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Quote Hi,

My current set up is capable of running video games in Ultra HD HDR using a fifth generation intel i7 and a Nvidia 10 series graphics card. The PC should therefore have no trouble running video at the same resolution. Unfortunately PowerDVD 17 currently requires a seventh generation intel processor. the very most recent range of intel processors, along with a motherboard capable of supporting the processor. Upgrading the processor alone wouldn't be quite so bad, but the motherbord would be a big job to replace as everything else in the computer is conected to it.

If possible, please can PowerDVD 17 be updated / upgraded to include support for other PC set ups capable of running Ultra HD HDR video to avoid seemingly unecessary hardware upgrades like these?

If it were up to Cyberlink, I'm sure they would, but it's Hollywood's DRM that dictates what Power DVD 17 is to use to play UHD Blu-ray's.

There are some drivers that may be in the works for NVIDIA, but I believe the requiremet for Kaby Lake and SGX path is still required for the MoBo.

I got tired of waiting and the cost to update an entire HTPC was more expensive then buying a stand-alone player.

Plus, the ones that have UHD running on a computer are having problems getting HDR to work _ amongst other things _ driver issues...

It's available at too, for more money though because of the crumby excahnge _ 170.00$ Canadian.
Need to fix it again ?

It's always been like this as far as I can remember, the US and Canadian amounts were always the same.

It's only now that the exchnage is so terrible that there is such a large difference.

The only time I can remember that the dollaer was worse when it was at .69 cents to one US dollar.
Quote hi,

I install PowerDVD hang on at 91%, and need to kill PowerDVDUnti.exe in task manger to contiune install progress.

But !!!

Hang on at 96% again..., still need to kill MediaEspresso.exe to complete installation...

Try this, uninstall 17 again if there is something to uninstall.

Load up the free version of CCleaner and run it's registry cleaner as many times as necessary until finds nothing.

Restart the computer and repeat until it finds nothing.

Go into '"Photos", Documents etc and delete any Cyberlink cloud files that are there from any old installations.

Also delete any other Cyberlink files a well.

Try installing Power DVD again.

Doing a clean install of your graphics driver can also help things too if it doesn't function properly.

Don't let W10 find your graphics driver for you.

There used to be tool from Cyberlink that removed old version when problems arose, I don't know if it's around anymore, so I just use CCleaner.
It turns out that even though I am in Canada, the shopping cart page placed me in the US, so I was charged in US dollars.

Cyberlink did contact me (took a few days) and offered a full or partial refund, so I took the partial.

I still didn't get back the full 16.51$ though, Cyberlink and or cleverbridge (who knows) rounded it down to 15.00$ _ what ever...

What I didn't like about this whole thing is the fact that cleverbridge told me that everyone is chatged in US dollars and my credit card company converted the 44.95 to US, when in fact this wasn't true at all.

Cleverbridge seemed a liitle too quick to sweep this under the rug.


Looks like the 15 bucks being refunded is in US funds, so I'm actually making a few bucks _ that's great ! cool

Thanks Cyberlink !
I was lead to believe when I purchased Power DVD17 that I was being charged in Canadian dollars, you can pick your native cuurency at the top of the page in your shopping cart.

Mine worked out to be 44.95 Canadian after my 10% discount for the upgrade.

I then found that I was actaully charged 44.95 US, so I eneded up paying around 61.00$ Canadian.

If Cyberlink is charging everyone in US dollars, why does the shopping cart page allow one to choose the currency of their choice ?

Why even bother to allow people to choose their cureency when everyone pays in US dollars then.

I have requested a refund, I don't need Power DVD 17 that bad.

I would say that's fraud.

Quote The Details from Speccy

HL-DT-ST BD-RE BH16NS40 Media Type BD Writer Name HL-DT-ST BD-RE BH16NS40 Availability Running/Full Power Capabilities Random Access, Supports Writing, Supports Removable Media Read capabilities CD-R, CD-RW, CD-ROM, DVD-RAM, DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R DL, DVD+R DL, BD-R, BD-ROM, BD-RE Write capabilities CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-RAM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R DL, DVD+R DL, BD-R, BD-RE Config Manager Error Code Device is working properly Config Manager User Config FALSE Drive E: Media Loaded FALSE SCSI Bus 0 SCSI Logical Unit 0 SCSI Port 3 SCSI Target Id 0 Status OK

and id si working

No, "Ultra HD Blu-ray" is not on the list.

I think it is very clear that Ultra HD Blu-ray has new spec for software and hardware.
"Ultra HD Blu-ray discs are incompatible with existing Blu-ray players"

Ask LG for an official confirm or save your time to accept the fact that this drive is just a normal BD drive, but not a Ultra HD Blu-ray drive.

The BH16NS40 reads all the files on commercial 66GB and 50GB UHD disks I own just fine. I do not have any larger UHD discs. But of course cannot not decrypt them. Bought the drive in Oct 16.

On Planet UHD Earth II it shows 52GB used and files like AACS, Certificate,BDMV under the last one various files including STREAM. That in turn has about 30+ files m2ts - MPEG Video Files, including size in GB of all files

So it is a matter of not being to decryt them, even with DVD17 my 4K PC i76700 GTX960 GPU would not be able to do it.

However that disc looks fantastic on a 70" UHD TV and Samsung UHD player. I see no reason why to buy this software when the Samsung UHD player sells at Cosco for $220.00 and refurbished from Samsung for a lot less than that.

less than 1% of PC,s if that, can use this software for UHD anyway.


Still waiting for 4K burning software. And waiting....

Yeah, you pretty much hit the nail on the head, a stand-alone player is far simpler to use and allot less expensive. If one day we were able to use our NVIDIA and AMD dedicated cards, then that would be different, but even then, would we still be required to replace our MoBo's and processors, just to satisfy the SGX requirements ?

Hollywood is not interested in the masses being able to play UHD-Blu-rays on a computer, that much is clear and they made it darn near impossible for us to do so. The heck with them.

And about your 4K burning sofware, why not Imgburn ???
Quote Unfortunately, that is what I expected all the time. Why would Pioneer even bother to release the UHD drives, right? But, just to satisfy my curiosity, what does the Advisor say to you? Can you post a screenshot, please?

I have that drive, or at least an LG one that can see the files on an UHD disc.

The advisor "Fails" the drive...
I think Paul1945, may be just be using a regular Blu-ray.. ??
Quote What optical drives are supported in PowerDVD 17 for UHD BD playback?

I have Pioneer BDR-207MBK (BDXL) this optical drive are supported?

There are only two optical drives on the market at present that support Ultra HD Blu-Ray, Pioneer BDR-S11J-BK and DBR-S11J-X.

I have asked Pioneer support about support UHD BD on the BDR-207MBK. They answered me:

"As long as your computer software you are running supports this forplayback and decoding then the drive will read this information and pass italong to your software."

Hi Guys

My LG BH16NS40 working with no Problem !!

What's the rest of your hardware, are you using a dedcated GPU or your i7-5960X _ none of this should work according to Cyberlinks required specs ?
Quote Can PowerDVD 17 upscale 1080p Blurays to 2160P output?


If you have a 4k TV you can select 2160p resolution in your GPU's control panel or simply let your 4K TV do the upscaling. Power DVD17 doesn't do any of the upscaling.
Quote That's pretty funny. How can it leak on sites like that when there's not even official confirmation it exists?

the minimum specs for 4K bluray playback are ridiculous.

you need a kaby lake CPU and have to use the igpu hdmi output. No nvidia or AMD hardware acceleration then?

Quite curious about the audio improvements. Have cyberlink finally enabled atmos decoding to analogue?

That would be huge if they had.

windows 10 has the Dolby access app that enables Dolby atmos in the windows sound settings and play all my games in atmos that I've tried so far since the update.

Still if I have to buy a Kay lake cpu, new motherboard, new RAM, a new copy of cyberlink powerdvd and a 4K bluray player for PC, I might as well buy an XboxS and save some money and have a dedicated 4K bluray player with all the Amazon prime and Netflix apps installed on that.

not only do we have to have hdcp 2.2 screens and amps, we have to have the CPU to support it too.

All this DRM laden tech just to play back a video and a few wavs. I bet HDCP 2.2 will be cracked in a month anyway making it all pointless.

And the one and only UHD Blu-ray reader for the PC that was supposed to be scheduled for release at the end of March by Pioneer, apparently has been postponed due to the lack of interest. Gee... I wonder why that is ????

Cyberlink may not be responsible for having to deal with the strict DRM, but it's still sucks _ why did they even bother ?
Quote To whom it may concern, I recently updated my Powerdvd 16 with a patch from Cyberlink. I have Windows 10 pro. After the update my paid-for-program started displaying nagging banner ads AND was much slower. I solved it by uninstalling AND reinstalling the base version of 16. Problem solved, ads gone, freezing stopped. This is so wrong that as a paying customer to be tortured with ads I can't turn off. I can tell you I will not be upgrading to 17 if I'm going to be subjected to annoying advertisments. I'm tired of being hammered by ads. Cyberlink You just lost a cusomer. frown

In my version (14), there is an option to uncheck "Check For Product Update Information"

I'm sure that the button is still there in 16.
Quote Dear Friends

I own i5-4690K and GTX 1070

My second question is related with BD UHD HEVC x265, will it be available in the exist version of PowerDVD 16 or in the future release of PowerDVD 17? I don't want to throw my money in the mud.

Here's some info on that.

Also know that most of the hardware will have to be Playready 3.0 enabled, which means that your GTX 1070 should be OK, but not your processor. This is Microsoft's doing.

You need a Kaby Lake processor for that with on board 630 graphics even if you do use your NVIDIA card; so I've read.

For any one else reading this, I just got an anser back from AMD, and they said "they don't if thier cards are Playready 3.0 enabled or when that will happen".

Very frustrating when even the company making GPU's don't even know the answer.

If you're interested in UHD Blu-ray playback, I would wait until the release of version 17 and generally new versions are released in the spring. However given the circumstances that you will have to upgrade your MoBo and processor, it may be more practicle to get a stand-alone UHD-Blu-ray player.
Quote Jeff, I was surprised also. It is no longer listed.

Someone must have been chomping at the bit... smile
Quote I aready have PowerDVD 14. I hear there are a lot of problems with version 16.

Trying to decide wheter to wait for 17 with the fixes or what?


Power DVD "17" , when it is released may have problems by itself The web site shows a free update for 17 when it is released. That may be a good deal!

What do you see in Power DVD 14 that you just have to have (functionality)? If there is nothing, why worry about it?

Look here (link) for comparison of PowerDVD 14 vs Power DVD 16

By the way, what are the "lots of problems" with Power DVD 16 that you refer to -- other than those caused by faulty installation?

Where on the web site does it show/say a free update to 17 when it's released ?

I've been here a while and Cyberlink has never offered a free update to anything, there is always a charge for an upgrade.

Do you have a link ?
Quote I normally use SVP because of its Frame Interpolation for 2D movies but it does not work for 3D so if PowereDVD is able to do it for 3D, then I will surely buy it.


At any rate for any FI to work with Power DVD, you will need an AMD video card to do it _ not all modles support this fuction.

If you have NVIDIA, then it's not going to work.

I'm sure you've checked, but are you sure your display doesn't have some sorty of FI function for 3D, most 3D displays did/do.
I'm not sure what you mean by "it's not normal"
That's the whole idea about Power DVD matching the refresh rate or fps of a given Blu-ray.

I just don't agree that it works very well, as I said it wants to change it even when I know the refresh rate/fps is matched.

Allot of the problem comes if you watch the trailers, there frame rate can be 30,59.94 or 60 fps and I think Power DVD can't deal with that very well.
Yes, that's normal.
Quote: Most Blu-rays run at 23.976 fps, UK uses 24 fps and are region "B".
There is the odd one that is 24 fps and is region "A" eg "The Christmas Candle" (converted for North America, but left at 24 fps)

If Power DVD (what ever version) reports 23, it's actually 23.976 fps, there is no such thing as 23 fps.

Just like my NVIDIA control reports either 23 or 24, also 30, 60 and 59 fps (59.94 fps).
It reports this and gives these choices because that is what my projector can deal with.

Most displays are capable of accepting 23.976 and 24 fps, if they can't, then 3/2 pull down is used so they can be played back at 30 and/or 60 fps.

Frame judder occurs from a bad 3/2 pull down process. (not realy frame judder, but jerky and not smooth)

It's also a natural occurrence from too low a frame rate used and it's very noticeable when the camera pans.
The industry could go to 48 fps, but everyone would complain that it's too smooth and unnatural looking.

As you know Power DVD has an auto frame rate detection and this pop up tells you that your frame rate doesn't match your display, would you like to change it.

IMO, this function is not very good and I don't use it, tick the box not to show this again and close it off. It tells me this even though I know for a fact that my frame rate in te NVIDIA control panel is correct for the Blu-ray.
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