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What is at 80% in your timeline?
For some reason PD has had some issues with reverse, so we all find ways to workaround that.
Try this...
Just render the file alone, with and without accelleration.
Convert it, then try again.
Let us know results.
Upload your title to Directorzone and the site will create the file. When it is downloaded by someone it is a DZT file and they double click to install it.
DVD-video discs are 720x480 max, period.
A DVD disc can contain anything as data, but a DVD-video disc is a different animal.
The other issue is we are all spoiled by ever-increasing display sizes and clarity. DVD is akin to etching images on a clay tablet.
What about thumbdrives, streaming? Does your DVD player support Divx or other filetypes?
EDIT: A good disc player or TV should be able to handle a little upscaling, better than software shenanigans. Look at your entertainment system settings.
All versions of PD can coexist on the same computer but only one can be open.
No need to uninstall.
I’m unsure of the cause of your login issue.
You need to contact Support and hopefully you have the original email or proof of purchase of some type and they will provide a new link (time limited) to download the software. Be sure to save the program files to Disc or HD or somewhere.

Magic Music is gone. It's been replaced by a library of Background Music that's accessible from the drop-down menu at the top center of the Media Room.
Magic Music can be downloaded and installed from Smartsound.
Mercalli by Prodad has a stand-alone stabilizer that is really quite remarkable. Might be worth a look/trial.
When using stabilization, use it very sparingly to retain as much of the image as possible.
Tripods are great and are essential gear but I don't always carry one around!
We are almost all volunteers and cannot give you any definitive answer on why the music is being flagged.
I would put forward that YouTube has upwards of six million channels, and 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute in countries all over the globe. Many of those videos have music, and many songs may be in multiple languages over the years, and different versions by dozens or hundreds of artists. And...with a limited number of chords many songs sound very similar. Good luck keeping track with no mistakes.

I uploaded a video 21 April 2019 with It's All Over, so called free to use 365 BGM and was flagged for copyright. CyberLink you need to do a better job for us me thinks when it comes to your 365 subscription, in my opinion. Not impressed.
Did you read the thread? Copyright issues affect everybody and this case Youtube’s system makes false flags, simply file a dispute.
This should be a sticky

Sorry that you're having trouble. This is a user forum, and we're not Cyberlink, but we can certainly try to help.

When you purchased the product, you should have received a confirmation email with your activation code and download links. You also MUST uninstall any trial versions of PD software first. Although some software can be upgraded from the trial to the full version, you can't do that with PD.

After the trial version is uninstalled, use the download links and PLEASE save the installer someplace where you can find it again if you ever need to reinstall PD. The download links are only active for a few weeks, and after that, you'll need to contact Cyberlink with proof of purchase to download the installer again if you can't find the one you originally downloaded.

Enter the activation code/seerial number when prompted, and that should do it.

Please post back if you have more questions, or contact Cyberlink directly. Their Purchase FAQs page has much more info.
That is a good tidbit of information to store away.
I use W10 for all my captures but most will agree XP and 7 are better, fewer problems.
Not sure what’s wrong here. Maybe S-video setting as opposed to RCA? Not home at the moment to look at that.
Quote Don’t know about recently purchased VC500 but on their website only those with a higher serial number than whatever are compatible with windows 10. You can always just use your old win 7 laptop to do the capture. That PD12 may also work much better on that win 7 laptop too unless you obtain a later version of pd.
Can you point to the reference on the serial numbers at DMM?
Is the video that crappy on the camera monitor? Did you try another player/camera?
What IS the camera?
Both examples are horrible.
The VC-500 can capture with other software. I use free VirtualDub but that is quirky in Windows 10.
Stoik will work, VitualVCR, etc.
All will create files editable in PD.
PowerProducer will also capture.
I took a look-see at it.
Very nice, but perhaps a wee bit heavy on the wallet, maybe a different level of movie-making.
Some of us don’t know what Sapphire is...
Some members who are late-comers to Powerdirector may not be aware of what it is.
It is a flexible, wide-ranging, customizable music system that has a plug-in available for all versions of Powerdirector.
Longtime users of PD have had the plug-in as a legacy nugget from previous installations.
New users will have to go to the Smartsound download page to get the files which include a number of free tracks.
To get the plug-in go to Smartsound Support
It's amazing software, and this plug-in is the gateway drug that might lead you to looking at their SonicFirePro program.
Although Smartsound/Magic Music may not be inexpensive, you can find great sales, and on Ebay you'll often find lo-cost albums.
NOTE: I get nothing from Smartsound this praise, but I have tested for them and have a friendly relationship with them, I think Ynot has the same contacts there.
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