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Wow, Dire Straits, I like it.

You should use audio cd ripping function of power2go instead of using audio converter.

audio converter cannot recognize music track in audio cds.
Quote I have not purchased YouCam9 yet, because the software I downloaded to try out is not like the software on the tutorials. I would like to purchase sooner rather than later to take advantage of the sale that's going on right now, but so far I have not been able to try it out, and I cannot get help from support. This software has many features that I would like to have to make videos for YouTube. For example, I want to blur the background but there is no icon to do it. I want to have the person speaking to be alone on the screen and move back and forth between the host and guest. I would like also to be able to show power point slides. But how do I do it? Please help!

<video controls="controls" width="300" height="150">
<source src="documents" />

>>I want to blur the background but there is no icon to do it.
I think that belongs to PerfectCam, maybe you should check
how did you convert the 30min DVD? add the vob file from your DVD disc?

if so, I think you should use a DVD ripping software to achieve what you want. e.g. capture function in cyberlink power director.

That's it, the error code is displayed during the burning process.
The video file opens normally on my PC

I see a same error code C00C0008 which is possble the root cause of your issue.

convert all your wmv files to mpeg2 format first then use power2go to burn those new mpeg2 files.
then, I guess you wanted to burn your wmv video files into, say DVD video disc and you saw C00C0008 error code during the process.

can those wmv video files playback normally in your platform? for ex., just double click them.
>>I tried to burn a video in WMV format but the power2go 13 software tells me the error C00C0008.

It is interesting, how did you burn videos in wmv format? you used "Media Convert" function or "Video Disc" function?
If you don't have concern, please take a snapshot of your original CD (case and cd disc label), thus I can have more info about what's wrong.
the track titles in your original CD is CD-Text, it will be perfectly copied to your new CD if you use disc copy.
hi eryoung2k2, which version did you upgraded to? maybe that power2go version just doesn't support mkv files.
btw, the 2 programs have similar function, which Power2Go.exe has more powerful function like convert audio to mobile phone or file, or virtual drive..etc. the "burning gadget" let you focus on burning discs and just 2go.
you got it, the small rectangular object on desktop is "burning gadget"

BTW, I did mention in my initial post it's a Sony 4K UHD Upscale.
The model number is DBP-S7600.
According to this link, mp3 and WMA are supported by this model.
I've tried mp3 in the past. My blu-ray didn't play them, but I'll try them again.


>>The model number is DBP-S7600.
do you mean bdp-s6700?
hi SweetTasha,
I see you're creating a wma disc, is it what you intented to? If yes, do you know your SONY blu-ray device plays wma disc?
from my experience, wma disc may only suitble for car audio.
Nope, I guess.
But you may download Power2Go trial version to have a try.
Power2 Go13 supports H.264 video clips, how do you get your H.264 video clip? shoot by your mobile phone?
this error code is same as below
The questions are very professional.
I think you need product key to use both applications. not registration info.
but if you cannot find your prodycts keys, contact their customier suport.
hi Roseashm,
Do you mean you cannot find your webcam in your facebook browser page?
If yes, what do you see? can have a snapshot for better explain your problem?
If you restart youcam, are frame, text overlay that you made still there?
I believe there is a way to turn them back.
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