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I seriously think the TBC is just marketing bull.
As for 25i to 60P, better to 50P. Hybrid should do that on it's own during the bob deinterlace.
If Cyberlink integrated Hybrid to PD, they'd be the first and last choice of NLE.
Some AVI do not show as interlaced in Mediainfo, but if you captured as you say, trust me, it's interlaced and top field first.
For Hybrid I bob deinterlace to 60P. Export as progressive 60P AVI lossless, so when PD renders to blueray specs it will be the first lossy compression, so it should be no problem.
You say your dongle has TBC? Can you expand on that? My JVC has a line TBC, and I have a TBC-1000 for frame sync, and my backup is a Panasonic DMR-ES15 for psuedo TBC if needed.
VHS is a mostly nasty format but thankfully it existed and allowed for the average family to save memories.
At the risk of driving people here nuts...analog tape should be captured with a quality workflow and Time Base Correction.
If you plan on any restoration other than cuts, you should capture in a lossless AVI codec such as MagicYUV, HuffYuv, Lagareth, or UTvideo in 720x480. PowerDirector cannot do this. I admit this is a purist approach.
What equipment did you capture with? VCR, dongle, etc.
That is correct, I always try PD first.
If you want progressive then deinterlace using QTGMC in Selurs Hybrid. Export as lossless and use that file in PD.
We need a short sample or the MediaInfo text.
Search your automatic backups. The folder they reside in will be apparent from your Preferences selection. Find a backup prior to V18.
It does not appear to have 5.1 audio.
The lack if Dolby 5.1 seems to be a Windows issue. Further reading required.
Hover your mouse pointer over one of those "I"s and a dialogue bubble appears with a list of what has been applied to that clip.
Hello fellow members.
I am just trying out V13 full-feature trial and the new ability to alter volume in Firstplay and Menu pages is a terrific addition.
Too bad its not available in PD, I've been prodding them for years but I might buy P2Go13 just for this feature.
One problem is multiple compressions.
You have a video file and photos, all compressed from the get-go.
Next you edit and compress to mp4, then use that file to create an mpeg2(vob) which is again compressed.
Try producing your original footage to DVD spec mpeg2, use that file in your disc creation, or use your original video in the timeline to disc creation. Either way you eliminate a generation of compression.
You should start by using RW discs for physical testing, or burn to a folder and view the result in a player software such as free VLC.
Always use quality media, Verbatim is one of the last good ones. Burn at slowest or slower speed. If your TV disc player is smart be sure the firmware is to date.
Quote Barry, have you tried a system restore to see if a recent update is responsible?
Helloooo, Fenman!
No, I did not try system resore yet. I may just give up on PD12-32bit because it doesn't work real well, and now I can't recall exactly where that 64bit installer was located so I could remove it! It's been quite a long time.
I might have the 32bit package somewhere already pre-prepared, but so many backups, yikes, where to start.
Best solution would be integration by Cyberlink but I do not expect it any time soon, or ever really.
OK, get this...
the adjusted audio file was sent to the wrong folder, because as you know, PD always uses the last folder and when doing multiple projects I always get files going to the wrong folders because I forget to alter the destination before resuming editing.
But please let's not do anything about THAT...
So, I closed PD, moved the audio file (which I could hear in my timeline but not see) to the correct folder, expecting to reopen the project and get the missing file error. BUT, upon reopening I did not get the error, the damn project opened up, the file was in the library, and the file was visible in the timeline. How the frick does THAT happen?
I'm glad it works, but the behavior is perplexing.
Take a look at THIS gem.
Typical video file, SD lossless HuffYUV, run through Audiodirector, close it and the newly tweaked audio file should now be in the timeline. Hiding Audio
It's not, at least I can't SEE it, but it is still audible, and is checked in the Library.
Good grief what's next?
Hmmm, I see it...but it's in the new Power2Go13.
I have been suggesting for a decade to add menu music volume control to Powerdirector. But they put it in P2Go. Sigh.
Is there not yet a way to easily alter the volume of the menu music?
Seems I still need to pre-produce.
Fewer arty packs and more basic tools, that's the ticket.
Hello folks,
I have PD12 installed as a 32bit app so I can access the various AVI codecs that are lacking in 64bit PD.
For years it has worked, it had issues, but it worked.
I can capture AVI in a number of lossless codecs but for some reason AVI is no longer available in Produce.
The Produce module does have DV and Divx (yes, Divx) but the AVI is unselectable.
Very odd, and probably of little interest to most people here, but I thought I would mention it.
I just might dig up PD13 and disable the 64bit installer and see if THAT will work.

Ohhhhh's long overdue to get AVI back in the fold, in 64bit!
As Opto stated, Pixelan is nice, and take a good look at Prodad, it includes Adorage and Vitascene, which I like even more.
Video's second most important feature is sound.
Good audio is rarely recorded in-camera.
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