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The reccommended way is to save it as a packed project to be opened on a different pc. You can continue to do it your way. I don't doubt there will be problems as you have found.
I use PowerDVD to play the folder.
Translation of above post:
If you change the scene where the same singer sings the same song in another program, and make one music clip, how to match the sound to the previous and next cuts well, there is a function that can be connected well to the powerdirector Is it? Please give me a professor.

You can highlight the original and new audio clip and choose use "Sync by Audio".

The problem may be related to a corrupt Nvidia gpu drivers. See this article for the fix: .
The resolution of the video is low as to not to exceed the 5 MB file size limit. It is easy to figure out. A FB PD forum member has posted a different technique that works equally well with both images and/or videos in PowerDirector. You will find my YT and other member links there.
You may be late to the party. Here is one technique to enable the Nvidia gpu for video editing in PowerDirector: .

This was discussed last month. Here is another one but got no feedback: .Another one still: . Would like some feedback as to whether any of these three techniques work for you. Use gpu-z to confirm gpu activity.

Jeff answered first. I agree with him as far as hardware encoding. These individuals actually show the gpu activity using the Nvidia card but not a single individual has shown or claimed hardware nvenc encoding. Still waiting to see it...
Nope. The answer is here: . The ripping is legal and distributing it to others is not.
You do that with a mask to crop and not zoom. This tutorial may help: .
Quote Well is it uncommon to not have this transition in an editing software?

By the way is there an easier way to engineer this transition using color director maybe in combination with power director?

It does look like that the Luma Fade Transition can be custom created and work well with moving video if done properly in PowerDirector. See the attached.
PowerDVD allows you to view DVDs. I did not know that you can convert commercial dvd to region 1 as you stated. I beleive that you could play say 100 region 2 dvds and it will count as only 1 change until you insert one of a different region. The region change limit is built in the dvd hardware so don't exceed 5 changes.
I believe that the ati all in wonder agp can capture only in i frames back then so I purchased a pinnacle analog pci capture card to capture in avi and recode to mpeg-2 with an editor. All the capture software I used back then reported no frame drop as a PIII 500 Mhz cpu is fast enough.

Beleive that is PD12 Deluxe included with the purchase as reviewed here: . They are all made in China. Each company place their own software bundle. You may have your own software.
KingKing2020 - Think about this. Say that you want to drive a car from Los Angeles to New York City. In the Edit module you create a roadmap save it as a .pds file. That is the roadmap you created and save. You want to go to New York with the roadmap you created and saved.

The next step is to drive the car to New York. That is the Produle module. You want to drive there using the roadmap you created and saved in the Edit module so you won’t get lost and drive aimlessly.

As AshWilliams pointed out, you saved a roadmap, the powerdirector script file. You still need to drive the car to New York by using the Produce module.

Hope this helps...
I buy full versions of PD instead of upgrades at a reduced price and is therefore able to use the assets from the previous versions of PD by leaving them installed so technically it is not free. You could buy a copy of PD14 ult. or buy it from proDad for $99 or buy it from a vendor for much less. ProDad has a free trial available.
I agree with Barry. Folders with video files are more versatile than an image. Other players can be used.
You are outlining making a transition with Transition Designer. Your step 1 would determine whether the dark or the light areas changes first in the image.

There is a similar transition in ProDad Adorage vol 1/Chromatic where the first frame of the (right) 2nd clip is used. You on the other hand use the last frame of the 1st clip. I do see problems. If the 2nd right clip is panning then it doesn’t look right. On your idea if the first clip is panning and/or the second clip is also panning then it doesn’t look right. The less movement in the clips the better the transition from one video clip the other video clip.

The transition is in my PD17 which originally was installed there by a previous version of PD. Good to see variety in transitions. Modifying this proDad transition may be easier if you want to save time. Good Luck.
Quote Hi

I have a large collection of home and holiday (on both DVD and AVCHD records) videos which I have made over the years, lately mostly with PowerDirector 365. Now I notice that the DVD or AVCHD-recordings really do not last “forever”.

Now I have two questions: I am wondering what is the best way to try to save my precious memories. Also I wonder, is there a way to convert my old DVD and AVCHD records to files that I can store on an external drive and show the videos directly from there without the hassle with actual records or quality loss.

I am assuming that you mean DVD and AVCHD disc. Expanding here on what Barry already posted. I would simply copy the content of each disc and put them on separate folders on a backup hard drive. An alternative would be to create an iso file of each disc and place them on the backup hard drive. P2Go is free and can be used for that. Some smart tv can play the content on a hard drive.

The advantage of this is that you can use a viewer like PowerDVD to view the contents with the created chapters and titles on the pc or tv without ever using or needing a standalone BD player. You can always burn a copy to disc later for someone else if needed.
Quote IT'S Jan/11/2020 is there a patch yet so you can upload to youtube?

The answer is here: . You have to answer questions before being able to uoload your videos for the time being.
In the past you always posted in the PowerDirector previous version forum. This time you posted in the AudioDirector forum saying that you just installed WaveEditor which should already be with every previous version of PD a long time ago.

If you really installed WaveEditor just now then please explain why you did not install it previously. You may nave to uninstall everything and start over again.

Let us know if you are using WaveEditor inside PD or as a standalone. It can make a difference. File type? save as type???
What you need is a mask that you can feather the edge so that you don't have the hard line. Your idea should work. I just tried the gradient mask in ColorDirector to thumb down the exposure on the top right and leaving the exposure in the bottom right alone. See the attached.

If you use one of the mask in mask designer, uncheck maintain aspect ratio, and resize it properly, and feather the edge then it should work just as well without using ColorDirector.
You can wait for suggestions from other users as to what the issue might be. You could also contact Cyberlink support in the meantime and create a support ticket to report this issue and possibly get a better suggestion on a possible solution.
The GT430 was manufacured back in 2010. You probably need drivers dated before 2013 to enable hardware encoding on it. See this FAQ: . See this passmark: .

The Integrated graphics HD 530 in the i5-6500 cpu has a pasmark score that is almost double that: . You should just use the integrated graphics instead.

A better alternative would be to use a better graphics card and the correct older drivers for it as suggested by PepsiMan.

PD12 is stable and works perfectly in my Windows 7 pc. I use it now and then.
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