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Quote This is great! Thanks for letting us know 👍

When I visited the linked page, a pop-up window appeared with the free coupon code prominently displayed, and all I had to do was copy and paste it in the order form to get the free plug-in

BTW: the same link I posted on another forum site does not display the popup code.

It looks like that link they sent me included my credentials to get the free plugin. Non subscribers and non registered users need to use one these links:,also%20be%20used%20from%20within%20NewBlue%20Titler%20Pro.



to buy the above set from NewBlue.
NewBlue fx users that have registered and subscribed to their mail should find a link to the plugin Filter 5 Refocus for $99 and a code to get it free this month.

Installing it places a new group called NewBlue Filters which consists of 8 plugins. They are Colorize, Dream Glow, Fish Eye, Frame Rate, Light Leak, Soft Focus, Spotlight, and Tilt Shift. Each of the plugins works well in PowerDirector. 3 are in previous packs. 5 are new.

The video demos show that the soft focus plugin which is also in NB essentials I included in the PD365 is used to soften a person’s face to remove wrinkles and blemishes. This may be helpful as there are previous posts and threads about how to accomplish this in the PD Forums.

I have noticed a new requirement now for the installation of this set. Windows 10, 64 bit version is required according to the information and instructions on their website. Here is a link to the collection and demos: . One needs to enter the sent code in the NewBlue email if desired.
See this post for the answer: .
My hard disk is 0% fragmented right now because Windows 10 enables the defragmenter by default unless one changes it. Select delete from disk from the PD15 library does exactly that. The defragmenter becomes active only after a number of files are deleted on my system.
It does seem that your zoom_2.jpg is showing an aspect ratio that is greater than 16:9. Not seeing this issue in the tutorials but you seem to find them.
Quote thank you Jeff and TOMASC. I am a novice; apologies. Here is an MP4 file with the annoying clicks. IF I just knew what they were, I could remove them with Audio director. Thank you

Thank you for the audio sample. That is a hardware issue in sound from the linear mono track of the vhs tape. It has what is known as wow and flutter in the analog audio portion of the tape. This flutter heard is usually caused by a bent capstan or a dirty capstan and slipping pinch roller. The vhs machine needs to be serviced by a competent technician.

There are specialized software made for reducing analog recording wow and flutter in a digital world that you way want to explore if you do not want to get a different vhs player like this one : .
There are tools in Fix/Enhance called Video Denoise and Video Enhancement that can be useful in reducing or removal of the ‘grain’ or noise in low light video.

NewBlue Video Essential 2 has a Noise Reducer plugin that can be used if you have it.
There is no sample audio in your audio director project file. A 10 seconds sample supplied during quiet moments can help other users to determine what is needed. It is possible for the manual tracking adjustment on the vcr if it has one can set it to have either good picture or good audio but not both unless the original camera or vcr is used to play that original tape. Does the vhs tape have linear mono or stereo hi-fi audio... That would make a huge difference in finding a different vcr to match the tape you have.
Quote I'm using PowerDirector to add subtitles to movies.
This means thousands of lines of subtitles.
I would love to give the subtitles some background, like light grey.
I saw this video here, but that won't work for me. It would mean adding a color board to every single place there is a subtitle in a movie (with thousands of lines of subtitles):
Have I overlooked something or is there no way in PowerDirector (365) to very simply add some background to all subtitles? Or is that a feature that should be suggested to CyberLink?

Thank you,

Did not see Jim apply a different color board to each subtitle in that YouTube tutorial that you linked as you claimed. He only used one stretched to the full duration of the video. You may want to add a comment to that tutorial that you saw him add a color board to each and every subtitle and maybe get a reply on that.
You are saying that maybe this is the only tape that you are having problems with. All the others have no problem. Barry does this conversion as a business. Maybe you want to consider his business to convert that tape to DVD. It is in his signature.
Quote How do I tell PD 19 I need my 2560x1080 video to be produced at that same resolution? PD19 wants to add black bars. I need that to go away. I have changed the Profile.ini using someone else's guide for many prior videos at 2560x1440, and that worked marvelously.

2560x1080 custom profile, however, black bars.

PD19 does not support producing a 21:9 aspect ratio video. Depending on the source file, any number of ways can be used to convert the produced file to the ultrawide aspect ratio. Here are some of the methods: .
Need to know the specifics of the .mov file. Please use mediainfo(freeware) link here: and attach the text file on your reply so we can see the file details.
If the Drive E is an external removable drive, then that could happen when it is disconnected or powered down without first using the Safely remove hardware button to let one know when it can safely be removed. I would save the project files (.pds) in the Documents\Cyberlink\PowerDirector\18.0\ internal drive folder for all projects while the assets, import, and produced folders can be kept in the external drive. This would lessen the chance of the .pds file not being completely written to disk. You may also save your projects using save as… with a suffix of say -1, -2, -3, and so on in case the last one gets corrupted again. You would then have a previous one to use.
Quote I am missing a file. I cannot find it in autosave, because for some reason, it auto deletes the files after a while. Deep scanning the hard drive didn't find it.This is not the first time this has happened. How can I recover this file that I worked on for weeks? And how can PDS files just simply disappear?!

Go to Preferences/Project. Please post the location of your Auto save project files. Go to File/Save Project as… and post the location of the saved project files.You can post screenshots of these if you want.
There is no need for me to create a custom resolution video. The Live photo that I use for the Live Wallpaper is 4:3 rotate flag 90 taken with the iPhone. It displays on the screen properly as all my other Live photos and videos taken with the iPhones.

There are apps at the store for creating live wallpapers but not at any custom aspect ratio that I am aware of. Here is one way of doing it: . This question is better asked in the apple community.
Replacing all the png files with say red ones modified with an image editor like photoshop and saved to the same resolution should work.
NewBlue fx users that are registered and subscribe to the mail should find a link to the plugin. Cut Away for $99 and a code to get it free.

Installing it places a new group called NewBlue Elements which consists of 6 plugins. They are Active Camera, Auto Pan, Background Generator, Cut Away, Reflection, and Tile. Cut Away allows you to magnify an area in your video and place it anywhere on the screen. This is similar to the Cyberlink fx magnifier and the NB Magnifying Glass but not the same. The other plugins also appear in the previous NB Video Essentials IV. All the plugins work in PowerDirector. I have not compared the updated features of them yet.
Someone else may want to post a review or compare them.
As far as I know in previous news, YouTubers in the past have been sued by some record companies for millions of dollars for unauthorized use of music. Royalty free may not be copyright free as the company still wants to ensure that the use of their music is paid for by the user. Even smartsound music is flagged as the company wants to ensure that music came from a video editor that has been paid for and not from a pirated source. See this article: . I believe that filing a dispute is standard business as the company just wants to know who is using the music and if the few cents or dollars have been paid up front like in PD365.
Quote You are right that for photos you use the Crop/Zoom/Pan tool. But what I'm looking for is the same or similar tool for video.

Does PD 19 Ultimate provide Pan & Zoom tool for videos like it does for photos? For example, zoom in from 0 sec to 30 sec of the video, and zoom out from 31 sec to 50 sec, etc.

Thanks & regards.

This may help. For Videos, highlight the video clip on the timeline first and then use this tool: .

For Photos, highlight the image on the timeline first and then use this tool: .

One tool is for videos and the other for images or photos.
Quote My problem here is that the TV cannot display the files in list mode,
only as icons which it neatly displays in 2 rows, odd on top and
evens below. This means you cannot have the files automatically display
sequentially, it plays the odds first then the evens.

That sums up my progress to date.

I solved this problem ages ago by using a HTPC. Today you can buy a small cheap used laptop for <$100 to store DVD, BD, and AVCHD Disc folders. Menus and chapters work great with the folders or iso if you use the right media player. You can play more modern 1060/60p avchd 2.0 with PowerDvd. With Windows 7 or 10, you can cast any video to your TV wirelessly from any room.

You can also buy a better BD player that can play multiple AVCHD(HD resolution) folders from a usb stick. An external usb hard drive might work too but I haven’t tried it. Menu and chapters work on these. This is my preference today.
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