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No rename them as "PDR14.exe" and "PDR14.exe.manifest".

Your new shorcut to start the PD14 program should be PDR14.exe.

Please read this and PM
Can anyone recommend a video capture card that works with PowerDirector 14 (in capture menu) with HDMI input and analog input ?
Quote: Gtx660 is nvidia so this should apply. Why not?

Yes, a GTX660 not a 660m.

Since you think the approach is applicable, post some proof, lets see a pic of switchable graphics contextual menu functional on a desktop GTX660 (or any other desktop Nvidia GPU) with the mods you suggested. I'd like to see that.


Sorry Jeff, I miss the point. You are absolutely right. The tip is not applicable.
You can add this function in PDR15 suggestions
Great tutorial Maliek. Thank you.
Thank you Tony and Carl
Thank you for your advice. I will try this way.
Gtx660 is nvidia so this should apply. Why not?

In addition he should remove Geforce experience if he has installed
Thank you Carl

But as I explain I have audio.

My issue is that audio is not synchronised.

When you are in webcam capture tab you can select your audio source.
You are close to the solution. After mod you have launched Pd14 from PDr14.exe. After update you now use pdr.exe

So in your CyberLink pd folder you have to change pdr.exe to pdr14.exe

Check this again

HI DocDaddy & other editors, I have received a reply (from CyberLink) which I will now quote from: ********************* The issue is actually the restriction of the software NVIDIA Control Panel but not PowerDirector issue. We (CyberLink) made a workaround to avoid the restriction but there might be side effect of issues. It is suggested that you back up the original modules before they are replaced by the provided workaround module. == For Intel/NVIDIA hybrid GPU platforms, there is a mechanism in the NVIDIA Control Panel to manage which third party software is allowed to use dGPU. The mechanism is managed by NVIDIA, not by CyberLink. CyberLink PowerDirector supports NVIDIA GPU, based on NVIDIA's specification, when there is no restriction. There is a workaround solution to let this kind of hybrid platform use the dGPU, but results in side effects for specific platform with specific VGA drivers. The resulting side effect is the preview window becomes a black screen during previewing when hardware decoding is enabled. The issue cannot be resolved from the software side. To implement the workaround, please follow the steps below: 1. Go to PowerDirector installation folder. Find the 2 files "PDR.exe" and "PDR.exe.manifest" and rename them to "PDR14.exe" and "PDR14.exe.manifest". 2. Download the file "GpuUtility.dll" and copy the file to the path C:\Program Files\CyberLink\PowerDirector14\CESdlls\ 32bit: 64bit: 3. Download the files "GpuUtilityEx_ENABLE_VGA.exe" and "GpuUtilityEx_ENABLE_VGA.exe.manifest" and copy the files to the path C:\Program Files\CyberLink\PowerDirector14 [GpuUtilityEx_ENABLE_VGA.exe] 32bit:[GpuUtilityEx_ENABLE_VGA.exe.manifest] 32bit: Reboot your computer. 5. After rebooting, right click on PDR14.exe and choose the option to run the software by NVIDIA GPU. It is suggested that you back up the original modules before they are replaced by the provided workaround module. ==
There is not way to remove the update only. But there should be something in your issue not related to this patch. This patch works without crash.

Did you install new graphic card driver ?

If you have nvidia and if you have made the process to use NVIDIA GPU described in another post , you have to repeat it again so that PD14 will not crash.

In capture mode, using the pinnacle 510-USB capture device to convert Vhs to Digital, i use avi format to capture.

The device appears in webcam capture tab and I select AVI capture.

After few seconds of capture there is synchronisation issue between audio and video. After 2 hours recording there is 15mn gap.

Is it related to my capture device or is it PD14 issue ? My computer is new with high capabilities.

Note that others compression formats cannot be use in PD14 due to incompatbility with pinnacle 510-USB capture device >>no sound.
The 510-USB capture device does not come with true audio driver. It means that windows does not recognized it in the sound properties.
No audio item appears in volume tab or in the device manager.


Could you pleases explain what is resized colour board and how yo do it ?
Quote: I beleive that PD14 capture in the sp mode is 352x576 resolution interlaced 25 fps for 4x3 pal and that is really all you need. Produce and creating a dvd in the 4x3 sp mode as Neil suggest again is all you need. SmartFit is good too for such a dvd.

The HQ capture mode and HQ mpeg-2 dvd formats are necessary for say s-vhs and hi-8 tapes to get the full resolution. Again this is for pal. Don't know anything about secam.

I have been follow your instructions. Unfortunately quality is not here. The mpeg2 compression makes to much artefacts compare to the avi file. I will try to increase the bitrate but currently quality is not enough for archives.
The only way i find to get the audio with usb-510 is to select AVI in capture option from PD.
Thank you for your comment.

Vhs is 352x288. So you confirm that this is better to use higher resolution like 640x576@25fps ?

Should I continue to use avi lossless format or is it better to use mpeg2 ?
My son uses this one

I can select the graphic card that I want when I startPD14.

My question is how PD14 manages the rendering format available for the intel quick sync encoder.

Not all resolution are available for intel quick sync. Why ?Is it in regedit or in some .Dll ?
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