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your idea is interesting. it sounds you want to play the video but keep playing background music without interupt?
what is your power2go version? maybe cyberlink got an patch for this issue.
>>The video is downloaded from my Windows 10 and when I preview it on the computer there are no wavy lines.
Where was the video downloaded from?
Maybe I can have a check on the source video.
Quote Just a comment first - regular DVD players will play mp3 files normally. They will not play mp4 discs.

To burn an mp4 file, treat the disc as a data disc. Some players would see the data disc and play it.

You can also try using a thumb drive if the file is large. Thumb drives are inexpensive, can contain a lot of data, and are more rugged.

a cheap DVD-R disc is more suitable for give-away.
btw, mp3 is a music format while mp4 is a movie format. they're not the same.
Since you paid for this program, then maybe find cyberlink customer support for help is better.

Couple hints to distinguish it's program issue or source clip issue or disc/burner issue, maybe you can try,

  1. Try burn to an iso image or DVD folder, does it still crash?

  2. Try another video clip, does it still crash?

  3. If above 2 are nagative, then try another DVD blank disc, does it still crash?

Quote Hello:

I am using a trial version of Power2Go 10 and, according to the trial download, I have a 15 day "free" trial of the program. Supposedly, after the 15 day "free" trial, I either have to purchase the full version or get a limited version with fewer program options.

Seeing the current Power2Go 12 program will not work with Windows Vista, does that mean that mean I have no other option than to get a limitied version? Does anyone know of any source of the full Power2Go 10 that I can obtain or will I still be able to use the trial version of Power2Go 10 that I have now to burn audio cds, etc.?

What are the limitations if I just continue after the 15 day trial period if there is not a full version installed?

Thank you.

At least you can still backup your data to discs and burn audio cd, after 15 day trial period. that should be enough for most people.
It's possible the outside radius of your DVD movie disc is scratched such that your DVD reader cannot read it finished while it's trying hard to read it.
Quote Hello sumerJ, thanks. As an afterthought I typed C920 in the search box and found that a few members had purchased the webcam although it was some time ago and a few had problems with particular features of it. I also YouTubed the webcam and although it made a first appearance in 2016 or thereabouts it is still currently holding a place and a few videos explain how to set it up for maximum quality. My main concern was about using it with Youcam 8. I placed an order and expect delivery in a few days.

if you just want a full HD 1920x1080 resolution video, then Logitech C615 is enough, but I'd still recommand C920 because its video quality is much better than C615, as I said in previous reply, though C920 is also a bit expensive.

Thanks for clearing that up. Do you know if PowerDVD Copy could do it with minimal/no quality loss like DVD Shrink?

Yes, PowerDVD Copy does the same thing as DVD Shrink, "no quality loss" to your eyes.
Power2Go cannot shrink DVD video into 4.7gb disc.
PowerDVD Copy can, but it seems cyberlink has ended the sell.
Logitech C920 is great.
I have a friend using it with youcam which is smooth and the video is so clear and vivid.
Same issue as

Where can I get a download link to YouCam 7
why don't you tell the one who gave you the download link and key?
Amd FX doesn't support hardware endoe, as for Geforce 210,
according to below, it only supported h.264 hardware decode, so maybe it also doesn't support hardware encode.

software encode is too slow to make it 1:1 realtime encode in your platform.
I can see .MP4 option as recording format.

what is your hardware spec.? as I know, youcam need hardware to support .MP4 recording.
Not sure this FAQ helps you or not.
Hey, how about give a snapshot let everyone know the problem you encountered?
If it works similar to youcam, then as I know it should work for evey software using webcam, as long as you select the virtual camera device as your camera.
it should be same for facebook live.
hi there,
which feature do you refer to? windows face login? web site face login?
power2go cannot play your DVD programe, I think you're refering to powerdvd.
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