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The track manager won’t allow me to place a fx track above track 2 or below track 1, It incorrectly places it between track 2 and track 3. Updated PD365 to the latest patch after this.

I was able to place the fx track like in your screenshot by reversing the track order in Preferences and then use the track manager to place the track above track 2 and then reversing the track order in Preferences. Only the Track 1 audio track will be shown. Can’t scroll up to see the track 1 video track. Once a sample video clip is dragged and dropped on track 1, the track 1 video track can be seen. Revolve the sample clip and track 1 is still seen now.

fx/Style Effects/Blur placed on the fx track is okay.

There appears to be bugs in PD365 causing these problems. You may want to contact CyberLink support to report this so that they may want to fix it. You may also reference this post in writing the Support ticket.
It looks like it's worth having for $99.for it’s capabilities. The time stamp unfortunately is static. The PhotoDirector did well on those in my test on an image. That partial image may be used in a static setting video interview,
As I understand the licensing, it will work with all the other video editors you have installed on your pc that they support. Titler Pro 7 works as a standalone on the consumer video editors as described in their faq. Those effects would probably work in PD19 if you purchased them two years ago. Updates and new versions tend to make things incompatible with PD. You need to work with the NB tech as Cyberlink is not going to help you as they classify it as 3rd party products.
You may want to try something like what Warry suggested to reduce system resources. You did not specify whether the failure was in the authoring step or in the later image creation step..

Try this: In the Final Output Window, check Create a folder only.and leave all the other boxes unchecked. Set the folder directory. Start burning. If this is successful then you can use VLC to view and play the dvd folder like a regular disc. You can also burn the folder with any disc utility like ImgBurn or Power2Go for free.
Your screenshot of what you want shows an aspect ratio of about 1.06 to 1. I don’t use the freehand pan and zoom. It may be better to change the Aspect Ratio to 1:1 or one of the supported AR. This project is set to 1.0 AR and the sample 16:9 AR video was edited to provide the center portion produced as a square video. Use the PiP designer set to maintain aspect ratio and you can pan anywhere in the video and not have stretch distortions.

If you want distortions then right mouse click on the clip on the timeline and choose Set Clip Format/Set Aspect Ratio… and tick the different settings.
Bend1948 - We are able to use NewBlue plugins and effects in newer versions of PD even if they are not included anymore. They can still be obtained from other sources.

Unless something changed in the last day or so, see the screenshot of my PD365 Business Edition Trial. Those NB packs, both classic, and free giveaways were just installed yesterday after being given the okay from NB support. They appear and are working in my PD365 Business Trial. Cyberlink might have made some changes to their trial edition in the meantime.
Those three packs circled in red in the screenshot are the NB Giveaways I posted in 2021 and they are working in the PD20 Business Trial now on my pc. That also worked with the PD365 trial on my failed drive. Download and install the PD Business trial and you’ll see it available and usable there..
I had the misfortune of having to replace a failed m2 boot drive recently. I installed PD17, PD365, and PD365 Business Essentials(trial). Had to contact NewBlue support to deactivate all my purchases so I can reinstall and activate them on my new drive. All of my vault classics are working in all three versions of PD. The three NB Giveaways I posted in 2021 show up and are working in PD17 and the PD365 Business(trial) but not in PD365. I had earlier reported to Cyberlink support that it works in the PD365 trial but they don’t believe me.

NewBlue tried to make their new plugins compatible with PD20/365 with patches earlier this year. NewBlue plugins are licensed to the pc when purchased from them or a reseller. I just installed them a few hours ago after NB reported that they deactivated my previous purchases so I can install them on my new drive.

It is up to Cyberlink in what they want to do. I am looking to buy a new gaming pc just to install PD365. This will hasten the purchase.
I just tried the GoPro 4k hevc and avc clips on the timeline with no problem. See this thread for possible help: . Let us know if this solves the problem.
F11 key to go to the chapter room.

F11-Schlüssel, um in den Kapitelsaal zu gelangen.
Open the Cyberlink application manager.
Quote I have a hard time inserting that transition between two clips. Sometimes I have to trys 5 or 6 times, sometimes more often.

When I manage to insert the "fade" transition, the result is not good. I get a fade from the prior clip than a black screen for one second or so before the next clip appears. There is no proper fading.

This is in at lest 50% of my editing.

Try this: The transition insertion behavior you reported happens when one drags the transition to the lower center of the clip or to the lower audio portion of the clip. Drag that transition only to the top portion or video portion of the clip and release the mouse button.

Expand the timeline ruler temporarily to allow you to see the transition placed in the center of the clip instead of it being placed on the left or right clip which will cause the black portion to be displayed as you have noted.
Here are YouTube recommended upload encoding settings: .Expand to see each item.

More than likely your GoPro 4k videos are in the hevc format and not the YT recommendation. Use the Profile Analyzer to determine the parameters of your original videos and produce them with a custom profile to match the original for your own use if desired.
See this thread: . Check out the motion trac wmv file on videos.
The next time you pause the video in a windowed view, take a look at the timecode box. Hit the stop button and move the scrubber to the same timecode. Use the frame advance buttons if necessary to locate the particular frame easily.

次にウィンドウ ビューでビデオを一時停止するときは、タイムコード ボックスを確認してください。 停止ボタンを押して、スクラバーを同じタイムコードに移動します。 必要に応じてコマ送りボタンを使用して、特定のコマを簡単に見つけます。
Answered in your other post.
Yes. Use the motion mask as in this Cyberlink tutorial: .
Not necessary to uninstal old Cyberlink software.
You have done well in answering questions in this forum for other users. The world went 16:9 years ago and Cyberlink isn’t going backward for compatibility. A 16:9 monitor on the pc is required to edit menus properly in PowerDirector after version 9. Creating a 16:9 BD is okay on your 5:4 monitor as long as you don’t modify the selected menu in the menu designer. Changing text on the menu is okay. The highlighting will be perfect on a 16:9 hdtv although it may look off in the 5:4 monitor. Go ahead and try that Blu-Ray.
I don't have these problems. You may have this problem with PD12 if you are using Windows 10 but not with Windows 7.

If the video is flipped left to right then use the PiP designer to flip it horizontally to correct for it before producing.
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