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Maliek... Can you play any brass instruments?

Just that I would like a fanfare please because i have FINALLY completed that short video. It's not perfect but Its reasonable, given the woes i have endured in getting it done.

Thanks for your support.
Aah yes. This frustrated the living daylights out of me for ages.


There isn't any way to do it that I am aware of. If anyone disagrees then I would love to be proven wrong.

I just tend to leave everything fairly slapdash until I am certain I've no more edits to put in. Then tighten it all up at the end.

The only workaround I know of (and it can give you its own set of headaches, especially in lengthy videos) is to do as follows. (You can skip steps 1 to 6 if you know your new clip won't fit anywhere)

This looks complicated but it's really not. Once you have done it a few times and understand my rubbish instructions, you see how easy it is.

1) add the new clip as a layer at the end of the project time line.

2) Trim it so it's very small. Eg if the clip is 1 minute long, trim it to 5 seconds.

3) CAREFULLY* drag it back through the time line to where you need it.

4) Release on the layer time line. It won't move anything as long as there is sufficient gap. This is why we trim BEFORE we move it.

5) Expand the clip back to 1 minute. As long as there is a minutes worth of gap, the rest won't move.

6) If there isn't a minute gap on your track then, you need to trim it again. Consider adding some of it to another layer if space is available.

OR add another layer. Assuming you intend to add another layer....

7) Go to the end of the project time line.

Add a photo. Any photo you like. It doesn't have to be a photo. Just less can go wrong with a photo than a video clip.

9) Position yourself under the photo.

10) Add the same or different photo in the track beneath the first.

11) Repeat 9 and 10 until Power Director is forced to open a new layer.

12) Add the clip at the end of the project on the same layer as the last photo you added.

13) Drag the clip back to where you need it*

14) Delete the photos you added. Remember that one of them will be x further along than the rest. X being the duration of the clip you added.

  • Don't release it on an audio track or it will convert to audio and mess up your existing audio.

Quote Learn how to make a ghost using PowerDirector Mobile.

Hey buddy, instead of making 2 clips ie One of the person still and one of them, getting up, WITHOUT moving the camera. Surely it's easier just to make 1 clip and split/trim the clip as desired.

So one clip. 10 seconds of empty scene, 10 seconds of girl lay on wall (trim away her approaching the wall), the "getting up", then a few seconds of empty scene.

May I ask how you made your YouTube Avatar?
Mine does this too but only for the first attempt each session. Just a minor irritation that I've grown used to.

Hope this doesn't sound patronising but have you tried more than once in a session? If it happens just once, like mine, then probably better to grin and bear it than struggle with Cyberlink's "Customer Services".

If it happens every time then obviously that renders the app pretty much unusable. If you have payed for a subscription then you should uninstall, reinstall, check updates, delete cache, yadayadayada, if nothing else works then seek a refund.

If you are severely masochistic, optimistic to the point of delusional and have time to waste, then you could try contacting Cyberlink. I'm not aware of them helping anyone, ever but you might get very lucky. Just approach them with low expectations to avoid being disappointed.

Other than that. Good luck.
I "third" that suggestion.

I currently do similar to Maliek's suggestion. I use a free app called "Video To MP3 convertor" by "InShot Inc" from the Play store.

Sometimes, once the file has been converted to MP3, I then use another Play store app called "MP3 Cutter & Audio Merger" by "Clogica". What the title doesnt reveal, is that it also has a very useful volume adjuster.

The app updates automatically, I assume via the play store.

If I could find a trusted source for the apk files I would happily roll back to an earlier version.

I have a LOT of incomplete projects in my project folder. So today's waste of time has been copying all the incomplete projects to another folder. Then deleting 5he projects from the project folder. Then moving over only the project that I am attempting to work on. Yes, the same 5 minute project I have been working on for A MONTH. All it is, is some images, zooming in and out again, while fading in and out as they do so. With also a blend (the same blend) on each image. Nothing too taxing.

As already suggested - a waste of time.

I don't know why I am still bothering. All it does is make me angry. I am amazed my screen is not broken as I have literally smashed the device down in frustration more than once.

I have tried various ways of looking to see if the RAM is the issue but android diagnostics does not detect an issue.

I think the only thing left to try is a factory reset.
Hi Maliek

If only it were that straightforward. You see....

Once upon a long, long time ago, there was no such thing as a Premium Subscription.

Users could either have the free version or the pro version. It was a one off payment of approx. £9.00 from the Google play store. I will show you the ereceipt if I can figure out how to upload a screen shot.

Pro users had full access and then an option to buy any new transitions, titles, effects as and when they were released.

Then somebody at Cyberlink decided it would be far more lucrative to change to a subscription service.

Since the pro users had already paid for the full package + add ons, they had no choice but to let us continue to use the app (reluctantly).

To begin with they took away all of the add ons I had bought. I had to squabble to get them back. I wasn't even bothered about the new titles they brought out. A child could do better.

Then they released 8.0.0 and it slowed right down. Continually hanging for upto 30 seconds aftef EVERY edit.

Then 8.0.1 which is worse, literally unusable. It freezes for minutes at a time.

I had almost completed a 20 minute video on 12th December. All I had to do was the ending and credits. Normally this would take me 4 or 5 hours.

In the end I had to begin a new project just for the ending and despite working on it every day since then, I still haven't completed it because I can only do one edit before it freezes for several minutes.

The project in question contains NO VIDEO on the tracks and NO MUSIC. Just images. So not exactly a RAM hogged.

You won't believe me now but I am literally having to force restart my device aftef EVERY edit because its quicker than waiting for the app to catch up.

Before 8.0.0 it ran smoothly.

IF I could be CERTAIN that the problem would go away if I subscribed then I might consider it. But I don't trust them.

I am so disheartened by all this.

So I'm going to persevere until this project is done and then try Kinemaster. Or even an old app I bought ages ago called Videos how.
OK. One last thing I thought of trying was uninstalling 8.0.1 and rolling back to a version earlier than 8.0.0

Can anyone direct me to a safe .apk download for 7.anythjng earlier than 8.0.0


For fun I have also asked the following sources the same question I asked above.....

1) Some blackfly larvae in my pond filter
2) Cyberlink customer support

No reply from either so far. I thought I'd blow the game wide open by throwing you guys into the equation too.
I thought 8.0.0 was bad.

So bad I made a YouTube video about it. I had intended to post a link but the forum doesn't permit this.

Anyway, I had foolishly hoped 8.0.1 might have improved the issues of 8.0.0

Has it funk. Its added a funking sleigh. Grrrrreat.

Tonight I attempted to make a video with no video, no music, just images.

It still hangs.

Tried deleting the cache

Tried uninstall/install.

Still useless.

So that's me done. In the 24+ months since I bought the Pro version, I've had maybe 8 good months. The rest has been nothing but heartache.

I cannot express how much I loathe Cyberlink.

My theory is that they are deliberately destroying the pro version to force Pro users to subscribe instead.

That won't happen in my case. As soon as I press submit I will be approaching Google to get a refund.
Oh so it's not just me having problems then. I feel your pain. Don't expect any resolution from Cyberlink's customer support team. I've encountered dandruff that's more helpful than them.

Do you have the 8.0.0 update yet? It might resolve some of your issues.

In my case though, 8.0.0 has rendered the app almost unusable but I will start my own thread for that particular struggle.

Best of luck getting it fixed.
Quote Make an impressive video intro without any professional equipment.

This video is pure genius. I never would have thought of doing this. Thank you. I have used this in a couple of videos and it looks very effective.

I have my own version of it which I will share with you.

1) Open up any drawing/editing app and draw a straight line. Reasonably thin, any colour.

2) Stretch the line so it goes right across the screen horizontally.

3) Save the image in a decently high resolutuon size.

4) Open up PowerDirector Mobile app. (PDMA)

5) I always start projects this way
but its probably not essential:

Add 4 x Black blanks from the colour board to the main timeline. (This just gives you freedom to go back and change or amend the start or add things if you need to)

6) Add the image of the ine that you made to the 3rd track down.

7) Use the keyframe tool to move the line to the left or right of the screen, so it's out of shot.

Extend the image along your track so that it is longer time wise. Mine is 1 minute long in the example.

9) Open the keyframe tool again. Move the line to the opposite side of the screen. So it now divides the screen horizontally. I used 10 seconds for the line to cross the screen.

10) Return to the keyframe tool and for the remainder of the clip (so this would be 50 seconds on my clip, since I made it 1 minute long in step stretch the clip upwards and downwards so that it fills the whole screen by the time the minute is up.

There you go.

11) What I do then, is using the time frame in OPACITY is to change the opacity from 100 at 15 seconds, down to about 20 at 60 seconds.
This looks better than I have described.

12) Add a video or image directly under your line image on the next track down.

13) Use the timeframe tool to give this the opposite opacity to the line image. I start on 0 then stay at 0 until nearly the end. Basically so they blend into each other.

I didn't realise how long this would take to describe and I have a lot to do this morning. So I will return to this post in the future. If you can use timeframes then just have a play with it.
Quote Freeze Punk! Make sure you watch this video to learn how to create freeze frames using PowerDirector Mobile.

Sorry but it's a thumbs down for me on this one. Don't take any of this personally.

Many of the things I describe below are generic with most YouTube channels.

I'm only singling you out because I was particularly disappointed that having watched your video, I still cannot do freeze frames for the reasons below.

I very much liked another of your videos and I would have commented on it if the comments were not turned off.

The reasons...

1) You ask people to add a hash tag "in the comments below" but comments are turned off.

2) 43 seconds into the video and you acknowledge the delay on getting to the content. You even say "I've kept you waiting long enough"...

Then you say "before we get started I wanna remind you to like and subscribe", then the obligatory image of the bell urging viewers to press it.

Then you tell the viewer (who has just searched for "how to do freeze frames") , all about what freeze frames are"

Then, for the benefit of (?? blind "viewers"??) you describe the clip of a baby walking.

It's over 2 minutes before we get to the content

3) Not your fault but I always have to resize (using the crop tool) videos to fill the screen on this device. Same as my other previous 2 devices. Otherwise there are black gaps around the screen.

Therefore, your screenshot method is very hit and miss, since I then have to resize (crop) the screenshot to exactly the same size.

Since the video and image are next to each other on the same track on the time line, overlaying and blending isn't an option. So it's trial and error which can be painstaking.

Sometimes I can do this fairly quickly and smoothly. Other times I try for 20 minutes or so and then give up.

The reason I clicked on your video was because I thought you had a better way.

Also the subject is on a plain white background which makes it much easier. Sadly most video isn't on a nice plain background.

4) The next step is done using photo director which I don't have. This should have been made clear at the start of the video or even in the title or description so that I would know not to waste my time watching your video.

But then if you are honest about the content, you don't get as many clicks right?

I hope I haven't been too hard on you. I have only watched one other of your videos because I can already do the other stuff.
It's quite frustrating because I paid for the full version of the app before it became a subscription only app.

Then when they brought out new titles, transitions, effects etc I could buy those I liked as add ons. Which I frequently did.

Once PD Mobile became subscription only, I could still access the existing full package to start with but I was no longer able to buy any new transitions, titles etc

I lived with that OK. It irritated me but I still had software that usually worked OK.

Then, with the release of these new titles recently, I can no longer access titles I have previously paid for.

Which I am rather peeved about. Its not a vast sum of money but its the principle.

Surely I can't be the only one in this cyber wilderness.

I did contact Cyberlink to express my woe. I politely asked them to give me access to the extra titles I had purchased or refund the money.

They said.....

I even told them that I would switch to their subscribed service IF they gave me a discounted first year. I thought that was fair considering the fact that I have spent roughly the same as a years subscription so far.

I explained that currently, nobody benefits from the situation because I am not able to use new features and they have not given me the opportunity to spend more money on new PD Mobile features. So we both lose.

They said....

I had a feeling they might say that. Which is why I ask on here if anyone else has the same frustration?
Hey, it's lucky for me that somebody who deffo wasn't you fixed the problem.

I contacted the "support" team at Cyberlink and they said....

Yes. See this recent forum link for the PDU mobile only tutorials: .

PDU YT mobile channel: .

Thanks. I did look at one of these but there were only a handful of tutorials. Hopefully the channel owner will make more soon. I have subscribed in anticipation.
Yes. I have 7.3.0 too. However, only a couple of days ago, the appearance changed slightly. It might be because I try to avoid updating apps unless I must.

The main difference being the way the choice of transitions loads up and a noticeably greater number of transitions to choose from.

I wish they had amended the maximum transition duration on some of them.

Thanks for your help.
Oh surrrrrre you don't have anything to do with Cyberlink.


I notice that someone (who definitely isn't you, honest guvnor) has ALREADY resolved this issue in less than 24 hours.

Nice work.

Thank you (but not really you (nudge wink, say no more))
Hi. Keyframes are a good way of achieving the effect you desire.

However, Keyframes can be slightly baffling/overwhelming if you are new to Power Director.

Possibly an easier (but more time consuming) way is to split the music track so you can turn the volume of the music down when you are talking.

If you split the video clip too, then you can even turn the volume of the video up when you are talking.

If you go for the splitting method, you should do this last, after you have finished editing the video.

Otherwise, if you add anything else on the tracks it will no longer be in sync.
Hi. Is there a Power Director University which just covers the mobile app?

I don't have the desktop version and it would be nice to see PD University content specifically for the mobile app.

I know how to use most functions but there are one or two that still perplex.

Like that giraffe head video using mask and invert mask. That lost Mr part of the way through.

In the past it wasn't possible to split/trim a video on the timeline if the user had already amended the speed.

Then, magically it became possible and they lived happily ever after....

.... Until the wicked witch updated the app a couple of days ago and made it impossible to split a video again, IF that video had already had its speed altered.

See attached.

The only way to do it, is to revert the video to its original speed, then split the video, then change the speed again.

Which is an un-necessary, time consuming chore. It might not seem so bad if you only have to do one or two.

But what if you have lots of really short clips, that you have already slowed down, sat in your projects. Suddenly you are faced with a monstrosity of a task.

I don't know why they thought it was a good idea to roll back this improvement.

Can you use your influence to ask them to change it back please?

I have contacted customer support but I don't hold out much hope of getting any support from them. It's normally just a link to their FAQ's

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