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Of course if you use 360 video this will be of use, no doubting that. I don't see it as the larger market share however and it's still a case of leaving out other things in its favour. It's the same trend all of the edtors will follow not wanting to be left out, I'll bet premiere elements comes out with it when their next update is due soon.
So this version now supports MOV files but not the better prores files. None of my rampant design light leaks or other effects will work with this version either. So much for going forward. Other software has this beat already.
In fact even this 360 deg malarky was just added in a patch in another editor for free, this could have been the case here and more real features added to make it worthwhile. Waiting for v17 now.
Try the latest beta patch Paul? It might address the issues you are having.
Quote Just drag the Default title template to the timeline, underneath one of your video tracks, that won't replace or move your video. It's a simple text in white displaying 'My Title' overlayed on top of your video.

Well, I really blew ths one. Both respondents are, of course correct. All my previous use of Title has been on the video track, using the black-backgrounded titles for chapters, etc. Something must have short-circuited in my 77 year old moth-eaten brain when I first tried the title on the "T" track, but I tried it again late last PM, and the background was indeed transparent.

Thanks, folks, for your input!

Ol' Pete

All good Pete!

I appreciate your honesty. We all have days like that I reckon.

Just drag the Default title template to the timeline, underneath one of your video tracks, that won't replace or move your video. It's a simple text in white displaying 'My Title' overlayed on top of your video.
I don't think assigning another key will make any difference, the command to delete will be the same. PD is seeing which clip you want to remove and giving you the choices based on where it lies, as noted, if it's the end clip then it's programmed to simply remove that clip. Anywhere else and it wants you to make a choice, that's why the option to use Ctrl/Alt is there. If it wasn't then you are asking the devs to make the code say wherever you are in the timeline you just want it removed and left with a gap, or not, that's the dilemma. They have given you the options.
If you press Del in VS and PE it automatically closes the gap, that may not be what you want every time either. I think PD's option is a smart one based on where the clip is.
Quote I am editing a video game trailer that has a number of explosions. I am wanting to take the Ripple Transition effect and use it as a after-effect of the explosions. The effect is too large and covers the entire screen instead of a small portion centered around the explosions. Is there a way to resize the transition?

Unfortunately there is no scaling that can be applied to the effect. You can move it around the screen and change the rippling intensity etc but what you need is sorely missing. It would be great to move an effect and resize it to a particular spot I agree.
Quote I have PowerDirector 14 Ultimate. Is it worth the upgrade to 15? Also, my version 14 came with AudioDirector 6. Will that still work if I upgrade since 15 Ultimate does not come with AudioDirector. Upgrade ends in 4 hours Ugh. So hopefully someone responds soon.

v15 comes with audiodirector 7. Personally I wish it didn't as it might bring the cost down more, or it should as they keep saying it's saving loads off the full price, but I have no choice as it's included. I don't need it.

Whether you feel it's worth the 'upgrade' is subjective, do you need 360 deg camera editing? Not much beyond that, except ongoing bug fixes...
Is Audio director pushing the price up? I don't need it and if so it's made the software too expensive. Half price and it's still $94 AUD just for the upgrade, last year's was way less at $59 AUD for the same.
That's exactly what needs to happen AlS, it's not only in our interest but the dev's too, their business depends on customer satisfaction. Of course, voting with your wallet can make the difference, don't buy into a new release if your current one is broken, it sends the right message.
As a programmer I'm aware of the variables also Barry but I'm talking about fixes that are basic and should never have got past QC. Of course there's going to be a quirk here or there but there needs to be less of rushed releases to meet the expected annual delivery and more quality control. Software versions should be released with new features and innovations, not as a replacement for the previous one that is still broken.
What I would like to see happen is this ongoing patch business given a kick up the butt. Release a more steady platform and make further updates add to, rather than be fixes to a buggy/broken release. It's become the norm to see patches for issues that should never have got out the door to be honest. That's only going to have a negative impact on future versions.
Hi Sticklady888

You can download those particles and edit them or use the ones in Powerdirector to start with or create one from scratch. Go to the particle room (F6) and drag a particle to your timeline. Click on Modify (next to the Duration button) and this will open the Particle Designer. There you can create entirely new animations or alter the existing ones. Change the background, add particles and create motion paths to your heart's desire! There's loads of things to do in there. If you grab images you need from the net or are handy in a paint program, you can create your own particles, basicly images, then add them to your own creation(s).
So if you wanted a star field or fireworks effect you could draw a star, save the image and then import it as your particle and animate it, singularly or as a multitude of stars. Get in and play with it and you'll get the idea.

Have fun!
Mary, is that before or after this patch?
Yeah kudos, it's only been just short of a year to get it stable!
Which is hard to swallow since this version has been riddled with problems up to this point. Doubt I'll be in a hurry to buy the next one after this.
"This is a great opportunity for PowerDirector editors to learn how to create travel videos & photos."

No offense but if 'power director editors' are being asked to watch this then presumably they don't need to win it?!
Perhaps some plugins or other third party addon would be more useful?
Quote: I'm a developer myself, and it is up to the developers to write into the software something that is called "error handling". PD's crashing issues are not the user's fault "telling PD to do the wrong thing", which is not possible in properly written software. PD is abysmal at error handling because the developers are not writing proper error handling code, resulting in the software itself doing the wrong thing. That's why bug fixes get released (if the developers can focus on stability instead of new features). What's most frustrating is how this lazy style of programming results in software instability that is continually blamed on the end user's "drivers", which, I'm sorry to say, would get any development team fired by any company that takes its public image and constomer relations seriously. CyberLink is well-known to not really care about this issue.

Challenge: Have CyberLink explain why PD crashes so much while every other video editing software product out there, like Corel's VideoStudio Pro, Adobe's products, etc, doesn't.

Thank you Highwinder, if there was a 'like' button I would press it. Spoke my mind.


It's great that the patches are coming quickly and all but it proves that it was a very buggy release to begin with. That's going to dent their business rep no doubt.
v12 in comparison worked quite well early on.
Will v14 be a rush out the door too?
Same here, small to medium sizes ok but large only by a whisker.
Never noticed before as I drag my tracks to size with the mouse, you get bigger sizes that way.
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