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Hi Vamp, looks like this issue needs to be replicated. Creating a trouble ticket would be the best option here I think.
What happens if you activate it right away before installing the updated patch? I think you can install the patch after activation.
I think this issue is fixed on PowerDVD 12. Can someone confirm this?
Hi Yash, I think they're still duplicating this issue. Looked like a simple issue at first glance but i can't find any workaround on this.
Just convert the file format that is supported by it and your good to go.
This look s like a bug since it assumes it has an attachment. Anyone else getting this?
I have tried this yet. Ever considering to upgrade to PDVD 12?
have patience. Maybe one issue is far more difficult than the other. I think they are both attended very well.
You need to contact tech support for this since the license is already used from your previous PC.
I haven't seen this before but aside from those thumbnails creeping back, is the software it self slow or running fine?

Updates would be nice.
Hi Nathan, I'm just curious but can you post the exact error message here?

I can'tfind any documentation regarding 7z.exe.
i'm not really sure but I don't think PCM is supported by PowerDVD. I could be wrong.
They're probably try to reproduce your issue. They should be able to reply to you tho.

I have seen anyone yet left unattended. Good luck.
Seems like a lot of system information to fill out.

I hope you get this resolved.
Hi Pakk. Can you post some logs here? We can further check on whats going on.
It is also possible that TVs like Samsung not to have the sufficient codecs to read this.
Just for testing purposes, can you lower down the rate to 720p?
That's interesting. I did the same thing as the issue your having but everything went fine on my end.
Hi Pleasant. I'm just curious. can you paste your PC specs here?
Hi Eric, Have you tried this already with version 12? I was able to run it from my end.
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