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Click yes to allow the aacs periodic update. It should work just fine for now. It works on mine.
I am aware of three different methods to get the laptop to use the Nvidia graphics card instead of the Intel integrated graphics with PowerDirector. Each user that claim this show the screen recordings with GPU-Z/sensor tab open or with the task manager open. I am convinced that video editing does use the Nvidia graphics, shortening the battery life and giving little advantage with the change in settings.

Not one of the users above have shown the Nvidia GPU being used while producing to my knowledge like in Nvenc encoding.

I did post one of the methods earlier to a user who asked and have not heard back from this individual : . Maybe it works maybe it don’t but we will never know if users don’t bother to respond. Using the Windows 10 task manager is a good start.
This won't work. Chapters are not titles. Titles are separate videos or projects. The easiest way to fix this now may be to highlight each chapter section on the timeline use the Produce Range to create each separate titlle(video). In the Create Disc/Content, you can add the titles or projects.

See this post for additional information: .
I beleive that the Power2Go has the backups that you are seeking.
Quote Hello,

I think I can do this on Gimp, but anyway to do it with PhotoDirector?
GIMP: see method 2



See the original post: .

PhotoDirector/Edit/Etract or Compose/Background Removal/Select the brush tools and use them/Apply/Export.

See the attached result with the background removed with PhotoDirector. Gimp works too and it is free as shown by optodata.
There is a perfect explanation for the incorrect menu being displayed in the destination pc. In the source pc -c:\users\public\cyberlink\downloaded menu\menu001 is used and made into a packed project. The source pc is only a few months young.

In the destination pc, the wrong menu is displayed but it is the one at c:\users\public\cyberlink\downloaded menu\menu001 which is a different menu downloaded from the DZ many years ago.

It doesn't matter that this custom menu was created months ago on this destination pc and copied to the source pc with the PDTemplate Packer which places it in the Downloaded menu section. It is perfectly logical.

It does seem that optodata's point is correct when it comes to menu templates and Jeff's point is correct with motion objects that are downloaded say from the DZ. This may or may not work with custom templates. More tests may be needed for that. Suffice to say that I want to stick to one pc for video editing.
You have the preview screen undocked. Dock it and all the problems should go away. You can then resize the preview screen to be larger and the Library detail view should automatically adjust.

You can resize the preview screen by placing the cursor in between the library and preview screen to find the area where it will change to a double headed arrow. You can then click and drag left or right to resize the preview screen and the library will adjust automatically to not cover up the details like you see in your two screenshots.
I beleive that the Intel graphics is required to display 4k uhd bd as it runs in a protected enviroment not supported in any Nvidia card.
Try this: Open the Nvidia control panel/3D Settings/Manage 3D settings/Global Settings/ Change it from Auto-select to High performance Nvidia processor. This works with some users but not with others. Let us know the result you get
Here is the link for one of the PDVD19 user guide. See page 41 and 42. You may want to save a copy on your pc for future reference.
Link: .
Translation of above post:
Hello. Thank you for your help.
PowerDirector15 is currently in use.
Download the free title template and double-click it to open a small screen of Effect Insutaller and display the "Title Template installed and available." It is available in CyberLink PowerDirector" but it is not reflected in the title room when PowerDirector15 is launched. How do I make this happen?
When I looked at the properties of the downloaded file, the program was "Effect Extractor" and it was not "PowerDirector".
I think i can reflect this if I change it to "PowerDirector", but when I click "Change", "PowerDirector" does not appear.
How do I change from Effect Extractor to PowerDirector15?
Thank you, Professor.

Answer in English:
The Effects Extractor is correct. Go back and look carefully at the title template aspect ratio you downloaded. Now look at your project aspect ratio. Is it the same or is it different? Both has to be the same or else you will not find it in the Title Room.

英語で答える:エフェクトエクストラクタは正しいです。戻って、ダウンロードしたタイトル テンプレートの縦横比を注意深く確認します。次に、プロジェクトの縦横比を確認します。それは同じですか、それとも違いますか?どちらも同じである必要があります。
On that tutorial, click the YouTube button on the lower right of that screen. It will open in a new tab and you will see that the published date is Apr 11, 2017 for PowerDVD 17 and not for PDVD 19. The Product comparison page show that all four versons of PDVD19 can rip CDs. The user manual however for PDVD 19 pc mode page 42 present the correct way to rip CDs. It also notes that not all versions of PDVD 19 has this feature.

You can use the WindowsMediaPlayer to rip the CDs for free. You don’t need any other software.
I had at times worked with packed projects from the forums which appear to work properly here.

Do think that Jeff’s point is valid so used 4 PiP objects from the DZ and a menu in the Downloaded section which was originally a custom menu from the destination pc. Packed the avchd project from the source pc. Opened it in the destination pc and found that 3 out of the 4 motion object displayed correctly. The one motion object that did not display correctly is not available in the destination pc as it displayed one of the other a second time. The source pc has a total of 4 motion objects downloaded from the DZ while the destination pc has over a hundred motion object downloaded over the years.

The menu displayed is the wrong one. It is a custom menu created in the destination pc. Used the PDTemplate Packer to place it in the Downloaded section of the source pc. The menus have the same name.

It does seem that not everything is in black and white. Maybe more testing and/or knowledgeable support person can provide the right answer for this finding.
Thanks for your feedback. You moved the 16.0 My Titles and it’s sub folders to replace that in the 18.0 My Titles which has no subfolders yet. Yes, that does work. I am guessing that you now want to uninstall PD16. You made a wise decision in the beginning to not uninstall PD16 when prompted while installing the PD18 upgrade. You know what to do the next time with an upgrade. There are always those who uninstall the previous version first and find that they can’t install the upgrade and then ask for help. Congratulations. Well Done!!! laughingsealedsurprised
See this post for information: . Did you remember to upgrade the bios on the motherboard before doing the cpu swap? That could make a difference.
This behavior has been reported with video having a variable bit rate audio like mp3 and with variable frame rate videos like from cell phones. See this post: . This tutorial may help: .

You could try producing the video without editing first to give it a constant frame rate and a constant audio bit rate so the audio waveform may be matched better with the video.
Yes. There is a list of the Hotkeys available. Open PD15. Hold down the Shift key and hit the F12 key and a list of the keyboard shortcuts will show on a browser page.
You are making too many mistakes. Your screenshot shows that your project is in the 16:9 aspect ratio and you try to make a custom profile for the 4:3 aspect ratio.

Can you supply say a 5 to 10 sec. sample of the converted 1080p video that you claim to one drive or google drive to share. Other users will be able to check it out and can supply a workable solution.
Quote Thank you so much for your reply, I was beginning to think it was perhaps a silly question.

I don't recall uninstalling previous versions in the past when I have upgraded, but perhaps I did, because when I upgraded from PD16 to 18 this time, the custom title templates are all still there!! The whole process was different this time, so maybe that had something to do with it.

If you did not uninstall the previous version of PD16 then you should be able to open PD16 now. If those PD16 shortcuts are missing on your pc then that means possibly that you choose to let the PD18 installation uninstall your previous version PD16 during the installation dialog. Nothing is ever uninstalled without your permission.

If you find that you don’t have the PD16 along with your PD18 then post back and either I or someone else will post on what you can do at this point.
You need to give more information to get good help from the users here. Please let us know what you used and how the files are recorded. Are the files compliant (mpeg-2, correct bitbate, resolution, etc.) for playing on a dvd or non compliant and you simply want to store them as data on dvd+-dl discs as storage.

Do you even know if these are avi files since you stated that you don't want to compress them. You could search and find a utility to simply cut the files to size to put them on disc or have them dvd-video complaint from using a video editor. Need the details to help.

You may be able to create dvd-video discs simply using the Power2Go software if the trimming of those 17 to 25GB files, authoring, etc. is adequate for your needs. You are allowed to say trim the end on one file to make it smaller, the begging of the same file, and both ends of the next one so you can burn them all without recording the shows again. It is that easy.
Quote How do I transfer custom templates, such as titles, to an updated version of powerdirector? In the past I have lost all custom templates when updating.

I see at least three options here.

  1. Don't uninstal your previous version of PD.

  2. 2. Share your custom templates on the DirectorZone. Download them to the pc. Delete them from the DZ afterwards. Don't leave trash to clutter up the DZ for others to see. Uninstal your PD previous version.

  3. Use PDTemplate Packer from the PDTemplate zone to transfer those custom templates you made and then you can safely uninstall your previous version of PD : .

There may be other methods but I haven't seen any response to this post in the last 3 days. Good Luck. Happy Cyber Monday!!
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