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Did you look at VirtualDub or Avidemux?
Your TV is the best upscaler in your house.
If you have captured VHS compressed, then upscale compress, then edit in PD and perhaps compress.
That is Satan's workflow.
Did you use a lossless compression codec?
After all that I never mentioned actual codecs!
Huffyuv, Lagareth, Magic. Also UTvideo but that is a little more advanced. Try to remain in YUV color space.
As for DVD, hmm, not many people want them anymore. I did a tape for a client who normally would get 2 DVDs, I gave them 5 just to move stock.
Hello, Doug, welcome to the volunteer forum.
Smartsound and Cyberlink parted ways some time ago, Sonicfire Pro will not be integrated, to my best guess.
However, do you have Magic Music Quicktracks from a previous NLE installation, particularly PD?
Magic Music stills works in current versions of PD, even though it's not included.
To get the plug-in, go to Magic Music, download and install, and you can connect your SS files, including multi-layer, although sadly they never got as far as actually SUPPORTING the multi-layer functionality.
I'll only mention my PC can get very sluggish when using Magic Music in a PD timeline. Your mileage may very well vary.
The exact version on PD, and your dxdiag as an attachment.
I think you may be too close to the green screen.
The color of the screen matters also, I had ordered one that was more of a pine green than bright green and it was just wrong. I returned it and got a brighter one.
There must be zero wrinkles, I use tape and pins to keep it flat.
Lighting must be even, it does not HAVE to be bright as the sun, though.
And cameras matter. AVC is so compressed I think it affects the outcome, then you add graphics and compress again.
Here is a link to one I did years ago.
Green screen Flo
It has artifacts, too, along with aliased (might be alias) edges. I blame the camera, but there is probably more to it.
Youtube, watch more demos.

Note the sound has bad sync due to the rotten Youtube uploader, it WAS perfect.
Sixty tapes, that's a good chore ahead!
May I ask what your work flow is? VCR, capturing hardware, cables (svideo or composite), general computer specs.
What level computer skills? How important is quality?
Quote Hello

I bought a video grabber SilverCrest SVG 2.0 A2 from Lidl and it came with CyberLink PowerDirector 9. I had instaled successfully the Software and Drivers.

I tried to record old VHS videos but I just have sound and no image. The TV botton on PowerDirector 9 is on.


Version 9! That's crazy old. I'm surprised it works. You have sound, that's good, but are you using S-video or RCA cables? The yellow cable is the video signal, you may have set the capture incorrectly. The control can be found in the CAPTURE interface, it's called "Settings". Look for the video source and match it to either S-video or composite.
The preferable source is S-Video, but unless you have it out from your source, it won't matter.
The program is likely still running.
If you have shadow files enabled shut them off and see if the problem persists.
You can also kill the process in task manager if you can find it.
Do you have a question you'd like to run by the forum members while you wait?
Thank you. That could be very valuable for the right person.
When all is said and done, it's not Powerdirector's fault you are getting false MV signals, Cyberlink must adhere to certain parameters to sell their software, and this is not an uncommon problem for most any NLE, though I have never run into it wothout an actual protected tape.
Your best budget bet is...
A budget quality VCR , preferably S-VHS out, JVC, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Sharp, a few Sony and Toshiba, not phoney-baloney quasi S-VHS(HQ). $100-200. A quality USB dongle, no EZcrap. $40-60. One model Panasonic DMR-ES10 or ES-15, the DVD portion does not have to work, the entire unit is for pass-thru to help straighten out the wobblies. You need the remote to shut off noise reduction. Don't pay more than $75 unless you must.
A different capture software. I suggest, again, Stoik or VirtualDub. Use a lossless codec, -update- such as Huffyuv, Lagareth, and MagicYuv, in a YUV color space. Capture 720x480, and edit easily in PD using your newly captured 1st-generation lossless file! $0.00, it's free.

So for about $200-300 you can have a half-decent setup and results that will DESTROY whatever you have now. Keep your current VCR for a backup, unless it's a GE, Sylvania, Goldstar, Funai, Go-Video, Symphonic, or other miserable piece of junk. Be very wary of what you buy, all this stuff is getting very old, capacitors are failing, plastic parts are breaking, belts are drying.

THAT is the VHS capture bible right there for Powerdirector editors.
you can go semi-Pro like I did, 3 S-VHS VCRs, a TBC, an ES-15, 2 different dongles, and 2 screens. Around $2,000. I could use a proc-amp but if I plug in one more device the neighbors will have a brown-out.
Keep in mind the more you stabilize and the more of the video that is off-screen, the more the image is degraded.
Also, if there is any camera date time imprint it will move around like a crazed jackrabbit on speed, even though the video image is stable.
Unless you are experiencing an earthquake or you were on a roller coaster 50 is way too strong.
The reason you see the edges is the algorithm is moving the video image frantically to keep the image stable.
Lower the strength and pull the edges of the video image to extend a little past the frame so some is off the screen.
You will have to try different settings..
Quote I'm having the same problem. Has this issue been resolved without buying additional equipment? I bought the PD with the dongle just for converting tapes. It seems that false identification of protected tapes is something that could be fixed?
Powerdirector can be very finicky, as can dongles. I suggest a VC-500 dongles, it often ignores dirty signals, or at least try a different software.
Download free Stoik and see if you can record anything with that.
Honestly, if you are going to do anything other than straight cuts, such as color correction, stabilize, ANYTHING, you would be better served capturing lossless AVI, and THEN using PD for edits fixes and delivery format.
Capturing in compressed, then fixing, and then compressing again, that's just wrong.
I personally use VirtualDub but that might be too steep a learning curve at the moment.
A special remembrance for our old pal, Carston, Cranston, Kranksy.
Happy birthday, no longer with us.
I'll tip a beer and click my mousee for you, my friend.
Resize in VFW does not work, at least for me. Odd that it jumps from 640 to 1024 without any way to alter that to get something in-between.
CL does not know, or will not inform me, of how to alter it, maybe due to license restrictions.
Anyhoo, I think I might finally abandon this, but what a shame, the VFW interface makes for extremely powerful tools that can be applied to more than just old tape. These filters are applicable in HiDef, too.

If anyone can figure out the hack, maybe it's even in the dongle, not the software.
Keep digging and you'll find a very powerful restoration tool, but without 720x480 in 4:2:2 it falls short.
Damn shame, I can live with a little crashing but it's feeling a bit quixotic after so many years.
How cool to use Vdf and avisynth within PD. An all in one solution.
OK, so I find this...
If I install only the 64bit version of FFDshow, I get this warning next to the all-important VFW:
VFW (WARNING may cause crashes in certain applications on Windows 8x64.
If I do not check this box, I lose out on the VFW interface, but can still capture and produce lossless, but no filters from VirtualDub.

  1. Frequent crashes.

  2. Lack of 720x480 profile, it jumps from 640x480 to1024x576 and 1024x768.

Any questions?
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