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Cell phone videos are known to cause the audio sync issue because of the variable frame rates. I have seen tutorials on fixing it but couldn't locate the one from PowerDirector University on fixing it. It's buried under the tons of videos on YouTube.
Jim that is good that you see others viewpoint. Do not want to sound critical, only saw that after viewing that tutorial. You do supply great tutorials that are welcome by users and inspire others to continue with their creativity. laughing
Quote Hi, i cant see a option in PD10 to finalise my dvd when i have created then carried out the burn process - i am using DVD+R discs - does the programme finalise the dvd automatically ??

Yes it does.
StevenG has the best answer to those who want to capture video from a device. The capture software supplied with the VC500 works flawlessly.

If one insist on using PD17 to capture then see this post: . You must not be using the PD17 trial but have the latest patch installed to get it mostly working as I received the message from support that an engineer has been assigned to look at it. I do not know if the beta patches fix all of it. You can try them and report back to us if it works for you.

Check if your cable connection is composite or s-video. Go to Settings/Video Setup/Capture source and make the correct change.
Jim shows a different way to do it. You don't need the mask if you place the original video in lower track 3 and save some steps too. It is good that the OP can see and have the choices of other methods in this post to achieve the result she is seeking.
See this post, The OP reported the same error message occurred in PD16 while downloading the software update 7 months ago:;jsessionid=49ED2A2D40D78FA6C8C4E8D5A1EC6095 . It is possible that your internet connection is too slow like in using mobile data.
Try this: Put the same video in track 1 and track 2. Use PiP designer to enlarge the sides of the video to fill the screen in track 1 and then apply the blur fx effect to it.
See this comparison list. Screen Recorder 2 is supplied: . The SC4 page list it as $49.99 to upgrade: .
Menu template link for space_8: .

Every menu in the DZ has the same assets as space_8. You just need to replace the background image with an airplane photo.

1. main page -video title is My Videos on that and every Menu template.
2. scenes – This is nothing more than the chapter menu on every menu template created.

There are no plane or airplane menu templates that I find in the DZ. They are Box and Clouds. All you have to do is to replace the background space image in that Space_8 menu with an airplane image that you find and choose in a google search on the internet.

Hope this helps. Maybe a kind soul can upload an airplane menu to the DZ.
Looking at the last 3 posts from last year, Alan wants particles and motion objects to replace the chapter thumbnails in a DVD menu. This is what he is calling videos. Unfortunately, video clips are not allowed to be uploaded to the DZ. The particles and motion objects can have animation that can simulate the videos that he wants for those thumbnails.

Hope this is the explanation.
Optodata answered first while I was still typing. I beleive that whatever it is that you are seeking in a menu then we got you covered with the information posted in this thread.
Based on your description you want a dvd menu with many chapter/title thumbnails. If you have videos for say 1. Vintage trains, 2. Space ships, 3. Automobiles, 4. Airplanes then you want a menu that has say at least 4 chapter thumbnails so that you can name each of the thumbnail with the above names you want.

In the Create disc/Menu Preference tab uncheck Include the Root menu so the chapter Menu appears with those names and thumbnails you choose to show.

The menu template background can be replaced in menu designer to one that show planes that you have.

A multilevel menu may be what you want if you want chapters for each of the above titles.
Cyberlink did issue hotfix patches for the Intel drivers issue for the last 3 versions of PD: . Perhaps it was this rather than for the nvidia driver.
I have noticed that the 3 screenshots indicate that the project aspect ratio is 16:9 while the custom profile created and selected is for AR 4:3. This is a conflict.

If the project video AR is 4:3 and correctly set to 4:3 then there is no need to create a custom profile of 4096 x 3072 as it is available as a default profile. My GoPro can record these videos.
Quote Thanks but I don't know how to change the sliders to get the exact color I want.

After you got the motion tracking mask done as illustrated here by PIX then you need to scroll down on the Regional Adjustment Tools to Color Replacement and use that eyedropper tool to select the object color and the New Color tool to change the color. An alternative is to change the White Balance Temperature and Tint sliders to change the colors shown in the illustration.
Optodata has aced it for everyone!! laughingsealedsmile That is the best dirty window effect I have seen. Thank You for very much for your time and effort. The OP can have what he wants now using only PD17.

Looking at the packed project I replaced the 1st video with a chosen color board. Shorten the paint animation. Produced it. Place this over the video. Chroma keyed it and then produced it. It is like the OP original link of video. See the attached.

Thank you again optodata for your creative thinking in solving this issue.
I don’t see a fix but based on your statement there is a workaround. If you keep a constant time of say 10 seconds for each fx on the timeline then it would be easy to add titles later. Go ahead and produce what you have. Add 10 second titles to the produced file. This project can be produced again with titles added. There will be less load on the pc than in trying to produce it all in one shot.
I have received a reply to this ticket today. Here it is:
With reference to your query, PowerDirector 17 Paint Designer doesn't support the Inverse function currently. We really appreciate to the suggestion and we have forwarded the suggestion to the corrosponding department for considertion.

You may try to use the Paint Desinger pip to produce a same aspect ratio video. Apply Chroma key on the produced video to remove the background and then use the "Video In Reverse" on the video to workaround it.

The OP wanted the effect like wiping a dirty window with a towel to clear it to see through it to see the the image or video behind it.

Using the workaround from support I do not get what the OP want. Use a pen red 80 width scribble from the top left to bottom right for the paint animation. Use PiP Designer chroma key on the red scribble. Power Tools/Video in Reverse. Produced the movie. What is seen is the red scribble changed to black instead of being transparent and move in reverse. If anyone can get this working then please point out how it can be done. I must be missing something here. See the attached movie.
Pix – That is clever to add a pixelated face to cover up an individual’s head.

According to this article there is an AI Style pack for PhotoDirector10 that includes mosaic, but I would not know if it would work for the needs of the OP. That should be available to the 365 subsciber. Article link is: .
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