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Quote Yes i know, but the preview windows have green dots, How can this be resolved?

The titler pro is only included if you purchase either the ultimate or the 365 edition now and not the ultra. This is part of the Limited templates and effects in the trial spelled out here: .
Quote Do people share around here? I'd be happy to if I had quality free luts. hmm

Color Director Presets created by users are shared in the DirectorZone. They work in PD17. LUTs can be used also. See this video for a good explanation of LUTs: . You can buy them if you want. Free one are available.
Video encoding can be actually faster with a modern i7 cpu rendering than with gpu rendering using a $50 graphics card.
Quote I cannot figure out how to get the 180 3d up to youube and viewable on occulus go from there. they keep coming out side by side in viewer and no vr.

The manufacturer’s webpage does not explain how 3d is recorded. Like whether it is side by side where you can use a cardboard viewer for YouTube or if shutter glasses are needed to view on a TV.

The review of the camera in Tom’s guide state that you watch footage from the Evo using the Samsung Gear VR or Oculus Go headsets, and with the $30 Holoframe. New 3D TV’s aren’t sold anymore and there is no other mention of any other way.

Go ahead and upload a short unedited 3D clip to YouTube and see what you need to do.

EDIT: optodata answered first. Check all your settings as suggested. That can be the first thing you need to do.
You should have Color Presets & CLUTs 2 lines up from HDR Effect. Check that and you should be able to click the down arrow at the top of the library for Import color presets and CLUTs. You can then browse to the downloaded LUTs on your pc.
Try this: Simply place all 19 clips on the timeline butted together and produce it as a title. Use this as the first title followed by the other 19 separate title.
Uncheck Include the Root Menu.
Quote So what should I do in this situation? Do I click YES or NO or I can go download a software patch from cyberlink website?

It would be a good idea to download any necessary or update patches for the PD17 you have. You should also download the update patch for the screen recorder that you closed out the notification at the beginning of your video. Install all the patches.

You may want to shut down the pc for one minute to clear the script error.
Try this: Check the (?) help file with the LabelPrint. You may need to have the the Lightscibe disc label side down to be recognized for that option to appear.
The bitrate can be changed using a custom profile to provide the desired bitrate. There may be more than one issue here. Created a PD17 custom profile for xaxc s 200 Mbps and produced the supplied sample file. The bitrate is 56.1 Mbps.

Created a custom profile using an earlier version PD14 and produced the sample file. The bitrate is 124 Mbps which is what you want if using variable bitrate. Using math: 200/124 = 1.61. The bitrate setting can be 1.61 x 98 =158 Mbps to produce the 98 Mbps desired in PD14. See the attached mediainfo.

You need to report this as a bug to Cyberlink Support. They may have an explanation for this such as the quality may be great at this bitrate to their eyes. After all YouTube encoding for uhd 3840 x 2160 is 16.1 Mbps which is great quality to many eyes.

The other issue is the AMD card that you have may not produce at a higher bitrate. It is possible that no matter what bitrate needs to be encoded and set, that AMD card may cap the bitrate at 65 Mbps no matter what. It is possible that a different user may have the answer. Contact Cyberlink support and report both issues and keep us updated on what they find. Post the support ticket number here.
You may want to use svrt after using the profile analyzer if it is available or by creating a custom profile. You are allowed to input up to 200 Mbps if you like. I do not have a sample of your video file or your video card to test.
Tell us the file size of the one rendered with the hardware video encoder and the one rendered with cpu only. That may explain the problem. The smaller file encoded at a lower bitrate will have worst video quality.
Quote I'm struggling my way through it, hopefully it will all look good when I'm done!

Before multicam I used Sync by audio and put 4 different videos on the preview screen by resizing and placement. You can do five. This way I can see all the videos playing at once. If you desire the video on track 1 then lower the opacity of the videos on the lower 4 tracks. If you want the track 5 to show then resizing it to full screen does the job. Did this for a friend’s graduation many years ago on PD12. The opacity line information from optodata works well.
Mira2 – Sure. A few years ago, I have checked both Create a Folder and Burn to disc. The disc burn failed with the error message that Bernard posted and the authoring (Create a folder) failed at 99% but the folder is completed. This allow anyone to burn the folder to disc using say Power2Go, ImgBurn, etc. Keep a diary of your pc configuration so you know what to do.
Quote Am able to complete a blue ray burning about 30% of the time however the disks either cannot be read in my OPPO player and/or they smear up and lock up. Get this error msg when disks do not burn at all. I am guessing that the cyberlink software might be corrupted?

Glad that a simple configuration change solved it for you this time.

A 30% success rate is okay for you but I think 70% might be better. You could start a diary and note what changes you must do in making the right changes to the configuration to boost the success rate. See this FAQ: . Number 7 is important. My diary said a cloud driver update caused and reversal solved the problem for me a few years ago. Yours can be different so a diary of configuration changes you made can help immensely.
Quote Attached is a screen shot

Bernard – By now you probably already fixed the problem. See the attached screenshot of the 2D Disc tab requested. I have duplicated the issue. This screenshot shows the configuration settings on the left which can be used to determine the issue.

See what is highlighted on the left side of the screen and make the changes to fit the disc.

EDIT: Your PD16 Final Burn screen looks different from from what I have seen in the past. You may have an OEM or reduced version of PD16.
Quote What else should I be watching, doing to learn?

This tutorial should answer your questions about making YouTube videos: . Check out the other tutorials on the PowerDirector University channel for more help.
Go to the fx room. Some of those effects will have an icon that means it works with an amd or nvidia gpu to accelerate the rendering if you have it enabled in Preferences/Hardware acceleration. I don't use enough of the fx on a timeline to see a huge difference.
Try this: Simply click and drag that Fade In from the left to the right and it becomes a Fade Out.
Quote Thanks. Magic Style worked better, but it only included about 1/2 to 2/3 of the images and cut off videos. Best I can hope for, I guess.

I was hoping that an experienced Magic user would reply to your question. I don’t use it enough. You did not state in your original post which Magic Movie template you were using or that you were using video too. The behavior is different with each template. Some include Theme Designer and allow you to remove the duplication. If you have several hundred photos they may be too hard to remember which has been played already.

Don't have the problem you stated above with Magic Style. Every image I selected get used at least with the Grid template.

It may be better to contact Cyberlink Support and explain what you want to do. An expert there may be able to help tremendously, and it would be great if you post their suggestion here for all to see. This would help other users who may have the same issues.
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