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just looking for advice regarding Dashcam video formats and maybe brands or formats to avoid.

My Roadhawk HD-1 is getting unreliable, the manufacturer is not responding to queries, so I am thinking of Nextbase Dashcams as a choice. The model I am investigating is a Gw512. Which is a1440 mov or mpeg4 file output I think from what I gather.


edit. Just to add that I usually produce in m2ts format
Thanks for your replies,

I have been taking a deeper look into how I should approach my problem which basically comes down to having a level audio output where the viewer does not have to keep adjusting the volume.

One of the things that caused me confusion is that each video audio had differing levels of 0 db displayed after normalising the audio on each track.


I have searched the forums but cannot see any advice on my question.
Apologies to those that point straight to a link ;

As most users do, I have a number of audio sources on the time line which I mix to
produce the final audio.

The question I have is, how do you produce the final volume ?

On other software I have used, there has been a final audio volume and bar display which
shows the audio output to guide towards final volume.

At present I adjust it all by ear using headphones, but after a time, I seem to lose the
“sense” (if that is the right word?) of my volumes and output.

I have played around with the audio room settings, but find that moving the volume on the time line is the most convient way of adjusting the mixes relative to a clip, which may have a number of sources. The next clip may just have one source and the volume has to be increased quite a bit to maintain a constent level when the output is produced.

Any suggestions, hints and tips would be welcome.


FWIW I use Route Generator which is a no frills freebe (

Basicaly you load a map (JPG) from whatever source, Google, OS maps (UK), scanned hand drawn ! and you can draw a route on the map.

The software cuts the route up into 255 BMP files, which are then combined to to give an avi file which can be put on the time line.

Helps to have a Strong CPU and fast HD or SSD,

I have attached a file that shows a route. Quality is not good as I tried to get file size as small as posible to post.

My apologies, I was thinking of the freebie to download program (Fab-ease, or similar name?). This programme seems to allow short lengths of mov files to be converted without a copyright marker.

I was trying to replicate the problem I was h aging, but seem to have deleted the mov files. It seems that different generations of iPhone have different responses when put directly on PDs timeline. Ie, the picture quality varies.

understandable as the generations of manufacturing improve


May not be a PD problem, If you web search Win10 incorrect folder sizes, there are a raft of complaints that the calculation of the contents is incorrectly calculated.

I don't know if Win 7 has passed this problem to Win 10 ;

I found this out on my PC when a folder read as 548mb. Looking at the folder in Treesize Pro, told me the folder was 3.45 gig !

Considering, I had over 500 photos in the folder, I suspect TPro was nearer the actual size.

A silent response from Msoft, I understand.

I just use the default mov to m2ts defaults! So nothing special, but I am easily satisfied;

A sideways and maybe off beam thought.

A default project could be saved with the project material packed, and the project opened or imported when required

Messy but might be an answer.

Forgot to mention on my posting, that on a long editing session and I know where my source clips, music etc come from, I close down the Internet connection and also stop the virus checking software, the latter, depending on the product can be set to restart after a time period, or restart or login.

I have had problems with Apple mov files.

A contributor on the site recommended an App called Handbrake (free to use) to stabilise the frame rate and produce a workable video file.

worked for me !

I run PD17 on an i5. 8gb ram, nvidia video with 2 gb, 100 ssd, running several video (m2ts) , music etc and have no problems,. I make sure there are no other apps running, and PD runs smoothly, but takes 99% cup when producing.

Your spec is higher than mine so as you write, you do have a problem !

If if you give these guys the information they would request, I am sure they might be able to get an answer, The full spec will be given in the dxdia file produced gives a lot of technical information about the pc, which is not easily accessible by other means.

good luck
Many thanks.

May take while, maybe take a look at upgrading everything . That will take a while what with brexit and failing pension!

Apologies to the Mods and members for hijacking the thread. But sort of related, if you stretch a point :


so so reading between the lines, the system might boot from the newly cloned Hdd,

if there is boot confusion, disconnect the original old Hdd and find a way to reformat Hdd or wipe the old boot system to use as area as a partition, using a Usb caddie or similar.

My 100gb Ssd is nearing the 85% full, with little way of reducing the amount of programs, so I was thinking of replacing it with a 240gb ssd. Then using The original ssd for pd17 video, stills, music shadow files etc for the current project. Then next project, wipe clean and start afresh. General storage would revert to the Hdd.

O/topic I know but.

Can you make a clone disc after a new disc has Been added? I.e New Hdisc may have a new OS on it and the original Hdisk , l guess, becomes a partition, is it possible to clone the original, then use the clone copy back to the new Hdisk.

i hope you understand what I mean ;

I think download times are limited in time I.e 30 or 60 days from date of purchase. The buyer should make copies of the purchase at the time of original purchase.

Now PD17 is marketed, I doubt the there is a download for PD16.

I assume that you mean a web based download and not a disc download.

CL licence is restricted to one computer only, Although this makes little sense in modern day editing where a laptop is used as a field copy and bought back to base for final editing. Other video software suppliers are a little more forward thinking.

The ability to hide tracks, and or move them in the workspace to suit your work environment including, fx track, microphone, music tracks.

When end I say hide, I refer to empty tracks, Hiding your best work may not be the best move.

Probably others here could offer better advice, but if research the net, their is a lot of information on cloning old drives to newer drives.

It is a common although a little technical to carry out. So much so there are a number of backup software sellers that offer free software to carry out basic backup and cloning.

you take a clone of the c drive, and using a US B or DVD, produced by the software. Restart the computer using theDVD or UsB and copy the clone to the new drive.

The DVD installs the Basic Windows system then imports the clone information

I would have thought that whoever rebuilt your PC would have offered this service, albeit at a cost !


UK 14:00 pm
If there is no damage to the original HDd, could you not clone the old Hdd to the new disk ?

Then everything would as before before the rebuild

I use PD 17 so may be different.

On the first tab menu there is an option to import a project.

i import the project. on the time line, appears the project as a complete blue section if highlighted shown with a tab on the time line.

if you click the tab, the imported clips with the edits are displayed.

you can either concatenate the pds p files and save the whole as a pds file.

What I do is to start each seperate PDs file with a colour marker, and copy the clips to the time line of my first Pds file / tab.

the marker shows the clips on the line and where subsequently each copied PDs contents are displayed.

This allows me to make changes if titles are needed or transitions added. Obviously (maybe not;. The colour markers are deleted.

SAVE the main Pds file as you go.

Happy editing

edit hopefully have corrected all the unpredictable predictive text. !!!
Thanks for the advice ref Handbrake, I have taken a quick trial and it seems to everything I need

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