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"System Restore changes Windows system files, registry settings, and programs installed on your computer. Personal files, such as documents, e‑mail, photos, and music files, are not changed."
Place still image on timeline> highlight image (single left-click)> click Duration button that appears directly above timeline.
Place still image on timeline> right click image> in context menu select Set Clip Attributes> click Set Duration.

EDIT: Oops, forgot a third method: Grab the edge of a clip on the timeline and drag it to the desired length.
I could not find any search function in this forum.
Search is the first button just under the title "Cyberlink Community Forum"
This might help a bit with your questions regarding YouTube:
This might be of interest regarding commercial use:
Agreed. It is cumbersome and not really what you need. What you are asking for seems so obvious. It would be a very useful feature.
This started happening when I got my new computer. I transferred my ram and hard drive over from the old one to this one, and I got a newer graphics card and processor. Maybe that has something to do with it?
Sure. More details needed. Did you swap the system drive directly from the old to the new?
I am very frustrated as PowerDirector 9 has let me use these exact same files for years in the same timeline with zero troubles with not even the slightest mention of FPS at all.
You give no details about your system. I can only speculate, of course, but your PC may have been up to the task with PDR9 for all those years, but may not have what it takes for PDR13. That could be part of the problem. Did you check system requirements here?:
Assuming it's a USB mouse, did you try to plug the cord (or the receiver, if it's wireless) into another port?
No issues with sync in *.mov files in the media room or timeline here. Not sure if this makes a difference or if there is any connection: I had not yet gotten an update prompt but downloaded the update and installed it anyway. So PDR12 was not running when I installed the update on my machine.

Then again, I don't know if you are prompted to shut down the program before installing the update. In that case it's not an issue.
I would suggest you update your graphics card driver to the latest version. See if there is any difference and post your findings.
You can set up folders (PDR calls them "tags") in the Media Room. Drag and drop the check-marked ones into a folder, etc...
OP didn't mention multicam. However it makes no difference.

Looking at your photo there appears to be one thumbnail per video clip. That is exactly how it is supposed to be for any video clip on any video track in the timeline.
On saving projects:

This is covered beautifully in the PDtoots tutorials and has already been mentioned.

"Save As" is your friend. Just remember to change the name each time, for example:

Quote: As I was doing what you suggested, I noticed something. I have my videos sorted into different sub-folders (inside of one folders, marked "football videos". Each subfolder is a different game.
Anyway... When I clicked, "add media", it immediately went to a particular subfolder. Last night, when I attempted to learn more about the clips that were "blank", each one listed itself as being from that subfolder- although I know they were not. So, am I right in thinking that the program wants to pull files out of that subfolder- files which are not located there? If so, will this fix it?
At the risk of adding confusion and/or being repetetive, I wanted to illustrate a couple things with a hypothetical project.

Let's say you are starting a new project and have media in the following folders (on an internal HDD):

1. Create a new project: File>New Project
2. Import your media: File>Import>Media Folder (or Ctrl+W)
3. Navigate to E:\2014FootballHighlightVideo, make sure "Include Subfolders" box is checked and Click>Select Folder.
-->At this point, thumbnails* of all the individual media files (pics, audio, video clips) in the folder and subfolders listed will be visible in your "Media Room." *Note these thumbnails are shortcuts to the actual files.
4. Do not alter the paths or filenames until you have completed the project and outputted your finished video.

Provided you leave the paths and filenames unaltered, whenever you open the .PDS file to this particular project, PDR will "find" them and you will be able to go about the business of unleashing your creative imagination on them and producing a masterpiece.

Hope this helps.
I can confirm what tomasc said. Mine also disappear immediately when I uncheck then click OK.
Quote: and one more general can i find all my posts in forum?

Alternatively, just go to any post you have made and click the "Profile" button at the bottom.
No. I get what you mean.

In general the project files are going to be relatively small compared to your media assets (video, audio, photos). You could store these things on your external USB drive and just bring the ones you need for a specific project to the 160GB drive for editing. (See also the project management tutorials by PDtoots)

Under Preferences> General there is a checkbox you can check and set how frequently you want temporary files to be auto-deleted.

Turn off shadow file creation (if you don't need it) to save space.

You can also open up PDR and click the produce tab to see available time and/space on the drive if you need to.

I have a 160GB HDD sitting in a drawer at the moment. If I installed this in my new Dell XPS 8700, and used this as the dedicated save drive, would there be sufficient space on it?
By my calculation there would be sufficient space to store no more than 160GB of PD12 projects and associated files/directories.
I tried MP4 and MPEG I guess I'll have to keep converting my file using all the different formats until I the right fit(that will probably be miserable to watch on my 1080p TV

No. What GGRussell was saying is that MPEG2 is the DVD Standard. If your target is DVD, it has to be MPEG2. So it's not a matter of converting using all the different formats to get "the right fit."

(I know, this doesn't help with your chapter issues, but I just wanted to clarify.)

What happens if you turn off create shadow files?
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