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O/topic I know but.

Can you make a clone disc after a new disc has Been added? I.e New Hdisc may have a new OS on it and the original Hdisk , l guess, becomes a partition, is it possible to clone the original, then use the clone copy back to the new Hdisk.

i hope you understand what I mean ;

I think download times are limited in time I.e 30 or 60 days from date of purchase. The buyer should make copies of the purchase at the time of original purchase.

Now PD17 is marketed, I doubt the there is a download for PD16.

I assume that you mean a web based download and not a disc download.

CL licence is restricted to one computer only, Although this makes little sense in modern day editing where a laptop is used as a field copy and bought back to base for final editing. Other video software suppliers are a little more forward thinking.

The ability to hide tracks, and or move them in the workspace to suit your work environment including, fx track, microphone, music tracks.

When end I say hide, I refer to empty tracks, Hiding your best work may not be the best move.

Probably others here could offer better advice, but if research the net, their is a lot of information on cloning old drives to newer drives.

It is a common although a little technical to carry out. So much so there are a number of backup software sellers that offer free software to carry out basic backup and cloning.

you take a clone of the c drive, and using a US B or DVD, produced by the software. Restart the computer using theDVD or UsB and copy the clone to the new drive.

The DVD installs the Basic Windows system then imports the clone information

I would have thought that whoever rebuilt your PC would have offered this service, albeit at a cost !


UK 14:00 pm
If there is no damage to the original HDd, could you not clone the old Hdd to the new disk ?

Then everything would as before before the rebuild

I use PD 17 so may be different.

On the first tab menu there is an option to import a project.

i import the project. on the time line, appears the project as a complete blue section if highlighted shown with a tab on the time line.

if you click the tab, the imported clips with the edits are displayed.

you can either concatenate the pds p files and save the whole as a pds file.

What I do is to start each seperate PDs file with a colour marker, and copy the clips to the time line of my first Pds file / tab.

the marker shows the clips on the line and where subsequently each copied PDs contents are displayed.

This allows me to make changes if titles are needed or transitions added. Obviously (maybe not;. The colour markers are deleted.

SAVE the main Pds file as you go.

Happy editing

edit hopefully have corrected all the unpredictable predictive text. !!!
Thanks for the advice ref Handbrake, I have taken a quick trial and it seems to everything I need

I run PD 17 and i have problems with Apple mov files.

They seem to take a while to generate when dropped onto the time line and then about half the file / time produces a black screen.

i produce them as a m2ts file and then edit the file to remove the black screen.

luckily I do not have many IPhone files to deal with.


Just remembered that I could not use mov files at all, someone recommended downloading QuickTime lite, this did not work so I tried a trial of a mov to MP4 app. This seem to introduce some codecs that offered the partial solution above without having to buy the software.
My opinion of CL's approach to single license per PC / laptop is rather self defeating in today's video / IT approach to on site editing then pulling it together at home base.

Other editors seem to allow a wider distribution.

allowing two uses per license, would satisfy most users.

If users want to use a second copy, there are ways to get around the problem. Second page on a web search can take you to places you should not go! It would be wiser for CL to accept this is a problem and take action to prevent piracy and encourage a better thought solution.

Fortunately I have a previous PD licence for an earlier version which runs on my laptop. Obviously PDS files may not be backward compatible, but early editing is very useful.

Just a thought

Occasionally I have produced the slideshow (in my case as aH264 m2ts file) and edited that.

It does mess up the audio, but there is a benefit of editing the audio to suit the slideshow which sometimes does quite fit with the original.

The same fault is occurring occasionally on my version of PD17,

I do not know what is happening at 80% but my projects sit for a while whilst loading, then occasionally the screen jumps, PD is reported as unresponsive, then seems to recover (the win10 message may, or may not, appear asking if you want to quit.

generally if I wait, PD recovers (Problem ? What problem ?). And all is well.

on a couple of occasions PD has crashed with the screen asking for details of problem that can be submitted to PD for analysis.


edit. Just add happen today. CPU running at 99% for a minute then died. Repeated the loading , did not reboot, and all fine. My guess is that a Win10 service clocks in, or up, at the most inconvient time ?

Thanks to the King for the suggestion, I'll take look when the festivities have died down.

Long shot, but are the frame rates the same ?

Chasing a similar problem but maybe for different rea sons.

No idea ! ;

my my starting point would be split the clip at the point you want the freeze frame.

Take a capture snapshot at that point. Doctor the captured shot changing the shot to grays with a paint program ( is easy to use).

Insert the the snap back at the split, with a duration to suit you.

Might work ?

I am chasing a DVD problem at the moment,

I use m2ts format to burn to DVD, AVCH . I found for some reason the file I was produced had changed from 30 fps. To 50 fps. Although the rest of the information about the clip remained the same

I an not sure at the moment if this is the cause of the failures, but certainly would not help ?

On Amazon there are FireWire to USB adaptors and converters. It might be worth trying a converter, rather than adaptor. The latter may only be a rewireing , The converter should understand the signal and change accordingly.

merry Christmas


edit. If you are using a pc you can usually fit a FireWire Plc card to a slot in the motherboard. From memory (Many years have passed).mOne thing to be aware of is the FireWire connection is a 4. Or a 6 wire connection. The card had both inputs, but the camera had a 4 wire output.
I noticed that the speaker icon for Win10 also acts as a volume control for a number of apps. So it is possible to set seperate sound levels (Win alarms etc) .

i do not remember if PD was one that came up, but might be worth a looksee

(on my tablet, otherwise I would check for you)

With reference to PDMods advice to provide feedback to CL.

As the forum,as I understand it, maybe watched by CL, but no intervention would be taken on any posting, Using the provided feed back but on the CL Apps is the only sensible way to further a cause.

that said , it is useful to have a thread like this to see if suggestions for improvements have a following.

i agree that the size of the slider could be larger, maybe in a sizeable row like the tracks.

I would also like to adjust where the cursor is on play back, it always jumps to the centre of the screen, I would prefer positioning a third of the way along, so the screen does not jump so much.

These are going on the suggestion button shortly. ;)

I do wonder if there are glitches in PD17 burning process. I am presently investigating why DVDs burn on PD17 fail, but identical material burnt via PD13 work as expected on my system.

I will ill be posting a thread once I have my act, and discussion material / examples assembled

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