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Attach a screenshot of your edit screen. Did you just create a slide show or did you manually add the photos?
Thanks. Following the above links it looks like there is a fix for PD17. I plan to upgrade soon anyways.
Not at all sure what you mean by this. One can never see individual frames on the timeline with PD, those are simply thumbnails to give editor a content idea. You can toggle frame by frame and view in the edit window though.

You are correct. It looks like every frame, but it does, in fact, skip several frames at a time.
I imported the produced video into the project and overlayed it on top of the clips. Found the frame with the burn. Then I hid the video, showing the original clip. It was not showing any burn. The video stayed perfectly in sync, so some how PD is replacing the removed frames when it produces the video. I worked around the issue by removing an extra frame in front of the one I want removed, but I don't like having to cut out that much.
Here is something I have never come across before. I scanned some old 8mm films into mp4. The old films had some bubbles burned into them from a projector that was going bad, so I went through and removed all of those frames. However, when I produce the video, the burns are still there. I went back to my project and I can not see any frames with the burn marks. I enlarged the time line all the way and went frame by frame. They simple are not there, but they still show up in the produced video.

Is PowerDirector skipping these frames? Does PowerDirector have a cache that may need to be cleared? I can not figure this one out.

Attached is the time line. You can see every individual frame. One occurs where the slider is and the other is 23 frames earlier at another split.
Can you attach a screenshot and a sample of the file that is causing the problem?
I still use a 3+, but have never had any issues with PowerDirector. I often shoot in 3D and process it first with GoPro Studio then import that to PD.
To clarify, did the change happen when you changed a setting on the camera or when you made corrections in the software? What settings are you using to compare?
The advantage is that the original source footage will be sharper, so after encoding you have a better chance of a sharper image. Faster frame rate is mostly to eliminate motion blur.

Edit the source as is. Then produce to the smaller size. This is a general statement, of course. It depends on the camera. I would guess that 2.7k is a GoPro and you have super sharp 1080 video anyways. On my Canon, shooting at 4k reduces the stablization, so you just have to try it and see if it works for you, but I have used that method myself on previous cameras.
Normally I would tell you to add this to the wishlist in the PD16 forum, but since the next version will be in beta testing soon it will probably have to wait for future versions.
It is my understanding that the XF format is supposed to have some advantage for professional film makers, although I can't remember what the advantage is right now. For my purposes I would rather have a high quality mp4, at least as an option. Maybe after a software upgrade I will feel differently since MXF take a lengthy extra step for me. On my camera I can shoot 1080 in either format, so when the weather clears up I eill go outside and shoot some teats and compare them.
In the past there were a lot of problems with K-Lite conflicting with other codecs. If you are not having any problems then go ahead a use it, but also, if you have not found any problems without it then you may not need the codecs it provides.
I believe SVRT depends on your computer. I had on that would not do mp4. When I upgraded it suddenly worked. Intellegent SVRT relies on being able to match the original video specifications and often will not find a match.
The only limit I am aware of is how much your computer can handle. Remember that all of the files have to be loaded into memory before you can work on them, so the can bog down a computer pretty quick.
That usually happens when the computer thinks a program is using the files. Try again after restarting the computer, or force quit PD and then try.
Do you have PD Live? Sounds like either a slow internet connection or their server is overloaded. Could also be something in between mucking up the connection.
This usually a result of bitrate. Find your original bitrate and use that. There is no benefit to going higher.
Maybe someone can clarify this as my memory fails me right now, but I seem to recall that there is a file, possibly in the Boomarang folder, that needs to be deleted when this happens. Maybe move it or rename it until you are sure that is the problem. Unfortunately, I don't remember which file.
I have never gotten a side by side full width video to work properly. I only have one player that will play 3D, so I don't know if it is an encoding problem or a playback problem. When you get a single frame, are you using the 3D tab in Produce? If not PD will remove one side and produce a 2D video.
I had this happen one time with images with the same name even though they were if different folders.
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