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Try WinDV, or Scenalyzer, both free.

Hi there , I hope you are still active on this forum. A couple of years later , I am also facing the same situation and Power Director does not allow me to record from a Dv Pass Through giving me exactly the same answer because as a matter of fact there is no tape in the Camcorder.

At that time you wanted to try other softwares which looked to be even better, did you succeed ? Can you tell me which softwares are the most useful for this purposes ? I have tried Adobe Premiere Elements but it does not see the footage. Power Director sees the footage but does not record.

I have also tried Vlc and got it to work with the convert/save function but there...
What is the capture from?
Using a DV camera as pass-thru resulting in a DV file in NTSC might be crippling to the final result.
Try using free Mediainfo to get a more complete list of the file properties, post here.
Quote Thanks Barry, I will try a different lead and converter. Do you think the HDMI wiring keeps the chrominace and lumiance separate to maintain the advantage of S-Video?
HDMI automatically deinterlaces, I prefer software deinterlacing, the best being QTGMC, sadly unavailable in PD. I do not know how HDMI affects Chroma Luma.
A faulty s-video connection somewhere in your work-flow seems a likely culprit to lose your color.
You are robbing yourself of a better signal.
Cheap Chinese junk will give you garbage.
For new manufacturers try Hauppage, Diamond VC500, and IO-DATA GV-USB2.
Absolutely avoid HD cards.
If you have Windows 7 available I have a legacy USB dongle, rock solid capture. PM me for price.
Let me ask...
What are you capturing?
Hardware, connections, software, settings, VCR? Camera? Everything.
Do you have any Time Base Correction?
S-video is preferred for all work flows.
Quote Good afternoon!
When will support for the popular VP9 codec be added ?
That is a question for Support. In the past they have added the ability to ingest a number of codecs/wrappers due to demand from users.
Ask them!
It's possible it is already useble, have you tried a codec pack?
I just tried a WebM VP9 in both PD14 and 17 and it worked fine.
Quote I'm using the Magewell - USB Capture HDMI Plus device with the Magewell Capture Express software to bring video into PD18 with H264 codec and then create the final video in H265. It works, but I lose quality and would prefer to capture the USB video directly into PD18 or an upgraded version. Does anybody know of software that extends the capture capability of PD so that it supports video from USB.
You never responded. USB is supported, you must specify what you are capturing, is it tape,the entire work flow including software/hardware and OS.
If the DVD stops or stutters try burning at a slower speed.
Quality of disc is ever more important. Taiyo Yuden among the best.
I have also found Sony DVD players to be finicky, if that applies.
You are mutilating your video.
DVD is 720x480.
Should be a 1 and done process, and 24p ain't helping.
Go direct from original video files, make your edits, and then
either produce a DVD from your timeline
a DVD folder
produce an Mpeg2 file, using the standard profiles available and burn that to DVD.
Only produce an MP4 for streaming, internet, devices.
I would suggest test renders that you can watch in VLC or other viewer or use RW discs
until you are happy with the outcome.

I also have no idea what the "Youtubes tools" are....I just issued a dispute on the claim and stated where I got the music and awaiting their decision. But, it makes me leary of using the content in Power Director 365 in the future as why would I want to risk my channel with nearly 20K followers.
Youtube tools are what you used, official YT avenues to dispute claims. Perhaps I should have said Customer Service.
It is not necessarily Cyberlink at fault.
Youtube is very aggressive, and often stoopid.
Trolls will also make fraudulent claims.
Use Youtube's tools to squash the claims.
I thought I recognized Plessner.
Are you using Smartsound?
When you burn a video-DVD look at the content in your file explorer.
For DVD you get 2 folders:
Video, which contains the video files, and menu if you have a menu.
Audio folder, which always appears empty.
Those 2 folders, and any sub folders are what is actually on the dvd!
So, skip the physical DVD and just burn the folder, remember where you save it.
If you get a successful folder burn you can test it with VLC, or Powerdvd, or any other app that can play a folder structure.
If all is well you can then either reburn to disc or use the folders to burn the disc using Power2go or imgburn or any folder burning app.
Did you try a folder burn? Attempting to burn to a folder first saves discs.
Did you try without a menu? Early fails can be a bad menu.
Burn slower speed, disable HA.
Staples discs are crap.
Get Taiyo Yuden, Ritek, or Verbatim.
Be sure your burner is free of dust,
All non-live non-365 versions can coexist with each other and the current live version.
What are you capturing?
I simply stopped at PD17. It has all I need and most every plug-in.
Of course I tend strongly to tape/analog capture and restoration so my needs are "legacy".
Try WinDV, it's free legacy software.
PD will play the files no problem.
If it still doesn't work it's likely a driver issue caused by the endless updates/fixes/features Windows throws at us constantly.
Windows, after 7, is a capture killer.
Do yourself a favor...
in my opinion,
get a used/refurbed W7 laptop, wipe it clean and install only the capture drivers, capture program(s) and
perhaps a few updates, then avoid going on the internet with it again.
Be sure to avoid SSD, but have ample hard drive room for capture.
You will have a large selection of LEGACY analog support.
I even have an extra Hauppauge 950 available, but it's pricey and your Dazzle should work.
For the most part new USB analog capture devices are cheap Chinese garbage.
Tape is a legacy format and it's best done with legacy equipment.

Your average VCR is poop. Get a good used JVC or Mitsubishi with S-Video.
Be sure to use a decent video camera to play tapes.
Hardware is where it starts.
you may wish to look into a Panasonic ES10 or ES15 to use as a pass-thru pseudo Time Base Corrector.
I won't go into details here but TBC is essential, to remove wiggles, dropped frames, etc.
Google it, learn, you don't want to do this again in 5 years.

the W7 laptop is only for capture. It is very easy to capture then transfer to a hi-speed modern computer for editing.

I think that was it!! Thanks!! Lol, it's probably pretty obvious to someone more knowledgeable than I am.
Not just more knowledgeable, it's JL_JL.
If you dig deep, watch a few tutorials, you can create very nice titles in PD18.
Do you have the New Blue Titler in your PD? It's a limited version but still very powerful.
You might have to create your own graphics in another illustration program but editing is
full of sidesteps in a workflow.
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