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Background blur & replace - performance issues
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PA1 [Avatar]
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When I use 'background blur' or 'background replace' in YouCam & Perfectcam, the results are not as good as I see in this demonstration:

So what are the minimum hardware specifications which this feature needs to work properly? --The system requirements page says: "For Background Blur, Intel Core™ i-series 6th generation and above is recommended."

However, it does not explain what will happen if this CPU requirement is not met: does it mean the frame rate will be reduced, or does it mean the edge detection accuracy will be reduced? (And how can I choose which one I prefer? --If the camera is always in the same place, the user should be able to manually calibrate the settings to achieve optimum performance in that environment.)

  • How would the user know when the app did not have time to perform all of the necessary computational processing on a frame because of some resource constraint? (There should be an indicator for this.)

  • Is there any way to adjust the sensitivity of edge detection, so the user can decide if he prefers to leak more background or suffer more 'coiffure cut-off' ?

  • Does the cameras native frame rate, resolution or light sensitivity have a significant impact on the accuracy of edge detection? (If so, can you tell us which cameras work best?)

sumerJ [Avatar]
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The questions are very professional.
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