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Hi Mike,
you are probably experiencing the delay from the amount of data you are processing.
Much depends on the power of your computer, the type of video you are dealing with (SD, HD, 2k,4k, etc), if you have other items in your timelines, and you may have missed the ability to lower the preview resolution to ease the strain. The preview quality adjustment is the box-in-a-box under the preview screen. It may also help to use proxy files. The proxy level is available in Preferences.
Welcome to the volunteer forum.
We are not Support, not officially.
Where did you buy your download?
You should contact the party who sold it to you.
If you bought from CL directly you should submit a support ticket.
Please let us know how you proceed.
It would help to provide attached samples of a file that will play, and one that won’t.
Welcome to the forum.
Join this link and search away, there are thousands of user-created DVD menus that can be altered to suit your needs.
Many tutorials can be found also on Youtube. A great deal of them created by members here.
PD University
Welcome to the forum of volunteers.
You should have no issues with the new PC and installing PowerDirector.
In the event some silliness pops up it will be as easy as contacting Cyberlink Support. We are not official Support, though there are some mighty clever users here who stretch PD to it's limits and grow the product on thier own!
I’m going to look at the issue when I return from vacation, I think I have 14 on my lappy. What OS are you using?
Very odd indeed. I think it’s time to submit a support ticket to CL.
Do you get any sound at all from other apps? Windows 10 recently had an update that silenced my computer and it had something to do with Atmos I think.
What about the link in the Cyberlink email?
Quote True, Barry, but he only said he had disabled the camera and I didn't ever see that he had disabled the webcam record option. Maybe that's the key, and I think you'd still deserve the solution crown for this one
Heavy is the rostrum that wears the crown.
Is there a way to stop me from getting email notices of my own posts?
Do you see PD17 in your installed programs?
Where did you get/buy your download?
There is a slideshow template that is a moving filmstrip.
I don’t want to beat a dead horse, but I have an old PD12 installed as 32bit and it opens up a whole new world of capture/render in lossless as well as DivX capabilities. Any PD in 32 bit will work but you have to then download ffdshow, the Huffyuv codec, and DivX if you want it. Lossless codecs allow for tweaking the video without introducing artifacts.
A screenshot of the issue would help.
You can try a custom profile, mpeg2 only, ignore mp4 unless you have no changes such as color, white balance, etc.
Mp4 is lossy, mpeg2 is less lossy and by raising the capture Bitrate to 12k you will have fewer compression artifacts.
Your capture device may also be suspect, for usb dongle capture a Diamond vc500 is tops.
Your choice of DVD is also important as many discs these days stink. Verbatim ( not Life series) are good.

Edit: Fixed typo from 2k to 12k.
I think the OP means "the update made my custom masks vanish".
YUP, that what happens. I have a copy of my masks folder for just such an occasion.
The only way to get an installation exe is to prove you owned it. Credit card record, email invoice, etc, and provide it to Cyberlink Support. There are no guarantees but they are mostly forgiving from what I hear.
We are not official Cyberlink people here, but for a scant few and they will tell you what I just told you.
Is it possible you have disabled the longer track?
Be sure the track has a check-mark next to it's beginning.
I suggested the webcam earlier but it was rejected (for lack of a better term) as a cause.
Quote Nope no good, the horizontal scroll wheel doesn't scroll the timeline in PD17, it just does nothing for some reason.

I guess I can just hope that they implement that functionality one day.
Two of us can scroll horizontally so it’s perhaps mouse-specific.
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