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I use 4:2:2 AVI all the time, if that adds anything to the conversation.
Just place the file in a time line and see if you can render to a different format that includes the audio.
Do you have a brief clip you can attach here?
Just for the heck of it, did you try to convert the file in PowerDirector?
If yes, what was the result?
Also, what version of Power2Go are you using? It looks like 13 can convert but I'll have to double check which one I have.
Quicktime "lite" without the player should be sufficient and no security issues.
I have PD 14 and I forgot I can make "lossless" with it, though only in 4:2:0, not 4:2:2, but still I forgot, and maybe useful.
So anyway...I made a MOV and it played with audio.
Quote Hi Barry, I hope all is well with you.
I have PD 16 on my pc.
When I import a quicktime movie, the sound does not come over.
Have you given instuctions here for people who only own a mac?
Or am I confused? Thanks. Angela
Hello, lovely Angela. I missed your post. Have you made any progress?
Same behavior on my tower using PD17.
This is some type of error involving the SSD and the program.
Time to raise a ticket. Certainly I will get the full attention of the analog capture division...
Quote If VDub and PD13 have no trouble then it's probably not the drive format. I don't have any capture hardware on my desktop where I have PD17 installed, but by any chance did you have the Disk type set to DVD instead of BluRay?

I know it's not the kind of mistake a pro like you would make, but there's gotta be a reason you're seeing this now and DVDs have a size limit of 4.7GB.
To clarify, its analog tape capture. Straight to hard drive.
Quote Sounds very much like your drive is formatted with FAT32, which imposes a ~4GB limit on all files. Convert your drive to NTFS or exFAT...
Hi there Opto!
I thought of that but I can use both PD13 and VirtualDub for larger files, in the case of VirtualDub the files are huuuge.
In addition the SSD was cloned from my previous drive and 17 worked fine.
However, I will double check when I get home and report back.
PD17 seems incapable of capturing analog past 4.1gb, then stops and a pop up states insufficient hard disc space, though there is plenty.
This never happened until I had an SSD put in my laptop.
PD13 runs fine with no cutoff.
Has anyone experienced this potential bug?
"Cranston" was a true gem of a man, and very creative.
I always loved the tone of his voice and how he delivered his narratives.
RIP, buddy.
Actually if someone knows how to hack the windows AVI to put out 720x480, that's gold.
The only way to use other codecs is to install PD as a 32bit app, then a whole new world of outputs will be available, including an FFDshow if installed) interface and tons of video filters.
The drawback being you are limited to output frame size of 4:3 for most, if not all choices.
Quote A message similar to this was displayed on my screen.
Just bought a LG GP65NB60 which is fully capable of double layer (8.7 GB) writing
Inserted a brand new 8.7 GB dvd blank
Power2Go insists it's 4.5 GB
What the heck?bubq
This seems to be an issue better suited to the SUPPORT staff.
This is starting to sound like a cap issue. Open your vcr and inspect it for leaking bulging swollen capacitors.
Did you copy the PDS project file or an actual video?
Does your tape match the region/VCR you are in? PAL? NTSC? SECAM?
Quote So the bottom line is that there is no way to automatically stop the capture when it hits blank tape. Correct ?
You can, however, set capture time or size limit, but you'd need to know the length beforehand.
VHS capture requires babysitting.
Not only for time, but also to be sure the old tape in an old machine does not get destroyed.
Use your VCR to determine the time of capture.
Pop your tape in, set time on Vcr to zero, and fast forward till the counter stops. That is your timeline.
Since trying PDMobile the first time I was limited on how many timelines could contain video, one, and two image timelines.
This was disappointing but seemed to be a limit of my processor or version of Android.
My tablet is a lowly Samsung T290 with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 429 and 2gig RAM.
The 429 is not yet listed on the PD Mobile support page.
Well, something, some update changed either by Samsung, Android, or Cyberlink, thank you.
I now can have THREE overlay video timelines, it is a much more capable and more fun app.
If you were unable to use multiple video layers last time you tried PDM, check again
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