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Quote Hi Forest and welcome to the forum,

Yes you can flip your clips.

1. Drag the video clip you want to flip to the time line...then open up the EFFECTS ROOM. Scroll down through the effects and search for "FLIP CANVAS". Drag that effect to the EFFECTS TRACK under the clip you want to flip. You can lengthen or shorten the duration of the effect to suit your particular needs. It's default time value is set to 10 seconds in duration.

2. Select (Highlight) the effect on the effects track and then select the MODIFY BUTTON. You will find several options available: NONE, Horizontal, Vertical and Hori/Vert as choices. I think you want the HORIZONTAL choice....this will flip the canvas so that you have that reversed camera angle.

3. Just so you know...the effect has KEY FRAMES applied to it, which can be seen as two small yellow diamonds directly below the PREVIEW the effect will begin when the time(blue scrubber) falls on the first diamond in the clip and end when the time falls on the second diamond. You can DELETE those diamonds...MOVE them to a diffrent location...or ADD additional key frames.

Let's see if this gets you on your way. If you run into anything that you need help with just followup with a question and we can help you through it.

Good Luck and happy editing!


Many years and now this post helps a lot.. Cap'n Kevin

I’m a PD ..many years ago. I'm “trying” to setup my new workstation, but its not easy to select the correct CPU. My options, in price range are:

i7-4770k ( 4Cores x 10 Threads)
i7-4930k ( 6Cores x 12 Threads)
or a dual 6 core XEON.

I have found this topic very useful. HPmanic give some information that "moderators" should take a look and comment about it. I also appreciate if JEFF can give more numbers and rendering times for his i7-3770 setup that can be compared with the Xeon performance (like HPmanic post). The i7-4930K will be in the middle on what it’s going to be my final CPU selection.

Since you dont give much information about your imported file type, I sugest you to use the SEARCH engine for "An error occurred while opening this media file in the media library". You will find a lot information about your problem. Then if you cant find your answer, go back a take a look to
luckily I still have not messed with PD10.. Have fun!
In addition to the be this, the biggest topic of the history of PD, I see that it is just another "what I wish for the next PD (this time PD11) as ever. Dont you think?
I do not know if I remember correctly or maybe I'm wrong, but with all the fuss of PD10, I forgot. I think there is less video profiles in "PRODUCE" on version PD9 3305, than in previous versions. Can anyone confirm that?

It really does not matter, but if so, those who want to continue using PD9.. really have being..... (need to confirm before express my self).
I will buy the full version, not becouse to have PD9 and PD10 on the same computer (its redundant), becouse its the cleanest way to do it. Thanks all.

Before turning to PD10, I have a last question:

Uninstall PD9 before making the offered UPGRADE? or let the PD10 upgrade installer take care of it?

Im receiving a lot of spam from CL saying that PD10 is the World's Fastest Video Editor!. I am quite afraid to install it. If you go to the forum, 95% of the resent post with problems are related to PD10. I wish that Captain or Ynotfish where here! Im sure that they have the best equanimity answer for all. Thats why cap have to navigate away.. far far away!
Quote: I made the upgrade and now am unable to put on the latest patch.
Take a look at
Quote: Why not just provide a full install?
There is a full package, but you have to pay more and the only "advantage" will be that you can have PD9 and PD10 in the same computer, that for me is redundant
Quote: .......etc
Very usefull information. Has K'ung-fu-tzu say: Upgrade and move on, or get anchored where you are!
Reading all the information you provided in this post and the responses in my post PD10 (, I get the following conclusion:

1. No reason to be shouting at each other. It is very simple. PD10 remains a PD9, but to integrate the new 3D feature, CL had no choice but to create a new version, to be distinguishable from each other.

2. For PD9 users, it is better to upgrade to PD10 and not spend for the full package. Having the PD9 and PD10 on the same computer is redundant and upgrading is cheaper.

My only recommendation to CL would be to reassure users of PD9, that installing PD10, it's like having a new patch of PD9, but having 3D makes peculiarly different, so they had to call it PD10 and the cost research a development of 3D, its what you are paying for the upgrade. Who does not like 3D, do not use it (for now).

Upgrade and move on, or get anchored where you are! (K'ung-fu-tzu)
Thank you Jerry.
Quote: If you buy the upgrade, you are transfering you existing license. If you buy the full product, you are purchasing an additional license.

.. but the question is if the upgrade package have the same features and complements that the full package?
Dear PD10 users,

I have understood that upgrading from PD9 to PD10, you lose all PD9 support rights. Buying the whole package NO.

Now, the question goes beyond that answer. The upgrade package have the same features and complements that the full package?
Thanks Allen of Chicago,

I had already noticed that, but I needed someone else to confirm (sorry does not come from a moderator or CL). Now my question focuses on which is better: PD10 Upgrade to or buy the full package?. I think this question I will ask PD10 forum. Thank you again.

P.S. NY certainly is not New York, are the initials of my last name
There has been only aprox. one month of the release of PD10, and already has or will have a Patch? Thats it's scary movie
Wellcome to the PD Cyberlink version of windows Vista. LOL
The basis of PD10 and PD9 is the same, but with 3D features. However, the concept is different. To make an analogy, it was like when Microsoft released Vista trying to force people to upgrade to Vista and leave XP or Server, which still works great today and of itself, Windows7 is XP with the concept of the failed Vista.

Apparently nobody wants to answer a simple question which I discuss in this post. Does Cyberlink will continue releasing patches / updates for PD9?

Will be PD10 like a Vista? I think many here are interested in knowing the answer before having to invest in the PD10 mandatory.

I've been using PD8 and PD9 CL for some time. I participated in the Beta testing of PD9 and what surprises me is the resemblance that has PD10 with Vista. Work for several years at Microsoft Latin America and saw the infighting between the philosophy of XP / Server and supporters of Vista. I have PD10 terror, as I had terror to Vista at the time, so it is important to know if PD9 will run its course or should we think about other alternatives.

Hi all,

Thanks to everyone for making excellent and interesting comments. Now the title of my post is very clear, but still I have a doubt: CL plans to continue releasing updates to PD9?

Quote: I have a Windows 64 system with 8Gb of memory and I am getting crashes from build 3305 since I did the update 2 days ago. The product is now un-useable. The previous version was stable. Can someone tell me where I can download the previous version?
CL have release 3305 with a time bomb on purpoce, so you have now to change to PD10. Bye Bye Pd9.. Lol
3D version of PD9 with some makeups
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