first converting to dvr-ms with Microsoft and importing the .wtv's directly into PD 12. Tried these solutions on both my desktop and laptop and the result was always the same, video and audio badly out of sync. Don't have this problem with 1080p wtv's at 29.97, only the 720p's at 59.94. Finally tried converting the .wtv to MP4 in Handbrake before editing it in PD and that solved the problem, file perfectly in sync.

Just posting this as information for others who may encounter this situation.
My suggestion along these lines is to get a custom-built computer rather than a factory one. Then you can specify the CPU, GPU, etc., instead of accepting what the factory builds into it. You will also avoid getting all the junk that comes preloaded on a factory computer. That is, of course, if you're getting a desktop. If you're getting a laptop the specs on mine below provide a very good editing experience for me, although I've never tried viewing a complete file on it before burning it. Small snippets are enough for me. I would use the minimum system requirements as a starting point, but it is advisable, I may also say imperative, to far exceed these minimums:

Your local computer club can probably help you find a reputable builder if, like me, you lack the expertise or the inclination to build it yourself.
Yeah, I've found that this function does HD files much better than SD files. When I use it on 1080p files from my Canon Vixia I find that I have to do hardly any fine tuning, whereas with old 480p B & W TV shows I have to reduce the exposure and the brightness by 10 or 15 increments to make it look right. I usually do color files in Color Director, and it's the same story when I apply the automatic correction there, both for HD and SD files. I think I kinda' understand why that is, but I don't spend much time trying to reason why, I just deal with the problem.
I see you used a Windows Media Player. Have you tried a different one, such as VLC? Aside from the other good advice that has been offered in this thread, if you can upload about a 5 or 10 sec. clip from your video the rest of us can try it in our players.
Quote: I have Power Director 12 - Ultra. Gaussian blur is in my "fx" room...
So it is. Not a place that I've been to before. I'll give it a try. Thanks!
Thanks, Gary. I don't believe that it's available in PD unless my eyes and searching ability are even worse than I think. Anyway, I have a feeling I wouldn't be willing to tolerate the "blurring" effect just to soften it without getting rid of it.
Quote: I've seen some people suggest a 1px Gaussian blur which will soften it, but not eliminate it.
I've noticed the same thing with my SD videos but have just been living with it. I'd like to try this, but I can't find a "Gaussian blur" tool in PD. A search shows various tutorials for using it in Photoshop and other programs, but nothing about PD that I can find. If it's available in PD can you give us a clue where we can find it, or suggest some other method of applying this effect?
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