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Can you use lossless AVI such as Huffyuv or Lagareth?
I have used a white color board and either key frame the opacity or split them so short it appears to flash.
You should make your DVDs from the original video files. Every level of compression is damaging.
Welcome to the forum.
Unfortunately you have given ZERO information to work with.
Perhaps the mic model, the recorder workflow, the MediaInfo of the file.
You must give us something, or it's like stating that your automobile is going "clang clang ickity clonk", can you tell me what's wrong?
Quote I went into setup on dvd player tried every option in view mode and all other option in video setting still the same result
Not the DVD player, the TV menu.
Did you adjust the TV display?
Your method of viewing, probably via DVD player and TV, maybe it's like "overscan" which
essentially magnifies the video placing the edges offscreen, outside the so-called safe zone.
First try your TV setting to see if another viewing aspect ratio will allow you to see the edges.
Tomasc is on target.
I would add that if the old video files have ragged edges, and maybe headswitching noise, use a mask. Also you may try blurring the backdrop image to some degree, and employ just a very slight movement, both of which can be keyed to go from zero to your desired level.
It does not appear that there is any space between those two clips but spread out the timeline to double check. All it takes is a frame.
I'm also thinking it maybe a TV setting. I actually warn people in a first play video about that.
As for pixelation, perhaps you are trying to put too much on a disc. How long is the video?
Cam you "fake" it by adding your own clouds? There are lots of cloud clips to steal from the web, and very realistic. You may have some luck with FX clouds, too.
A brief sample clip of your video, attached here may be useful.
It actually sounds like you made disc with no menu. The disc will loop endlessly.
If you buy the latest PD, full version, that will probably be your best choice, it's a great program.
The only limitation regarding analog video capture is the fact it cannot capture "lossless" avi codecs.
I think I can hear forum members doing eye-rolls! Here we go again.
When you capture VHS it is compressed to either Mpeg2 interlaced or MP4 progressive, both are OK if there is no need to adjust colors, framing, etc. If you need to just cut, then those are acceptable. Once you need to do anything else, you will now have a second run of compression, and as VHS is kind of icky, a double or triple compression just destroys it, bit by bit.
If you have a taste for quality, and don't mind some self-torture from the learning curve it is better to capture lossless using VirtualDub (free), and employ codec choice of HuffYUV, or Lagareth, or Magic, or UTVideo. I use HuffYUV.
The lossless 4:2:2 compression allows you to bring a visually lossless file into PD, and if you can do all your corrections in one swell foop in PD then you will only have that one round of compression. Of course you can do those corrections in VirtualDub also and remain lossless, THEN bring that corrected file into PD for final edits and delivery.
You start with a decent VCR, preferably with INTERNAL time base correction, those are increasingly rare. Ebay is a crapshoot.
At the very least a VCR with S-video in/out. This gives a superior signal, no crosstalk interference from RCA cables.
You also need a quality dongle, the typical EZcap is junk, try a VC-500, or a Hauppage. Used dongles can be found, my favorite is the Hauppage 850.
A full frame EXTERNAL time base corrector is probably impossible to find for under $1,000, so I doubt you will be getting one.
The ff TBC can be "replaced" sort of, with a Panasonic ES-10 or ES-15 DVD recorder used only as pass-through for it's sort of TBC effect, especially good for flagging/tearing at the top which tapes often display. The trade off is the fact the ES-10 and 15 can soften the image a little. The ES-15 is less aggressive in that.
So, how ya feeling? Head spinning yet?
Dare I ask what your level of tech savvy is? Or anyone close by who can be involved in your project?
What is the version of PD?
Will it capture analog at all?
What is your hardware cameras/vcr, tbc and your capture card?
Never never never put sticky labels on discs.
They throw the balance off, peel, shrink, and warp discs.
I use printable discs with an Epson 7100.
Hi8 video is best captured at 720x480 interlaced.
Even better using lossless codecs especially if you plan on fixing anything.
The issue with Aliza's lack of video on a second timeline is the processor power or lack of support for same.
I have the same problem with my Galaxy tab 8 tablet, I get one video timeline, two layers strictly image/title/gif. Two audio timelines.
On my i-phone the same program gives me 3-4 video, more layers, more audio timelines.
If you do get a solution would you please be kind enough to share it with us?
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