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Good information SoNic, thanks. Might just have to start saving for one of the big boys, but honestly, the update (downgrade) on the driver made things at least bearable. Would PREFER to have tight response, accurate scrub, etc, and jeeesh.... a consistently stable refreshing GUI would be nice, but... for now at least it's workable.

I appreciate your feedback and help. I see you're in VA... where about ? I'm in the Tri-Cities, TN

Hey guys, I went ahead and installed the depreciated drivers and that improved things to the point of just an annoyance ; Thanks a bunch for the help. Before this, getting something DONE was a complete and utter struggle.

I sure wish Cyberlink would address this. I must have had a driver later than this right out of the box, as this is a fairly new purchase.

Thanks again.

Kyle, thank you very much to taking the time to reply to me.

SoNic, indeed.... I am SOOO very put out by Cyberlink that I have decided to eventually replace this software... which is sad considering that I have upgraded it twice so far (at my own expense) in hopes of a fix and twice it did not fix anything. I myself have authored software over the past ten years or so and so I'm looking at this scenario from a coder's standpoint. There is simply no reason or excuse to NOT fix these things that have been complained about for so long and then CHARGE MONEY for "upgrades" to new versions. That shows not just lazy coding but also a total disregard to the folks who are supporting you.

And the software not being for "professional" intent has NOTHING to do with it. To install this software on workstations that have graphic cards that are more expensive than some computers, only to have these kinds of problems is completely inexcusable, even for GAMES. Cyberlink won't get another nickle from me UNLESS they start showing that they HEAR the complaints and address them. Honestly, the R&D team for this company should be embarrassed over this nonsense.

Meanwhile, I am researching an alternative solution.

Thanks again for your help.... I'm not sure yet that I want to DEPRECIATE my expensive hardware just to meet the requirements of an (apparently) outdated video editing software... that's not why I purchased this workstation. It's much easier to get rid of the problem software ; Perhaps I'll give my copy of PD to my daughter to toy with.


Does anyone know which version driver is the one that should be downgraded to in order to make PD work right ? And does anyone know the process of downgrading this driver ? Do I have to UNinstall the current driver first?


PLEASE NOTE: For users of NVIDIA cards who have updated to graphics driver 340.43 or later, the video hardware acceleration feature in PowerDirector is no longer available. To re-enable hardware acceleration, please download and install an earlier driver.

Suggestion: Fix it. Also make clear if that applies to Quadro cards too (it does), because the driver link points to a GeForce driver.

Does this also apply to PD V12? My i5 has a GTX 770 and my editing response time is TERRIBLE... seems everything is delayed and the preview EVEN IN LOW RES stutters.... the scrubbing is completely useless and editing is AN UPHILL BATTLE.


Ooops wrong place. Please delete
I see that most argue about the price / feature ratio of PD, but what about the stability? Personally, I don't care much about ANY features if the GUI flakes off during my productivity session. I read several folks here that point out what I have been pointing out... that a high end machine should NOT struggle with resources. This should be a basic concern, not an argument of features OR price. If the program can't use high end computers effectively, then it's not worth ten bucks.

I hung on waiting for this upgrade ... and see it's no better on system resources than it was before.

Time to shift gears.

Good luck guys.

Glad to report...

The upgrade to SSD went well, but took FOREVER... I decided to go for 8.1 upgrade since I was resetting anyway, and FIRST, I had over 100 updates to get to that point. This may have been partially contributory to the issues I was having. But all those glitches vanished and things seem to be going well so far.

Still have that annoying interface issue, but I suppose that livable... I do hope the company manages to resolve that issue in the coming version. With machines like the i series out, and folks using higher end graphics cards, there really isn't an excuse for that.

Would also like to see some effort put into the real time "scrubbing" of a time line without a resource struggle for the same reasons. If other titles can manage that, and on older equipment, then so too can PD. OK, charge more for that "feature" if that's what it takes, but having to fight your computer to scrub your project is VERY annoying. And even those of you with i7's are commenting about this on this forum, so I doubt my experience here is due to my i5.

Thanks to those who have helped me figure this thing out and for the tips. And now... I suppose I should get to doing some actual work <grin>


Thanks Barry, but I don't have the time for such things, to be honest. I've been into software (including authoring some) for a lot of years and I believe that NO software product is worth ANY MORE than their tech support. It's nice to have this forum, for example, but if a company isn't proactive IN such a forum, then ... well... you get the idea.

With that said, the Cyberlink folks have indeed impressed me, in which even via their FREE ticket system they got back to me QUICKLY and solved my problem. Well, I am about to install their solution, so assuming it works, they solved my problem.

I DID mention to them again that their code system of verification on live calls WAS NOT WORKING... let's see if someone addresses that issue so the NEXT guy doesn't have to feel as frustrated as I felt ;-0 Windows and upgrades are frustrating enough with the additional stress load.

Thanks for the acknowledgement and for listening to me spout off (again) LOL. But I gotta tell you this has surely NOT been the easiest migration into a platform that I've had.

Now, time to test this upgrade to see if it was worth the effort and expense. Thanks again.


OK, I managed to get 8.1 and the SSD on the box. It's almost time to install PD and other goodies. Not sure if I'll get this answer in time, but I'll ask it anyway ;

What is the best use of a system with a 240 SSD and a 2TB HDD.... so I install the programs on the system drive for speed? Or do I install them on the HDD to leave room on the SSD for the system / temp stuff? And I would image leaving the temp files on the SSD would optimize the speed ? Or, am I missing the mark here?

Thanks for your advice.

Most frustrating! I am resetting my machine to include an upgrade (SSD) and I am ready to install PD. But my files were upgrades (twice) from the trial that came with my system. So, I am needing a full installer now, not an upgrade to go with my SN. And so I called the support number (the free one) from inside of my account on line... and FIVE times I tried to enter the CV code to complete the call, and FIVE TIMES the system DID NOT WORK (I KNOW I am capable of dialing a number, and especially when given FIVE chances to nail it LOL) So... the system is broken. Then I left a ticket, and now I am completely dead in the water until someone notices my ticket ;-0

Does anyone know how this can be expedited? I need to be operational again quickly.


Might I ask what the last stable version of PD was. I have decided to downgrade.


I've been using Spybot Search and Destroy for years. The free version is all ya need.
Quote: The "vanishing" UI is a little annoying, but it is easily overcome.
PD is so much fun, and so packed with ability, I just ignore it and go on.

Hi Barry,

Yes, I would love to say that's my only problem however. I also get glitches in my renders that seem to be affected by things in the other layers. EVEN when they are set to invisible (by clearing the check mark to the left).

The bottom line determination will be when I finally get the chance to put in my SSD that's been laying in the drawer for two months. If I am STILL having these problems after that, I will have no choice but to look into another platform. I need to be up and rolling quickly I have obligations heading my way.

But yes, it looks like one cool little toy.... if it would only play ball ;

Dafydd, Yes, that's the part I find a bit frustrating as a new guy on board. To find a problem like this one in a video editing (graphics) package is one thing. To realize that it's been this way for YEARS is quite another. I'm OLD and don't have that much time <grin>. No, but seriously, I spent a lot of bucks on a puter so I didn't HAVE these issues, and if I have to spend a few more bucks to get more stable software, then I'll just chalk it up to a learning experience.

Meanwhile.... thanks a bunch for the feedback... at least at this point I realize it's not ME ;


Yes, indeed... and I have posted there as well as you have. Thanks a bunch for the heads up! I am really hopeful of a resolve on this issue.

I spent a good amount of money on my hardware and I would love to be able to benefit from that. At this point, I'm starting to look around at options to cut my loses while I can. If they don't resolve this soon, I am going to be forced out of this arena and into a more stable system <sigh> Do you use anything other than PD ?

Thanks again for the dialog PS

Quote: Glad to hear that it's not just me ;-/ I hope this issue can be resolved as it's truly a show stopper when you're "in the zone"


RobAC's answer seems to work the fastest in restoring the interface.

Minimize the user window then restore it is very fast.

It seems to the a screen refresh not happening.

It is absolutely a screen refresh, at least on my end. What puzzles me is that apparently this has been a problem with PD for a few versions, according to what I'm reading on your forum. Just seems strange that a platform that is designed to run on high end graphics displays should offer such a hiccup and for so long ;-( I hope they can find the issue soon...

At least I now know it's not the system I just built... thanks for the validation on that guys!!

Glad to hear that it's not just me ;-/ I hope this issue can be resolved as it's truly a show stopper when you're "in the zone"


I'm a relative newbie to PD and I'm having some basic problems regarding system performance with PD, in this post specifically with the GUI when I have more than two or three HD clips. I knew I was going to be shooting large files so I built an I5 with 28GB of RAM and a GenForce GTX 770 with 4GB on board. My DxDiag is attached. I have the latest version of PD and am running Win8

Many times, usually after I "split" a segment, my screen loses many of the interface components and I have to either mouse over them one at a time OR minimize and restore the entire interface to force a redraw. I can't imagine that a machine like I'm on would have a hard time with such a thing, so I have to imagine that it's my configuration? (I hope).

Also noteworthy is the fact that I have not yet found the time to install my SSD as a system drive and am therefore running on a single drive system. I know this slows down video editing, but I wouldn't imagine that is what's causing my GUI to lag bigtime in redraws.

Any and all help in this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a bunch

Found my answer by searching different term. Mod: Feel free to delete this.

Dafydd, is this to say that all i5's are expected to struggle with HD files ? I have an i5 also, and am having some problems, but I also have 28GB of RAM and a 4GB, very capable graphics card. What would it take to be able to use PD without the struggle ?


Hi Jeff,

Sometimes the obvious alludes me <blush>

Thanks for the tip...

When I put a cutaway snippet on a second layer, and then change the running time of that clip either by dragging or by setting the video speed directly (slowmo), the slowed clip (which gets longer) PUSHES ALL OTHER layers to the right, but the amount of the differential.

WHY does this happen and how can I stop that behavior? When I change the length (running time) of a cutaway clip on it's own layer, the clips ahead of that one ON OTHER TRACKS should NOT be affected.

Thanks for the help.

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