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Wow...that's good to know. I never thought about that. We are moving to a remote location w/o internet access too. I'm glad I installed PD beforehand.
Resolution: When I download purchased (or even free) software, I always save the downloaded files. I copied the downloaded files to an external hard drive, put the external hard drive on the new computer and ran the downloaded files. The installation went just as if I had downloaded the installation files directly from Cyberlink. There were no previous installations of PD on the new computer, yet the new software installed with NO PROBLEMS. The lesson to be learned here is to ALWAYS, ALWAYS save dowloaded software installation files.

BTW, the Cyberlink Customer Support response was pretty much useless. In effect, they only said " you can install the software using the same CD Key." No details on what procedure to follow.

Thanks to all who responded to my forum question.
Well thanks for ALL the responses LOL!

I have also submitted the question to CL Customer support and will wait for their response as well. I was pretty sure that the download files would work as long as I had the key (which is in the Order Confirmation.) I've upgraded since PD8 directly from CL, so I am a "Platinum" member, and all my purchases show up on my Cyberlink account. I'm pretty sure they won't think I'm trying to rip them off, but I wanted to find out if anyone else had gone through the experience. Thanks for the response and I'll post back here after I hear from the CL Support folks.
I recently (approx 2 mos ago) purchased PD14 Ultra (Upgrade from 11-13) via download. I built a new computer today and want to install PD14 on it. Can I simply download the link sent to me on my Order Confirmation? Note that there is NO Cyberlink software at all on this new computer. Will the "Upgrade" version install anyway?
I am building a new computer for video and had planned to use the MSI N750TI (Support GTX 750 Ti 2 GB) graphics card. I heard from a (knowledgeable?) friend that some video editors do not support graphics cards newer than the GTX 580 (Notably Sony Vegas). Will PD14 support the GTX 750 card? (640 CUDA cores). Do I need to get another brand/model GPU?

(Using the AMD FX-8350 8-core CPU)

Thanks for any knowledge you guys can offer.

You are correct. I can hear the audio but not see the waveform. in the timeline.Zoom out then zoom in DOES normally display the waveform when it disappears, but not for an Audacity file. I'm going to try Richmond Dan's suggestion and I'll lget back to you.
I use the audio waveform while editing to split clips at appropriate points based on the audio, not the video, so it's important to me to be able to see the waveform.
Yep, I know. I learned that earlier. But I've left the PD14 screen up overnight and the waveform never showed up. I'm guessing there's some incompatibility between Audacity and PD. Even in the Produced videos with WAV files from Audacity, the waveform does not appear in the timeline.
Scenario: Recorded a short video with camcorder into AVCHD. Used lav mic with Zoom H1 to record better audio. Of course audio is single channel (mono), so used Audacity to convert to stereo track. Saved stereo track in WAV format from Audacity. Impoted original video and the [stereo] WAV file audio into PD14. (Audio waveform does not appear in timeline.) Split audio and video on the video file and overwrote audio portion with the Audacity modified WAV file. Audio waveform still does not show up in PD 14.

(1) Checked to ensure that "Show sound waveform in timeline" was checked in waveform.

(2) Linked auidio and video in timeline...still no waveform.

(3) Grouped [unlinked] audio and video in timeline...still no waveform.

Just as a test,

(1) I captured an audio clip in PD14 from the microphone(stereo)...Waveform shows up

(2) Edited in Wave editor and imported to timeline...waveformshows up

(3) Edited in Audio Director and imported to timeline...waveform shows up

(4) Edited in Audacity and imported into timelin...NO waveform!

I really like Audacity and would like to use it to edit audio. Any suggestions from anyone?
Thanks Opto for the detailed response. I think you have nailed the issue as described in your first two paragraphs!

Producing the sped up video, then adding the cuts, trims, edits and transitions to the produced file has worked well as a "workaround". I will definitely look into the Magic+PD approach, however.

Thanks again.
Screen shot with annotations is attached.
I replied with a screenshot, but I'm not sure whether it reached you. Let me know if it did not.
Thanks for the quick reply, Neil.

Actually I've recorded the audio on my Zoom H1 (with a lav mic) simultaneously with the video, rather than use the poorer quality audio from the camcorder. I usually use Audacity for audio editing and pitch adjustment, but I wanted to try using the new PD14 to give it a try. I did a Sync by Audio, trimmed both the video clip and the separately recorded audio to the same length, unlinked the camcorder audio and deleted it, then linked the H1 audio to the video clip. I adjusted the speed in PD14 by 1.1x then adjusted the pitch down (in PD14) to correct for the speed modification.

Splitting and trimming this modified video/audio track resulted in PD14 being VERY slow and "freezing" momentarily. I was wondering if there was a way to perform "bulk" Power Tool edits (video speed) on multiple clips, then I wouldn't have to go through all these gyrations.
I have a single video clip (~28 minutes AVCHD) that I want to edit. Because of my southern drawl (no jokes, please! smile), I speed up the video and (separately recorded) audio by 10% (1.1x speed). In PD13, I couldn't apply this correction to multiple clips, so I spent hours performing this correction to about 40+ individual clips! This time, BEFORE I split the single clip into several shorter ones, I performed the 1.1x correction to the video and audio portions and THEN applied splits/edits to the modified clip. The result is that PD14 takes an EXTREMELY long time to perform edits on the split clips. So my questions are:

  1. Should I NOT perform the video/audio speed correction FIRST?

  2. Is there a way to apply the Video/audio speed correction to ALL of the split clips with a single edit?

  3. Is there a preferred order to apply certain modifications (Power Tools)?

Thanks for your help.
Upgraded to PD14 Ultimate a few days ago. Win7, 64 bit, Intel on-board graphics.

Just finished editing my first video in the new version (14.0.2302.0). Editing seems MUCH slower than in PD13; screen freezes a LOT; clip preview doesn't end at end of clip; and several other issues. Is anyone else having a similar problem?

Also, "Remove, Fill Gap, and Move all Clips" does NOT move anything on the Title track. Has this always been the case with earlier versions?

Thanks Tony. You've been a big help and didn't even know it. I did exactly what you describe above, but the image didn't show up in the background selections. Just for giggles (and because I trust you to know what you're talking about!), I changed the aspect ratio preference selection to 4:3, and...BOOM, there it is! So I went to, changed (cropped) my image to 16x9 and saved it in the 16x9 folder and sure enough, there it is. (I learned something about, too!!)

So thanks very much for your help.

I want to add a custom background to the backgrounds available in the backgrounds section of the media room. The backgrounds appear to be simply .jpg files, but I can't find a way from the PD14 screen to add my own image. I tried adding the image to the "Backgrounds" folder in the Cyberlink>Power Director Folder, but could not get it to show up on the backgrounds in the media room. Surely there's a way to do this that is straightforward...can anyone help?
WOW! All great solutions and they work well. Don't know why I didn't see the "Insert Project" under the File menu before.

Thanks for your help.

I have created an endcard project file that I want to modify slightly for each new video. Is there a way to import a timeline from that project file into the timeline (at the end, of course) for the current project I am working on so that I can modify it?

I've tried to produce the end card and insert it into the new video, but then I can't change it.

I guess another way of asking this question is: How do I append one project onto another?

Thanks in advance for your help.

OKAAYYY!! Got it to work!

Now to download a shutter click audio clip to sync with it.

Thanks so much for sticking with me on this "problem". I thought I had tried all variations in the transition designer, but obviously had not. Thanks again.

I used Modify >> Transition Designer and either (1)changed to Crossfade, inserted a keyframe at the halfway point and moved the slider to B(100) at that point then the slider at the last keyframe to A(0). The result is three keyframes that go from 0 at the beginning to 100 midway then back to 0; or (2) change to Overlap and moved keyframe at the beginning to B(100) and the keyframe at the end to A(0). I thought that would reverse the way the transition occurs. Tried several variations on this technique, but I couldn't find one that worked the way I hoped.

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