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My test on PD17 with the docs to fill in that spreadsheet are as follow:
H265 hve mkv 1:15 431 MB
H.265 cpu mkv 4:51 437 MB
H.264 hve mp4 0:24 579 MB
H.264 cpu mp4 1:32 609 MB

GPU or CPU loading can be 100% as shown in the screenshots.
It does seem that optodata smoked the tests with his modern pc. He couldn’t use PD14 with the older Nvidia drivers for that RTX 2070. Out of curiosity I will be running the test too.
Quote Done. This topic cited also.
Got the thanks message after submit, but no reference number for later correspondence if any. Be nice to have that - I'll mention it when then follow up happens.

Things change all the time. You will not given a ticket # now but should receive it in a reply in the next few days. I am still waiting for a reply for my last ticket but did receive a ticket # on an automated reply.
Quote Weird. I posted a response here yesterday but it completely disappeared.

You did post a response yesterday to the OP who posted it again today using a different nickname: .
Windows 7 is good for the older cpu. Windows 10 is better for the modern cpu with it's supported feature updates.
Sign in to Cyberlink. Go here: . Click the large square Contact Us button on the right. Fill in the information in the form and submit the form.
Quote Please tell me someone knows how to do this... or that I should stop fiddling with it an dreading docs...

thank you

stop fiddling with it.
Quote I have a video I'd like to do a color invertion to, like a photo negative. Black to white, ect.

What effect does that? Nothing appears to do what I'm looking for. An old thread said to use Solorize but that is not the effect I'm looking for.

Thanks in advance.

You need to explain in detail what you are looking for. There is a threshold setting in Solarize. Move the slider to 0. For Black and White inversion also go to the Color correction/Saturation and set it to 0. Let us know if that works for you...
Dolby Digital is a paid licensed codec that is not free. They are unlikely to be included in free codecs. You can try and let us know if it works or not.
I also have the ult. version shown in the above screenshot. Mine works as I continuously update the smartsound when asked in the past. You may need an update to get it to work. See this update available for PD14: .
Avchd or mts files may have Dolby Digital audio. See this FAQ: .
Quote Is this possible in PowerDirector (if yes, how) or do I need another software/app?

Try this: Place the same gif file on the timeline butted up next to each other 10 times. The gif background will repeat 10 times for a 10 times increase in duration.
I am not successful in submitting a ticket just now to Cyberlink support. After filling out the form, the Accept and Submit blue button is not active at all.

I tried to produce a mkv video file with dts audio after reading this and another thread: . I was successful last year but not this year. There has not been any announcement or changes in the FAQ on this matter.

DTS is not good in my view. It is possible to create a mkv file with source avchd video and dts audio using SVRT. The produced video will have moving rainbow coloring. The fix for this is to not use svrt but to re encode with cpu or gpu rendering. This defeats the purpose of smart rendering so I stay with mp4 and m2ts as they have no problem with 5.1 audio.
Apps made for win 10 may not run on win 7 but the opposite can be true.
Have you placed the gif on the timeline yet? Use the Video speed adjustment to make it 10 times longer.
The source clip plays properly in WMP at >4<5 sec. I converted the source video to 1080/30p constant frame rate earlier with handbrake. Using VLC, play, pause, frame advance, see every 5th frame is the same as the 4th one. 4/5 x 30 = 24. Windows properties: 5 sec. 1916 x 1078 30f/s. Mediainfo of the converted file: 5.767 seconds. ⅘ x 5.767 = 4.60. This matches the source clip time of 4.6 seconds. Handbrake did not convert the time length of the file properly. It increased it.
This issue can be solved in a few weeks. Report the issue to Cyberlink support with an attached DxDiag.txt. The first thing they may do is to suggest a cumulative package that may include your exact same intel driver. Install it and retry the project. I wasn’t able to repeat a problem reported by another user after installing the same exact driver in a different package 5 years ago.
Quote Question for you - do you use any third party plugins?

Almost none as I try not to make mistakes in recording videos. Use manual exposure/tripods/experience, etc. This way I can use svrt most of the time. The plugins are most useful for post production effects and enhancement of videos if one does movie making or filmmaking at 24 fps or to fix errors. Plugins like NewBlue are included with PD ult and 365.
It does seem that updated Windows 10 intel graphics drivers are available for you to try out. See this page: . I believe that that the rendering time decrease may be significant with the QS encoding with a working updated driver. You can try the automatic update utility.
In English: DTS is not a product of Dolby Labs. They are a competitor to Dolby products.

Auf Deutsch: DTS ist kein Produkt von Dolby Labs. Sie sind ein Konkurrent zu Dolby-Produkten.
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