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You have to use windows 10 in order to hear the Dolby Digital stereo audio in the .m2ts files. No option whatsoever to hear DD5.1 audio.
I don’t know about that #1 in your post. I still use DD5.1. According to the forums, it was dropped from premiere elements and 2017 was the last version that has it. DTS 5.1 is supported for produced files. I’m sure that you can find a way to convert that DD5.1 to AAC5.1 or DTS5.1 which is supported in PD18. FFmpeg may allow you to convert it without re-encoding the video. I enjoy the smart rendering feature of videos in Powerdirector. The older versions of Powerdirector also did smart rendering of both video and audio. I have seen great features removed and newer features supported in all versions of softwares. That is why upgrading is done.
I am assuming that you tried some previously successful tapes. It is possible that you should try a different vcr, clean the heads, adjust the tracking, etc. It may be possible that the ezcap went bad.

The best capturing experience may be with Virtualdub used by many for this purpose.
Quote Oh and I'm obviously on the latest Windows 10.

I too thought it was strange that DD5.1 was not supported anymore. Found through the other competitor forums that the major consumer video editing softwares also dropped it and only DD 2 ch. supported since about 2 - 3 years ago. They could not give me an answer other than that I have to use the older software versions.

I believe optodata has the best answer above that Dolby labs did not want to renew the license that the avchd camcorders may still use. If you find otherwise then let us know. I’m all ears.
Quote It's disappointing that Power Director can't do this but so be it and on to the VHS babysitting.

This post may have the answer: .
You probably should not wait for any more emails from support. They may have been deleted as spam depending on how you got your mailbox settings set. Go directly to the support site, log in and read the responses.

See this recent post about the same problem: for Can't activate PD13 after reinstall and customer service ignoring my contact request ( .
You could go to the AudioDirector File/Rate us and provide suggestions to send your feedback to Cyberlink about the plugins.

You may also also want to explain your problem to Cyberlink with a support ticket. Sometimes they may give a suggestion on what you can do. It can’t hurt since you are seeking answers.
Is there not a virus virus chest or vault with AVG where you could restore those items if needed. That is the way I recall it working.

You can always backup that folder to an external drive. No one has ever reported that AVG deleted their titles. Never happened to me with it.
c key
See this link for the supported hosts of that bundle: . Scroll down to the supported hosts. AudioDirector is not on the list. See the paragraph: If your host isn't on the list, please let us know via and we will check it out. They also have a free user forum where you can post your questions. The last one was answered by the company staff.
The attached mediainfo.jpg looks very familiar when using the default avc 1080/30p mp4 profile. I haven’t changed the audio to lpcm or uploaded them to YouTube. The Format settings, Reference frames, ? Ref Frames is due to the encoding used. On mine in place of the ?:
2 = cpu only encode
3 = Intel QS encode
4 = Nvidia hve encode

It looks like maybe Back2TheBike used cpu encoding and optodata possibly used Nvidia encoding.
Quote For example: Imagine I have two clips of solid colors: A red background that covers the whole screen, and a black rectangle that only covers half the screen. If the entire output fades as one, the portion covered by the black rectangle would fade in gray. If the two clips fade separately, then the red will show up underneath the black during that transition.

Thanks for clearing this up. There are ways to accomplish this to fade out only the video. Open the clip in PiP Designer and enable fades. Check either/or fade in/fade out as needed.

Another way would be to keyframe the opacity of a clip from 0 to 100 a second or two at the beginning and vice versa at the end of the clip. You would have a fade in from black or/and fade out to black without affecting the color background on another track. Hope this help...
Editing can be easier if you remember a few things. Default transitions of the overlap type are 2 seconds long. Simply extend each video clip by two seconds before applying an overlap transition. It may be easier to start all over again. Place only say 3 videos at first, add the transitions, etc. until you get the hang of it. Add another few clips, etc.
I have had to restore previous edited projects to work on and was able to do so by going to the autosave folder, looking at the dates and project sizes.and then load only the ones with a slightly smaller project size and the date where I want to start. This can be easy as I tend to keep notes as I usually work on more than one project at a time. My autosave is set at the default of every 10 minutes so I have a lot to choose from.

This may be something that can help if one did not save a project after each major editing change with an added suffix in the file name.
There is nothing in the Cyberlink Media Suite 10 oem version that rips a dvd. You could simply copy all the dvd folders and contents to a new folder that you create in a usb flash drive. That folder can then be read by PowerDvd and VLC in any pc that the usb flash drive is plugged in to.
693 / 5000Translation resultsDie insta 360-Kamera erstellt zwei .insv-Dateien, die erforderlich sind, damit sie in der Insta 360 Studio-Software zusammengefügt werden können. Es kann nicht genäht werden, wenn in den Dropbox-Downloads nur eines enthalten ist, da jedes Kameraobjektiv nur die Hälfte einer 360-Grad-Welt sieht.

Im angehängten Screenshot finden Sie die Fehlermeldung, die etwa 1 Sekunde lang unten links in der Insta 360 Studio-Software angezeigt wird, wenn Sie versuchen, eine einzelne .insv-Datei zu importieren. Es lautet: "Import fehlgeschlagen: 5.7K Filmmaterial wird in 2 Dateien gespeichert, 1 fehlt" in Englisch auf meiner.

Die Bildschirmaufnahme einer zusammengefügten MP4-Ausgabedatei der Insta 360 Studio-Software ist beigefügt. Diese mp4-Datei kann dann zur weiteren Bearbeitung in PD19 importiert werden. Hoffe das hilft...

In English:
The insta 360 camera creates two .insv files that are necessary so they can be stitched in the Insta 360 studio software. It can’t do any stitching if only one is supplied in the Dropbox downloads as each camera lens sees only one half of a 360 world.

See the attached screenshot for the error message that exists for about 1 second on the lower left of the Insta 360 studio software when trying to import a single .insv file. It reads: “Import failed: 5.7K footage is saved in 2 files, 1 is missing” in English on mine.

Screen recording of a Insta 360 studio software stitched output mp4 file is attached. This mp4 file can then be imported in PD19 for further editing. Hope this helps...
I had believed earlier that all nvidia drivers created after Dec 2019 were the dch type. This driver search page implies that the standard ones are still being made. It may be easier to go back or roll back to the previous driver easily by selecting the same type. See the attached screenshot.
Quote I found only one Youtube video that explains it called "PowerDirector Scrolling Image with Text" made in PDR12. However, the motion feature in PiP designer doesn't work in PDR14 as it does in PDR12. Therein lies the problem.

Your post title is about PD18 but you claim PD14 doesn’t work. The tutorial basics should work as the Motion tab is in all 3 PD versions of PiP Designer. You don’t need to use the motion tab at all. In PD14 and PD18 you can drag the images at the start and set the Position keyframes and the second keyframe past the top screen. Try this as it may help.
I just tried copying the dvd contents to a newly created folder on my usb flash drive containing previous avchd material. It works perfectly with menus and chapters on my sony standalone BD player.

See this post for further help: . It is possible that the brand and model of the standalone drive makes a big difference on whether it will work or not on a particular device. As Jets2011 mentioned, my HTPC can play both dvd images and folders using PDVD. It doesn’t matter what the medium it is on.
You may be able to recover a deleted file from the phone using a data recovery app. See this link: .
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