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Perhaps it was a server busy due to number of users downloading the patch simultaneously.
I was able to duplicate this too. Cool workaround.
Nice to hear that experience op. Good luck in everything you do.
Hi Dc8flyer. I think there was a fix on this. What build number are you using? I think there's a new build that provided a resolution to this.
There should be an explanation to this. Would be best I think for a staff to answer or confirm this.
I think resetting PowerDVD's region settings would do the trick here but I can't seem to find the option.
I noticed another few instances on this already. Got any luck on this SeanJ27 ?
Ho Oneweek22 , any luck on this? What version are you currently using if I may ask.
Hi Steven9, any error message that goes along with this? If you can't uninstall it, there may be programs running that's preventing you in doing this.

Once you know which programs they are, you can probably kill the process.
Hi Katinia, is a reinstall an option for you?
Hi. Any workaround on this on top of using another file?
Looks like it. What's the firmware version on your Onkyo if I may ask?
Also check if the video card supports HDMI 1.4.
Hi RickLNC55 . It's been a while since this post but got any luck so far?
Interesting workaround. It works but I prefer PowerDVD.
Is 3d in trial version disabled by default?
No ideas on top of my head on this but any luck so far?
Hi ymo1965, were you able to open a support ticket about this? We would like to know on how this was resolved if possible please.
I'm just curious if this happened for a single user only or is anyone else getting this?
Great. Is there a list of shortcut keys on this site?
Hi Peter. I'm looking at Eventghost too. What version are you currently using?
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