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The Paint Animations Bubbles Frame, Christmas Light, Cloud Frame, Coffee Frame, Diamonds are missing from your All Content screenshot. They are not available in the DZ. Can't locate them on the hard drive with those names in a search.

It is possible that you have a later version of 365 that Cyberlink decide to do away with them. Older templates have been removed from older versions of PD. I have templates in my older version of PD that don't exist in the newer versions. I have seen reviews of software where the author calls the template dated, meaning that they appear too old and should be removed in favor of newly created fresh ones. This may have happened and could be the reason that the particular support person did not know the right answer.

Jeff answered first. It may not be in the perpetual version.
Quote Thanks for this but if you look at the attached jpg you will see that I do not have the menu item "Paint Animations" which is what I am looking for.

It does look like that one of the content premium pack was not installed. Unable to locate the one with the PiP objects grouped as Paint Animations. No other user has been able to determine which of the pack has that grouping it seems.

It is best that you contact Cyberlink support and reference this post. They should be able to help and provide the correct information and which pack that is missing in your installation. After you get the info then you can post the answer here as there may be another user missing them too.
Quote I am having difficulties burning a dvd to the correct shape of 16/9 or standard ... the result is a side squash making eg folk nice and slim! PD 14 is tested compatible with Windows 10.

Checked all settings in Edit and Burning and they seem to be correct. Settings in DVD Player are also correct. What else should I check?

It is a while since I have used the forum ... where can I find my prior topics?

Thanks Ron

Last question first. Double Click on your avatar (square picture) on the left side of your post to see a listing of all your messages and topics posted. See this one: . Five years is a long time to start your next DVD project.

See this sticky: . On the Edit page move the Timeline slider to where people show on the preview screen and take a full screen snapshot.

Go to the Create Disc/2D Disc page and take a full screen snapshot. Attach the two snapshots on your next reply. Some one can then determine what needs to be done in PD14.
Quote If I go to DirectorZone (not via PDR), using each of the above browsers, limited numbers of DVD Menu Templates are displayed!

Microsoft Edge: 566
Google Chrome: 17
Mozilla Firefox: 17

This is an issue only CL can fix. I'll report it.


The default is Uploaded: This Month on the top left just above the menu thumbnail. That is why only 17 is showing in Google Chrome, or IE on mine. Change that drop down arrow selection from "This Month" to something else like "All Times" and see the 8575 templates that JL reported.
This observed behavior happens when you have the transition preferences set to overlap instead of cross. Nothing to worry about. If you place the transition between two clips and let the mouse button go then it will show on the left clip because the clips are shortened because they are overlapped. Change it to transaition type cross if you want.
Several possibilities here to help you. First sign out of the DZ in PD12 Preferences. Close and reopen PD12. Clear the browser cache in FireFox. Change the defauly browser to Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. Look at the browser page carefully and choose a selection to navigate yourself out of your previously downloaded page to something else on that page.

If you tried all the selections above and can't get out of it then contact Cyberlink support and write a ticket for how to navigate out of your previously downloaded page in FireFox. They will help you.
I opened PD12. Dragged the root my video and the chapter page my videos to the right off the screen. Saved the menu. Opened it in PD17 and it works properly at least in the preview.

Found the xml that Jeff is refering to. I have notice that menus from users in foreign countries display in their native language in place of my video on the DZ but that they display as my video in English once downloaded and installed on a normal english windows pc. Editing that xml file is another tool to use.
Using PD12/Create Disc/Download Temp... My Google Chrome page open to the DZ DVD Menus page and by scrolling I see 30 of them on the first page. There are 286 more pages to go while replying just now!!
I don't ever recall seeing this in the PD Forums. Prior to PD13 some users removed the Root title template by dragging it off the screen and create a separate custom title to be displayed. I can move the My Videos in the chapters page to anywhere I want and possibly off the screen if I wanted to. You can create say a chapters page with the text embedded in a background image.

Every menu I created or modified is a one time use only. You can do the same with the tools in Menu designer and report your findings or share your creativity findings with others on this forum.
More than likely the image is of an extension, size, or format not supported in Windows 7 and PD9. You can post a screenshot of the image file properties/Detail or the mediainfo on your next reply.
Thank you for giving more details on what you have. The Silvercrest usb video grabber works well with the oem version of PD12. You cannot proceed without the driver correctly installed from the supplied CD with this device. It is a scarts to composite video adapter as described here: and here: . Y

You may need a different driver for the Windows os that you have installed. You can get those with an internet search.
Quote However: Here's a hijack of my own thread! If I use the, say 'BBC Film damage' or any other, i can't seem to make the effect fade in and out. So the transition from the effect to "normal" or to another effect is a abrupt change. Is there a way to have these effects fade in and out (when on the the Fx timeline), or conversely, do I need to break up the video into sections, with a effect for each section - and then use the 'enable fade in and fade out' on the movie timeline? That seems silly and super labor intensive - so I'm guessing I've missed something simple?

Thanks again One and all! I've used this program for years, but never really went beyond basics.

Using keyframes is one possibility.
We do not have any information as to what brand/model number of whatever device that you are using. One user in the past never installed the factory driver on his pc, thinking that PD12 should work. See this tutorial made in the UK. It is a scarts to compositite. If yours is a scarts to vga then contact the manufacturer for assistance. Link: .
From time to time there appears to be a compatibility issue with MS word text on this forum. Sometimes I see posts with formatting issues that are edited and fixed later. Sometimes I see formatting issues on my reply that I edit and fix later. Sometimes my posts appear just fine and days later I see my reply truncated and there is no bottom line indicating that the message was edited. It can be worse if I use a different text editor like Google Docs.
Since you have three separate projects that are okay why not just produce each of the projects as file1, file2, and file3 or whatever names you want them to be.

Start a new project and drag each of the above produced file to the media library using windows file explorer. Highlight all three and place them to the timeline. Produce the new project using intelligent svrt. A 1.5 hour movie may take only a few minutes to create using that intelligent svrt.
Quote I have PD 15 Ultra and when I search for "Old" in Fx, Old Movie shows.

Try the Fine Noise fx.
The free gift is PhotoDirector 8 Deluxe, right? It does not allow layers. PhotoDirector 8 Ultra is the more expensive one that allows layers and is not free.

I am sure that support will get back to you in a few days...
Quote Bei dem Keyframe erhöhe ich den Pegel bis auf 9,9 Dzb.

In English:
I believe that You can go to Windows 10 Settings/Sound/Sound options/related settings/Sound Control Panel/Recording. Set the slider for microphone boost +10 decibel higher that whatever is the setting is at now. That should fix the problem.

Ich glaube, dass Sie zu Windows 10 Einstellungen /Sound/Sound-Optionen/verwandte Einstellungen/Sound-System/Aufnahme gehen können. Stellen Sie den Schieberegler für Mikrofon-Boost +10 Dezibel höher, dass, was auch immer die Einstellung ist jetzt ist. Das sollte das Problem lösen.
Quote Now the issue is. When i connect my VHS instantly to the PC with SCART and VGA, when i click the button capture it stucks at 70%.
I have the audio but no image and the program close when i click anything else.
But when i connect my VHS to the TV and then from the TV to my PC it works fine. But my new monitor not support scart so i have to find a solution.

P.S: When i use other programs the image works

I have never heard of a scarts to vga adapter. Maybe a scarts to composite video adapter exists. Let a user in the UK that is more familiar with the older tv answer this one.
The reccommended way is to save it as a packed project to be opened on a different pc. You can continue to do it your way. I don't doubt there will be problems as you have found.
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