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Actually I found a workaround. As the gopro footage is mostly 4K 50Fps I use the shadowfile possibility. Now Turning off this before loading, the loading is smooth and fast ! After that I can turn it on and editing goes faster. It is obviously some kind of bug when loading a project with the shadowfiles turned on.

Best regards

Sven Erik Elfgren

I had the same issue, freezes at 80%. And I had turn on shadow files. I took them off and problem solved

Thanks, Sven!
No offence, but how CL has developed this "Inserting the 2nd project", this is the stupidest thing. Old one was much much better
Just as a remark.
Hi PD Moderator and Pepsiman,
thanks for helping!
All worked as Moderator descirbes, but its just a temporary solution.
I do as Pepsiman suggest, open a request to CL to fix it
Wish you all a nice evening (at least here it is )
P.S. I let you know, how it solved
Good morning,
seems, no one dont have such problem as I have? Probably I need to contact with CL customer service, lets see, what they have to say...
Just in case I made a video too:

Hi guys,
probably I dont know something, but when I insert the 2nd project, I get this like on capture. But when I open this 2nd one separatelly, everything is ok
What should I do to get still project to edit, not PDS?
Quote Look at this link: . This works with video.

Your YT video show still images in the cube. You could do this job a lot faster with the freeware slideshow maker and import the result in to PD for further editing.

Thanks, tomasc, this is it!

you suggesting to use slideshow maker, but now I have video clips, not images
But thanks anyway!
happy Sunday!
Hi guys, long time havent been in forum

Some 4 years ago I made one effect, which tutorial I found in Tony's or PDtoots (quick tips) YT page and now, when I want to make it again, I cant find it Also I dont know the right keywords...
I'm very sure you can help me, here's this 4 year's old effect in my video:

Already thank you in advance!
Quote Yes. Nice.
You can try the "BCC Damaged TV" Effect from "BorisFX Stylize". Then the reverse speed can be 10 times or even faster.


Danke, Hatti, I decided to use TV Simulator effect
Hi Powerdirectors, I'm looking advice how to show Back in time effect in the best way.

Idea is to show action and then put the same scenes in reverse mode. I checked all effects and found, that Delay and TV Simulator could be the best of.
Are you agree or maybe you have even better solutions?

Quote OK - then I won't bother uploading these showing the steps I took 1-2-3-4-5-6...

or these - the final two maps.


Cheers - Tony

Thanks, Tony!

foot-in-mouth Sorry - after more than half a dozen attempts, the forum would not allow me to post with an attached image. You can download it here.

Hi Tony, thanks.

I just now start to think about it: I know one Graphic Designer, so I contacted with her. She showed me, where to download images with the best quality and made me a new map, with sharp edges etc


so, seems my problem is solved

EDIT: if instead green I put video on timeline, result is better. photo 4
Hi guys,

I'm stucked again

I'm not able to get sharp edges and srong white for map outlines on later. I added some screnshots too.

What I did:

  1. I made map outline (photo 1), put it on green and made a video (photo 2)

  2. then I put this green video on timeline, deleted green with chroma key (in settings edge sharpness and tolerance of luminance are 100%) and got result as on photo 3

Result is as it is, with very bad quality. Did I do something wrong, do I should do this in different way or what, to get better result?

or its impossible, because in my previous shared video it was done with some special program (like Vasco De Gama etc)?

EDIT: if instead green I put video on timeline, result is better. photo 4
Quote Hi Andres -

This may help...

The links you need are in the video description on YT.

Cheers - Tony

me smart

probably more sharper outlines already I cant do? Now I used max.: outline radius 10 and strenght 10.
Quote Hi Andres -

This may help...

The links you need are in the video description on YT.

Cheers - Tony

Thank you so much, Tony! Exactly what I needed! Tutorial specially for me

Stevek, thank you too! Already got to check this Vasco da gama too, but luckily Tony made me quick tutorial


Hi again,

can someone advise me, how to do this map effect? I understand, that background should be green and I need to use Chroma key, but how to get country's white outlines? or is done with Mac?

Full link here, starts on 0,04 sec:

and screenshot, what I mean, attached

Already thanks ahead!

Hi Tasmanian,

thanks a lot of for your thorough reply. Unfortunately you didnt undersand me correctly or I didnt explain myself correctly (probably this last one, because English is not my first language )

In my next travel video (btw, Sri Lanka and Maldives ) I want to show again, what places we visited and how we got from point A to point B. Like here I attached here now.

Hope its now more clear


P.S. but definitely I'm going to use your tips

I'm out of ideas, how else to show travel journey in video using PD Maybe I get any good ideas here
So far I have used Route Generator, but its..... borning already. My last one is here:

My topic's point is to find out, what kind of journeys you have done? Please share your videos.


try like here:

instead the 2nd video put color board(s) and make it a little bit more transparent with using Opacity (PIP Designer>Object Settings>Opacity) or dont cut the first video at all

if now I understood correctly, what you want to do....
Thanks Tony,

this Source Sans pro is exactly what I was looking for! smile

Now its installed and I see it in PD too

Cheers, Andres
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