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Quote Wow. I just checked my Cyberlink Application Manager. The only option shown for the PowerDirector 365 - Screen Recorder is Open. There is no Uninstall for it. It has to be uninstalled by the Windows App and Feature list first before an install by the Cyberlink Application Manager. I thought this would be clear from me and optodata to do. Guess that more clarification was needed. Glad that Support was able to help and you got it working!

Yeah I had to uninstall it via Windows too. Then reinstall using the CAM.

Uninstall Screenrecorder and reinstall via the CAM. This worked although I'm not sure why it installed the incorrect one in the first place...
Quote Try this: Open the CL App manager and see if it auto-updates (the current version is 4.1.1822.0). Next, right-click on Screen Recorder and choose uninstall. Reboot and open the CAM again and try installing it separately to see if that works.

BTW there's another new version of PD365 out today (20.7.3108 vs 3101 released a couple days ago). I suggest uninstalling SR first then updating PD365, THEN installing SR if it wasn't automatically reinstalled.

I have emailed Cyberlink about this. It should work without an update too since I only installed it a week ago. Nothing else required a product key so I don't see why this should. I'll report back when I get a response from them.
Quote Open PD365. On the top left click on Plugins/Screen Recorder to start it. You may have the Cyberlink free downloads installed earlier, including the screen recorder 4 deluxe which is not the basic screen recorder 4 that is included with PD365. You need to enter that product key once you paid for it and get the email.

If this is not the case then uninstall screen recorder 4 and reinstall it via the application manager.

This OS is a clean install; no remnants of anything else on my system. Anyway I tried opening SR from PD and it still asks for a product key undecided
I recently upgraded to Powerdirector 365. Everything works without problem except screenrecorder which asks for a product key. I can't find one in any email. Is Screenrecorder not part of the 365 bundle?
Quote All non-live non-365 versions can coexist with each other and the current live version.

Excellent. Thanx!
I bought PD 19 Ultimate some time ago but now there's a great deal on PD 365. Is it possible to install PD 365 alongside my PD19?

This is a new thing that started today (first time using PD is about 4 weeks):

I drag a clip into the timeline. Normally the waveform shows but for whatever reason it doesn't now it doesn't and I don't know why. Saving the project, closing PD, restarting PD and reopening the project and problem solved. But drag in the next clip and it's the same problem.

Any clues why this is happening? And how to solve?

PD 19.0.3226.2
Windows 10
Quote You may want to right mouse click on that clip on the timeline and click change alias or edit alias to allow you to hit the spacebar or the period key and then OK to make it less conspicuous. You can do the same on the clip in the media library.

That works, thanks. Only problem is that I have to do it for every single clip individually. It's time consuming. Was hoping for an easier automated method or a check box in preferences.

is it possible to remove labels from clips? I find they just get in the way so I want to disable them? See the attached image...

Quote Maybe run ScreenRecorder and capture your editing session until you see the issue appear then review the recording to see if there are any specific steps that might trigger the audio loss.

You can trim the recording to highlight what happened then upload it to youTube to share here and/or with CL tech support if you decide to report the issue to them.

Not a bad idea. I finished the video and it'll be a while before I do another but when I do I'll give it a shot.
This started recently so I'm assuming its a bug related to an update...

While editing a video my clips randomly lose audio. No faders or such have been changed and everything else on the PC works fine. I have to shut down PD and reopen the project and the volume is back to normal.

PD Ultimate 19.0.3226.2
Creating a very short clip (under 15 seconds long) and PD crashes every time I try to produce. Very annoying.
Quote Hi,

I guess the asnwer is no but let me double check... would it be possible to use PD 19 Ultimate to change video background while it doesn't use green background?

We are working on a dance performance video that was recorded outdoor (grass on ground buildings in background). 10 dancers are moving around during the performance. I know we can extract people from videos if background is solid green color and people do not move much. Now this video doesn't meet the requirements. I guess it's impossible to replace its background?

Thanks & regards.

Like Optodata says you can do it with the ColorDirector add-on but its still a ton of work. Maliek from PDU did a video on this.
Quote The Lens Correction tool in the Action Camera Center is for that specific purpose. You can find it under the Tools menu.

A similiar Lens Correction tool can be found in the Fix/Enhance tools.

Cheers mate. As soon as the camera arrives and I've done some test footage I'll report back.
FWIW: I googled this and a Cyberlink forum thread came up but it was from 2015 so...
I ordered a used GoPro Hero 7 for my hiking videos and am aware of the fisheye effect they have because of the wide FOV. Not a deal breaker but there will be times when I'd prefer not to have that effect. I think the 7 has a setting to switch from 170° to 127° so that's a step in the right direction but if it doesn't can the fisheye effect be removed/corrected in PD?

Using PD19 Ultimate.

It's in the comparison page here: "Multi-Cam Designer"

But yes, it is included.


Thanks. I knew there was a comparison page, just couldn't find it. Cheers.
Quote Is multicam editing included in PD Ultimate? Just got a second cam and was thinking this might be handy...

I looked on the Cyberlink site and didn't see any mention of it in the comparison page so I thought I'd ask here.
Is multicam editing included in PD Ultimate? Just got a second cam and was thinking this might be handy...
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