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I've never had Adorage Fx work in the menu creation system if you’re talking about applying the Fx to the background video of say the "Chapters" page in Menu Designer. It's not worked for me in DVD, BD, MPEG or H.264 disc creation options. The PD preview shows the Fx applied, the end product simply does not. The Adorage FX does work fine for timeline content for me.

A workaround for me in this case is to apply the Fx to the video clip I'm using as background video and then use this in the Menu Designer vs using the basic video and Fx in Menu Designer.


you certainly have seen and tried and worked-around everything regarding PowerDirector
over it's many iterations. I never tried to add Adorage to a menu before, at least now I know the error is baked in.
Sadly it is another example of really sloppy incomplete implementation of plug-ins, from New Blue, ProDad, Smartsound.
I've not had any issues with Pixelan, but I rarely use it, and do not find it placed where it cannot be used.
Thank you for your response.
My Prodad Adorage is behaving very weird.
The FX work in the timeline but do not "stick" in menu creation.
I can create a menu with Adorage FX, save it, and see the thumbnail as newly designed, but when rendering my video DVD the FX are not present.
Has anyone tried this yet?
I'd like PD18 back. Best in my opinion.
All the plugins worked, actual plugins not stickers, UI was great and fast to get to what you needed to do.
Quote Nobody reported the bug to Cyberlink technical support for two years. Not sure if they can be faulted for that.
Not true, but you wouldn't know...
"According to your description and after further checking, we've also reproduced this condition on our testing platform with PowerDirector 20 version, we have also recorded the condition on the internal program issue list of PowerDirector 20 for further technical investigation."
And then, nothing.

Has there ever been a solution to this really annoying problem on PD17? I wasn't getting it when I used mpeg... I have over 600 gb of free space and a capture of 4gb.
I get cutoff by the software no matter Mpeg2 or mp4. Cyberlink is aware of the bug and has been aware for years. They don't care. Maybe a new sticker-pack will make you feel better.
I did not catch the potential incompatibility of Russell22 original post.
We need to see exactly the capture work flow.
Quote PD 20 disappoints by failing to recognize my Panasonic CCD Mini DV camera via UCEC video converter, despite working in other software. Frustrating and costly. Any solutions?

UCEC is not a DV capture device. You need FireWire.
You post appears to be more spam than query.
what exact capture card?
What exact camera?
Cabling choices?
Any progress on the Diamond dongle driver dilemma?
Very funny, and I'm sure true!

Thanks so much for your insight -- very, very helpful.

Meanwhile, one of the downloads from Diamond completely disabled my laptop, so I've spent the past 2 days running scans trying to determine if it was malware or just an incompatible driver. I'll have to consider whether it's worthwhile to continue doing this DYI or if I should ask a pro. At this point I'm very inclined to do that latter, especially because I really only have a few videos worth digitizing.
Thanks very much again for your help.
It all begins with a good S-VHS player.
You only need the driver for the Diamond, other software is not needed.
The Diamond is fine.
The VCR is a boat anchor.
You need, minimal, S-VHS player, JVC, Mitsubishi, even the Philips 960B an underrated sleeper. Condition matters.
PowerDirector for capturing...meh.
If you must...
capture hi bitrate mpeg2 (12k).
If you have wiggles and crooked vertical lines, you need some type of Time Base Correction.
Tape goes fast/slow in micro-moments and needs a digital buffer for best playback.
A cheap semi-cure for TBC is a Panasonic ES-10, ES-15, ES-25, in that order strong to weak.
Honestly, get a decent S-VHS player, or you're starting out crippled.

i've contributed too much over 17 years of participation, much of which is still very relevant even in current PD release. Unfortunately announcement wording really too vague to judge much, but if posts are not transferred and not available, it would simply be the end for me. I hear lots of cheers!

No cheers from me.
Hopefully my posts will not disappear into the void, but to erase JL_JL and the many posts made to aid users on highly technical topics, and also call out Cyberlink on their own misadventures and mistakes, that's a loss to the community.
Edit: forgive me for not praising or pointing out that many other members here have contributed greatly to this forum.
I am skeptical of what is to come. Maybe some new stickers packs will make me feel better.
To add absolutely nothing to help...PD18 was the best.
There are many free or low-cost video downloader programs, but not here. I will PM you a very good site with a wealth of choices.
"Hybrid ended up not working for me, and surprisingly, I found using Avisynth easier to use (using the preset QTGMC) settings. Deinterlacing with QTGMC produces noticeably better results than Virtualdub Smart Deinterlacer by Donald Graft."

Good for you figuring out Avisynth! It's way beyond me but I make use of it via GUI, I just click options. QTGMC is the only deinterlacer I even bother with.
Hybrid will output to several codecs, containers.
As for lossless AVI, you get HuffYUV or UTVideo from my experience, so you can use your lossless files and process/filter lossless. Maybe you need to install the other codecs before they appear, I always had them installed so not sure. Selur has a forum and he is very responsive. But I always use PD for cuts and edits and export.
Get this...if you can get your PD14 to install as 32 bit, and install ffdshow, you'll get a whole new AVI interface! Mine crashed a bit so I stopped experimenting, but if yours worked you can capture lossless!

Lol, by mass, i mean converting about 50-70 tapes. So it's rough when I do a bunch and then find a better way I luckily have terabytes upon terabytes of storage space. Most will be played from my NAS to the family room TV.

Honestly, up until I upgraded to from PD14 to 365 and it started giving me the capture size errors, everyone thought the final product looked really good, so anything better would just be a bounus i guess.

I actually follow most all of what you said as I was already heading down that rabbit hole. My other program is AmercTV, capturing with the Lagarith codec. I probably have to learn more to understand why you suggest capturing to AVI 720x480 YUV instead of 640x480 RGB

Then I was using Vdub to run filters to deinterlace it. currently using VD Smart IQ Smoother-->VD SmartDeinterlace (blend mode)-->VD Sharpen (moderate)-->VD Unsharp Mask (light)

Then bringing it into powerdirector to clean up any lighting issues and convert to Mpeg2 progressive without smoothing or noise removal at 20,000 k bps

Is good to understand that PD is probably not the ultimate best for capture, however, it was far easier!

The 720x480 YUV is as close to the original tape as possible, as I am led to believe through years of reading and capturing thousands of tapes.
YES! PowerDirector is much easier, no doubt, especially the down and dirty MPEG2 or god forbid crappy on the fly Deinterlace MP4!
So, for we go again, download free Hybrid by Selur. It is the Swiss Army knife of video restoration.
Hybrid has built in QTGMC, the best deinterlacer hands down. I use it to bob my VHS to 60p, and I bring that lossless AVI 60p into PD for masking and titles and whatever. Hybrid can do 1,000 other things, too. It's all Vaporsynth and Avisynth, but it's all Greek to me, I just use it for a dozen or so specific things.
Please describe "mass conversions ".
Welcome to the rabbit hole that is VHS captures.
If you capture AVI in PD your files will be colossal.
For capture:
Download free VirtualDub 1.9.11.
Download free AmarecTV 3.1
Dowload free Huffyuv 2.1.1 with CCESP patch 0.2.5
Download free Lagarith 1.3.27 codec

Now you will have 2 possible programs and 2 quality lossless AVI codecs.
Capture 720x480 top field first 60i in a 4:2:2 YUV color space.

You should be using a good condition Svideo VCR, and a proper capture dongle, not junk from China. Try Hauppauge Live 2 or the Diamond VC-500, both decent if not super cards.
Without benefit of a time base corrector (unless you have one), you should also get a good condition Panasonic ES-10 or ES-15 DVD recorder. Use only as a pass-thru, when needed, to stabilize a poor performance tape. You will need the remote to shut off the overly aggressive video noise reduction. Do not record to DVD!
Note: PowerDirector has an old bug of not capturing more than 1 hour or so and then just stopping with a warning that you have insufficient disk space. No attempt to fix it.

In the end, your captures will play in PD for editing, but Cyberlink has shown zero interest in adding functional lossless AVI codecs.

Any questions?
Quote Did you ever find the fix to this? I'm having a similar problem in 365, just for larger files, for me, the 40GB-60GB mark
What are you capturing, what is your workflow? What codec/container?
You May wish to move this conversation to the 365 forum room, but I'm still interested in hearing your feedback.
SmartSound can be installed surprisingly easily.
It comes with a few basic tunes.
Albums on sale are not overly expensive but I see albums on EBay for short money frequently.
Smartsound/Magic Music can be a lot of fun to use, especially as your library grows.
I do not believe a DVD player can play an AVCHD disc.
You need a BR disc player.
The alternative is to create an ISO or folder and play it in software.
Pardon me and correct me if I'm wrong.
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