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The posts in the forum does stir up interest at times. 5.7 K videos have been edited and produced with earlier versions of PD. One user produced a 8k video. Suffice to leave it at that as I don’t have a 5.7k or an 8k camera to use. Of course Full HD and 4k UHD are the limits to preview quality.
504 Gateway timeout. Deleted the text.
Decided to check out PD15 and follow PIX’s instruction “I believe something similar could be replicated using a simple fade transition with an effect applied at the same time.” Here is one rendition using the PD15 fx Radial Blur effect that can be keyframed say during a fade transition. See the attached video.
If you made no changes then it could be possible that the shadow files were still generating yesterday. Today those shadow files have finished generating so you have a smooth preview of the timeline. It may also be that if pre-rendering was used then it finished today.

Wenn Sie keine Änderungen vorgenommen haben, dann könnte es sein, dass die Schattendateien gestern noch generiert wurden. Heute haben diese Schattendateien die Generierung abgeschlossen, so dass Sie eine reibungslose Vorschau der Zeitachse haben. Es kann auch sein, dass, wenn Pre-Rendering verwendet wurde, dann ist es heute beendet.
Quote Thanks for the links!
I.e. an AMD Radeon RX 5700 would be such a graphics card with the chip mentioned? Hm - as far as I can see, a GeForce Rtx 2070 is available for the same price and it is faster ...
Does that also apply to video editing?

Yes, indeed the AMD Radeon Pro 5700 is at the top of that list in the link.

As an experiment I decided to checkout 8k video editing on PD14 as it was done 6 years ago in the link supplied. The vp9 encoded 8k 60p and 30p YT videos have audio only in preview. Converted them with HandBrake to h.265 at both 60 fps and at 30 fps at the low bitrate of 21.6 Mbps which is the same as the source. To my surprise these 7680 x 4320 resolution videos can be edited easily in both of my pc with i7 cpu’s without shadow files.

My GoPro hero6 4k 60p h.265 68 Mbps encoded videos can hang in the preview while editing and requires shadow files to be enabled for a good editing experience.

8k Vp9 videos can be edited natively in the later versions of PD like the converted h.265 ones. So why can I edit these 8k YT videos with Nvidia hardware decoding unchecked and without an AMD Nav10 gpu?? … whereas my 4k GoPro hevc 60p videos require shadow files to be enabled. The answer I believe is in the low bitrate. You can perform your own tests and post what you find.
Thank you for the information. I posted replies to users with laptops several months ago with links from others who enabled the Nvidia card. Some say it works in PD18 like you said earlier and others said it doesn't work. Maybe you have to do that setup again for PD19 like you did earlier for PD18. Some users said they see Nvidia card usage while editing but not in producing. The task manager or GPU-Z can be used to monitor the activity of the graphics card.
They look good. You can share them on the DirectorZone for others to check out...
Warry - If this pc is a laptop then it would explain why it could not access the Nvidia graphics. Supplying a DxDiag.txt could help.
See this article for vcn 2.0 in Navi10, Navi14 gpu implementation: . These are the amd cards at the bottom of the list that have the AMD Navi 10 GPU sold today: . They are not expensive at all.

I believe that one can import, edit, and produce 8k videos with a custom profile in the previous version PD14. See this post: . YouTube can be a source of 8K vp9 videos that can be imported and edited in PD as a test without a powerful gpu. Works for me.

Edit: Jeff answered first. I don't have one of the vcn 2.0 cards on the list.
The stop button has always placed the cursor back to the beginning. Place the cursor where you want by clicking the mouse.
M4a audio files are listed in the specs of both PD14 and the latest PD19 as a supported format. You can download the free trial to see if it solves the issue.

You never said if the same m4a files play properly in your other win 10 apps outside of iTunes like the WMP, Groove, VLC, QuickTime, etc. That would point to a win 10 issue.

I beleive that this pc originally came with windows 8 and you got the upgrade to windows 10 done later and at some point the m4a files did not work properly for whatever reason.
Yes. There are at least 8 .m4a files used in this project. I would convert those audio files used first and then change that in an xml editor to the mp3 or whatever you choose. You can then place the converted files in the same folder and open the .pds file or in a different folder where you have to navigate to find them.
Thank you for the information. The project opened properly in my 64 bit PD14 and the two .m4a audio files also played properly. See the screenshot. Of the two .m4a files one is constant and the other variable bit rate as Apple audio with iTunes info.

I opened WaveEditor2 supplied with PD14 and converted one to .wma and the other to .mp3. M4a is also available. Both play properly in all players, including the default groove player in win 10. Converting can be one of the answers unless CS support can find a solution for this issue. There is none on my pc.
No. It is a separate purchase.
Try this: Highlight the clip. Click Fix/Enhance /Color Adjustment/Saturation to max. This is the better solution if you don’t want an increase in noise in a dark scene. Use the Fix/ Video Denoise if still needed.
Glad that the search is working again. This issue occured 2 nights ago instead of last night as I stated earlier. The Op may have also reported it to Cyberlink.
I don’t think anyone can give you a definite answer. Do what you want. I did find out that if you don’t install the ProDad, then new content is not installed as each new version of PD installs different contents that are cumulative in ProDad.
That was reported in the FB PDU forum last night. The Op and I found the same issue with the search giving no results. The sorts were working. The Op can write a support ticket if this is important to him.
Quote On the timeline I have the following clips for Floor (timeline section or separate project)
IASASASASASAS (I=Intro title, A= Athlete clip, S=Score Title)

The disc menu link for floor would start before the first I and return to the calling menu after the last S.

I can do this with a chapter in a project or additional clips in the content section of PD disc.

Here is my problem part:
Between the S and A I would like a chapter marker. This would allow the next / previous chapter buttons on the disc player or in VLC to move between the athletes. So for parents jumping through 15 gymnasts to find their kids in 4 events and awards will be significantly easier.


However I do not want to have PD create 30 menus for this. I have added a pic to a google drive to illustrate. That is if I got the sharing correct.

The file PS Ex1.png is a sample of how I did it in Pinnacle. The blue chapter markers are set as not linked to menus.

Google Drive


On each of the four projects, use chapters instead of titles. That will work. On VLC you will not get a chapter name but will in PowerDVD or in a standalone disc player.
Quote I found that video clip (link) more understandable than the F1 section. And experimenting - having chosen the range in edit/timeline and clicked on the produce range button, there's nothing in the produce page which opens that indicates a range limitation has been selected.

In that 10 sec. Video tutorial, a 7 min 41 sec range was created out of a 1 hr 25 min. timeline. See that changing number under the preview window. In the produce page, the same 7 min. 41 sec. appear under the produce window. That is how one would know that it is 7 min. 41 sec. Range to produce. Looking at small details can help...
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