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Please give us more information about your webcam and GPU/video driver. The problem most likely lies in there. Also, you should follow the readme request and include your DXDiag file for reference:

Quote Can PowerDirector be used to Facebook Live? If not is there a Cyberlink product that allows one to do facebook live fom a PC? Is there a reference manual or site that could enable a novice to break into the facebook live world?

Screen Recorder 4 will allow you to stream live video to Facebook and other social media platforms, including Twitch and Youtube:

In the Library windiw, if you select the photo and then click on the Metadata tab, there are options to enter custom text. Under IPTC, there is a Content section that should meet your requirements. You can enter a lot of notes in the Description field.

OK, still don't know what kind of movie media you are playing or what version of PowerDVD you are using. Suggest to check if antivirus or firewall software blocks the powerdvd playback process. If that doesn't, then contact support

First, it is hard to provide any help when you gave so little detail. At minimum you should provide the requested information such as DXDiag file:

Second, that symptom is usually a sign that your GPU driver or other driver needs updating.

Best bet is to send feature requests to CyberLink using the below link. They probably won't see or understand this:

Just like any subscription, if you choose not to renew, you no longer have access to the service. In this case, it is for the use of the software and the cloud storage that comes with it.

In addition to Barry's helpful advice, you might want to take a look at this thread as well. Disabling hardware decoding may easily fix this issue for you:

All CyberLink software (except for PhD (Win and Mac) and the apps (iOS and Android)) are for Windows OS only. I believe that Chromebooks use an Android OS, correct? So the answer is "no".

I am not sure why you can't view that FAQ. Maybe check this post later and see if it applies to you:

This the contents of that FAQ:

"Error Code: F4D41436This error code refers to "The TV-Out port of your display card is not working properly". Please visit the website of your VGA card manufacturer and download the latest driver for your card."

Before reinstalling PowerDVD 18 and all that, please respond with an attached DXDiag.txt file as requested by posters. You can view how to generate it here:

That give us more insight into what's up. Probably your GPU driver needs updating though.

According to this FAQ, you need to find out the manufacturer for your video card and then download and install the latest driver for it:

Let me know if you have any questions.

What you see in the Transition Designer is all you can custom make in terms of transitions in PowerDirector. You can't edit any of the non-alpha transitions in PowerDirector unfortunately.

I can tell that you have a photo selected on the timeline, even though you did not include the timeline in your screenshot. These are the only two Power Tools for images. If you select a video clip there will be more, including Crop/Zoom tool.

If you have purchased a subscsription to PowerDirector or Director Suite, you first need to download the CyberLink Application Manager (CAM). Which you should be able to do here:

Once you install that program, you log in with your account and then you can download all the programs and effects within CAM.

Let me know if you have any questions
The could be any number of reasons why you are not getting audio, but most likely a conflict on our computer. Best to check your audio output options in both Windows and in PowerDVD.

Also best to contact CyberLink technical support in French:

Traduit par google
Il pourrait y avoir un certain nombre de raisons pour lesquelles vous n’obtenez pas d’audio, mais probablement un conflit sur notre ordinateur. Il est préférable de vérifier vos options de sortie audio dans Windows et dans PowerDVD.

Il est également préférable de contacter le support technique de CyberLink en français:


ok so i dont get anything with pd 17 ultimate? i am a starter and is this good for making tutorial videos for youtube?

Yes you do. As the comparison table says:

"Bonus background music tracks & sound clips NEW - 50 tracks & 100 clips"

I have a Samsung Galaxy 7 too and FHD and UHD output are working...see attached.

Not sure what's up with your device. Try uninstalling and then reinstalling PowerDirector Android.

By the way, the stuff you shared is just your device's software info, not the device specs. You can get the same app CPU-Z to view your full device specs.

Having said that, your OS is outdated. Was released over two years ago. Maybe try updating that as well, since mine is 8 and it is working for me.

Quote I can not...
1. Change settings
2. Save projects
3. Burn Disks

All it will say when I try to change a setting is "Cyberlink\CyberLink Drive\PowerDirector does not exist"

I am sure there are more issues.

Upgraded a week ago from 14, really regreating it!

Has anyone else had these issues?

PowerDirector 17
Running on Windows 10
i9 9900k
32 gb Ram
1080 ti

Hi Joshua,

Saw this before. Please see this post and try changing the download folder path on the CyberLink Cloud tab:

Same answer. What are the specs of your device?
Your Android device probably does not support the outputting of 4K video. It takes a lot of computing power.

See this FAQ for a list of supported chips:

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