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Quote I'm using Power Director 13 Ultimate.
How do you integrate videos obtained through an iPhone in either portrait (9:16) or landscape (16:9), in terms of aspect ratio asdjustment without distorting the final video. Help appreciated

PD13 does not have a 9:16 Aspect Ratio selection. It has the 16:9 AR selection. The iPhone also has the 4:3 AR. The portrait mode clips on the timeline may appear sideways on some computers operating system.. You can rotate and size them to your preference on the preview screen or in the PiP Designer.
Quote I’m considering Cyberlink PowerDirector as I have found it as one of the best video editing tool at many review sites and comparison charts like this but want to use it in tandem with another video editor. So the question is will I face any issues or system slowdown or whatever that will influence the system stability?

The link in that post goes to the Geek Byter website. The screenshot price shown to buy it now is too good to be true. That button opens the CyberLink website which displays the regular price instead of the $13.99. Buying for less may be possible.
Quote ...all I really wanted were two features not found in PD21: the voice-to-text and the AI object selection for videos (as opposed to still images). After reading on this forum what unfortunate changes were made to the UI, I'm just going to stay with PD21-perpetual until these changes have been rectified. I'm grateful I have the perpetual PD21 and didn't automatically get updated by PD365.

Unfortunately, the AI object selection for videos(as opposed to still images) doesn’t exist. These tools exist in the PD365 version. See this previous post: . I used the Create a custom selection mask which is in both PD21/365. This mask works with both video and images. The PD365 Auto object selection tool in the brush mask does not work with videos, only with images.

I have since revisited the PD2024 webpage and noticed no change in the AI Object Detection advertisement from before. Use the Silhouette body effect on the video, took a screenshot, Used the Mask Auto object selection tool and got all three individuals highlighted. Had to use the included tools to remove the others and touch up on the body effects. Now Kellie appears more like in the splash screen as indicated by Jeff. Removed the body effects from the video portion afterwards and continued. All I can say is use whatever tools available to you to do the job on the splash screen.

I would like to see the AI object selection for videos in the PD Windows version too. There are enough tools to get the job done. AI tools still seem to need touchup in this instance.

In the other forums, there are users that are very happy with the new PD365 with the changes and don’t have the crashes mentioned here. As always, there are pc’s that may have no serious issues.

There may be a voice to text tool in your version of Windows.
Thank you for your reply. Unchecking hardware decoding in Preferences/Hardware acceleration was the answer that worked in the other post. I believe what threw both Warry and I in supplying this correct answer is your statement that the Hardware acceleration was disabled. Took this to mean the setting in Preferences and not the Fast Video Rendering Technology that you meant.

Glad that everything is working for you now.
I recall this issue posted in another forum about a year ago and don’t recall the solution. Is this a 10 bit video? You can use mediainfo online to determine the properties of the video, download it as text, and attach it here on your next reply. Link: . Someone then may be able to suggest a possible solution. You may also attach a 5 second raw video from the device for users here to test on their pc.
You should be able to do that easily. Try this:
1. Highlight the frozen image and do a cut (CTRL-X)
2. Highlight the beginning clip, Right mouse click on it, choose paste /Paste, Insert, and Move All Clips in the dialog window.
Nobody reported the bug to Cyberlink technical support for two years. Not sure if they can be faulted for that.
Quote How do I remove the Disc Burner icon from my screen. Can I just relocate to Recycle Bin.
EDIT: Just tried Recycle bin. Dosen't work

I would use the Preferences/General/ uncheck it from the Windows startup to do the job.
You can put that live photo on the timeline and export it as Image Sequence JPG. Select the folder for export, profile, fps and hit Start. You will get a lot of still photos.

If that live photo is from an iphone then it is about a 2.5 sec. MOV file. of about 2.5k resolution whereas the stll photo of JPG or HEIC will be of >4K resolution which is better quality. I would just use the stills for better quality.
Change the Aspect ratio of the project to 16:9 or 4:3 to see the other output file types.
Quote What is "AI Object Segmentation"? It is shown as a feature, but a PD21 help search doesn't produce any results.

Also, does 365 allow an AI object selection tool to work with video images as well as still images? If so, how can I tell if PD2024 now incorporates this feature (I don't know what it is called)?

Edit: Is "AI Object Segmentation" what used to be called "AI Object Detection"? If so, that answers my second question!

I believe that your inquiry was answered in your last two previous posts. The answer is yes to the last question. See this post for a clarification and a FAQ link on how to use it properly in PD21: .

The FAQ by itself: .
You can upgrade to PD22 when it is released. Many do not accept the recommendation to remove the old versions for good reasons. The new versions may and do have bugs that require a few patches to iron out and to be able to use the custom templates created in the older version. Warry’s idea is sound. You can do a forum search for issues when upgrades instead of purchasing as new to save a few dollars for advantages and disadvantages from users..
The Stable Diffusion 3 runs off my edge browser. It is as intelligent in actor name recognition as my paid commercial apps. See only momentary spikes in cpu and gpu usage to make an image. Will need to investigate further when I disable the internet connections.

Thanks for posting this information. The OP and others can generate low res AI generated images for free without a watermark in addition to the 5 free daily ones from Cyberlink.
Quote So can you use the AI Image Generator after initial module download with no internet connection? At least up to your 5 times. That would give credence to remote processing. Some other AI modules download code and run locally, like AI Sky Replacement.


I believe that the OP’s assumption is a mistake. There aren’t any home pc with the ai generation software that is powerful enough to create the commercial ai image for the masses for free. Also have had to have a data connection for it to work as it is being processed on another computer. All the commercial ai apps that I use have the ai generated images done on a remote computer.

This is the reason to have a paid subscription for the commercial ai generation although they do give you a limited number of free ones to try.
It is usually somewhere between September and October. PD21 was released on Sept 15 last year so PD22 may be released next week if the trend continues. My notes indicate PD21 was released on Sep 15, 2022 and as validated by this post: .
Quote I have been searching through the whole powerdirector, I can't solve the issue even after a few hours

please help, where did I missed out?

Use the MediaInfoOnline link: and download the report Upload it as an attachment on your next reply. As far as I know, the video will be the 16:9 aspect ratio with a rotational flag of 90 degrees. It should view properly on newer Windows OS and with updated viewers but not in Windows 7.
Quick creation of your own splash screen.
It is possible that your pc cannot handle hevc videos. Please read this and supply the DxDiag.txt file as an attachment on your next reply.

There are at least two other options that you can use now to try to circumvent this problem. Uncheck Hardware decoding in preferences. In your samsung phone change the video setting from hevc h.265 in which you are using to avc h.264 for greater compatibility like the video that Mishka rendered with h.264.

Möglicherweise kann Ihr PC HEVC-Videos nicht verarbeiten. Bitte lesen Sie dies und fügen Sie die Datei DxDiag.txt als Anhang bei Ihrer nächsten Antwort hinzu.

Es gibt mindestens zwei weitere Möglichkeiten, mit denen Sie jetzt versuchen können, dieses Problem zu umgehen. Deaktivieren Sie in den Einstellungen die Option „Hardware-Dekodierung“. Ändern Sie in Ihrem Samsung-Telefon die Videoeinstellung von Hevc H.265, in dem Sie verwenden, zu AVC H.264, um eine bessere Kompatibilität zu erzielen, wie das Video, das Mishka mit H.264 gerendert hat.
Even though I have the "Suite" version, I don't have the feature as the table indicates. You might see if your version has the feature, if not, one simply needs to isolate the girl in the freeze frame with the "Custom selection mask" feature,

That ultimate suite is not sold in the U.S.A. as was told by support years ago. They won't sell it to me. Only the 365 suite version is sold.

There is a feature that can be used in the ios, android, and now in the mac versions where the girl can be isolated using ai but not in the PD windows version yet.

Each of the layers were probably worked on separately, exported, and brought back in to assemble on the timeline. The forward motion and then speed reversal is on the bottom layer only with the cloud starburst video. Hope that the OP can get started on the project with the information given here so far.
It looks like it was done with multiple layers. There is a background video without Kelly. There is a video of a walking Kelly on a blue screen. At some point, a freeze frame effect is created. It is used as a cutout with further processing in an image program used on top of an overlay of another screen with the title set at a lower opacity. which is on top of the white starburst video and with the speed reversed half way through. Cyberlink support may be able to give better details on how it is done. I am sure that they may have paid a programmer to spend many hours to create this effect of a few seconds to get it right for this advertising.
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