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Same issue as

Where can I get a download link to YouCam 7
why don't you tell the one who gave you the download link and key?
Amd FX doesn't support hardware endoe, as for Geforce 210,
according to below, it only supported h.264 hardware decode, so maybe it also doesn't support hardware encode.

software encode is too slow to make it 1:1 realtime encode in your platform.
I can see .MP4 option as recording format.

what is your hardware spec.? as I know, youcam need hardware to support .MP4 recording.
Not sure this FAQ helps you or not.
Hey, how about give a snapshot let everyone know the problem you encountered?
If it works similar to youcam, then as I know it should work for evey software using webcam, as long as you select the virtual camera device as your camera.
it should be same for facebook live.
hi there,
which feature do you refer to? windows face login? web site face login?
power2go cannot play your DVD programe, I think you're refering to powerdvd.
what error did you see if you select higher resolution than 640x480? is there an error message?
try older nvidia driver, version 411.70 or older.
from the error code and the description, you may try another DVD+RW or DVD-RW disc (if you have) thne try again.
the description says your DVD+RW disc is not compatible with your burner
did you turn on any effect while recording?
what's the video resolution you record?
It sounds you need to have an old power2go version then you can install your upgrade version of power2go.
It seems you encountered the same issue as below post, maybe rollback to old nVidia driver can help.
Quote Hi all, in version 8 of youcam have disappeared several resolution options (example 800x600). Is it just my problem or is it normal?





Salve a tutti, nella versione 8 di youcam sono sparite diverse opzioni della risoluzione (ad esempio 800x600). É un problema solo mio o è una cosa normale?



it seems they removed 800x600, leave 4 resolutions only.
800x600 is useless for me, the frame rate is too low. I prefer 1280x720 whihc runs much smoother for me.
Quote I have installed the latest Youcam 8 just now, after purchasing it from Cyberlink, and it will not completely load. I have un/reinstalled it already.

how about click the triangle, will it become normal?

I was in online media backup, and selected "Backup to DVD"
When I download the Youtube files it automatically makes them MPEG4 on the list, and it does not seem to
allow me any other option in the menus.

That's because Power2Go just download the youtube video and burn them to disc as generic data, the mpeg4 video is the format from youtube.
If you want to burn the youtube videos as a DVD Movie disc and play in other consumer player, you need to 1) download youtube videos to your PC first, then 2) burn them as DVD Movie disc.
Quote I am trying to use Power2Go to produce a MPEG2 DVD, but it shows MPEG4 with the files that it will write to DVD.
Is there a way to force it to write MPEG2 so the "older" DVD player can still play it?

Power2Go should be able to write mpeg2 format DVD video disc.
What's the video disc that you selected in its launcher? Did you select AVCHD? or Blu-Ray disc?
Quote The Youtube backup works fine, I'm logged into my account and am able to se all my videos and all my subscriptions, no problem, BUT after I logged into my Facebook I get nothing.

I can see my account/Friends in the root menu on the left but nothing shows up in the window.

Also adding a video URL does absoulutely nothing.

any ideas?

I guess it's blocked by facebook privacy policy, the cambridge analytica report, if you knew it.
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