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Agree ... they will have no more customers if they keep offering / pushing subscription based software. This year they jack the price up for the annual "upgrade" and offer no discount, what a shame !!

Don't be suckered into the subscription plan, it was bad enough paying every year for the fixes, I mean upgrades... but there are many alternatives for video editing.

It just sucks after spending the time learning all the quirks and work arounds over the many years and constant upgrading that they chose to go this route for their loyal customers..
Hope not...

Subscription only = End of Cyberlink
Has anyone been able to use SR4 with HDR in win 10 ?

It crashes with any custom sreen size and is a total washout in fullscreen with any browser and flickers non stop.

( Latested drivers for 2080Ti )

Quote Hi everyone,

I got tired to wait for Cyberlink to look at the issue and started to look for the solution myself.

Finally, I managed to solve it. Apparently, TitleDesigner was not able to start in the full screen mode. I was looking around in the registry and found the title designer start up configuration. It is in


The variable name isMaximized was set to 1. I set it to 0 and restarted the PowerDirector. Magically Title Designer started to open again.

The funny thing, that I cannot reproduce the error. If I maximize the TitleDesigner now and save it, the registry setting changes to 1 again, but the title designer opens without a problem!

Not that I complain though. laughing

Thanks for the info.. same thing happened in PD17
A quick review -

I have been using PD for a long time and I upgrade just about every year. I can say PD has came a long ways and has definitely improved greatly over the years.
But after working with this years upgrade to PD17, I can say the incremental changes should of been a normal patch and not a annual upgrade.

I would say overall not worth it.

I see no Improved Motion Tracking Accuracy after trying many different tracks.

NO significant improvements to the Chroma Key.

Video precut, nested project editing or the best matched profile options....??? I am not sure why anyone would need this.

Where some major work is needed is on the Menu Designer- It has great potential but it has been a mess for some time now.

On a positive note - It was good to see you can now brush mask instead of having to use a star or a pre determined odd shape for masking and a few new features to the title designer is nice.
Quote EVERY software that we buy is, unless otherwise specified, for ONE computer.

This does not apply to many video editing software programs that I have seen.

Vegas- 3PC's

Hit Film Pro- 3 PC's

New Blue FX- 2 PC's

Adobe- 2 PC's
Wish List for PD 16......

I am wishing you give us customers some updates with some simple improvements instead of charging $65-100+ every year for a new version that has minimal new features.

Sticky this....

Minimum Order Quantity of 10 units
Is the PD15 worth upgrading?

I was debating on upgrading to 15 but so far I have not seen any major improvements or read anything here that has convinced me that it is a improvement over 14.

Did they make the masking so you can freehand areas? Fix the BD menu area?

Seeing how I have a small fortune tied up in this software updating every year, I would expect some major improvements. It seems like the "upgrade" should be another "update."
Quote: Whoa slow down PDR 15 !!!.

My Suggestions.

Cyberlink need stop release PDR EVERY FREAKING YEAR !!!.

Time to change to 2 or 3 years cycle to release new PDR.

Cyberlink need more work, fixes buggy PDR within 2 or 3 years period.

Upgrade costs way too much ! for every year and add little features.

I have PDR 12, 13, I wish motion tracker come with PDR 13 but only for PDR 14 that is B.S.

Stop release it too soon.

Thanks PIX,

I was able to uninstall and reinstall and it opened up fine..

None of the menu buttons work at the top. ie. File, Edit, help etc.
I just installed Director Suite 4 upgrade from PowerDirector, when I opened Photo Director for the 1st time it worked with no problems.

I installed the Patch for PhD 7 from my product page and now the program opens and hangs with no control, with the splash screen staying up after closing the program. I have to close it out intask manager.

Also tried to run as admin.

How can I reinstall photo director as it came with the suite?

Can anyone tell me if the "creating a menu" in PD14 has been worked on from 13 ?

This is the most frustrating part of PD.

It is almost impossible to work with unless you keep the menu so simple.

I think this area of PD needs some major work.
Thanks so much...
I don't see where the "Auto Menu Timeout" setting is. It defaults to 19 sec. then loops.
How do I lengthen the root menu or chapter menu in a project so they stay on screen longer / with a longer audio clip?

I don't see any properties for this..

Thanks so much.. that sure was it... I must of unchecked it when I removed the Root..
When I make a menu to burn to BD, I have two titles with 5 subchapters in each, with no root menu.

My question is...

Do I need to do somthing to play a preview in each of the item/ chapter windows? All it shows is a pixilated picture in each window.

My other BD's that I have made shows the chapter videos playing in each of the items as a preview.

Thanks for the info sumer,

I did find that out when I went to PD13 and made a custom menu. It looks like I must of been changing the other menu and the root stayed as default.

I did get it sorted out in PD13. So I have returned PP6.

Thanks again

The menu options are still not working correctly ( after the patch ) when you try to edit a BD menu.

If you to put a custom picture / background and apply the template to all pages, it will only apply to 1 page and revert back to a default template for the intoduction and in the rest of the pages when you preview. Even if you apply to each page.


... Any custom music applied also reverts back to the template theme music.

... You can only edit the text in the 1st set of chapters, there is no way to go to the other chapters to change text.

... If you adjust the text and save it. This will also revert back to the default template.

... The chapters do not stay numbered correctly. I have 14 chapters set and it was saying 14, now it says 9 even though

14 are still there. ( yes I changed the total# to 14 )

... When the chapters are in the preview window. ( background 2 - broadway ) It shows 4 chapters but only has text for 3.

Custom features are non functional.
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