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That worked out great. Inside the PowerDVD 20 Ultra box was a CD and tiny owners manual. One page on the manual shows a link to download a digital copy. The web page asks to create and account (or login), enter your License Key, then it provides a download button for the software. It's not an updated version so you need to download any update patches.
If I purchase the v20 Ultra Box (not download), can the disc data be moved to a USB and installed on our laptop that doesnt have a DVD/CD disc player? Its been days, no response from CBLNK support.
Hi All,

Is there anyplace that still sells V19 or V20 Ultra?

I've been using PDVD for 11 years, started with v9. I've upgraded several times, now with v16 Ultra on a very old laptop. We just purchased a used 2018 PC so I need a license for this box too. But they just released v21 so no coupons or discounts work. We can't afford $99 for this software.

The are few sites that list discounted pricing for V20 Ultra. But when selecting the link, they redirect me to Cyberlink site V21 and $99.
Quote It appears to have been totally eliminated in PowerDVD 21, that was their solution.

Hey SS & Metz,

Not trying to threadjack, but what is the purpose of this DLNA setting? I'm an older guy, not very familiar. We access the movies on our NAS directly from PDVD by using the top left GIU choice - My Computer>Diskstation>Video>Movies. They are mostly all MKV's and when we click on them, they start playing. We don't let PDVD scan our PC folders. Are we using this DVD all wrong?
I ran extensive tests on PDVD14 and found data getting sent to several cities, 2 continents, various companies. That Nov. 2013 thread was removed after few months - "Privacy Test - Epic Fail (Data sent to 5 cities)". I now restrict access to the known parts that were/could moving data through the net (below).


Data Sources

I'll be upgrading to PDVD16 today and was curious about this thread. Thought I would chime in.
Can anyone get sound (Dolby or AC3) for a movie that you cast to a ROKU3 device? I was just getting ready to upgrade from 14U to 16U. Then read the support tutorial for Media Casting which has links at the bottom about "supported media formats". No mention of Dolby or DTS. It's just crap like MP3, WAV, Monkey's Audio, etc.

Even worse, the media format pages list a few NOTES at the very bottom.
#1 - No casting of Blu-ray Discs, DVDs, movie folders, and ISO files
#4 - 5.1 channel audio or above is downmixed to 2 channel during media casting.

So what exactly is the purpose of media casting, for cell phone videos or something? Most of us have PDVD because of our Bluray and DVD movies, many stored on a NAS, which are either DTS or Dolby.

Like the marketing says..."Playback any video, audio or photo format on your big screen TV through a Roku, Apple TV or Chromecast device". Yes, I left out the phrase "supported by PowerDVD".
Player Settings >
Video, Audio, Subtitles >
More Audio Settings (Output Quality tab) >
At the bottom check "Boosted For Noisy Environments...."
I was told there were some changes made in MKVMerge after v5.8.0 that Cyberlink apparently hasn't caught up with. Below is all I could find relating to subtitles, which is from late 2012.

* mkvmerge, mmg: enhancement: Added options for turning off
writing "CueDuration" elements ("--engage no_cue_duration") and
"CueRelativePosition" elements ("--engage

* mkvmerge: new feature: The element "CueRelativePosition" is
written for all cue entries.

* mkvmerge: new feature: The element "CueDuration" will be written
for all cue entries referring to subtitle tracks.

* mkvmerge: new feature: mkvmerge will write cues for subtitle
tracks by default now.

* mkvinfo: new feature: added support for the new elements
CueDuration and CueRelativePosition.

* mkvpropedit, mmg, mkvmerge: removal: removed support for the
deprecated element TrackTimecodeScale.
Hi Branais,
We too have experienced this problem for lonnnngggg timmeee! I suspect dozens of customers are not aware PowerDVD13.exe often keeps running when they close the app. I posted this issue months ago and was told "sounds like a specific issue on your platform". After closing PDVD13 our laptop fan would speed up, Task Manager showed it wasn't closing.

As stupid as this sounds, try selecting different links in your left panel before closing the app. For instance, I click on a few different playlists and sometimes our My Computer links to our NAS folders.......then close the app. Many times this works for us.

We only have the one exe running. We don't use the library, movie info, no DLNA, basically everything is turned off. I also use those old PDVD tricks of changing key files names so certain processes never start. Updates always put them back.

Program Files (86)>Cyberlink>PowerDVD13:
rename PowerDVD13Agent.exe to NO_PowerDVD13Agent.exe
Rename PowerDVD13ML.exe to NO_PowerDVD13ML.exe

Program Files (86)>Cyberlink>PowerDVD13>Movie:
rename PowerDVD.exe to NO_PowerDVD.exe
Is PowerDVD 13 supposed to be able to read PGS .sup subtitles from BluRays? After updating to 3250 version I rarely get subtitles to appear anymore from our created MKV files.
That's uncommon from my experience. I'm not sure if this will help, but I unchecked "Check for Product Updates" after the installation. It's under Player Settings>General tab.

If the problem persists you might want to uninstall the application and start over. After you uninstall the app, run the "CLCleaner For PowerDVD 13" which can be found on Cyberlink support site by googling that phrase.
I had a similar issue with an XPS laptop. There are several in the forum who complained of issues with this update, many had to do a fresh install to get the update applied. I've noticed over the years the "updates" are really a fresh installation of an upgraded version of the application. It doesn't update just a few files, it installs an entirely new application, basically replacing every file. It should be treated as such when considering an update.

I used Revo and uninstalled the entire app. This time I could not install the update like a new app, it would not accept my key. I had to reinstall the base version of PDVD13 and didn't touch any settings. I then applied the 3520 update. After this update I then made my settings changes (since they got wiped out). Because updates are basically a new installation, I also had to make the Firewall changes again.

Luckily I take screen grabs of my PDVD and Firewall settings so I can put things back. A true "update" should not cause this many hassels.
Thanks. I don't use external sub files. All subs are embedded in the MKV file. I will had to read up on what a "MediaInfo" log is and how to create it.
Issue #1 - In the example below PDVD13 displays duplicates in the menu and are out of order. This seems to happen with either SRT or PGS subs, the only two types I use.

The below example MKV only has 3 subs, the menu should read:

Issue #2 - The "English" subs often display in the Subtitle Menu as the word "Invariant". Using MKVmerge I have added the word "English" to the Track Name, which sometimes displays as "Invariant English". I have also left the Track Name blank. Neither makes a difference. This happens with SRT subs mostly and seems to ONLY happen with English subs.

Often times I will remux an existing MKV movie and simply remove the many language subtitles, leaving just English. PowerDVD13 will display the English PGS text on the TV screen before the remux, but afterwards it will not. After remux PDVD will display the remaining sub in the "Primary Subtitles" menu, but if selected no text ever appears on the screen. Anyone know how to fix this? The only fix is to find and add SRT subs to the new remux because PGS subs are no longer recognized.

Troubleshooting performed:
Opened a ticket with Bunkis at MKV. He said it was an issue with PowerDVD, not his problem.
Used same MKVMerge version. For instance, if the original MKV was created using v6.2, I then used 6.2. Problem exists.
Rebooted, Opened and closed app, etc.

About 95% of the time when we close PowerDVD 13 Ultra it never closes "PowerDVD13.exe *32" running in Task Manager. This issue started after we applied the last update (3313). Does anyone know what might cause this on Windows7 (64)? We have most all the features turned off, no DLNA, no MoovieL, basically everything is OFF except access to our movies through My Computer.

We have our Firewall configured so PDVD13 can send/receive data outside our home. My best guess is it now gets hung up when closing because it's trying to transmit some sort of data...and can't.


On our laptop when we close PowerDVD13 Ultra the fan spins up to its highest speed....until we manually close that EXE in Task Manager. This fan noise is how we determined what was happening with PowerDVD 13.
Quote: What exactly did you do during the test?

We just started and stopped movies on a new install of PDVD13. It's obviously small bits of data, like metadata in movie files. An IT friend of mined looked into this a bit and stated "A quick glance suggests there's possibly some sort of revenue stream here....". He didn't have time to install the app, inspect registry entries, create log files and so on. During install you are prompted with two privacy agreements. One for the application, and another one for MovieLive.

ML privacy agreement states they cater to their "3rd party advertisers" and use our IP to collect statistics, the movies watched via PowerDVD, to gather broad demographic information...". This is probably why PDVD13 is connecting our installed application to the ad servers listed above. Although Cyberlink states they don't sell our information, most companies sell strategically placed ads...based on our information. This is industry standard practice, very common.

The person above who suggested this is nothing more than a "bug" should understand the ramifications and product development of applications. The Legal or Risk teams are to insure products don't jeopardize the organization. They typically demand a "brick wall" be in place until that customer agrees to Terms or Privacy Policy. This is why during install of virtually every application it closes down if you don't accept terms, game over.

If MovieLive is conducting business as usually inside PDVD13 regardless of terms acceptance, they have a major issue, not some bug. In my opinion, if there is no ML acceptance during install, this module of the application should never be installed in the first place.
It's unclear why responders avoid explaining what personal data on our PC's is being transmitted, or to whom, or show zero concern about it. The thread is the results of my TEST, not listed anywhere as a REPORT, to help those interested in protecting of our children, their PRIVACY, and that of our families.

I have two daughters with several cell videos and other data stored on our server. At my age, there's a certain level of trust and expectations when using a product as intended. However, had I not tested v13, I wouldn't have known about the constant movement of OUR data or taken steps to stop it.

The personal attacks show a lack of appreciation for the several hours I spent trying to figure this out.....or the sharing of those results. For those of you that do "Get It", I'm glad I could help.
We've been using PDVD since version 9 and our family likes it, especially playlists. However, during installation of v12 last year it started to scan every movie, picture, and music file on our computer. It wouldn't allow me to delete the "Video" folder until I added a dummy folder to swap out. It basically forced us to provide a folder. This set tone of my skepticism....why the forceful nature of accessing our information.

Our v12 experiences made me a bit paranoid. We don't need to solicit metadata or want to participate in anything like that. We just want to use PDVD to watch movies and TV shows that are located on our NAS. We always accessed our movies using "My Computer". But v13 looks promising so before we let it scan our entire movie collection, we created a test folder with a few movies. We were shocked at what we found.

1)With all of the PDVD13 settings OFF, why is data being sent and received from my computer to these servers?
Google - Mountain View, CA (IP through Port 80)
Hurricane Electric (ISP) - Fremont, CA (IP through Port 80)
Digital United, Inc. (ISP) - Taipei, Taiwan (IP through Port 80)
Amazon Technologies - Seattle, WA (IP encrypted through Port 443)
Akamai Technologies, Inc. - Cambridge, MA (IP through Port 80)

2) What PDVD13 settings will stop these and any other data transmissions?

With ALL network/internet settings seemingly turned OFF in PDVD13, the app still opened up to 15 concurrent internet connections and was sending or receiving data from at least 5 different cities (that we know of). We had "Movie Info" unchecked, yet movie details appeared. We had "Movies Library" checked so the "Add Movies Folder" tab appears.

OFF - Run at startup
OFF - Check for product updates
OFF - Participate in product Improvement
OFF - Enable Network for BD-Live
OFF - Allow connection when cert is invalid
OFF - Movie Info Auto Sign In
OFF - Movie Info Features
OFF - Device Tab
OFF - Store
OFF - Home Media DLNA
OFF - DLNA Access Control
OFF - DLNA Folder Sharing
OFF - Online Media (All 3 unchecked)

With the application open and static, internet connections open and data is transferred to IP addresses at Google and Hurricane Electric (ISP). It is unclear what data is being sent and received. Those with deeper technical skills should further investigate these connections.

Selecting the "Play" button with those movies on your computer that are listed in the "Media Library" tab will trigger an internet connection to ISP Digital United, Inc. in Taipei, Taiwan. This city is also the HQ for Cyberlink. Digital United is one of the largest ISP's in that country and was formerly known as SeedNet. It is owned by The Ministry of Economic, Institute for Information Industry (Taiwan). The government of Taiwan apparently has access to our data.

ALL "Movie Info Features" are turned OFF. When we hit the "Stop" button with our test movies, the application presented details about that movie in the "Media Library" window. This also triggers several internet connections. So even with everything unchecked, the application is transmitting data about our movies. It then serves up its best guess of the movies details in the application window. It knows what we are watching, and when.

Hurricane Electric IP connects your PC to these:

Google IP connects your PC to these:

Digital United IP in Taipei, Taiwan:
See below report, possibly sending logs.

There are several IP's that PDVD13 connects to. I used these links to collect IP data. I am truly a technical novice so all this took me quite a bit of time.

Hi All,

We need some help understanding if there are any benefits of letting PDVD scan our movie folder (900+ movies) or our TV show folder. For the last 4 years using PDVD we've just used "My Computer" to access a movie or TV show from our NAS server. We like PDVD because we loads shows from the NAS into a "Playlist", but we might be missing new capabilities in our upgrade to v13.

Each of our movies is in it's own folder like the below. The "movie.xml" file contains all the IMDB type details on the movie or show. Trailers are usually 1080p MP4's in the Trailers folder. I use Media Center Master to collect some of the folder contents. We don't want to participate in ML or any other service that collects our information or needs registration.

Possible CONS - PDVD Scanning Our Folders:
1) Even with "Movie Info" turned off, I suspect some of our movie data would be transmitted to an outside source, correct??
2) I suspect PDVD can't read any of the XML contents so no movie details. This probably only comes from outside source correct?
3) PDVD can't provide a clean "view" of our TV Shows - see last topic at bottom.
4) Will PDVD still mix trailer files with movie files in the same view?? This happened before in I think in v9 where movies, trailers, and backdrop images were all in one view. It was a mess.

Possible PROS: I can't think of any more benefits here
1) The "Recently Played" and "Recently Added" links might finally show playlists. These are always empty using My Computer to access movies.
2) We will no longer be viewing "backdrop.jpg" images when we access our movie folder via My Computer>NAS. We would be viewing the actual intended movie posters, the folder.jpg image. Combined with a very lengthy loading time, these "backdrop" images are useless because they don't have the movie title. This is what the posters are for (folder.jpg).

I suspect letting PDVD scan our TV Show folder would create a mess. Does anyone know how to organize TV Shows with PDVD or is this something PDVD doesn't mess with. Currently, PDVD 13 would probably mix episodes from ALL seasons together. Below is how our TV shows are organized, pretty much industry standard.

Typical main folder for a TV Show (Fringe), and subfolder for Season 1.

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