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It does sound like that the Windows version that you are using is not working well as it cant handle multi tasking or assign resources properly. Maybe this is something you can report to Cyberlink services and have them have a look at it. I would certainly want an answer from them.
Highlight the slideshow. Right mouse click and choose Remove Slideshow Effects.
Look at what you have on the other tracks. If there are nothing above and below that empty space then try this: Click on the empty space until you see gray, then hit the Delete key on the keyboard. Cannot see your timeline to see what you have that cause this problem.
プロジェクトを開かずにPDを開きます。 [設定/全般]に移動し、[シャドウファイルを有効にする…]のチェックを外してから、[手動削除]ボタンをクリックし、すべてを選択して[選択したファイルを削除]を選択します。 動画の編集にはシャドウファイルは不要であることが既に示されているので、これで解決するはずです。

In English: Yes, it is okay to edit without PDHanumanSvr.exe active.
Open PD with no project open. Go to Preferences/General and uncheck Enable shadow files… and then hit the Manual Delete button, select all and Delete Selected files. That should fix it for you as you have already indicated that your video editing doesn’t need the shadow files.
That bad behavior is due to a bad shadow file that need to be deleted.
AVI but it is pretty much obsolete.
There is the common answer that I see is repeated in this forum and solves it for most user who post about it. It is to uncheck both checkboxes in Preferences/Hardware acceleration. Do not use FVRT.
Quote PD creates a DVD just fine if I don't try creating a custom menu inside the program so for me, it is something to do it how the menus are created inside of PD.

I don’t know how a bad menu can be created with PD16. Since PD13 there is an auto align feature that can make it foolproof but only if it is used. In the Create Disc module, preview the project before clicking Burn2Disc. If there is any problem with the disc, then an information message will pop up. Do not skip this step. This does not work if one does not preview the project with the menu first.

Thousands of menus in the DirectorZone do work properly and some users seem to enjoy creating them every day as a hobby to share. They do work properly as I have found.

Try the work of some others like Henry's in the DZ. He loves making menu, sharing them, and they do work. Try using his menu and maybe modifying them later for yourself. I never use the same menu twice. All my Disc projects have one of a kind custom disc menus. I guess some users create DVDs every day and are successful so they share their creation with everyone in the DZ.
Solved for one user: . I don't have any problems.
Quote I have read in several forums that when you want the absolute best video quality you should do the final render with just the CPU and I was wondering if that is true?

Yes that is true but I prefer smart rendering as in svrt to give the perfect video quality. Cpu rendeing is my second choice. The majority of users may see no difference between cpu and gpu rendering. Others use gpu rendering always to save time.

Depending on what is being rendered like hevc then gpu rendering is a must as unless it is a short clip. Let us know what you found in your small test. I am guessing that you do not see the value of quality versus time of cpu rendering to be worth it.
Change it back to 5.1 and burn it to a single layer disc using imgburn with verify on. It should work. Imgburn allows you to get to that 99% and not require a double layer disc that cost many times more. It sounds like that your data size is close to that boundary where you actually need a double layer disc.
Quote Yes, but only the farthest one down is displayed. How do I create an area (say a square) on top of a video. One video plays in the entire screen, while the other video plays in the square.

USe the PiP Designer to resize the video on the farthest one down to be a small square and move it to the top so you can see the video in the background too.
Yes. You have 98 more tracks for layering.
More than likely that data is close to the edge of the disc. That is close to the limit of a rewritable disc that will fail the verification on a 2hr + avchd 2 BD but will play properly on my pc optical drive. I use imgburn and can burn to 95 to 99% of the capacity which will have that error.

You can fix all this by using a trusted name brand medium, or burn at a lower speed. There is still no guarantee that the optical drive in the standalone player is perfect. Try other ones at electronic stores and at friend's home.
More than likely you downloaded the titles and effects of a different aspect ratio than what you set in your project preferences. See this post and how the OP there fixed it: .
100% list price for PD18, Maybe a little less for PD17. The longer you wait the cheaper the price until the cycle happens again next year.
Quote After doing more research on why the merge sometimes failed, or was distorted, it appears to me that the preliminary scan must first confirm that there is enough commonality between the seperate photos to make the proper alignment. And this goes to any presets that may have been applied to the originals.

It also appears that the software may alter the content's geometry (alter the height, width, placement) to get what it consideres proper allignment.

Is this correct? Can anyone confirm this?

By deeper attention to the preparation of the photos, I was get a much more reliable and acceptable "merge".


My first experience in creating panoramas in photos comes from using Canon cameras using that function. That was about twenty years ago. You have to line up the stationary edge guide projected on the viewfinder or screen which show about a 30% overlap horizontally or else it will fail without that overlap. Scanned documents also need that overlap to work with the Canon software. Later I find that MS Ice and PhD10 requires the same overlap to be successful.

I can only say reads the instructions for any camera, scanner, or software and do it. All the software has worked about the same. Without the required overlap none of the stitching software are successful. Reading and experience is the best teacher. You have made headway into this.

Obviously I used the Canon cameras and their software for that function. I also used my scanner supplied software for that function, and now PhD10 for the same function.
Those files were never meant for you to extract on your own like yoyu did. Try this: Put all the original downloaded files in a folder. Click on the .exe file in that folder and everything should be installed correctly.
Do they appear in your Download Folder? If thet are there then Double click on the title to install them. After that they should appear in the title room/Downloaded for the aspect ratio of the particular title you choose to download like 9:16, 4:3, and only in that aspect ratio.
You should not need a backup disc for P2Go13. The download should be in the Download folder. You can back it up for free. Just copy those installation files to an external backup hard drive, usb stick, or dvd disc.

If you want a backup disc then all you have to do is check the box for back up disc $7.14 when ordering the software. See this link: . They do not sell the backup disc by itself.

For more information just contact Cyberlink support by phone or email. Here is the link: .
Thanks for the update. Glad that you got it working now.
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