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AVI can be best used as a restoration vehicle, it can carry a ton of color information.
Mpeg and AVC are for delivery, streaming, disc, because they are highly compressed.
I have, I used a paid software to turn text to speech, and exported the audio as wave files. Then you just cut that file up in your timeline and place it where it needs to go. Sort of like subtitles.
If you are asking if PD can create the audio within the program the answer is no.
Does this help
No, it’s a spam answer.
A pds file is a text file that is a roadmap for Powerdirector to open a project. It is not a video type.
Current PD is very limited in restoration ability. Try free Virtual Dub or Avidemux, both are incredibly powerful for temporal repairs.
You can use transitions on PIP objects but some transitions affect the entire timeline layer behind it. You’ll have to test each one.
A recurring pain in me bottom is when I get a crash or something goes wrong with PD as we all know you cannot restart the program sometimes.
No matter what I shut down in Task Manager I cannot get this program to restart without rebooting the computer.
Reboots are not always practical, especially if I have a batch render going on, or really anything else going on that I don't want to stop.
Has anyone found how to get this program to stop?
DV can only be transferred via ieee/firewire/1394. It is an exact copy of the information on the tape. Does your computer have FireWire?
Quote I have a Roxio video card that links VCR to Computer, will this work with PP6?LauR
I suspect the card or USB device will work, but you did not even give us a model number or ANYTHING. NUTHIN.
For any forum member to get assistance it is dependant partly on the collective information you provide.
Green can also be a missing codec issue.
If you used script, you are already past me!
Your example looks amazing. If you captured in lossless using VirtualDub you could have skipped an entire generation of lossy compression. That being said it's still fantastic.
This is why Cyberlink should really port Hybrid or VirtualDub so we can use hundreds of free quality filters written by video experts over decades. It would open up a whole new customer base. Avisynth and Vaporsynth please???
A truly elegant solution would be VirtualDub ported to Powerdirector. It can be done, but only in 32bit-PD.
For now I capture lossless AVI in VirtualDub, (either HuffYUV, MagicYUV, or UTvideo codecs), de-interlace in Hybrid using QTGMC, go back to VirtualDub to remove camcorder noise, and THEN I finish up in PD.
Tom, this is an old thread, but if you are still looking for speech bubbles, Google is your friend (for this, anyway).
Do an image search in Google, and in tools specify Color=transparent and you'll be overwhelmed with selections.
This, of course, applies to any subject matter. I pinch many images/video from others! I give no apologies.
Damn formatting here is all wrong.
The newer LIVE Powerdirector include all New Blue products, some of which may help, and Boris, which also has some restoration ability, but...
...VirtualDub is your best bet. I, same as you, are completely offput by the Avisynth part of VirtualDub, and I never even tried to use it.
A better VCR might help, but Vdub, it's plugins, and Avisynth are your only real options.
Have you joined the DFAQ forum? They are the experts on VHS.
If you have the permanent installed versions of PD they can coexist. Many of us have multiple versions on the same PC.
This requires full installations not upgraded.
PD projects are forward compatible not backwards.
You can buy the disc or download files but keep them copy them and save the email receipt.
Capturing via s-video reduces/eliminates dot-crawl from RCA connectors.
If quality is important to you, I suggest using VirtualDub version 1.9xx and capture 720x480 lossless AVI. That eliminates compression artifacts.
UTvideo codec, HuffYUV, MagicYUV, Lagareth, all are preferred lossless AVI codecs.
If you have the codecs setup properly you can even render improvements in VirtualDub and remain lossless.
Final edits and delivery can be done in Powerdirector. This way you only suffer compression/generational loss a single time.
4:3 is 4:3, period.
Try here
and I made new frames for the 3D slideshow
Some software MIGHT ignore the phony Macrovision, but the BEST most fool-proof way to get around it is to use a Time Base Corrector, very few of which are available anymore without giving up your IRA-401K account.
Perhaps VirtualDub (version 1.9xx) will ignore the warning, but it takes a little setup time, but it's worth the effort because you can capture lossless AVI and Vdub has all sorts of fabulous filters to clean up artifacts. After the fixing in Vdub, you can bring that lossless AVI file into PD to complete the process.
If you have your library set to view only audio files, you will only SEE audio files in your browsing. The same goes for other media types.
Quote Or the bug in the software could be fixed. That's why we don't bake programs into chips anymore, so flaws can be corrected. Any PD developers ever check this forum?
If you’re really into baked in software on chips, I’ve pm’d you a link.
Your vhs tape is probably old and putting out a noisy signal that the vcr is mistaking for Macrovision.
Somewhere in your workflow the bogus noise triggers the warning. Might be the VCR, might be the software but that is the core problem.
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