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Hi dc8flyer, what build number are you using right now? I just need to verify this just to get it out of the equation.
Thanks. I'll go ahead and try this out. Hopefully it will be good news.
I took a peek on this link. Looks good. Found the Set aspect ratio.
Thanks for the tip sir. Any progress here bigal52 ?
Hi Kmot, can you please post the exact error here please?
There should be an undo button here. Will try checking this out.
Nice and crisp 21 sec video. How many hours did this take you if I may ask.
Hi JSC, any luck on getting the guide to work? I'm trying this one out myself and see how it goes.

Thanks for the share sir.
No one could ever gues that by trrial and error on the right side leg of the "M". Thanks for the tip.

Is there a guide somewhere to do this?
Hi Lee. What version are you using for this if I may ask.
Hi NigelS, any luck on this? What build number are you using here if I may ask?
Any ideas on this would be sure helpful. I've been trying to play around with these myself without any luck.
Nice workaround at this. I know few users that would be glad to hear about this.
Thanks for the clarification. This might be a good for a feature request.
Hi. I'm not sure with this but this thread might give you a good headstart.
Hi. This thread should help you out.;jsessionid=19003D8DACA9EDF396937441751326CE
Hi MukiEX. Can you open up performance monitor and post a screenshot on the top processes which is eating up the CPU utilization? This is when PDVD is running.
I think this is within the monitor. Can you please post the brand and model #?
Interesting issue. I have nothing on top of my head but by any chance, got any luck on this?
Perhaps it was a server busy due to number of users downloading the patch simultaneously.
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