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Quote So, when I installed PD17, I remember being asked if I wanted to optimize GPU hardware accelleration. I said no at that time. I've been busy learning how to drive the software, and I've produced several short videos with no issues. But is that something that I should consider now?

One of the strongest advantages of CyberLink PowerDirector versions was and i hope it will continue to be the very fast hardware encoding.
Some people swear by the CPU only rendering but for complex and longer projects that takes WAY too long to render. Hardware encoding by NVENC in the recent nvidia cards is really really good and fast.
so i have PD17U and AD7.
I mostly edit 1440p gaming videos with multi-audio tracks (one for game and mic, another one for game audio only and another one for mic only). I can manage to extract the audio tracks from a gaming video (produced by OBS) and import each of them in PD17.

I did not use AD7 too much, i have it since almost one year, since i bought PD16. My question for you guys is: should i upgrade to AD9 ? Is there a better integration with PD17 ? Are there better tools and effects in AD9 to make the game audio and mic audio better ? Should i "pull the trigger" and spend 80 usd for AD9 upgrade..?

Thanks !
So i am using PD17 with latest beta patch (2224) and as i imported a 15 GB video file in the timeline (and not doing anything else) i have noticed that PD17 is using between 40% and 60% of my CPU to (probably) shadow rendering from my 1440p to 720p (as i have set in preferences).
Why is not using my GTX1080's NVENC hardware encoding..?
Quote Hi
Can anyone tell me if 4 days is typical for a response to an issue?

They responded daily for my tickets so far. Not bad but not too speedy either.
CyberLink has released a Beta Patch for PowerDirector 17 for testing, which will update your PowerDirector to v2224.

Release notes:
- Adds support for enabling NVIDIA NVENC hardware acceleration with driver version 416 or above.*

Thank you very much CyberLink teams for pushing the fix, here are my tests on a 5 GB 2560x1440 (1440p) h.264 file:

1080p rendering:

CyberLink PowerDirector 17 Ultimate - 16 minutes - 4.33 GB (extraordinary 45% use of my GTX1080)
Pinnacle Studio 22 Ultimate - 29 min - 3.9 GB

1440p rendering:

PD17U - 27 min - 8.1 GB
PS22U - 28 min - 7.16 GB

4K rendering:

PD17U - 1h 10 min - 21.3 GB
PS22U - 1h 3 min - 20.3 GB

Except first one - all rendering tests used between 20% and 25% of the GTX1080 video card.
Quote Hi Guys,

I'll be making short (10 minute) HD videos in PD17 for playback on a flatscreen tv. Should I enable shadow files by default?

Well, you can enable 1280x720 shadow files for faster preview..

I am enabling the same HD shadow files for my 1440p (2560x1440) source files.
Quote Go back to the nvidia driver 411.x should resolve your problem.

This workaround is not for me. I like to keep my drivers updated - especially graphics drivers with improvements for games and other stuff.
The real issue stems from the latest nVidia drivers. It is my undersatnding that software developers knew this change was coming back in Feb.

Well, anyways i really think i am gonna ask for a refund (second time i fooled myself that i can use CyberLink's software) the next days. I have little hope they can fix their software in good time.
You didn't mention if you have a laptop with dual GPU Intel/nVidia.
You should NOT buy a gaming laptop and assume that it will work for video editing.

It's a desktop with Ryzen7 2700x, 16 gb ram, ssds and a gtx1080.
Also, the Pinacle Studio, in the past, did not properly use NVENC for rendering. That's why it was slower.

I am impressed of how fast it renders now. Much faster than Corel VideoStudio and much faster than Vegas Pro 15/16.
So long story short i had the same problems everyone had in the PD16 thread:

Seeing that the PD16 nvenc problem was solved in the 3424 patch (for PD16):

I went ahead and upgraded my PD16 to PD17 Ultimate just to find out that NVENC still does not work on the PD17 branch..

I already have a support ticket about my (the same as others) problem - ticket id CS001947653 !

To me it is incredible how weak the Q&A and development of CyberLink got with the "new" product called PowerDirector 17. To sell a product that cannot benefit from its main advantage - the rendering speed with hardware encoding - and unable to patch it weeks after launch it is really unbelievable from a customer standpoint.

I want to mention that i am not captive to CL's software - i am perfectly capable of rendering (with NVENC) in Pinnacle Studio 22 Ultimate my movies but at a slower speed.

So what i should do? Wait for one more week and refund the PD17 if the nvenc issue is not solved ? Or should i just go ahead and do it because CL team cannot port the PD16 fix to PD17 ?


Thx Optodata,

I've opened a support ticket (CS00194425 FWIW. I must admit It may not be an easy task to requalify PD with a new API, but I read they had an advanced notice back in March (and probably much earlier than that). Now stating Nvidia hardware encoding as an enhanced and world class feature in their marketing material is very misleading for new users. I think they should at least put a foot note stating that drivers after 411.70 are not currently supported.

Hi, any news? I am using latest nvidia driver (416.34) and i also cannot render with nvenc.. Thanks !
The mod linked to one of the main threads, but maybe the more appropriate link is this sticky post at the very top of the PD16 forum (which should probably be duplicated in the PD15 and 17 forums since the patch covers all 3 versions)

That does not solve (my) issue. I still have nvidia (gtx1080 with 416.34) hardware encoding option grayed out in Produce room.
Quote Dear All,

A beta patch hotfix has been released for this issue. Please consider installing if you want:

Hello, how about PD17.. ?

Curious why you guys asked for a refund? That sucky?

Not really, PD is pretty good and has (had) the fastest rendering with nvidia cards.

BUT.. since few Microsoft and nvidia updates it did not render anymore for me (PD17).. so i asked for a refund since i already had PD16 (and that does not render too anymore since few weeks..).
Just before we blame (or point the finger) to Microsoft or nvidia (though they are at fault too) i would like to let you guys know that both Vegas Pro 16 and Corel VideoStudio 2018 SP3 (which i bought today because my CyberLink PowerDirector 16 does not gpu encode anymore) still use without problems my GTX1080 to encode albeit to a slower pace:

1h30min 100Mbits 1440p video - was 28 min with PD16, is 48 min with VP16 and 56 min with CVS2018.
I can confirm this happened on both PD17 (the few days i had it before refund) and PD16 on my GTX1080..

PD16 encodes fine with the GPU on the Windows 398 driver. Can anyone from CyberLink look into this? We are basically left with CPU encoding only which is pretty taxing and time consuming.
Quote Hello, how long does it take for a refund to be made ? I requested on 29 september a refund for my PD17 upgrade on the official mail address listed on cyberlink site aaaaandd.. nothing since then. Thanks.

After all these days, after my forum message (magically) CyberLink responded to me and accepted the refund. I guess.. thanks.
Hello, how long does it take for a refund to be made ? I requested on 29 september a refund for my PD17 upgrade on the official mail address listed on cyberlink site aaaaandd.. nothing since then. Thanks.
Quote Then - no.

I guess.. i will have to hack the profile config file.. Any drawbacks or quirks there? Anything i should be careful on? I am using a Windows 10 Pro machine with PD16 and maybe soon PD17.

Thanks !
Just curious, why do you need 2560x1440 output resolution?

Hi, i am editing game footage recorded in the native resolution of my monitor.

I am not interested in "hacks" of the PD configuration files. I am only asking the owners of the PD17 if it is possible to make a 2560x1440 profile via custom produce tab.

Thanks !
Hello, i own PD16 but i don't use it anymore despite the incredibly fast rendering engine. I wonder if in PD17 you can finally export in 2K (2560x1440) resolution mp4 ? Thanks !
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