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Thanks Tony,

this Source Sans pro is exactly what I was looking for! smile

Now its installed and I see it in PD too

Cheers, Andres
Hi PD lovers!

I stucked with hopefully easy problem, maybe you can help me?

I installed some Helvetica Neue fonts: Thin, Light etc, but when I later open my PD (or Word doc), I dont see all installed fonts.

Control panel> Fonts I see some of them, like Bold and Light, but not Thin. In PD I see only Helvetica Neue 2x (but as one is bold, probably this one is Bold font). thats all!

When I do a new installation, Windows says me, The Helvetica Neue Thin font is already installed, do you want to replice it?

I did restart, nothing happened.

I googled to find solution, nothing too.

Maybe font's headline is so long, that PD font box doesnt show the full name? it can be, but I have installed 3 fonts, Bold, Light and Thin. Where is the 3rd one? and I dont see the 3rd one in font folder too, even when program says me, it should be there

Do I do something wrong?
Quote Nice one, Andres! I see you used just about every PD feature in making this, including the map tracking. Interesting to see Cuba has access to Wi-Fi now. Great work!

Hi Neil,

for map I used Route Generator.

As much as I know about wifi in Cuba: only 2000 families got free home access to internet (for 2 month?) and after this free access ends, month payment is very expencive for them (if month salary is ca 20 usd there). Luckily they can buy cheap wifi cards, which ones can be used in those wifi areas.

Hello to all.

3 weeks ago returned from our trip to Cuba. 7,5H of "raw" material and 20min of final result is now here

Hope you like it


just noticed Tony's tutorial in youtube for me. Thanks, Tony!

Thanks to others too!

Happy New year!
hi, guys, thanks to all for replies!

I tried by Anja's advice (Anja, thank you for replieng me first! Greetings to Denmark!), but (by me) there is one problem: all edges are in same, but I wanted exactly only one or two edges be affected. Sorry, if my question wasnt too clear.

And now I'm a little bit cunfused: all you saying, that to do as Anja says, but in this case all edges are affected and this one I didnt want. Or I'm wrong?

Seems Tony's samples are what I need, but then "the feathered top & bottom were cropped off"

PhotoDirector dont have

So, who's advise to follow?
Otherwise what I'm about to suggest might be the hard way to do it but - maybe just create an image (like in PS of GIMP) and drag it into PD and go from there. A lot more work I suppose but I think it could be done that way.

Yes, why not!? to make it image with, need to try
Hello to all!

Please advise me, how to do such edge transition from 100% to 0% like on photo?

For background Color Board I use mask, but for the edges to get such transitions?

Maybe in youtube there is some tutorial, which I didnt find?

Thanks ahead already!

Can anyone give me a reasonable explanation why Facebook refuses to allow my video to be published please?

You need to ask it from Zuckerberg no one system is perfect...

I have had the same problem and only solution is to upload video to youtube and share YT link in FB
Hi VideoNewBie,
its almost impossible to sync audio, maybe after a couple of hours of work (if to unlink video and audio). maybe.
I have noticed, that audio wont sync with cheap camcorders, like some old mobile phone, but such problem I have had only a few times. With good camcorder non syncing problems I havent noticed. Its if to talk about original files.
If to talk about the final video file after editing, try to change video editing software
P.S. you may upload here one such file, where audio isnt synced, lets check it together
... and my video is done and ready for watching!

My very first marathon, 42,19km!

(dont know why, but cant enter link with preview, lets only use youtube links)
Thanks, Longedge,
this question is solved now, working very well As always, there are very simple solutions for difficult questions
Hi Tony, please help me more:
1.tried the Reverse Time and it doesnt work. Video clip is example 10 sec, time stamp below too, but no counting, no numbers too...
2. Time Stamp: cant use easy in/easy out or to use Fade transition.. is there any other possibility?

3. Any possibility to freeze the counter? Now I tried as: I took a snapshot and used Chroma key for background, but result (numbers) isnt one to one. Even, when I used opacity: number's edges on snapshot arent so sharp as originals (see attached photos)
Quote: Andres -

Don't you have the Time Stamp effect in the FX library?

Hi Tony, this is exactly I was looking for Strange I didnt saw it on first time (... my old eyes probably).

Thanks again
Hi tomasc, thanks for reply!
Its not exactly what I was looking, but I tested it and downloaded file didnt work with my PD14 (W10).
Then I converted file as Tony recommended and result now worked in my PC (unchecked maintain aspect ratio too). Result was with the pure quality, but maybe there is an option for output quality, havent check it yet.
Question, if I need timestamp for 5 hours and more (samples were max. 60 min), how can I get it?

and if I need the same for kilometers too, maybe you have any download link for me?
Hi guys,

I havent used clock in my video for a long time and when I now wanted to use it, cant find it. I remember, CL had his own clock effect, came it with the PD 12 or 14, dont remember now (I have both programs). It was customisable and came with the program. Or I do remember wrongly? Or was it in Directorzone? There I havent searched yet, 'cause there are effects from users, not from CL himself.

This one I know: , but I specifically looking for CL his own clock effect.

Can anyone help me with it? Search in forums 12 and 14 didnt help either.

Thanks for helping!
You may use this button, see attach

if this possibility doesnt work (sometimes it doesnt), use Medialinfo (Medialinfo) to find out your video's parameters and make your own custom profile
Hi Maliek,
I'm your follower in YouTube too! You do a good job!
Quote: By the way, after making that 1/3 overlay I realised I already had one embarassed Atteched if it's of any use to you.

Thanks. I may offer the sameoverlays to you too (see attach)

what about this discount, was it the same?
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