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Did they do away with the launcher in the newest update? I just got the latest version, but for me, Powerdirector starts up like it used to before they added the new launcher in a previous version.
I wish they would add color grading to Powerdirector, similar to how the layout is in Wondershare Filmora Video Editor. I know there is a separate program for that in Colordirector, but i just think it would be convenient to have it combined into Powerdirector like a 2 in 1 type program.
Quote Thanks for that. You can uninstall PD365 using the Windows uninstaller or directly from the CL App Manager by right-clicking on it and choosing Uninstall. You might as well reboot before reinstalling it.

Thank you. I was able to fix the problem. I uninstalled it, then reinstalled it, then restarted my computer and that seemed to fix it. Thank you again.
Quote You didn't say whether you have PD365 or PD21 or what the actual version number is. Without that info, I'd say to try uninstalling PD and reinstalling it to see if that helps.

Otherwise, please follow the steps in the Read Me Before Posting guide and attach the DxDiag results so we can see the full state of your system.

Oh sorry, the version i have is 21.1.2401.0
I have the lastest version of PD and everytime i open the FXs area, it freezes up before i can even select anything. It repeatedly happens everytime i open up PD and go to the Effects. Is there any way to fix this?

You have to do it inside PD21/365. Go to the fx room/Color Preset/Download Presets/Click the Free Download button.

Thank you very much for your help!
Where can i download different presets for videos? I thought they were on the Directorzone page, but it looks like theyre just for Colordirector and Photodirector.
What is the best 3rd party effects software for changing the color scheme and adding some detail/clarity to a video? Im looking into trying to find one that has a decent amount of options and obviously one that will work with the current version of Powerdirector lol. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Are you by chance looking for the Fix / Enhance > Edge Enhancement in the Enhance group of items? Up until PD16 this was called Video Enhancement. It had a name change from "Video Enhancement" to "Edge Enhancement" but the functionality simply remained the same.


I've tried using Edge Enhancement, but it seems like when i do, if i minimize it, then come back to it, the brightness changes for some reason.
I wish the latest version of Powerdirector had the Auto Enhance feature. If it does, i cant seem to find it anywhere.
I notice with the latest version, whenever i produce a video, it goes fast until its about 3/4 of the way finished, then the rest of the way, it slows down until complete. Also, when the complete video plays, the video and audio is out of sync, which has never happened in any previous versions. Is anyone else experiencing any of these issues? Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Whenever i open it up and use it, i can use it for a couple minutes, then all of a sudden, it freezes up my computer, I uninstalled and reinstalled it, but it still freezes everything. Is this happening to anyone else? What solution might work, if any. I hope they create a patch for CD1O soon.
For best results, should you sharpen/add clarity to your video before or after editing the video? Does it matter when?
Quote Hello CM120884,

I gather, from what you're saying, that there's no obvious banding in the original clips but it's apparent in the produced file. Is that correct?

Colour banding, or "posterisation", is a display issue on monitors & TVs where there aren't enough tones available to render/display the original gradient.

Could you please provide some details?
Properties of the original video: resolution, bitrate, colour/bit depth etc
Properties of the produced video
Any adjustments made during editing? e.g. application of LUT, colour adjustment, etc.

Even better, if you could also provide screenshots or a short video sample members might be able to offer some advice.


Yes it is in the edited and produced video.
What's the best way to fix color banding if your video output has some of it? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
I have a somewhat blurry video i would like to fix up and add some clarity and detail to without adding the dirt specks and halos. Which settings would be best? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Im using Colordirector 9 and it seems like whenever i choose the output format as mp4, the video and audio have sync issues. Is there anyway to fix this where they stay in sync?
Sorry for getting back so late, but i might have found and possibly fixed the problem. I noticed on the Cyberlink site that there are patches for the different programs that you can download. So i downloaded the latest one for Colordirector 8 and right now, that seems to have fixed the flickering issue.
I notice that when i play my video after it finishes producing, the video freezes part of the way, but the sound keeps playing. I've never seen this happen before. What could i do to fix this problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I notice when using Colordirector 8, that anytime i go to edit a video, when i do edit it, sometimes it flickers in scenes and sometimes it doesnt. I dont recall any flickering happening using previous Colordirectors. Is anyone else having this issue? How can i get this fixed? Help on this would be greatly appreciated.
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