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Am I The Only One Here To Have Bought The Full Version Before It Became Subscription Only?It's quit
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It's quite frustrating because I paid for the full version of the app before it became a subscription only app.

Then when they brought out new titles, transitions, effects etc I could buy those I liked as add ons. Which I frequently did.

Once PD Mobile became subscription only, I could still access the existing full package to start with but I was no longer able to buy any new transitions, titles etc

I lived with that OK. It irritated me but I still had software that usually worked OK.

Then, with the release of these new titles recently, I can no longer access titles I have previously paid for.

Which I am rather peeved about. Its not a vast sum of money but its the principle.

Surely I can't be the only one in this cyber wilderness.

I did contact Cyberlink to express my woe. I politely asked them to give me access to the extra titles I had purchased or refund the money.

They said.....

I even told them that I would switch to their subscribed service IF they gave me a discounted first year. I thought that was fair considering the fact that I have spent roughly the same as a years subscription so far.

I explained that currently, nobody benefits from the situation because I am not able to use new features and they have not given me the opportunity to spend more money on new PD Mobile features. So we both lose.

They said....

I had a feeling they might say that. Which is why I ask on here if anyone else has the same frustration?
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