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Existing video sound and added music mixing
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William Catterick [Avatar]
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Please, can someone help, I've tried a million ways of trying to resolve this issue. I have an video where its mainly scenery but occasionally we are speaking in the video. I've also added one of the available music tracks. Im trying to get this music to lower when we talk so you can hear our conversation. However, as soon as I do it the whole video changes. PLEASE, How do I mix original video with added music. This app is so complex. It could have and should have been so much easy an intuitive to use.
AshWilliams [Avatar]
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Just select the settings/preferences button and then "Audio Mixing". In that window there are volume controls beside each track you drag to left to lower the corresponding track volume. Was quite straight forward.

If you mean that you only want the audio to be lower when the people speak, then you might need to trom or split the clip and do it separately. When you adjust the volume, it is for the entire clip, as there are no keyframes.


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Quote Im trying to get this music to lower when we talk so you can hear our conversation.

Watch this video from the 2:05 mark. I show how to use volume keyframes to raise or lower the volume at particular sections of an audio clip.

Jaybo [Avatar]
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Hi. Keyframes are a good way of achieving the effect you desire.

However, Keyframes can be slightly baffling/overwhelming if you are new to Power Director.

Possibly an easier (but more time consuming) way is to split the music track so you can turn the volume of the music down when you are talking.

If you split the video clip too, then you can even turn the volume of the video up when you are talking.

If you go for the splitting method, you should do this last, after you have finished editing the video.

Otherwise, if you add anything else on the tracks it will no longer be in sync.
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