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This is easy to solve, in the timeline, check the number (name) of the previous video and later, identify what is missing.
See if this in the library, if not add, drag over the missing video, leaving a little to the right, open a menu, select the replace option.

Note: When saving a project (PDS) and saved everything that is on the timeline at that moment.
I'm not sure, after the last update has been set, Export Folder to C: \ Users \ [user account name] \ Documents \ CyberLink \ PowerDirector \ 16.0 \
For me it should be in G: \ 01 - EXPORT PDIRECTOR \
Which I've always used, now I'm confused whether it was my mistake or PD16
PD update should keep all personal settings I guess
Quote Hi,

I'm trying to find a way to have a spinning zooming still image similar to the way films etc. have newspapers spinning and zooming up on screen with a headline.



In the timeline, 2 click on the image, open Pip Designer, there are 2 ways to move and zoom the image, picking the border and dragging directly in the image.
or adjusting on the controls, from the left side menu. see the image.
Adding shown by Haitti
When this happens, when opening the project (PDS) comes the message, file name.mts not found, want to search, search the file name.mts and continue, it automatically adds all the .mst files that are in the same folder.
Your project came back complete, now Save As name ...
To update the corrected project.
See here, it has free effects for all Cyberlink users
In the Loupe, use the word graduation,SOUND,TT:title,MT,PFX,PRESET,AVATAR:avatar,AVATARC,ACC,BG,MGS,BLENDING,OVERLAY,EXT,AR,ENV,ACE,TP,CP,DB,EXP:opening,EXP:middle,EXP:end__Relevance__AllTime__All__ALL__All__-1__1__16
There are cases that I converted all the files to a video in MPEG2 720x480 (SD) this for editing, (as if it were a single shadow file).
Produced another file using SVRT to maintain the original standard (FullHD).
Note: For the case SVRT not active is not worth doing this way, I think, takes a lot and has degradation.
Editing ready on (SD), I can finalize in MPEG2 or DVD-Video.
If for another format, rename this file (SD).
When reopening project, PD asks if I want to search the file (SD), I forward to the file (FullHD) Produce for fullHD or another format.
This way the editing is smooth, however I do not have the junctions between files if I'm going to add precise transition Split there.
In addition to what Shadowman showed
There are reports that HA activated this causing problems in PD

The way I used it for more than 1 long text, Credits / scroll
The 1st goes on the track text (text1).
The 2nd goes on the video track (text2) and temporarily disables the track (text1).
The 3rd goes and new video track and temporarily disables (text1 and text2)
And so on for more texts
This way the line of the work behaves as if it had only 1 block of text at that moment.
At the end activate all inactive tracks
I've never had to use more than 2 track even though I used more than one text on each track.
Quote x PlaySound, thanks for the info.

I'm looking for a way to send a small 16x9 video with a few MB and acceptable quality via e-mail in Australia (PAL system).

Some advice is welcome. Thank you

To reduce file size I know 2 ways.
Reduce resolution and or bit rate
1 and 2 profile examples, I used M2TS because it has the Interlace mode which is the default of the original video.
3 Even lower resolution to view on smartphone, file will look very small.

H.264 AVC - M2TS
1920 x 1080 resolution
Top filed fisrt
3000 bit rate
1 minute = 25.5 MB.
H.264 AVC - M2TS
720 x 480 resolution
Top filed fisrt
1500 bit rate
1 minute = 14.5 MB.
H.264 AVC - M2TS
320 x 240 resolution
500 bit rate
1 minute = 7.13 MB.
I used NTSC standard has little difference to the PAL standard
see image create Personal Profile

Note: If you have gmail, it allows you to send files with more than 20 mb. It offers the google drive to upload must agree and free.

I do not see anything wrong with your test.
The conversion (50 i) to (25 p)
Video Interlaced to Progressive
In practice 25 fps to 25 fps

The conversion (50p) to (30p) is half.
Progressive Progressive Video
In practice 50 fps to 25 fps

I saved on AVI 720x576 became 206 MB
It is because the bit rate is very large (25 Mbps)

Use H.264 AVC or Windows Media to create small files.
You can create Profiles to suit your purpose.
In the Produce Room, right side Profile name ... button [+]
From this topic I discovered a problem with PD16.
I make a DVD-Video from an MPEG2 video 30 fps progressive, the result was terrible, image with much shaking
This same process in old PD version does not happen.
Also if I convert (produce) 1st to MPEG interlaced and then make the DVD looks normal.
Note: PD16 does not have Profile for Progressive MPEG2. I do for my use.
In PD, DVD-video, the video will be interlaced.
New update that says improved multican
I understand that the multicam tool is for selecting scenes of up to 4 videos only.
Other effects should be done in the timeline, before or after using multican.
I am not a specialist I used 1 or 2 only multican.
I do the same right on the timeline, maybe with more work.
In Produce using Intelligent SVRT if possible.
If SVRT works well, in addition to fast your video remains as the original, rendering is applied only where it has an effect.
If SVRT is not possible, create a profile similar to the original video.
In the Timeline right-click, on the video select Properties, use the values ​​for the new profile.
see image
PD has a profile that fits your video
H.264 AVC, M2TS, Default, AVC 1920 x 1080 / 60p (28 Mbps)
Make a test add 1 or more videos on the timeline, do nothing yet, press Alt + S keys together
Green line above video, found right profile for SVRT
If you applied some effect to the video, it will require rendering, SVRT will not activate.
When PD does not have a profile.
After creating a Profile, PD will select when prompted.
In Produce using Intelligent SVRT if possible.
If SVRT works well, in addition to fast your video remains as the original, rendering is applied only where it has an effect.
If SVRT is not possible, create a profile similar to the original video.
In the Timeline right-click, on the video select Properties, use the values ​​for the new profile.
see image
The 1st link, is blending effect, should click the Tools button
To facilitate finding titles should expand Titles Room, see the image
If you take 60 fps footage and slow it by half and render at 60 fps, you will certainly have jerky footage, would you not?

I can't be doing 60 fps uploads - I need them at 30 fps.

In my understanding. slow motion effect 0.5 x
60 fps render, every 2 frames 1 is used and 1 scorned.
Rendering at 60 fps is what happens.

30 fps from 60 fps I do not know how PD16 behaves.
If every 4 frames 1 is used and 3 scorned, it will not be good I guess.
If you are going to produce the video at 60P first.
Then convert to 30P all 30P video will stay the same.
Note that the video does not flow as smoothly as before 60P

Are you recommending that my timeline should be at 60 fps despite rendering at 30 fps? Everywhere I've seen recommends editing at the same FPS that you are rendering - which makes sense because there is the potential to be making cuts and adjustments that
don't fall in the proper rendered time codes.

On the 1st topic I understood that you were filming at 60 fps.
Either way, the format you choose to Produce the video, will prevail
In Motion Track Editor, you can add many tracks.
You can add image, video or text to each track.
I think there is no way to zoom, put a video that contains the zoom

It seemed easier the way I did.
I do not know if it will suit what you want.
After creating the 1st Motion track
Copy this to another track
Make divisions where time will change
use images with numbers and transparent background or not.
Overlap part of the image, the image of the time division, in the menu that appears select, Replace.
There are videos showing a stopwatch, you can use this or another in place of the image.
When preparing the image or video, make the adjustments, to fit your way the first image
If you use video with clock, you can try to set the time using Video Speed.
Depending may not need to split, Motion track
video attachment done this way
Your R9 290x video card is worth 2 of my R9 270 as I saw it here.
Want to improve timeline editing on PD16.
You upgraded video drivers, realized that you can not use HA for interlaced fullhd videos and the editing got heavy on the timeline.
Here I returned to the last drive that runs HA July 2017.
Enable Open CL improves editing primarily with effects on the timeline.
If there is something different, type uses the current drive with no problems please let me know, Thanks
As for the CPUs, its got 8 colors the other one has 12, PD16 uses all to render in this case will be 50% better.
But for application that uses 1 core your current CPU should be better clock is higher as I see here 3937vs2384
Thank you! Unfortunately, I add some color adjustments, so the SVRT won't work. The 30 fps is preferrable for uploading, since it is a small file size. Also, if I use 60 FPS, then the slow motion sections won't run smoothly (since halving their speed won't work properly

I do not understand 60 fps gets worse than 30 fps for slow motion effect.
Here is the opposite currently PD16 is set to 60 fps for editing even for videos 30 fps, improves for slow motion effect, also the quality of other effects applied to the video.
In general I produce fullHD (P) 59.94 fps 20 Kbps.
Then convert to another standard usually MPEG2 (P) 29.97 fps to create DVD in this case I use another application to create DVD, because PD converts the video to interlaced and worsens the image as I see it.
To reduce file size sent to Youtube I prefer to reduce bit rate and maintain 60 fps. I have used 10 Kbps
For me the Title Desinger has not changed much.
You can put the question and answer together in the same module.
Or create 1 module for question and another for response.
If you are going to use multiple ones along the timeline, use the Copy / Paste and type the new text
Save title to the Library. In this case the title will assume the default time PD16
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