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Cross Track issues
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My last post, I asked about why my edit points were glitching, but have since discovered it's not an edit point glitch, at least not directly. And since no one noticed (or responded) I thought I'd just start another thread on the matter.

I have the latest and greatest version and have checked all obvious things. A good amount of my main track contains software engaged stabilization and some have speed modifications in addition. When I either overlap snippets to auto-engage the crossfade, OR if I lay the subsequent video onto a separate track, I get a sudden change of image stabilization results which of course appears as an instant change of cropping (jumps to NO stabilization I'm guessing directly at the end point) which of course LOOKS like a glitch.

Now, here's the interesting part. If I use separate tracks for my fades in and out of the cutaway shots, EVEN IF THIS TRACK IS SET TO INVISIBLE (I turn the checkbox to OFF so the layer contents do not show) ... it STILL creates this glitch looking sudden change on the master track. And obviously that's not acceptable. I am of course evaluating the rendered goods, and not the preview.

I thought of perhaps PRE rendering scenes for speed and stabilization issues and then using the altered video afterwards, but that would kind of negate all those cool (and convenient) features that PD offers that allow you time savings by snapping materials into place quickly and setting things like clip length in real time (by dragging).

We ruled out hardware last post, so.... How do I get rid of this issue ? Anyone know? I would upload a project but I shoot in high resolution and my clips are gigs large.

I appreciate any ideas on this subject as for me, this is sort of a show stopper.



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