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Quote G'day Dave -

Something similar happened here when I first attempted to use a LUT in PDR365 21.0.2123.0

Firstly, all the thumbnails were blank (generic greyscale icon). I downloaded a LUT to apply it & PDR went white (not responding).

Since that incident, it's been working smoothly. I hope the same is true in your case.

Cheers - Tony

G'day Tony, how are you doing?
Thanks for adding your info, my experiance has been very similar but with carshing as well as a white out ! After starting anew project with one video clip, then adding a LUT, I found the it all worked. Happy days cool

Thanks agian for your comments.



Seems to work fine on my system but I'm running PDR365 Business 21.0.2121.0 - just for completeness which version are you on?

PowerDirector Moderator

Many thanks for your reply. Sorry about my late reply as I've been trying out different ideas!
The version of PowerDirector 365 that I'm using is 21.0.2123.0, updated on the 26th September 2022.

I went onto open several different projects just to see if I could add/change a LUT to any video, but this became a bit tiresome!
I then went onto starting anew project in PowerDirector 365, adding any video to the timeline and then trying to add a LUT. On the first atempt, this caused PowerDirector to crash ! However on the second atempt, it worked, PowerDirect 365 was stable and didn't crash! I did not save this as a project, I couldn't see the point. I went back to my present edit project and found that, to my amazement, I could now add LUTS without PoweDirector crashing!
Here is a link to the video if anyone is interested It's the first time that I've tried using 3 cameras, 2 of them are fixed so I've used quite abit of the Crop/Zoom and Pan Tool. The third camera is quite old and no longer records sound so it was back to the old syncing up by eye from my days of using 16mm film with no clapper boards ! Great fun, huh.
I've since stated another project and tried using a LUT straight away finding that it does work and that PowerDirector was stable with no crashing. Maybe it was adding a LUT onto a "bit" of video that fixed this issue, who Knows, but thank you for asking.

Is anyone else having problems when trying to use LUTS since downloading the latest 365 update?
I've finished the edit, selected FX, from All Content, I've selected Color Lut, then PowerDirector 365 just hangs!
Clicking again, a windows error message "PowerDirector Is Not Responding" with the usual instructions.
I've realsied that I must save my project before trying to get to the Color Lut as I have already lost one of my edits, most unusual.


I've just had a new PC built for me using the AMD Ryzen 7 3700X Gen3 8 Core AM4, very slick. It's about £290:00 at the moment.
I'm still using my old NVidia GPU as I needed to save some cash by keeping the GPU and spending money on the CPU. Now, I think that the time has come to replace my old GPU as it's struggling with 4K and two streams of video in the timeline plus video corrections. Also the other video editor I have, now requires GPUs with over 5 GB ram !
I'm using a Intel 660p 1TB M.2 PCIe QLC 3D QLC NVMe SSD/Solid State Drive, the difference between this and the old drive is astounding. however it's been superceded by a 1TB Intel 665p Series, M.2 (2280) PCIe 3.0 (x4) NVMe SSD, QLC 3D3 NAND, 2000MB/s Read, 1925MB/s Write, 160k/250k @ £89:80 Black Friday deal. I might buy it !
Ram used is Corsair Vengeance LPX Black 32GB 3600MHz 2x16GB DDR4 Memory Kit
It's a very quiet set up .

Good luck
Quote Hello Kyle 40,

As Jeff pointed out, the integration of PDR & ADR is the same as in previous versions. There are some differences with PDR19/ADR11, one of which is the ability to export your whole PDR timeline audio to ADR rather than separate clips muliple times.

The PDR Help file does actually cover what you need:

Editing Audio in CyberLink AudioDirector

Latest Features


Hi Pix, many thanks for you reply.

Thank you, this is quite amazing ! I haven't had too much time to try it out but on my my first effort, it took around 9 mins to load a 14 min project into ADR. I'll do a screen grab to show the task manager.
So far I've only tried the last option Remove Applied Audio Effects and Volume Keyframes: but any audio edits I tried couldn't be undone using the Undo buttons + the audio faders had no effect on the time line. I'll try and do a demo and post later on when I've tried it out.

P.S. this is the edit where I've had problems with my older camera !

Quote Same as prior, right click on clip in PD timeline > Edit Audio > AudioDirector...

Changes made in AudioDirector are reflected in PD timeline.


Hi Jeff, thanks for replying. Yes, that's the "old" way of loading your clips into AudioDirector but I'm afraid it's different to how we did it before.

Any advice on how to use the new intergration ?

I can't find any info in the How To Do It guides .

Quote Hello Kyle 40,

Like optodata, I'm not seeing the playback issues you seem to be having. Playback of UHD clips (60Mbps) is instant, though not completely fluid. CPU is running at ~40% & GPU at ~10-15% with adjusted clips.

About the Scope/Histogram/Waveform monitors: Could you post an example of the sort of display you're after? Perhaps something like that shown below? We each have different requirements & yours may be greater then mine, but I wouldn't have said "unusable for colour correcting".

You make a fair point about having to work with one clip at a time when round-tripping with PDR. You may have noticed that CL has introduced a feature in PDR where the whole project can be exported to ADR11, so the engineers' thinking might eventually align with yours with regard to CDR.


Hi Pix

Thank you for your reply to my moan. I must admit that I was hoping/expecting to have scopes that are standard for colour correcting, just as your image depicts. I do find that the Parade and Vectorscope are essential for correcting! I hope they' appear in another update to CDR.

Don't know if you've had a chance to read my reply to Optodata, but it appears that it's my video clip that's at fault ! It was taken with an old camera which has since proved to be unreliable. I've delved into 10 other projects and all the clips played with minimum fuss, I've even taken the oppertunity to create some more presets .

Many thanks for your help once again.

Quote I haven't spent much time with the new CDR, but I don't see any delay at all after placing a clip on the storyboard and clicking Play.

In all fairness I have a new and very powerful 16 core CPU so my experience may not be typical, and so I wonder if the duration or encoding of your particular clips might play a role. Trying out different source clips might allow you to determine if there are any particular clips that CDR has more difficulty processing.

I haven't used the scope/waveform tool before, but it seems to accurately reflect the dynamic changes as made by each control. I'm glad the window is detachable so I can set it big enough to see all the details:

As for CD9 being "integrated" into PDR (obviously CD9 is fully integrated with itself ), this is the same approach used with ADR and I'd suggest that the ability to call up CDR, make the change and return to PDR without having to produce the clip first is actually a timesaver.

On the other hand, if you're going to be working with many clips at once, I agree that building the timeline in CDR and producing there is probably quicker, especially if you're dealing with entire clips rather than small sections like you'd likely be working with in PDR.

Hi Optodata, thanks for replying.
You're quite correct in that the scopes do reflect the actual dynamic changes of the video. I was hoping for/expecting maybe praying for ( nah, don't think I'd go that far ! ) Vectorscope or better still a Parade scope (as in Pix reply) to really get to grips with getting the best out of colour correcting!

Now I've had a bit more of a play with different video clips, I've found the adjustment sliders to be fairly responsive. It turns out that the clip I was using during my first "moan" was recorded with an old camera which is producing problems ! I've gone through the same procedure now, using video from 10 different projects and they've all responded fairly well. At least better than the previous version of CDR ! It appears to be just the video from this old camera that I used for this shoot, that is causing problems! But I've nearly finished this particular edit.

Just been trying out the new CDR 9 - 365. after watching the Cyberlink video about all the new "bits", I must say that I'm very disappointed with it!

1,Once the clip is placed in the CDR Storyboard, it takes a while before it plays even after you've pressed play. At that point the software appears to "hang" but there is hardly any CPU OR GPU performance taking place even though RAM usage is around 7 GB. After clicking on "STOP" even before the clip has started to play, takes a while for the stop command to work.

2. I was expecting to have usable SCOPE/WAVEFORM monitors but we've ended up with something which can only be called "insufficient" almost unusable for colour correcting!

3. CDR9 Is still NOT "integrated" into ColorDirector, you have a timewasting switching back and forth between the programmes just for one clip. You then have to wait to view the correction in place with the rest of the timeline. Quite a waste of time. Yes, I could wait until the programme is finished before jumping into CDR-9 BUT it's still only a clip at a time, you can't import the full ColorDirector Timeline.
No doubt there are other irregularities I’ve still to find out, but this has taken too long out my day so far just to try this out!
I'll just wait with baited breath or have another coffee and a piece of GF cake

Quote Hello
Please could someone tell me the way to get the day to night effect.
Thank you

Hi Dazzmos

I know someone has answered your question, but I've been off line for a while, so I thought I'd still reply with a link to my "Day to Night" settings in my Director Zone. The video preset has been downloaded over 1800 times so it must be helping some people .innocent . Of course, you can always tweak the settings to suite your needs.

100% not really a good thing or any indication things are performing well. Basically, as tomasc said, you are using the GPU for decoding timeline content with your check in pref > Hardware Acceleration and the GT 640 is woefully incapable at Ultra HD preview, so the 100% usage. You should have had a screen similar to attached, obviously once you acknowledge, yes, render preview will occur automatically. I'd suggest a more reasonable playback resolution for a better overall editing experience.

Additionally, your CPU is probably far more capable for decoding vs the GT 640, adjust in pref > Hardware Acceleration.


Hi JL_JL Many thanks for your reply.
Yeap, that all figures, using older tech with new tech doesn't prove to be the best of pals. But, I had to save some cash by recycling my old GPU, I'm hoping that I'll be in a better postition in the near future to replace it. I'm also back to using Full HD preview.

Quote I can confirm that trying to work at Ultra HD Preview Resolution will require pre-rendering of all clips even on very fast systems. That makes it pretty much unusable for me as every time you make a timeline change, PD has to render the affected section all over again.

I agree with tomasc that there's also no need to use shadow files at all, and running PD at Full HD Preview Resolution should give you a very smooth editing response.

Hi optodata, thanks for your recomendation, really appreciate it. Yes, I agree with you about using a lower Preview resoloution during editing, it does make life a bit easier. I think I was just trying to see what the new PC could do innocent but I've since gone back to Full HD Preview.
Thanks again.

Quote Thank you very much for the screen recording on YT. Based on the documentation and the YT video supplied you do have a modern powerful cpu and a keppler 2012 vintage gpu. You have shadow files enabled that have not finished yet (Yellow instead of Green). Your initial preview resolution is set to UHD 4k resolution.

The Preferences/Hardware acceleration have both checkboxes checked. I would uncheck both to see if that stops the automatic preview rendering. If that doesn’t work then lower the Preview quality to either HD or High. You don’t need shadow files on this pc to edit 4K video. Uncheck Enable shadow files ... in the Preferences/General. Believe that the videos on the timeline are AVC h.264 4K because that GT 640 has that avchd hardware decoding but not for h.265.

Supplying a DxDiag.txt would be very helpful and is the next step for this pc.

Hi tomsac, thanks for your reply.
I'm sorry for the delay in repling but I had to wait till I had some time to delve further into your suggestions. Please find enclosed DX file as per your request.
We've had to spend a lot of cash ( all of it quite unexpectedly ) in the past few weeks ! I decided to keep the old GPU just to try and save money. Hopefully, it'll be replaced at some point when I start earning money again! embarassed


That actually sounds more like an anomaly rather than a feature. Can you post a screen shot so one can see exactly what you reference? More than likely PD is not getting some feature of the GPU correctly if you are seeing a render preview green status bar without initiating a manual render preview with any modern GPU hardware.


Hi JL_JL & tomasc

I've used screen recorder to record my playing timeline and simultaneously rendering !

My new CPU is an AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-core Processor with 16 logical processors with 32 gig ram.

I'm still using my old GPU, a Nvidia GeForce GT 640 but it can now run at 100% which it never did before.

PowerDirector 365 timeline playing while rendering

Thanks locktas, the results are surprisingly good !surprised


This has been brought up in this and other forums. I have never experienced this automatic preview rendering in any version of PowerDirector, in any pc. Editing HEVC 60p 4K is slow so I enable shadow files to work with them. For whatever reason I haven't experienced automatic preview rendering. I have used the manual preview rendering in the past.

Hi tomsac, I've just upgraded my PC yesterday and we've just started trading again. I've only managed to look at PD once so far but I should have some more time in the next few days and I'll gladly try and supply more details.


Hiiii Kyyyyle! (Couldn't help myself from making the Family Guy reference - Google it).

If I undertand your question the render preview function has been around since PD 11.

When the previews of your project are not so smooth, the automatic render preview feature reduces lagging.

Hi Maliek, how is going? Love the refferencesmile
Yes, I've used manual render for lots of projects. But I've never being able to play the timeline while rendering is being carried out at the same time ! It's all new to me. laughing Mind you, my old PC was starting to struggle with PowerDirector.
Glad I upgraded innocent

Wow, just changed my PC and now I have rendering while playing 4K in the timeline !
Is this something new or is it just something I've been missing all these years?
Anyway, it's a brilliant step

Photoshop is an industry standard. Maybe with it it will turn out better? )))

Hi selersanthony, you're quite right, Photoshop is the software that most folk who do retouch/colourising use.
But you see the problem is I don't have/own it ! I'm looking to see if it's possible to use a bit of software that I've used for many a year now. Even though PhotoDirector "isn't quite there - yet", PD is improving all the time and has great scope, I just need to upgrade my old PC to get the best out of itinnocent

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