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Thank you for the information. The project opened properly in my 64 bit PD14 and the two .m4a audio files also played properly. See the screenshot. Of the two .m4a files one is constant and the other variable bit rate as Apple audio with iTunes info.

I opened WaveEditor2 supplied with PD14 and converted one to .wma and the other to .mp3. M4a is also available. Both play properly in all players, including the default groove player in win 10. Converting can be one of the answers unless CS support can find a solution for this issue. There is none on my pc.
No. It is a separate purchase.
Try this: Highlight the clip. Click Fix/Enhance /Color Adjustment/Saturation to max. This is the better solution if you don’t want an increase in noise in a dark scene. Use the Fix/ Video Denoise if still needed.
Glad that the search is working again. This issue occured 2 nights ago instead of last night as I stated earlier. The Op may have also reported it to Cyberlink.
I don’t think anyone can give you a definite answer. Do what you want. I did find out that if you don’t install the ProDad, then new content is not installed as each new version of PD installs different contents that are cumulative in ProDad.
That was reported in the FB PDU forum last night. The Op and I found the same issue with the search giving no results. The sorts were working. The Op can write a support ticket if this is important to him.
Quote On the timeline I have the following clips for Floor (timeline section or separate project)
IASASASASASAS (I=Intro title, A= Athlete clip, S=Score Title)

The disc menu link for floor would start before the first I and return to the calling menu after the last S.

I can do this with a chapter in a project or additional clips in the content section of PD disc.

Here is my problem part:
Between the S and A I would like a chapter marker. This would allow the next / previous chapter buttons on the disc player or in VLC to move between the athletes. So for parents jumping through 15 gymnasts to find their kids in 4 events and awards will be significantly easier.


However I do not want to have PD create 30 menus for this. I have added a pic to a google drive to illustrate. That is if I got the sharing correct.

The file PS Ex1.png is a sample of how I did it in Pinnacle. The blue chapter markers are set as not linked to menus.

Google Drive


On each of the four projects, use chapters instead of titles. That will work. On VLC you will not get a chapter name but will in PowerDVD or in a standalone disc player.
Quote I found that video clip (link) more understandable than the F1 section. And experimenting - having chosen the range in edit/timeline and clicked on the produce range button, there's nothing in the produce page which opens that indicates a range limitation has been selected.

In that 10 sec. Video tutorial, a 7 min 41 sec range was created out of a 1 hr 25 min. timeline. See that changing number under the preview window. In the produce page, the same 7 min. 41 sec. appear under the produce window. That is how one would know that it is 7 min. 41 sec. Range to produce. Looking at small details can help...
I was typing when optodata answered first. Here is a 10 sec. tutorial from the same author that may clarify what can be done: .
Quote I am moving from Pinnacle Studio and seem to have an issue with recreating my recent disk menus. I watched the tutorials and played a bit but can't seem to figure this one out.

I have a root menu with two text links. Play all and events. Play all will start at the beginning and return at the end. Events will open a second menu with 4 text links with a little icon for select / active next to it.

Bars, Beam, Floor, and Vault. These will go to the start of the event and play then return to the submenu.

Here is the part I can't seem to get. In each event there are 10+ athletes that compete. I want to have a chapter marker placed so that you can press next / previous to navigate between the athletes. I do not want menu links for these athlete chapters. Any ideas how to do this?


You can do this in PS9 and below. You don’t need chapters at all. You need separate titles for each Bars, Beam, Floor, and Vault event. You need to create separate projects with a menu for each of the four (BBFV) events. You can then produce each of the titles separately for Bars, Same for the other 3. Each of the 4 projects can have other projects or the produced related titles(preferred). You add these other projects and titles in the Create disc/Content tab.

You can create multi level menus just like in earlier PS. Use Titles not chapters as shown in the tutorials. Choose the option to play the selected title only and return to the menu if that is desired.

You need to explain what it means to navigate between the athletes without a menu link. Try the No menu option and test on a BD-RE..
Wipe right. Set the transition duration to be longer and slower as needed.

  1. Yes the double click.

  2. Yes automatically placed in the right library room.

There are other options available that should not cost you a cent. As a former win7 user, I used ocam freeware to do screen capture at a constant frame rate suitable for editing. You can record up to 144 fps in the preferences setting although I never tried it. It works in win 10.

Windows 10 is newer to me but there are screen recording options built in. You may want to check them out. There is the camera app, and Win key+G to start the screen recorder. I believe this may be a variable frame rate recorder. Try it out and make sure the capture frame rates are okay for your intended use.
There are no settings needed for importing 4K videos. You did not state in the beginning post that you are unable to import 4K video files from the iPhone11 which are .mov files. This also means that you can’t import any video files that are not 4K from that iPhone.

You need to install Apple QuickTime on your pc to fix this issue. Here is a link: . This is one way to fix the issue. Accept the installation without the web browser plug -in. You can also do a custom install to install only the codecs so that you can import those .mov files from your iPhone11.

This is not as good as converting those .mov files to .mp4 files first with HandBrake which can also fix the audio lip sync issue mentioned earlier. I would install the QuickTime first and then only if you dislike the audio issue use the HandBrake converter. This will save you much time.
See the link supplied by optodata. Go to Products/Continuum/Particle Illusion. It is a free standalone program that you use to create particles that can be exported as .mov files that you can import to PowerDirector to use.
Thank you for the feedback. Yes you cannot always line things up exactly with each video of a different frame rate.
Quote thanks - I didn't think nstc or pal mattered as I'm just uploading to YouTube. My real question is how to import 4K video from my phone so that the frame rate of 60fps and also 4K match the project settings as I can't see 4K as an option when setting the prefs in the project. I then also want to export the same, 60fps and 4K so I can upload to YouTube. Any suggestions as I know this must be a super common thing when so many people are shooting 4k. Thanks

Look for a gear button located on the top left of the Edit page. Click to open it. You can change the settings in Preferences/General/Timeline frame rate. Change it via the drop down arrow to 60 fps(ntsc) and Use drop frame timecode Yes. Click OK.

Place any video clip on the timeline. Go to the Produce page. You should now see that the Country is now defaulted to NTSC. The frame rates should show up as 30/60/120 where needed instead of 25/50 in the Profile name settings. 4K is available via the drop down arrow in many file format/ Profile name and using the scroll bars to go to the bottom and then select it.

There is a Profile Analyzer in the Produce page should you decide to try it and use it. I see no point with it for the iPhone11 footage but that is up to you. It may help to make a decision for you.

Hope this helps...
Sorry. Left out the link to the iPhone11 spec. Here it is: .
The specification for the iPhone11 main and selfie camera is here. Those frame rates are nominal. The IPhone records video at variable frame rates, not a constant one. PAL frame rates of 25 and 50 have never been included on any iPhone that I can remember.

You will have problems in editing the videos from the iPhone if you insist on audio lip sync in an extended recording. It is fine to produce as is with music in the background or if it is a short clip. A converter like HandBrake can be useful.
Yes. That is the preference setting to change. I am still not sure of why you can’t sync the audio unless one has a different or variable frame rate than shown in your preference setting like maybe 24 or 25 fps
You can also expand the timeline ruler to get better accuracy. If you need accuracy of less than 1 frame then go to Preferences/Editing and put a checkmark on Enlarge timeline scale for audio track for 1/10 frame accuracy.
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