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Quote I downloaded the free version of YouCam9 for my PC, Windows 10. All features working but if I customize settings such as exposure, zoom, brightness, filter, etc, and apply them, I have to reset them each time after I finish using it and close out. If I purchase it, will the registered version permanently save these settings?

Also, do these settings only adjust what I see or will my other parties also see the effects when doing live webcam with them?

Answer you questions

  1. My YouCam can keep those adjusted settings. No matter how many times I reboot PC or YouCam. Not sure why yours can't

  2. Yes, the viewer can see the effects as long as you choose YouCam as the camera you use in your live webcam software. There will be a YouCam panel for you to apply effects.

Quote YouCam 9 accepts 1920 x 1080 (i.e. 1080P) camera resolution, but with no video effects, which are available only at 720P
Why doesn't YouCam 9 have video effects (including the most important "ZOOM" and "Flip horizontally") at this resolution? I am very surprised because webcameras in this resolution have already been started to be mass-produced.

My YouCam 9 doesn't have this issue. All effects work normally at 1080p.
Maybe you can try another hardware device?
For example, another camera or PC
Quote It's a good thing that they added the ability to do instant green screen should make masking much easier for me.

I just wish they would have added the ability to zoon and pan with the mouse and keyboard

I like this screen maker too. It's very useful

As for zoom and pan... are you saying this PowerDirector feature?
Quote Hi guys. So I stream online and I'm looking for a skin softening filter for my live feed, i bought the YouCam 9 and the skin smoothening feature worked perfectly BUT only on my face?? It looked so unnatural as my arms and neck area weren't airbrushed but my face was... it also looked super suspicious as if I turned my head the filter would turn off and show my unedited face and then back on again when I faced the camera... I thought it was a glitch at first but I contacted cyberlink and they said this was normal... hmm

ive just seen they have brought out "perfectcam"
does this work in the same way?? As in does it only airbrush your face? I really need it to be for my entire screen/body... if anyone can help pleaseeee do.

thanks xxx

Have you updated your YouCam9 to the latest version?
The latest version has an option that allows you to apply skin smoothening to the whole video.

Updates YouCam 9 to build 1915
Note: This patch is not for YouCam hardware bundled/pre-installed versions, volume license, or versions purchased via the Microsoft Store.

  1. Adds an option to adjust the effect area of Skin smoothener between faces only or the whole video.

  2. Adds a button to create custom looks in the Makeup feature for quick access.


No. That's not what I'm referring to.

  1. Turn on an overlay.

  2. Try to use the stamp, color or text tool.

It does not work.

Hi I can't understand what you're saying either.
Could you detail more? Or share a screencast?

If you're saying the features "Stamp" "Title in Overlays" or "Color selection for Brushes or Stamps"
They all work on my YouCam.
Quote Dear Sirs,

I would like an updated response.

I just signed up for PD 365 recently. When I tried to use the screen director (through PD365) to record powerpoint (on screen) and audio at the same time, a window saying that the feature is not in PD and requires an upgrade to SD 4.0.

I would have thought that SD is already included in the PD365 subscription.

Do I need to sign up for SD4.0?

Assuming that I decide to upgrade, the following screen shows 2 boxes:

v. 2-3 Screen Recorder and
(Included in PowerDirector 17-1

Which one do I tick?

I am new to all this stuff.



Screen Director? Or you're saying Screen Recorder?
If it's included in PD365, then you don't have to sign up for Screen Recorder to use it.
And if you simply need to record your powerpont, then Screen Recorder 2 would be enough.
No need to upgrade to Screen Recorder 4.
Quote I still cannot get mine to work with youtube. Logged out and in many times, still no go.


Hi I can live stream with my YouTube account.
Maybe you can try again.
Or you can check if your account is restricted by YouTube
Quote I've just installed the latest versiion of YouCam on my Windows 10 desktop. It was working fine, until I changed the camera resolution to a setting that I'm assuming my camera can't support. Now, YouCam won't launch.

I click the icon to open YouCam and nothing happens. I can see the YouCam icon in the hidden icon area of the taskbar, but I can't get the app to open.

How can i reset the resolution for the camera if I can't open YouCam?


Hi there,

Try this:

  1. Right click on the taskbar and select "Task Manager"

  2. Go to "Details" and end those YouCam related tasks.

  3. Launch YouCam again and see if it works

If not, than maybe CyberLink can help
Quote Hello,

I cropped a piece of an mp3 I made. Then went into th mixer to make it loop in the audio adjust.
But when I clicked on it I got the attached error? I even produced my crop then tried again - same error

Hi there,

I don't see this issue on my AudioDirector 365
What version are you using?

The problem with this is that the microphone stops to work eventhough you selected the correct microphione within its setting.


I don't see this issue on my Zoom with YouCam.
My microphone still works. Can you share a screencast?
Quote Hi, I have a strange issue.

I am using the latest version of YouCam (downloaded yesterday) and trying to use it in Microsoft Teams. In the YouCam app, I can see the overlay the correct way round, but when I use YouCam as the source for my Teams WebCam, the overlay gets flipped, so the text is reversed.

Note - the webcam image is not reversed, this is the overlay when using "scenes"

I've seem this issue before, it depends on how MS Teams preivew displays.
Some softwares' preview display in a mirror way. But the viwer can still see the reversed(non-morror) video.
So you may ask your MS Teams viewer to see if the overlay is still "not Correct"

Anyway you can flip the preview in the settings or just by dragging it.
Quote How would you delete an scene from the program. They must be located in a directory, but where?


Why do you want to delete it? They seem harmless.


I just got CD8 last night, and I have been having a similar issue to the white instead of green. Do you know if there was ever a solution found? Or am I stuck having paid 100+ for a product that doesnt work?

Thank you for your time



For pure black and white, I use global adjustment > split toning > 3 way and its highlight or shadow wheels to change them to other colors
That works, you may try.
Quote Hello,
I am unable to detect the camera in the device manager (no "imaging devices" section). YouCam software is also not detecting camera installed. It is integrated camera on HP ProBook 430.
What I did so far:

  • I tried to add "legacy" device in the device manager

  • I installed YouCam 9

  • I also reinstalled system, no sucess

Is this hardware problem and I need to go to the service with my laptop or do you have any solution for me? Thanks for any help
printscrn is from YouCam4 which is original coming with Windows reboot but with ver 9 same message.

Hi gabsu,

After reading the pic of your device manager, it seems there's no physical camera detected on your NB.
You may need to contact HP for more info.

Hope this helps.
Hi Roseashm,

I think you're using the previous version of FB go live page.
If so, remember to select "camera" on the top of this page, then you can select YouCam on the right side.

The default FB go live page is "Connect". It requires user to live stream via a streaming tool.
That's why you saw a stream key.
Quote Does anyone know why when trying to stream to youtube why Screen Recorder 4 does not pull the stream url or the stream key from youtube as described on page 19 of the users guide? The only way to stream to youtube it seems is to use a custom setting instead of the actual youtube icon, when using the youtube selection one can't even type in that area to put the youtube streaming url which you have to go into youtube and do a live session to get a url and key. Is anyone else experiencing this issue or is it just me?

Hi, Screen Recorder 4 provides 2 ways for live treaing to YouTube. You can either use the default YouTube sign in button or use the custom streaming.
If you have an available streaming YouTube account, then just sign in your account on Screen Recorder 4 and enjoy live streaming without inputing stream url and stream key. Or, you can live stream to YouTube via Screen Recorder 4 custom server with your YouTube stream url and stream key, then no YouTube account signed in is needed.
Quote Hello,

PerfectCam is a plugin for YouCam, so you need to have YouCam installed to run PerfectCam. It won't work the other way around.


After I tried the latest version, my YouCam8 and PerfectCam now can work individually.
I just downloaded and tried the 30 days free trial, it works with Facebook Live
Quote As an object, what are the differences between Youcam 7 and Youcam 8? I ask this question because I'm not sure whether or not to buy the new version. For example: smooth skin filters, the TrueTheater, automatic lighting, and noise reduction, have remained unchanged or have been improved?

Thank you.




Come da oggetto, quali sono le differenze tra Youcam 7 e Youcam 8? Pongo questa domanda perchè non sono sicuro se acquistare o meno la nuova versione. Per esempio: i filtri della pelle liscia, il il TrueTheater, l'illuminazione automatica, e la riduzione del rumore, sono rimasti invariati o sono stati migliorati?



After I tried YouCam8, here are my findings. Hope it helps:
1. smooth skin filters: Enhanced
2. the TrueTheater: unchanged (also added in video editing mode)
3. automatic lighting: unchanged
4. noise reduction: unchanged

The have free YouCam8 Essential for test, you can try too.
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